Friday, August 5, 2016


Someone on FaceBook had the cheek to accuse Guruji of being a "Fame Seeker."! I could hardly believe it..

Guruji lives in an old trailer park in the San Fernando Valley, under the flight path of the Van Nuys a 1970 caravan that is 8' X 26'...

He drives a 1991 van..He dresses simply..No movies, no restaurants..I told him once.."If you drove down Sunset Blvd. on a Friday night in a flash BMW convertible with the top down wearing an Armani suite, parked and got out and sat at a table in an expensive cafe with outdoor seating..People would want to know who you are!"

I joked with someone once.."Let's rent you a chauffeurs uniform and you can drive Guruji the door of the car for him.." We never did it but I thought it would be good for a laugh. 

I told Guruji.."If you hired a PR firm you could be as famous as the Kardashians..and just as wealthy!" He simply laughed at my suggestion.

26 years ago, I pestered him for months and months to write out the stories of his life, (which I believe could help humanities suffering) shearing in the Outback of New South Wales in Australia for 18 years..starting when he was just 15 years old. He wrote the stories just to shut me up.

I now have 36 years of his life, written in long hand on legal pads with hardly any punctuation..sitting in boxes under my bed..I have keyed many of the stories in and placed some of them here on my facebook page..No interest from anyone to publish the stories or do a documentary on his life..not to say that I haven't tried to generate interest in this project (my project) over the years.

When I asked him to write out his life stories his response was, "Why would I do that, I had to live it!"

His wisdom comes not from books..but from hard labor & sweat..He desired that no one should suffer as he had..bullying, beatings, poverty..

This is me ranting. (Guruji doesn't know I am writing this....Guruji is sitting here, playing his guitar..which he built himself..such beautiful music. He has written brilliant songs..I call them,"Anthems for a Revolution in Consciousness."

One of the lines in a song Guruji wrote says, "The world will always be as it is as long as people are the same..When people stop and look again, there'll be no pleasure and no pain.
When I first met Guruji he was playing the trumpet..(he started lessons when he was 7 years old).. I had never heard him play and the first time I did, he played 'Il Silencio' so beautifully that tears poured spontaneously from my eyes..

One night someone invited him to play the trumpet with their band at a club..When the band members took their solos..everyone paid attention and clapped enthusiastically. Then Guruji stepped
foreward to play everyone turned their backs to him and chatted amongst themselves. I mentioned this to him on the way home.."Nothing new in that.."

Guruji is  not a 'one-trick pony.'

When we were living in Katoomba in the Blue Mountains of NSW, I tried to garner some interest in Gurujis' work..I made up posters advertising a workshop for creative people who were suffering from 'burn out' to overcome mental blocks. I could only afford to have them printed in B & W..Gurujis' head was not tattooed at the time except for a 'bindhu' (red dot) on his I put a red Avery label on each and every poster.
I went into an antique store on the main Street and asked if I could place the poster in the window. The older woman who owned the shop looked at the poster and said, "I know him!..I've seen him play trumpet in his band in Sydney..I recognize those eyes..How could I ever forget them!" (He had a Blues band in Sydney when he lived there.) 

One poster that I put up of Guruji, on the community board in town, had been defaced..someone had drawn, with a black marker, a mustache and eyeglasses..All the other posters on the wall were left unmarked. In response Guruji grew a big mustache and started wearing glasses!

I have witnessed, with my own eyes, in these past 26 years, his integrity, compassion and unconditioned love for humanity...
Here's a funny joke..A few shearers were in Rome..(I did say this was funny!)..They were in St. Peters Square when the pope was giving an audience to the populace..standing on the balcony of the Vatican..One shearer says to the other..'Who's the guy in the funny clothes up there?" The other shearer said, "I don't know who he is but I recognize the guy standing next to him! It's Yorky Mate!!