Friday, August 5, 2016


Michelle York here..

The World will always be as it is as long as people are the same..don't blame the politicians!
If the Dalai Lama were sitting in a restaurant, without his robes on..eating a many would recognize him? If Ghandi were seen walking around Delhi University in a suit and tie..would anyone recognize him? Yet, Guru Om has tattooed his head with the formula for the destruction of ignorance (which leads to the Birth of enlightenment.) Where can he go?

Where is the child-like ,natural curiosity that would stop Guruji on the street and ask him what the tattoos mean? Ask who he is and why he did this?

He is accessible to all..

I asked one woman who had met Guruji, (I wanted to hear what she would say,) why she wouldn't ask Guruji about the tattoos on his forehead..Her reply was.."Oh I thought it was personal!" When I told Guruji this his said, "If it was personal I would have tattooed it on my ass!)

Walking down to the Ganges one afternoon..there were 2 indian men walking behind us..(Guruji understands Hindi very well) Their comment," Painted on!".. Guruji turned around..Licked the back of his hand and rubbed it across his forehead.."Painted on you say?"..

At the Airport in Los Angeles I met a man in regular clothes.. In conversation I asked him where he was going.."On a skiing holiday." I asked him what he did for a living.He replied, "I'm a catholic priest."..I said to him, "How can you do this? ..Does God take a holiday from you?"