Thursday, November 3, 2016


As long as people
are talking about it
nothing will ever happen.

It is an indisputable fact
that is not open to discussion.

Go inside and
find out
for yourself.
When the pain
is great enough
you will.

What you are not aware of
is choosing for you
all the time.
The idea of choice
is a false notion.

Seers come
and go.
The act
of seeing


The spiritual seeker,
imagining he's going
to reach his destination;
The seeker disappears-
The path remains.

Life unfolds
the same
way you
wrapped it.

Don't expect your life
to be any different
than the creator
of your life.
How can it be?

Peoples lack
of interest
in me
is of
no interest
to me.

Only losers
want to be

I know
as I AM.