Wednesday, July 23, 2014


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How does one heal themselves
from a lifetime of
destructive sabotage?
By following the Gurus' orders.

Time lost can
never be recovered.
Lost forever.

Witness consciousness
destroys worry.

There is no life without commitment.
They're just walking dead.
Commitment is Sadhana.
I don't know what life is for than that.
It certainly isn't for shopping is it?

If you can see the humor in it
It can't be that serious.


"Who are you & what do you do?"
"I'm a nothing & a nobody
& I am not the doer."

I have no wants
so I can
want for you.

All convenience ever did was weaken people.
Once weakened, they will tell you how great it is.

Commonsense is
the space
the breath.

Unnecessary actions
suck life force.



It was obvious mi dad was not pleased about this move at all.
“You’re never bloody satisfied, wench. Skoal Kar wasn’t good enough for you, now Inngs Farm has gone the same way. I wonder how long it will take you to get sick of this next place.”
“I won’t get sick of the next place!”, sez mi mum. “I slaved mi guts out over the holidays wallpapering this bloody house and just look at it how! The wallpaper hasn’t been on the walls for more than a month and most of it is hanging off the walls. This bloody old farmhouse is just too damp!”
“Maybe you never put enough paste on the paper, anyway there was now’t wrong with the paper that was already there.”
“It was a bloody mess George, and anyway how would you know how much paste I put on the wallpaper? All you did was to sit on your arse in that old chair and read your bloody newspaper!”
“You should have pasted mi old newspapers on the wall! You might have started a new trend, plus it would have been a damn sight cheaper, wench!”
As me and mi sisters sat there listening, I said to Dinah, “Oh well Dinah, It looks as though we’re all moving again lass.”
“I have some bad news for you Richard.”, sez mi mum. “Dinah won’t be able to go with us to Jubilee Terrace.”
“What do you mean, Dinah can’t go? If Dinah’s not going neither am I!”
“Now look Richard, I’m not going to start arguing with you over Dinah. Jubilee Terrace is a much smaller house than this one, so there wont be any room for her as she’s too big.”
“She can sleep in my bedroom!”, I sez. “You can’t tell me she’s too big to sleep under the bed.”
“She’s not going and that’s final! I’m just about sick of you lot, and you, you’re as bad as your father is. You’re getting more like him every day!”
“Well, he’s mi dad isn’t he? Who else would I be like?”, I sez.
Now she was really mad. She hit the roof!
“Bang!” She gave me a thick ear and I ran upstairs crying.
The mood in the house now was so thick it could be cut with a knife.
“Do we have to move, dad?” Sheila sez.
“Your mother isn’t happy so what the hell is a man supposed to do? I don’t think there’s any bloody thing that will make her happy until she sees mi in mi box!”
As the weeks went by we all slowly got used to the idea. Mi mum calmed down and said to me, “Do you like to see Dinah running around the fields and enjoying herself, Richard?”
“Yes.”, I sez.
“Well, that’s why we can’t take her. It wouldn’t be fair to her. There’s a family who live next to Mrs.Parkers shop who said they would love to have her. They have 2 small children, so she’d be good company for them.”
“What if they beat her?”, I sez.
“They won’t do that lad. They’re really good people.”
“When does she have to go?”
“I’ve arranged for them to pick her up one night this week.”
Well, that was it! There was now’t else I could do but spend as much time with Dinah as I could.
I took Dinah up the back fields with me and we spent our last days together laying in the grass and talking to each other.
“It’s not my fault you can’t come Dinah. Mi mum sez the house is real small and there’s nowhere for you to run around.”
She looked at me with her big browny yellow eyes and said, ‘It’s all right, I understand, don’t worry about me. I will be all right where I’m going.’
Many times in those last few days, as I remembered all the fun times we’d had altogether, tears of loss would run down my face. Each time that happened, Dinah would sit up and lick the tears away, even if she’d just been smelling some cow clap. I remembered all the times I’d been given a good whack on mi bare legs or a thick ear. If it made me cry, I’d go over to the long setee and lay face down with mi head in a pillow. At those times Dinah would be very sad so she’d jump up on the setee and lay full-length down next to me, then she’d put her paw over my neck. As soon as she did this I’d turn over and put my arm over her shoulder and we’d go to sleep together for a couple of hours.
The last few days seemed to fly by and in no time at all Friday night arrived. The neighbours were supposed to pick Dinah up on Wednesday night but they couldn’t make it.
The sound of an old Landrover pulled up outside our front door but tonight no one ran out to see who it was and welcome them. We all knew who it was.
Dinah very dutifully went to the door and gave her customary loud bark.
Mi mum said, “It’s alright Dinah, I know who it is.”
This made Dinahs’ thick cream tail wag. As mi mum opened the door and welcomed the neighbours, myself and mi two sisters sat on the couch with long, sad faces.
The neighbour and his family were very pleasant people. The man and his wife were middle-aged and they had 2 small girls about 5 and 6 years old. Dinah greeted them as they talked to her and petted her head. I’d already put Dinahs’ collar on before they came in, in case she didn’t want to go with them. Me and mi sisters gave Dinah a last good cuddle and I told her to be a good girl. She licked my face and looked quite excited. She seemed to know what was happening and was dealing with it much better than I was. The neighbours didn’t stay very long as they could also feel the unspoken feelings between me and Dinah.
“Come on Dinah, lets go for a ride in the Landrover.”, the neighbours said.
To spare my feelings anymore pain, Dinah wagged her tail and walked towards the doorway. As the neighbours walked towards the doorway I said, “You make sure you look after our Dinah, Mister, and don’t smack her!”
The neighbour looked back then and gave me a very sweet smile.
“Don’t worry Richard, we will. She’ll have a good home with us. I know how much she means to you. Thank you.”, The man turned and walked out and mi mum followed them.
Sitting on the setee with tears in my eyes, I said to myself, ‘Bye Dinah, no one will ever truly know how much you mean to me!’
After Dinah had gone it felt like something inside me had died, so living at Inngs Farm no longer seemed important.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014



Without thought
there is no mind.

is a

I am not here
to convince you
of anything.
You have to do
that yourself.

The worldly man knows
what he wants & gets it.
I don't know what I want,
therefore, there's nothing to get,
otherwise, it would be nagging me to manifest.

All want
derives from
a senses of lack.

Trying to
fill the hole
with an abundance
of desires
is endless.

Any idiot can
live in the world
with desires;
try living
in your world
with no desires.

The desire to live
is the messenger
of death,
Longing to be happy
is the outline
of sorrow.

Next time a desire
starts nagging at you
ask yourself,
"Would I be prepared
to die for it?"

Only the man
with a silent mind
can help.

Would you jump in the water
to save a drowning man
if you could not swim?

I made my best effort
to help people & failed
It was only then
that I received the knowledge;
'Leave them alone &
they will come home....'.

If your best effort
isn't good enough,
what then?

Why take
the lesser
when the
is at hand?

Monday, July 21, 2014



To the wise man
necessary & unnecessary
are known before the fact.
To the ignorant
it's known after the fact.

The Truth
is simple.
Truth is Truth,
you like it
or not, it's
not the point.

I have no soul other than the collective. You claim to have a soul yet you don't know where it lives. You don't know how big it is or what color it is.

Unity consciousness,
when everyone
as one; one soul.

Whatever you are not aware of
is choosing for you all the time.

Who knows
what knowledge
there is within me.
It needs a catalyst
to bring it out.

Thursday, July 17, 2014



If people realized that
I was their last hope,
they'd be a bit
more cordial to me.

Protect your innocence;
destroy your ignorance.

is at hand.

Even when I'm on my own
I don't talk too loud.
You never know
who's listening.

Driving a tractor in the Outback,
on a a thousand acre paddock,
for 36 hours straight
allowed me to let my
insanity out.
My madness
will cure
your madness.

Torture & slavery
go hand in hand.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014



When you sit
in a den of vipers,
don't complain
when you get eaten.

When the movie's over
you're left with
the reel.

There has to be
a nuclear war
because nothing else
has got your

The demands
on peoples' attention.
What are the demands
on your attention?

is self-supporting.
& thrives
on attention

The Timeless says,
"I've got
all the time
in the world."

that exists
in time & space;
its days
are numbered.

The Chrysalis
has to die
for the sake
of the butterfly.

I once said to the 'world-savior', "Did the world come to you & ask you to save it?" "No", said he. "Then how can you save something that doesn't want to be saved? What makes you think the world needs saving?"


Tuesday, July 15, 2014



Life gave me
the opportunity
to do this.

I never plan
what I am
to say.

If you haven't found
the Truth within yourself
then how will you know
when someone is lying to you?

If your garden
is full of weeds,
how will you grow food
to feed yourself
when there isn't any?

The world, itself,
is a distraction
to the man
who seeks
the Truth.

Take time
out of your life
to meditate or
take life
out of time
& you won't have to.

Have you ever
heard anyone cry
when someone took
the bad apples
out of the barrel,
apart from another
bad apple that is?

You can't receive a gift
with your hands full.
One hand empty can
receive a small gift.
Two hands empty
can receive a large gift.
An empty mind
receives the lot.

There's an end to every movie.
It's the frame before that counts.

Monday, July 14, 2014


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If you can see
the humor in it,
it can't be
that serious.

I come like a thief
in the night to
steal your ignorance.

Commitment is Sadhana. There is no life without commitment. Without it they are just walking dead. I don't know what life is for than that. It certainly isn't for shopping is it?

Attachment is
very painful.

If you're stuck in quicksand yourself,
how are you going to
help someone else get out?
Keeping your own feet on solid ground
is all the help anyone needs.

I refuse to accept the world
as it appears today.
Absolutely unacceptable.

A poor man
never made
any money
out of war.

There is always work
for one who is
willing to do it.

Destruction of ignorance
manifests God.

In all the TV & Movies that you've ever seen, have you ever seen a regiment of vegetarians going to war? Eating meat overheats the mind which turns into aggression. A small spoonful of Tigers' meat would kill a man if he ate it.
That's a fact.

The only way to conquer
the world is through love.
I see the world as a child of love.
Without love there is no world.

Everyones actions
affect everyone.

Every warrior
has his shield.

One can only

I had to
find strength
within myself
to survive.

How can any society be at peace when its people have not made their mind their best friend, their mate? Whoever is looking for a 'soul-mate', make your mind your best mate and the search is over!

Right & wrong
is mans' consciousness.
Correct & incorrect
is Gods consciousness.
Perform correct actions &
live a regret-free life.

As witness,
I have complete control
over the whole Universe.

Every crime
has its witness.

Declaring war on ignorance
puts an end to suffering.

All bubbles burst
when they hit the surface,
even financial bubbles.

Sunday, July 13, 2014


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The only thing that
makes me different is;
I know I am
the same
as you are.

What I was interested in
wasn't in books, therefore,
I didn't have any & I still don't.

Once two know,
it's not a secret anymore.

Know your
own secret.

If you allow it,
don't complain
about it.

When man goes to sleep,
there is no world.
The world is dependent
upon man to stay awake.

You can't live
in a day dream
and a night dream
at the same time.

Why not go
beyond the doer
and accomplish the lot?

No matter
how big or how small
the addiction is,
it's still an addiction.

Do less,

In a global society with global wealth and global problems, as in the amount of people that are being killed on this Planet or are starving in Africa, If you don't do something about it - guaranteed you are next!

The reason people can't
turn the TV off
is because it will
turn their life off.

Those who can
live without
are doing.

Why would you have
something in your life
that you're not addicted to?

Next time you
look in the mirror,
know that the image
you are seeing
is created by
your likes & dislikes.

I am not here
to teach

After a lifetime of Sadhana
I have come to the point -

Friday, July 11, 2014


Sanyas is the death of
wants, hopes & dreams.
That is direct knowledge.
That is experience talking.

See what life
has in store.
See how it

That's the problem
about an open mind.
It makes you look
at many things.

Where you see
I don't.

In order for
a Society to survive
it has to go beyond
differences into Unity.

First you die then
you get enlightenment.
The death of ignorance
is the Birth of Enlightenment.

My language is
the language of Love,
therefore, I understand
all lesser languages.

That's why
Empires fail.
You can't keep
the people