Thursday, August 25, 2016



Man is not the 'doer'.
He is the 'done-to'.
When the 'doer' doesn't
want to do it,
the 'done-to'
gets angry.

The only way the unacceptable can become acceptable is by destroying it. The man of integrity lives by that law. Every situation he finds himself in, mentally or physically, is governed by acceptable & unacceptable.

Masters of the Universe
have no time for
Gods & Goddesses.

It's about knowing the
internal workings of the mind,
in order to get free from it.
That is true freedom.

When you know your way home
why do you need a guide?
Even a pigeon can find his way home.

"F*^k you Father Xmas,
I'll get my own bicycle".
Once you can say that,
why would you need Father Xmas?
No one said you had to
stop with Father Xmas,
it's endless.

Ignorance doesn't
support longevity.
It's fear of death
that kills you.

A man, who has
nothing to lose,
always has a
peaceful nights rest.
& that includes
sleeping in a
den of thieves.

I don't need
thousands of disciples
to convince me I AM THAT.

If you want
an easy life
you make the
Gods/the Planets
your servants.