Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Just because you have
your hands on the wheel,
don't imagine
that you are in control.

People love
the idea of choice.
It gives them a feeling
of security and power.

My words and my love will get you
through the hard times that are
fast approaching.
I came out of hard times.
It took me years
to teach myself
how to enjoy life.

Whatever fear you carry, question it and it will disappear.
When I went to the root of fear, it turned into love.
Fear separates you from love.
Fear of what?
Fear has no answers.
Love has all the answers.
Don't forget to ask the correct questions.

Misuse the energy and
you will get burned.

If you don't have
enough time in your life
for service, then there's
no way you are living!

Whatever actions
you commit to,
make sure
that they will
uplift all of us.

Nobody wants to be left behind.
Not one soul can be lost
or we are all doomed.

This knowledge is medicine.
If you don't have the brainpower
to take the medicine,
how are you going to get well?

The Earth
has a huge amount
of power in it.
Be careful
not to insult it.

If you do not have
an affinity with your work,
then don't expect it to work.

That's how life is
in the Bush..
it's them or us. Mates.