Tuesday, September 1, 2015


The gates of Hell are open wide,
And all the residents who live inside
Are taking trips on beams of light
Heading for Earth with all their might.

Demons and gargoyles, vampires and bats
Warlocks and wizards, witches and cats
All looking for bodies to ply their own trades
They're riddled with evil of various grades.

The prize is a body, preferably young.
They find them when they're out of sight of their mum.
Innocent victims that don't have a dad
A product of a culture that's stark, raving mad!

Kids on street corners, kids out of schools
They're easy targets for demons and ghouls.
They enter the nostrils of those who take crack
Saliva's their favorite welcoming mat.

Once they're inside they feel quite at home
They feed on the Ojas, they suck from the bone.
Then as soon as the body is brittle and dry
They exit the anus and leave you to die.

Take heed when I speak of the laws and the rules
You may call me a madman, O Planet of fools.
Your eyes are wide open, yet inside you sleep
I've watched the same action in large mobs of sheep.

Don't say you weren't warned of your own pending doom.
Remember the witch that rides on the broom.
Look for white mushrooms where there is no laughter
They are your tickets for the hereafter.