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    In the 25 years since I asked Guruji to write out his adventures in the Outback, I have sent out many letters of inquiries, request for representation..All what one does when they have a literary property they want to market. I really believed that one didn't need an agent or management company behind them. Wrong! Perhaps in the 60s'..but not now. Now. we have found a company who loves the stories of Yorky and wants to help get them on the World stage.. How long it will take? Who knows? At least we're not alone on the journey..We have a guide.  Thanks Guy at Auspol-media for seeing my vision!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Discipline is
a great power.

is my

Were people not to have choices,
everyone would do the right thing.

Believing a lie
doesn't make it

Studying the
Mechanics of

When you believe
you have a choice
then you are
to choose.

All bubbles
burst eventually.
Make sure
you don't
live in one.

How can you
believe in
you know

are the
of the

Friday, September 29, 2017


Were you present at your birth?
Do you remember dying?
Do you really understand?
Or do you spend your lifetime trying?
People tell you who you are
And what you should be doing.
But you never stop and look yourself,
You just spend your lifetime fooling.

Give it up,
Give it up,
The World is an illusion.
Give it up,
Give it up,
It causes much confusion.

If you stop just for a moment
And you care to look inside
You'll find out what I'm saying
Is so easy to realize.
Then you won't have to be and do
Just what they want you to.
You can be yourself at any cost
And do well what you do.

Give it up,
Give it up,
The World is an illusion.
Give it up,
Give it up,
It causes much confusion.

You pretend that you don't know
Just what you want to do.
'Cause it saves you from the pain
If you cannot follow through.
And freedom is a heavy word
You've learned to go around.
It keeps you stuck in your small world
And pulls you further down.

Give it up,
Give it up,
The World is an illusion.
Give it up,
Give it up,
It causes much confusion.

Thursday, September 21, 2017


"Hey Yorky mate, are we playing anywhere on Thursday night?"
"Yea Bob, I've got a Jazz gig at a bar on the North Shore, nine till twelve."
"Well good on ya, mate. That's on my side of Sydney. What time are you gonna pick me up?
"Probably about 8:15. The gigs not far from your place so there's not much use in getting there too early."
"Have you got any gigs for over Xmas yet?"
"No mate, I was thinking of having a few nights off."
"That would suit me fine. Mi mate, who plays in a three-piece, needs a piano player. The regular bloke is off to Tassie for the week with his old lady. She's been whinging about going down there for months."
"No worries Bob, I'm off up to Coffs Harbour for three or four days."
"Jesus mate, they grow some off the best Ganja this side off the black stump. How about bringing some of it back down to Sydney with ya?"
"I'm not a real connoisseur of Ganja Bob. I've only smoked it a few times, and I've never bought it before."
'It's real easy Yorky mate, you just hand over the bucks and they hand over the stuff, ya can't go wrong pal."
"How much does it sell for in Sydney?"
"Twice as much as you can get it up there for. You could make yourself a couple of easy bucks. It would pay for ya holiday."
"I don't know anyone down here who would buy it."
"Jesus mate, my mate Bernie will buy as much off it as you can get. He's stoned 24\7. He even smokes it in his sleep; besides it's in short supply down here, no one has any.Ya' can't go wrong sport."
"Well, you contact him and see what you can do. If it's as you say, I'll think about it."
"I'll give him a ring after the next break. How's that sound?"
"Sounds good to me Bob."

After the next set, Bob came back from the bar and handed me a beer and said
"Here ya go, Yorky mate, get this into ya, I called mi mate and he said whatever the Ganja costs you he'll double ya money as long as it's good stuff."
"OK mate I'll see what I can do."

A week later I found myself heading out of Sydney in a Northeasterly direction towards Coffs Harbor. Once I got out of the northern suburbs, it was a very pleasant drive as the road, more or less, followed the coastline all the way up to Coffs. My old orange 78 Holden Station Wagon was purring along, and the sun was reflecting off of the ocean. If you've ever wanted a great, memorable experience, drive all the way up to Queensland on this road; ya can't go wrong.
After about seven or eight hours of driving I hit the outskirts of Coffs. Coffs Harbor used to be a small coastal town. That was before the developers got their greedy, bloody claws into it. Now, from what I could see, they had ruined the place. I saw malls where small shops used to be, and big new houses where once stood good old Aussie Bush, (the Bastards).
Oh, there's a familiar site; an old, large, colorful Windmill that some Old Dutch bloke had shipped out from Holland in pieces. The local people said he was homesick and that’s why he had it moved, thousands of miles, on a boat, to Coffs. Thinking about it, it might have been easier to go back to Holland for a bloody holiday. Once it was reconstructed, he turned the bottom section of it into a high-class restaurant, which I must admit looked quite unique. I drove straight out of town, past, the Plantation Hotel and onwards to my mate Ken's place. On the right hand side of me was the beautiful Pacific Ocean and on the left was acres and acres of Banana Plantations. In Coffs, bananas grew all over the hillside. This scene was much more enjoyable to me than the over developed township. After fifteen minutes more driving I was knocking on Kens' front door.
"Yorky Mate!" he said, as he opened the front door. "Good to see ya mate. Ya made it all right. How was the drive up?"
"Not bad mate." I said, as we shook hands. "I'm bloody glad to be out of Sydney for a while. Your old lady doesn't mind me hanging out with you for a few days does she?"
"No mate, she'll be glad to talk to another Pommy Bastard. She gets sick of talking to me every day; that’s when I'm not out wind surfing, which is most of the time."
"Jesus Ken, you've got a great place here, right on the beach. You couldn’t get any closer if you tried mate."
"Only place for a life-long surfer to live Yorky. Mi daughter loves it too. She's like me. We can't keep her out of the water. Anyway, come in Yorky mate. It's too bloody warm standing on the doorstep."

A few hours later after our socializing was done, Ken and I took off for a couple of cold middies at his local Hotel. Once we got situated in some comfortable chairs I introduced the subject of Ganja.
"Hey Ken, do you know anyone around hear who and sells Ganja?"
"Jesus mate there are more marijuana growers around hear than there are Banana Plantations. I don't know any of my surfing mates who don't smoke."
"Do you still smoke mate?"
"Nah Yorky mate, my old lady really cops the shits when I smoke these days. She thinks it’s a bad influence on mi daughter. Can you fucking believe that? It's her bastard pommy upbringing that does it."
"Don't you have a puff before you go Wind Surfing?"
"Some times. The problem is; if I smoke too much, I stay out in the surf all fucking day. That really sends her over the top."
"She gets cranky eh?"
"You could say that. Put it this way; no pussy for a month lets me know she's not real fucking happy."
"Jesus Ken are you shitting me?"
"No mate, I'm Fair Dinkum."
"Let me ask you another dumb question. What's the use of being married if you're not getting any?"
"Good fucking question, Yorky mate. I've asked miself that more times than once and every time I come up with the same answer. Mi daughter mate. It would really put the kibosh on her life if I pulled the pin on her mother. Not to mention the fact that sometimes she's just bloody like her. Drink up Yorky mate it's my shout. Anyway, what are you so interested in ganja for? I thought you didn't smoke."
"I don't, well not very much anyway. Let me explain the deal to you."
Kenny listened while I went through the saga of the ganja and at the end he said,
"Sounds like a good plan to me Yorky, I'm sure I can line you up with a score before you go back to the Big Smoke, I'll call this bloke I know when we get home. Him and his mate are big time dealers around here. They're sure to have as much as you need. "

Later that evening, at Kens place, the doorbell rang. Kens old lady answered it.
"Its for you Kenneth." she said, as she walked back in the room. I don't want that Yobbo in my house. Take him down stairs to the den. I heard on the grapevine that he's a big-time drug dealer!"
"Jesus love, he sells a bit of Ganja now and again. That’s not drug dealing, that’s a hobby."
"I don't care what you call it Ken. You know my views on drugs!"
"Ok sweetheart, I'll take him in the basement. We can have a game of pool. Lets go Yorky mate. This is mi mate Bruce, Yorky. Ya' got any weed for sale?"
"Does a Roo shit in the bush mate? In all the time you've known me have you ever not seen me without weed for sale?"

Bruce was a sleazy looking Bastard if I ever saw one. His shifty eyes were all over the place except where they should be, in his head.
"Yorky's looking to buy a bit of Ganja to take back down to Sydney with him."
"We'll mate, you're talking to the right bloke." He said, as his shifty eyes quickly scanned my way, averting my eyes in the process.
"How much are you looking for, a couple of Pounds?"
"No mate." I said. "More like a quarter."
"Ounces or Pounds?"
"Pounds mate."
"Jesus Christ mate, I could smoke that in a fucking night on mi own."
"Yeah well, maybe you could Bruce, but I'm not a big time smoker."
"How much is it anyway?"
"For you mate, $200 an ounce and that’s cheap. You won't find it anywhere else cheaper than that. Me and my mate have the best prices on the east coast, and the best Ganja, I might add!"
"You got any with ya now?"
"Don't be silly mate. Ya think I drive around with it in mi old Ute. The cops have been watching me for months now. They're only waiting for one little excuse to pick me up. I've been busted before. One more time and I'll be vacationing in Grafton for a few months."
"Well you won't have far to go Bruce." said Ken, laughing. "Grafton's only an hours drive from here. Your mate could visit you on the week ends with a joint."
"Very fucking funny Kenny! You should be in the clubs mate. You're a laugh a fuckin' minute."
"I'm only joking with ya Bruce, for fucks sake. So when ya gonna bring us a bud around to try out?"
"Don’t you fucking trust me mate?"
"Sure I do Bruce but Yorky doesn't."
"Ya don't trust me mate?"
"Well, it's not that I don’t trust ya Bruce, but I would like a sample before I buy."
"Jesus Christ, what am I dealing with here, a bunch of fuckin' novices? Alright then, when ya going back down to Sydney?"
"Friday morning."
"I'll be back tomorrow with a small sample. I'm not a fucking charity ya know. People around here trust me. I've got my good name to consider!"
"Don't get the shits Bruce." said Kenny. "Yorky's right. He doesn't know you from a bar of soap. You could be a real gouging Bastard for all he knows."
"I've never gouged any bastard in mi life; 'Honest Bruce' is who I'm known as!"
"We're not accusing you of anything mate. Just like to be on the safe side, ya know." "Ok, I'll see see ya tomorrow evening, about the same time."

The next evening Bruce dropped off a reasonable-sized bud, which Ken and I tried, with no hesitation. Ken was much more of a toker than I was and he reckoned that the Ganja was well worth $200 an ounce.

Driving back down to Sydney with mi 4oz of Ganja tucked under the front seat; I was smiling to myself, thinking about all the money I was going to make when I got home.
'I can sell it for $400 an ounce. That would be double mi money and still a fair price for Bobs mate to pay. This little caper is too easy; if every thing goes well, I may decide to do this more often!'

The first thing I did when I arrived back was to call Bob. He said he'd send his mate around to pick up the stuff.
"Tell him to bring the cash with him. I don't do credit." That was the last thing I said to him as I put the phone down. An hour later Bobs mate, Bernie, was ringing my doorbell. "How are ya mate?" he said as I let him in.
"I'm Bernie, Bobs mate."
"Yea I know mate, Bob said you were on your way over."
"Ya got the weed?"
"Yea, sit down at the table Bernie I'll go get it. Here ya go mate." I said, as I handed him the bag,
"Ya got the money?"
"Yea. Ya don't mind if I check it out first do ya?"
"No mate, go ahead."
With that, he tipped the bag of Ganja out on the table and immediately pulled a weird face.
"What the fuck is this shit!" he said as he moved the Ganja around on the table.
"What d'ya mean? What's wrong with it?" I asked.
"This stuff is fuckin' shit man! Is this some sort of a fucking joke? I just drove all the way over the harbor bridge to see this crap!"
"I don't know what your talking about mate." I said, as his face changed radically before my eyes.
"Are you fuckin' kidding me sport, you had me drive all the way out here to look at a bunch of fucking shake?"
"What are you talking about mate? What the fuck is shake anyway?"
"You're fuckin' serious aren't you? You have no idea what I'm talking about do you?"
"Look mate." I said. as I looked him square in the eyes. "Bob asked me to bring some Ganja back from Coffs. He said Sydney was all dried up so while I was up there I met this bloke who I bought this from, that's all I know."
"Did you try it out before you bought it?
"Sure I did. Ya think I'm fucking stupid! He brought a bud around for me and mi mate to try, then dropped this stuff of just before I left to come back down here."
"Did you get ripped on it?" Course I did! Mind you I haven't smoked much, I've only tried it a couple of times. What the hell is shake anyway?"
"Jesus Christ mate, you really did come down in the last shower! Ya not shit'n me are ya.?"
"No mate, I'm not a bullshit artist. I did it as a favour for Bob and I thought I might make a few bucks in the process."
"Well mate, all I can tell you from 30 years of dealing is, you've been well and truly shafted!"
"So what your saying is the weed is no good."
"No good mate? That’s this years' understatement. This shit wouldn't make a good cup of tea!"
"Oh for fucks sake." I said. What do you suggest I do with it?"
"You can shove it up ya fuckin arse for all I care!" He said as he got up from the chair. "That was a waste of my valuable time."
"Look mate, don’t get cranky about it." I said. From what you're saying I've been ripped off. But that doesn't mean I'm going to stand here and let you fucking well make matters worse by insulting me!"
Now I really had the shits, the pulse in my navel was starting to beat strongly and I was entertaining the idea of smacking this rude bastard in the mouth.
"Ok, Ok mate." said Bernie. "Settle down. I didn't mean any harm. You got ripped off, and you've got a right to get cranky."
"Do you have any decent suggestions for me?" I asked.
"Yea, I do mate. Never buy drugs from some one you don't know, especially when you have no idea what you're looking at. How much did you pay for this crap?"
"Eight hundred bucks!"
"Jesus Christ! Well mate, chalk it up to experience and consider your self lucky. They could have gotten you for a lot more!"

After Bernie left, I sat at the table looking at four ounces of shake. Eight hundred dollars it cost me to learn a new word, SHAKE, a bunch of stalks and leaves. Now! Let me tell you, I have been conned a few times in my life and not once has it ever felt good and this time was no exception. After ten minutes of silent contemplation with a genuine bowl of St Bruno Flake I decided that action was required. I would simply call Ken, get Bruces' number and call him up and politely explain the situation to him, and a genuine misunderstanding will be put right."
"Bruce, how are ya mate, its Yorky."
"What do ya want mate?"
"It's about the Ganja."
"What about it?"
"I tried to sell it to a mate of mine and he said it was no good."
"What do ya mean no good?"
" Mi mate said it was a bunch of shake."
"So why are you calling me?"
"I would appreciate a refund as I can't sell it."
"Look mate you tried it before you bought it you had no complaints then."
"Yea, but this stuff you put in the bag is not the same as I tried."
"Listen mate, I gave you a great deal, I put more than 4oz in the bag. You should think your self lucky mate."
"All the same Bruce I would like a refund please."
"What do you think I am mate, a fucking shop?" You get no fucking refunds from me. You bought it and your stuck with it! Don't fucking call here again ya bastard!"
With that he put the phone down as I heard a loud click in mi ear. The only course of action now was another bowl of Bruno. My second bowl of Bruno now in ashes, I decided it was time to give Bruce one more opportunity to manifest some integrity. After dialing his number I waited quite calmly as I listened to the dial tone.
"G'day." said Bruces' voice on the other end of the line.
"Bruce, this is Yorky mate."
"What do you fucking want? I thought I told you not to fuckin' call here again."
"Yea, ya did Bruce, but I forgot to tell you something."
"What's that?"
"Listen to me you fucking scumbag, cock sucking, mongrel-bred, mother-fucking drug addict, if my $800 is not returned within the next twenty-four hours you know what I'm gonna do 'fuck face'? I'm going to take this bag of useless shit you gouged me on and I'm going to wrap it up like a Xmas present and I'm going to post it off to the Coffs Harbor Police Station to 'Care of the Desk Seargeant' with your full-fucking-name and address on it, arsehole. Do you fucking well understand me, anus breath? You ripped off the wrong one this time, you mongrel bred cunt!"
With that I slammed down the phone and caught mi finger under the cradle. 'Fuck me dead!' I said out loud. 'What else can go wrong today!'
Within ten minutes my phone started ringing. I picked it up and a voice on the other end said, "Yorky, it's Bruce."
"What do you want? ya Bastard?"
"You're not going to do something you might regret are you.?"
"No mate, I'm gonna do something that you will regret. You'll regret the fucking day you ripped old Yorky off mate. I've dealt with much bigger mongrel-bred Bastards than you Bruce. Don't fucking call here again mate.!"
"Now hold on Yorky, hold on a minute. Let me talk to my partner about it and I'll call you back within the hour."
"I'll be here mate. I'm not going anywhere. I'm broke!"
An hour later the phone rang and Bruce very politely explained to me how a mistake had been made with the Baggies. He asked for my address and informed me that an over night bank cheque would be sent to me as soon as he got off the phone. He then asked me quite politely if that would be a satisfactory arrangement and would that put the matter to rest.
"No worries Bruce." was my reply.
The next day a Special Delivery letter arrived with a bank cheque made out in my name to the tune of $800! There was only one more thing bothering me now; I had mi $800 back and 4 oz of fine Coffs Harbor shake. I didn't want to rip off Bruce so I packed his 4 oz of shake in a small cardboard box and sent it back to him FIRST CLASS MAIL. I didn't want it to get lost, seeing as the scales were now well balanced.

Friday, August 25, 2017


The economy is collapsing
under the weight of desire.

True prayer


Whatever you
dependent on
can only
weaken you.

All forms
can only
end in

The value of money
has decreased to
such a degree
that it is

When there is
nothing going on,
you can enjoy
each others
It's called
'In the company
of Truth'.


How can you expect to know God
when you don't even know yourself?

The economy
& the ecology
are inseparable.

I serve
my heart.
makes it

Knowing is within the mind.
Beyond the framework
there is nothing
to know.
It manifests as
Direct Knowledge.

Whatever has dimensions
is destructible.
Only Dimensionless Reality
is indestructible.

The world, in and of itself, has no reality whatsoever.
It is your own private dream.
It is your own creation.
If you have a problem with it, do not blame.
Ask yourself why you created such a world.

There is a world
within every word.
When you take your focus off
of a few thoughts that you had,
those worlds die & you don't
even bat an eyelid.

The eyes blink at 1/60th of a second. Anything faster than that is seen as MAGIC.
When you want to know how the magician does it, you have to watch the illusion from beginning to end, without blinking. Guaranteed you will catch him.

comes along with

For those who are attracted
to the destructible,
they are addicted to fear.
Those who are attracted
to the indestructible
are addicted to love.

I found the goldmine
within myself.
It gives off the most
incredible golden light
that I have ever seen.
The Power of the Sun
illuminates it.


Help comes
with the

Love says,
I will

Power is in
the hands
of the people.

Monday, August 14, 2017


When you sit
in a den of vipers,
don't complain
when you get eaten.

When the movie's over
you're left with
the reel.

There has to be
a nuclear war
because nothing else
has got your

The demands
on peoples' attention.
What are the demands
on your attention?

is self-supporting.
& thrives
on attention

The Timeless says,
"I've got
all the time
in the world."

that exists
in time & space;
its days
are numbered.

The Chrysalis
has to die
for the sake
of the butterfly.

I once said to the 'world-savior',
"Did the world come to you & ask you to save it?"
"No", said he.
"Then how can you save something that doesn't want to be saved?
What makes you think the world needs saving?"


Saturday, August 12, 2017


Respect is the foundation
that a relationship
can be built on.
Love is what
makes it possible.

Everything that you
need in life
is within you.

Vigilance is
a Siddhi Power.

The Guru is the
Grace Bestowing Power
of God.

When you know
what you are not
you don't need

When a Society is built
on a foundation of violence
no good can come of it.
That is why all Empires have fallen.

Violence can only be
suppressed for so long.

The building bricks of a Society are the children. They sit directly on the foundation. Everything is built on top of them. The children are always the first that violence destroys. The rest is history.

manifests it.

Only the
lesser of 2 evils
will vote for
the lesser of 2 evils.

When you've spent your lifetime believing,
telling & accepting lies,
how are you going to re-cog-nize the Truth?
It could hit you in the face like
a wet kipper & you wouldn't even know.

Self-governed Societies
have no need for courts,
laws & rules.

Your indifference to
the sufferings of others
has brought suffering to your door.
It is a law of Nature.

Break the
laws of Nature
at your own peril.

You can't put me
in a pigeon-hole.
It's 'What I AM',
not 'Who I AM'.

Friday, August 11, 2017




Q: Do you mind my asking you a few questions about the tattoos on your head?

A: Not at all. Go ahead.

Q: Why did you tattoo your head in the first place?

A: When I first came here, to America, twenty-nine years ago, it was not to achieve name and fame as most people do, nor was it for the fulfillment of desires. I came here to warn people of the pending doom that was rushing from the future into the present if they did not change their ways. Plus, a promise is a promise. There is a story of a promise that I made, when I was saved from drowning. I was a boy of 7 when that happened.. 

("Remember when you were a little boy and you were drowning? You said that if I saved your life you would do ANYTHING for me. Well, I want you to tattoo these symbols on your forehead. You will be my billboard! You will carry the Formula for the Destruction of Ignorance for all the world to see! Without destruction how can there be Creation?")

Q: Did people heed your warnings?

A: No, in fact, I was labeled a Prophet of Doom and ridiculed.

Q: Did that bother you?

A: Not in the least. Speaking the truth has never bothered me, it simply made me more determined.

Q: The tattoos must have been very painful for you.

A: They were, but not as painful as what mankind is on the brink of going through now.

Q: In what way?

A: Eighty-five percent of humanity is going to be wiped of the face of this Earth. The only way that the remaining fifteen percent is going to survive is through Unconditioned Love.

Q: That sounds quite extreme to me.

A: Yes it is, you and millions more think that.  One must be extreme to reach the Supreme. In the twenty-five years since I tattooed the Formula for the Destruction of Ignorance on my head only three people have asked me what it meant . One was a stranger who walked across the street to ask me, one was a drunk and the other worked in the Post Office.

Q: Why do you think that is?

A: The pain and suffering isn't great enough yet but it's getting there.

Q: How can you be sure that is going to happen?

A: I saw it years ago in meditation whilst living in the outback of Australia. It took me five years to understand it. Whatever I see in meditation, as regards mankind, always happens. It hasn't let me down yet.

Q: Did tattooing the Formula for the Destruction of Ignorance on your head change your life?

A: Yes, it surely did. It ruined my worldly life. It shattered my few remaining fantasies, one of which was that people would be interested in their own survival. I also found out that I was not a world savior. (I saved myself)  My commitment is to the death.

Q: Are you sorry you did it?

A: No, I am at peace with myself. I have no regrets. I do have one desire; Peace on the Earth and good will between all mankind. Will you support my desire?

Q: How do I do that?

A: There is an ocean of peace within each and every one of us. When you are ready to support my desire, you will manifest that peace within yourself.

Q: I don't feel like I have much peace within myself, so what can I do?

A: There's plenty you can do. Find out what disturbs your peace and get rid of it.

Q: Easier said than done.

A: Easier done than said.

Q: Can we talk about the meaning of the symbols on your head?

A: Of course.

Q: The red dot?

A: The red dot is symbolic of the sun. Without the sun there would be no life on this earth. Without life on this earth there would be no one to ask about God.

Q: The crescent moon below the sun, what does that stand for?

A : In the beginning, the Earth was covered in water. Without the moon it would revert back to its original state.

Q: Below the crescent moon there are three lines. What do they reperesent?

A: The three lines stand for Creation, Sustenance, and my favorite, Destruction. That is the foundation of the mind; it creates an idea, plays with it for a while and then destroys it.

Q: I like the green star above the Sun, what does that represent?

A: The green star symbolizes the Pole Star. It is the only Star in the Universe that does not move. Knowledge of the Stars and Planets can be understood by meditating on the Pole Star.

Q: What about the two snakes wrapped around your head, what do they mean?

A: One is called Ida and the other is called Pingala. They represent the in-breath and the out-breath. For example, let me ask you a question, are you breathing?

Q: Yes, of course.

A: Good, then you should be able to stop for twenty minutes, Right?

Q: Wrong, I couldn't do that.

A: Then doesn't that imply that you are not breathing? Breathing is going on even when you're asleep. And you imagine that your doing it? Which also implies, if you were responsible for breathing and you forgot about it because you were involved in something very interesting, you would die, and so would every one else who believed as you do.

Q : What about the tattoo on the top of your head!

A: The top of the head is where the Nectar is.  The seven stars around the mandala represent the seven major planets.

Q: The two symbols above your eyes look like writing to me, am I correct?

A: Yes, you are quite correct. The language is Sanskrit..the original language of this planet, Earth. It reads HAM & SAH which means,
                                                 I AM THAT I AM.
It is also the divine sound the breath makes as it is sucked in and out of the body due to the void at the end of each breath. But, from the stand point of reality there is only one void.
The sound the breath makes, as it moves in and out of the body, is the music of God, (This goes beyond the prison of religion). Those who do not hear the music are sleep walkers, dead men who walk. When the breath exits the body no one can guarantee that it will re-enter and thus sustain life. No one ever gives it a second thought. Were the breath to not stop, once it had filled up the lungs, wouldn't they explode? Man in his ignorance, claims, that he is controlling this Divine Play.

Q: On the back of your head I see a cobra surrounded with flames. There is also writing above the fire,what does that mean?

A: That is the Kundalini Naga (Snake). Once the Guru awakens her she makes her way up the inner core of the spine (the Sushumna) to the top of the head. Her only desire is to re-unite with her Lord, Shiva her consort. The Sanskrit writing above the flames reads,


There you have it in a child-like simple way. The truth is never complicated. It is available to all who seek it.

Knock and the door shall be opened unto you. (Knocking is attention)

I AM in your every breath.

God dwells within you as you.

God exists in feelings.

It only takes one match to set a whole forest on fire. 
No one who is stuck in quicksand can free another. 
One who has the key to the prison cell of programming can unlock the door. He has the key, as he has freed himself.

Thursday, August 10, 2017


God makes it possible
for you to deny Him.
He also makes it possible
for you to love Him.

They feed on fear.
Starve the bastards.

Knowing that
I'm not special
makes me special.
(You too can be like me)

What makes a good musician?
The one who waits for someone to tell him,
"You're a good musician, mate."

In order to dream
one has to be asleep.

One is dreaming a dream called 'The World'.
The world of dreams is endless
unless the unimaginable wakes you up.
The imaginable cannot wake you up
because it's a dream.
I shatter dreams & fantasies &
I'm not very well liked for it.

It's not
what I do,
It's what


Things get better
after you die;
don't worry.

People only talk about
what they can imagine.
The unimaginable
is beyond talking.

What are you
going to do
when you run
out of projections?
You'll have to
see things
as they really are.

There's nothing
behind you
but the void.
Without turning
or imagining;
prove me wrong.

One has to have
a good balanced mind.
It's essential
for survival.

How can man be free
if he can't wander
his Planet at will?

First, you have
to know
what you want
to be free from.

If you want
to be free of debt,
stop spending.

Those who surrender
their 'wants'
are guaranteed
their 'needs'.

There is no such thing as satisfaction in a temporary world. Satisfaction comes about by destroying temporary worlds. When you come across a temporary-appearing world that you cannot destroy; you will have found the real thing.

Everyone dreams,
Therefore the 'shattering'
will affect everyone.

At 5 years of age, I found out the hard way, through direct experience, the game is rigged. The pain I experienced, from a very short time of believing, is nothing in comparison to what you will feel after a life-time of believing.

How can you laugh
at what you haven't
dealt with?

There can be no justice
without equality consciousness.