Saturday, January 28, 2017


Michelle York here,
In the 'old' days, on Saturday morning, my mother would take me to the library to listen to the Story Lady read from a book. This, of course, was before TV & computers...when listening to stories was an entrance to the Theatre of the Mind.

That is why I asked Guru Om to write out the stories of his life..A BIOGRAPHICAL EPIC  & then read them on video.

He really didn't want to do it at first..His reaction, when I asked him to write out the stories was, "Why would I do that? I had to live it!"

A photographic memory for dialogue & place caused a reaction in some who read the story Strangling the Kangaroo...  "I was there! It was like I was really there, sitting on the back of the Ute, watching it all"!

Gurujis' ability to transport the reader/listener, through the power of the Matrika, is second to none.

Subscribe to the channel..You wont want to to miss a single chapter..