Monday, July 4, 2016



You can't
have devotion
without Trust.

What's in a name?

My name is
the greatest

The Man of Peace
is the most dangerous.
The Man of Peace
can stop wars.
Wars cannot disturb
The Man of Peace
So Sayeth I
The Man of Peace.

It's a disaster to be born.
Living is the challenge.

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Live the simplest way possible.
You will never be the loser.
Losers are losers because
they have lost their simplicity.

If you really
want to help them,
leave them alone
unless, of course
someone asks you
for help. If not
they will only argue.

The only man who can help
is the one who has destroyed
all his concepts about helping.

The only one who can love
is the one who has destroyed
all his concepts of love.

'Lead me
not into

Leaving them alone
goes beyond do & don't.

God helps those
who help themselves
is absolutely true.

When is

no gender.

Man is not
the performer of action,
therefore, who is?

is not

Separate man
from his breath
and you'll find out
who's pulling the strings.

One lives
a lifetime of suffering
without love.
One lives
a moment of suffering
with love.

When God stops imagining,
man will no longer exist.
If God did not do that
man would not be able to imagine.

You were created
out of
Gods' qualities.

Man would not
be able to dream
if his Creator
didn't dream.

When I discovered
there was no hope for me,
I had to
learn to

When the
unknown manifests,
the known quakes
in its' boots.

What is the use of
investing in ignorance?

In order to unite people
one has to find something
that everyone will support.
It can't be peace,
otherwise we wouldn't have wars.
How about survival?

"It's not that simple!" he said.
I said, "Yes it is. It's your mind
that won't allow it to be."

When you reach
your destination
the journey is over.