Thursday, June 30, 2016



Separateness is all pain & misery.
The ego doesn't want to be unified.

Void of content
that's why it's the Void.
Lack of content.

Illusion is such a powerful thing which means
you have no chance of escaping reality.

The man of compassion
sees himself as he is.
He can also see himself
through the eyes of others.

Don't blame the camera
if you are not beautiful.

Falling in love with the reflection &
forgetting the sun is not very intelligent.

Karma is created
by being attached
to the fruits
of ones actions.

People who manifest
unconditioned love
are dangerous
to ignorance.

There's no thinking
in fight or flight;
it just happens.

Beggars are not stuck with
the false idea of choice.

I beg you,
for your own sake,
stop killing each other
while you still can.

I am not interested
in your praise;
I don't have to
accept your blame.
When it all
hits the fan
don't blame me.