Friday, June 10, 2016


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There are many beautiful mantras
that will open the human heart.
The most potent one
is a simple 'thank you'.

A man once said to me,
"I notice you talk to yourself."
"Yes", said I.
"And I will continue
to do so until I find
someone more intelligent."

Once one introduces
the mind to its source
it will always return home.

Comprehension is
the difference
between the
animal & man.

My awareness of it
puts it right.

If you can't
change it
then train
your mind
to accept it.

To respond
how the
situation wants.

If it has to be like that
it's an obsession.
If you like it like that
it's a well-ordered mind.

No breath
No language.
No food
No talking

Fraud? Fraud?...
How about treason?

they take the jobs away
to dis-empower the people.


Once you look in my eyes,
it's all finished-
I act out the part.

Learn how to give;
if you want to survive.