Thursday, July 7, 2016



For those who live in the world,
change is a natural occurrence.
In my world change is unheard of.

I have
no wants
so I can
want for you

Where can you go
without the Mantra?
There's nowhere
you can go
without the Mantra.

Before words
there are thoughts.
Before thoughts
you will hear
Gods' breathing.

You say you want Heaven
but you don't want
to give up hell.

Only angry people
sabotage themselves.
The next stage is war.

"Do you know you are
looking at a man
that can kill you?"
"Do you know you are
looking at a man
that doesn't care?"
Who has the power?

The Truth is greater
than you are until
you become one with it.

The fear factor is carried around
 in the depths all the time.
The Truth will scare the living daylight out of you,
which implies it has more power than living & light.

Maintaining ones state
amidst all diversity.

Would a drowning racist complain
if he was saved by his victim?