Wednesday, June 29, 2016



It takes guts, courage &
determination to refuse
to allow 7.4 billion people to
convince me that I'm wrong.

That's how they steal your heart
by keeping you in perpetual fear.

I have access to
all the characters.

Some die from speaking the Truth.
Others live a life of lies.

What else could
one have beyond love?

No one can get past
'By their actions
shall ye know them.'

There is only
choice in duality.

What are you committed to?
What will you die for?

There is
no world
without you.

It's life that's writing.
It's life itself that lives.

There are no answers.
Good questions are
what you need.

Love; greedy
for what you are.


Desire-less devotion.
Naishkarma Bhakti.

Joy is
a quality-
less state.

Create a safe,
private environment
for yourself &
get in touch with it.
A little bit
at a time.
Be careful.

Rage is an aspect of
unconditioned love.

I am in touch with
societies rage
at all times.

Many people
have tried to
manipulate me
by showing
me their rage.
All I do is
remain silent
& reflect it
back to them.

Enlightenment means
living in ones'
natural state.

You can only manifest the amount of rage that you can control. When it spins out of your control, you are in big trouble.