Saturday, February 29, 2020


All my talking is about ending pain & suffering.

The world means delusion.
The World is not 'out there',
The World is in the mind.

What caused the world to arise
in you in the first place?

A 'person'
 is a limited way of seeing oneself.

A wise master puts an undisciplined dog on a short leash and teaches the dog discipline. The dogs discipline manifests as an ability to obey the masters' command. If the dog doesn't come back, on command, when it's let off the leash...the problem is the masters' not the dog. Sit a well-trained dog on the opposite side of the street to you and wait for the first car to appear and then command the dog to 'come'. A well-trained dog will not even see the car. It's eyes will be constantly on the master.
Love is the master. Violence has no place in the equation.

The master
gives meaning to the dogs' life.
gives meaning to mans' life.

If you untie your children from your apron strings before they are fully trained, don't be surprised when they get into trouble.

When Mum's home all is well.
When Mum's not home the children will express their unhappiness in an unpleasant fashion. There is no such thing as a home without a mother in it. A mother is a child's' first Guru and best friend. Buying shoes with Velcro ties, robs the mother of her duties. Who do you think taught you to tie your shoelaces? If you trip in life then you are not following your mothers' commands. Never has a child's' mother been replaced. There is no replacement for a mothers' love. A true mother will willingly die for you. What you make of yourself in life is your attempt at repaying your mother.
A man who stays true to himself, (man is inclusive of woman) makes his mother proud. She will hold her head high and proclaim to the whole world, 'This is my son!' He is the son of God. He is Gods' gift to me. I have performed my duties and raised him well. He is now my gift to the world.

When the child is in pain,
so is the Mother.
When the Mother is in pain,
so is the child.
Everyone know when Mother is in pain.
It is a Universal feeling.

When children cause problems in Society, why punish the child? Look to the mother.
When a dog causes problems look to the master.

Sins are committed out of ignorance.
Destroy ignorance and sin does not exist.

The next time you fill up your car at the gas-station, ask yourself this question; How many more mothers and children have to die in order that I may drive?
How far will a car drive with a petrol tank full of blood?

Living in an oil-rich country may appear to be a blessing, at first sight. Look closer and you will find that it's a curse. At the end of the day the ones who consume the most will suffer the most. True humans do not consume. Parasites consume. (Parasites consume what they don't need. It is in their nature.) Allowing yourself to be labeled a 'consumer' is an insult. Societies suffers from the disease called 'consumption'. TB is on the rise and millions will die.

When is enough, enough?
Greed does not recognize the word 'enough'.
At any given moment, you are free to say 'NO! Enough is enough!'
Ask a 2-year old child about the power of 'NO!'

In the Aboriginal society it is a known fact that whatever you take from the Earth puts you in debt to Her. To balance the books, the Earth demands blood.

To eradicate drug pushers from Society, law-enforcement will go after 'the pushers'.
When a president of a country tells you that you are addicted to oil, tell him to go after the 'pushers' and that you will deal with the suffering of addiction. It's called 'withdrawal!'

Warfare is a sure sign of a societies impotence.

Penetration and withdrawal apply equally to war and sex. A potent man would not be able to attain an erection and commit the war-crime, rape, on the battlefield.

Once a society stands by and allows it's military to bomb domestic sites, such as water supplies, electricity supplies and food supplies, then know that we all live on a battlefield.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto us.
It is the law of Nature.
Break that law and suffer the consequences.

We claim we are involved in a righteous war, then do not kill civilians. There is nothing 'righteous' in the bombing of women and children. The words 'collateral damage', (when applied to the killing of women and children), translated means 'soft pornography.'

As a child at the dinner table, I once told my Father, "I don't like this." His reply was, "The trouble with you boy, is that you are too well-fed." He took the food off my plate and ate it. He then said, "In the first Wold War I was a soldier in the trenches for 3 years. I have seen men trying to eat their own shit and drink their own piss in order to stay alive! And you, turn your nose up at good food? You don't deserve it!"
He taught me 'deserve comes before desire'.

Truth is spoken over the breath.
Lies are muttered under the breath.

Neurotic eating habits and a troubled mind go hand-in-hand.

We may use the words 'physically challenged' or 'crippled'. The fact is, the man can not walk on his own. You may use the words, 'mentally challenged' or 'retarded'. The fact is , the man is dysfunctional. Political correctness can only be projected onto a society that doesn't feel good about its actions. A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down.

Do not claim to be human and demonize another man to the point where you can kill him with a clear conscience and then claim, "It's alright, he's not human!"

When a designer handbag costs more money than a third-world family makes in 5 years then, surely, we are doomed.

In my world, one mans gain is every mans' gain.
On Earth, one mans' gain is another mans' loss.

Is your mother less related to you than your sister? Is your Middle-Eastern brother less related to you than your third cousin who happens to have dark skin?

Each and every man is nourished in the womb. How can there be different wombs, if they all function the same? A child's' personality is formed in the womb and colored by the mothers' thoughts.

Show a dog love once and it will never forget. So it is with the Guru.

In the Western world we read from left to right. In the East they read from right to left. Take the word DOG. Start from left to right and see what you get. Then read from right to left and see what you end up with.

I am a 'God-dog.'

A dog cannot have 2 masters.
It only causes confusion.
Confusion does not a happy dog make.

Once one deals with blame
where is the need for praise?

Everyone is equally responsible for everything and nothing.

Hypocrisy implies lack of good breeding.
'Do as I say and not as I do' is hypocrisy.
What great men do, lesser men follow.
What hypocrites do, fools follow.

Whatever you need in life will come to you providing you have the courage to recognize it.

Massive famine will descend on America. What are you going to do each other, and when your belly is full, will you still claim to be human?

When you put out 'shock and awe', don't be surprised when it comes back to you.

When you elect a politician, he acts on your behalf.
If you believe he's not speaking for you
then you do not live in a democracy.

Birth does not give you the right to claim that you are human.
'By their actions shall ye know them.'

I have yet to see or hear of a man-made weapon that has not been used on one of our 'family members'. Once a war-weapon has been used against a family member, it will eventually turn against its creators.

Whatever is created does not want to die, (which includes Nuclear Weapons). They are no different than us. They live to fulfill their purpose, the same as we do.

How does a man control something that has more power than him? It will one day bite him in the ass.

Getting rid of guns does not eradicate killing.
I seem to remember a boy once killed a man with a slingshot and a pebble!

Any fool can kill.
Not any fool can Love.

The reason we are afraid and paranoid of another country dropping a Nuclear bomb on us is because we've already done it!

Mans' own actions create fear and paranoia.

Once you're out of tune,
your song will be out of tune.
It will not sound pleasant to the ear.

Installing weak people in power positions can only end in disaster, for all of us.
Do not expect a feeble-minded man to negotiate.

Love and Peace are non-negotiable.
They are states of being.

True Peace will manifest by its' own power,
when man has had enough of war and killing.
I ask again, "When is enough, enough?"

A man who doesn't know that he's had enough to eat, doesn't know when he's had enough of ANYTHING!

Another word for greed is 'overeating'.

The right amount of fuel makes a good fire.
Excessive fuel puts it out.
Sit too close to a fire and you will get burned.
Sit too far away from the fire and you will freeze.

Be honest with yourself.

Love is fire.
Fear is cold, hence, in certain situations, people 'freeze up'.

Love and the heart are inseparable.

Fear and the sphincter are inseparable, hence, a soldier on a battlefield was asked when he returned home, "What was it like?" His honest reply was, "I shit my trousers!" (literally)

Do not look to me for answers. The answers are in yourself.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020


do you believe mental or  physical abuse is more damaging?

All forms of abuse stem from ignorance of ones' true nature. 
It's all a matter of degrees. 
On the physical side it's called violence. 
On the mental, emotional and feeling side it's called
Before one can answer that question one must ask 
where this violence comes from. This so-called great country 
of ours was founded on violence. Violence was committed 
on convicts in the transportation to Australia, (slave labor) 
and violence was institutionalized
against the Original People of this land and still is to this day! 
Our children are the closest to our earth, the foundation. 
So you can expect the violence and abuse to manifest 
in them first. 
Look at the UK, for example. 
When mother is not at home, children are not happy. 
Unhappy children grow up to be unhappy adults. 
Unhappy adults are more likely to commit 
abuse and violence, men and women.

is a relationship survivable once abuse has become a part of it?

It depends some people actually like it, 
(believe it or not!) 
As my mother 
drummed into me
when I fought 
with my sisters, 

Long term abuse and violence 
in a relationship 
comes about when both parties 
abuse themselves.
Why would anyone, in their right 
mind, allow 
another party to beat and abuse
them if they didn't already 
do it to themselves? 
Why would a man or woman
who loved themselves unconditionally 
be attracted to those kinds of 
to start with.
I'll give you an example:
In the book I wrote, MY DANISH PASTRY, 

why did I end up leaving Jonna? 
She showed
me the error of my ways. 
She was a master of 
committing violence and abuse on herself.
I felt like a novice in her company, 

led me to discover 
that I didn't need to do what
I was doing to myself anymore. 
no more relationship.
All relationships are based 
on the relationship 
one has with themselves. 
That's as good as it gets.

do you think domestic violence is punished harshly enough?

I don't know the law well enough to 
answer that question. 
What I do know is, as a 
young  man, I punished myself 
mercilessly  at time. 
Most times, 
I didn't know why. I only
stopped when I ran out of 
excuses for 
not loving myself 
unconditionally. What I will say
about the law is that 
it's rotten and corrupt. 
It needs to be applied equally. 
Here's a good example for you. 
There have been three cases 
I read of women cutting
off a mans' penis. The outcome 
was not a 
very harsh punishment 
which was metered out.
I haven't heard of a man who sewed 
up a vagina while 
his wife was asleep. Maybe men
value a vagina more than women 
value a penis. (LOL)

you wrote this book from a male perspective, yet you were honest and unbiased 
and gave readers a bird's eye view of a dv situation. Was that difficult for you to present 
and put do an on paper emotionally?

The short answer, no. Once I was out 
of the relationship 
I set about destroying the 
ignorance that created the relationship 
in the first place. 
There can never be enough 
destruction of ignorance. 
It is the greatest 
plague on our planet!

MY DANISH PASTRY is a comedy
 and a tragedy. 
Two young victims stuck on 
the wheel of Karma like 
hamsters in a cage, 
I grew up in an era where 
the program 
from the establishment 
said, 'Big boys don't cry!'
I broke the mold. I cried 
the relationship 
out of my system 50 years ago. 
That doesn't mean
I forgot about it. 
I carried it with me 
from that day 
was published.
It's all yours now people, 
warts and all!

Looking back on the relationship you have written about, do you see that there were warning 
signs that you overlooked in the hope of the relationship working? if so, what we're they.

There were more warning signs 
than flees on a dog
 but I ignored them all. 
The more 
ignored them the 
more they bred. 
For example, 
she got pregnant 
after one roll 
in the wool. 
Was that a 
testament to 
my virility
or her stupidity 
for stopping 
taking her 
birth-control pills right 
after she met me.
She spoke very little 
english. What she did 
speak was bad but I thought
I could fix that. 
She was Very moody, 
addicted to
strong over-the-counter 
headache pills 
and far too many 
warning signs to bore you with.

So, why did I stay?
 The main reason was that 
she was pregnant. 
In those days, I foolishly
believed I could help her 
some happiness in life. 
I learned the 
hard way, no one can 
do anothers' 
work for them. 
Everyone is their own 
Jonna told me many times 
that she would die 
very young. At around 35 
she was a prostitute 
living in Denmark.
 She ended up 
being strangled to
death on her bathroom floor. 
When I first heard about it, 
I realized she had
what I've heard people 
call a 'death wish'.  
In the time we spent together 
I can remember and 
have written about 
all the times when 
she prodded and goaded me. 
Many's the time 
I thought, 
'Why don't I just
choke this bitch to death and 
put her 
out of her misery!' 
But for the Grace of God 
there goes I! 
Her current 
boyfriend at the time fulfilled her wish.

Sabatoge, now there's a
beauty for you. 
When is that ever 
spoken about?
People can do some 
real good damage 
to themselves and 
others with 
that abusive tool. 
I have 
worked with people 
who relied on tha
t little gem for 
years. My mother tried to
sabatoge my father 
for years by constantly 
nagging him to be 
something he wasn't. 
I learned it from 
her and used it
on myself, as a 
young man. 
How many times 
did I hear this one as a child,
"Why can't you be 
like Brian Williams? 
He's such a lovely boy.
Now, here's the 
Many years later, I was 
visiting my
youngest sister Sandra. 
In the course 
of our conversations she told me
Brian Williams and his 
mum took her 
shopping in their car. 
On the way home, his mum
 invited Sandra 
in for a good old cup of
English tea. While she 
was sat on the couch, 
on her own, waiting for
 the tea, 
and no doubt biscuits, she spotted some 
video tapes 
under the coffee table.
Sandra, being who she is, 
pulled a couple 
out to read the titles. 
Guess what they
were? They were both 
full-on porn movies! 
Later that day, 
I happened to mention
to my mother that 
Brian Williams and his mum 
watch porn movies together.
I'll spare you the rest of the details. 
Now, had I of 
been like Brian Williams,
who still lived at home 
with his mother, 
at the age of 32, my life 
would not be as it is today.

So, sabotaging oneself 
implies abuse. 
I am not worthy and 
lovable enough. 
I don't deserve love!
Sabotaging another implies 
fear and control, 
another form of 
abuse...and on 
and on it goes.
Loving oneself 
is the only way to end 
the cycle of abuse!
Every night, before you take rest, 
remind yourself;

In this ever-changing world domestic violence seems to be on the increase, do you have any 
thoughts about it? what you feel from your experience?

My dear Sally-anne, are you asking me 
a question or are you 
asking me to write another book? (LOL)

I do not live in a world of 
domestic violence
but I can tell you this from 
what I read and see on
the media
All forms of violence 
and abuse
 are on the rise not to 
rot, corruption and greed. 
It surrounds us every day 
and it won't stop until 
we do something about it. 
When things get 
bad enough 
right action will follow. 
My question is, how bad 
does it have to get?
The governments 
are reflections 
of the people 
and vis-versa. 
If you're waiting 
for the status 
quo to change 
things by law, 
you'll be 
waiting a long time. 
Start with yourself first. 
At least you won't 
be adding to it.
Have you ever 
watched a movie 
when a so-called bad guy
gets blown up in a car? 
Have you ever 
at a movie where a 
so-called bad guy gets shot? 
If you want
to stop all forms of 
violence and abuse, 
turn it off 
and go for a walk with 
your family or do something 
that manifests 
love and respect 
for each other.

Knowing what you know now, to what you knew then, where do you think society needs to 
start for people to learn how not to abuse?

Education, Education, Education!
It's very simple really. 
Be like a small child,
before it's programmed.
Don't abuse yourself 
and you won't abuse
Treat people like you 
would like to be 
treated. It works. 
That's all you can do.
Some people 
love being 
abused so they always 
look for someone 
to abuse them. 
If you have 
someone in your life
who is like that, dump them 
immediately! No matter
who they are. 
They can only bring you down.

As a young man, I expected 
Jonna to fulfill all my 
fantasies and 
dreams and make 
it all better. 
She wanted 
the same. 
We both failed 
No one can do 
for you what 
you won't do 
for yourself.

What do you hope readers will take away from this book?

First up, let me say, 
I don't live in a 
world of hope. 
Those who live in 
hope, die in hope.
Let's use the word TRUST 
instead. I trust in my heart 
that whoever reads 
from beginning to 
end will be 
transformed by the 
brutal honesty
and unconditioned love that wrote it. 
I want for you 
what I attained 
in life for myself. 
I had to live it for 
four years and 
it transformed my life. 
All you have to do is read it
in what will take a few hours. 
Base your actions 
in love and 
you can't go wrong. 
In those days, 
I based my actions 
on lack and fear.
 It was doomed before it started!

What are your thoughts regarding the emotional impact of the book?

Feelings, feelings, feelings! 
Those who can't feel 
are walking dead. 
Anything that is alive, 
on this planet, 
has feelings. 
Feelings are the 
tentacles of the heart. 
They are similar
to muscles, from 
the standpoint, 
'use them or lose them'. 
First, learn to feel 
for yourself,
then it will radiate out and 
affect everyone.
Once you can feel 
the pain and suffering 
of the world then 
you'll realize 
your heart has 
its full potential.
Compassion is all!
Limitation causes 
pain and ignorance 
causes suffering. 
You may have to put up with
some pain but you are not 
compelled to suffer!

Do you have a message, to enlighten or educate, or assist that you want to share regarding 
this book for people who are and or have been in an abusive relationship?

For those of you who are 
in an abusive and 
violent relationship, read 
It's not a cookbook! LOL 
Next, ask yourself 
the most dangerous
 question you've ever asked,


Don't ask if you are 
not serious otherwise 
you won't like the answer. 
For those who have moved
 on from an 
abusive relationship, 
my heart is happy
for you. 
You have educated yourself as 
I did, as a young man.
I don't need to do that again!

Where to next?

For me, ladies, 
there is no next! 
But, for Richard Swindells 
we are going to 
time-travel to the year 1948. 
Our first stop will be 
an old farm house on the 
Pennine Range Moors in 
North Yorkshire UK.
The question is, 
why would a 
15 year old lad leave his family, 
friends and everything 
he knows to 
travel by boat, 
into the unknown, 
to a foreign land 
called Australia?
The third book is titled, 

(I always felt that there was an 
inheritance left to me 
by some unknown relative, 
somewhere. Then 
I realized that my life, itself, 
was my inheritance!)


Sally-Anne and Nicola, I would like to 
thank both of you from 
the depth of my heart
for publishing 
Were it only to 
free one person
from ignorance, 
in the form of 
domestic violence and abuse, 
then you have 
served humanity!
Last, but not least, a massive
 shout out and gratitude to 
Guy Perrine of 
Auspol-media who has
made all of this possible and thank you to all 
who have contributed.

(I've never been asked 
so many questions in my 
life before!) 

Sunday, June 3, 2018


     Wargret Manor was only 15 yards way from Kinghorns' back door. Myself and my 2 Kiwi shearing mates, Steve and Warren had no legitimate complaints, apart from the prices. I really enjoyed spending my evenings there as the customers were 'Up-scale Drunks'.
     One evening, Sarah the owner, said to me,
"Yorky, Kinghorn tole me you're pretty good on the guitar, is that right?"
"I'm not bad Sarah. Why? What do you have in mind, a party?"
"Well, sort of.  I've got a group of older ladies in our big room. It's their annual diner and I thought you might consider entertaining them for half an hour or so."
"Yeah Sarah, no worries love. that could be good fun."
"I should warn you first Yorky, the youngest one's about 70. They're a pretty raunchy crowd."
"That won't worry me. I've been known to get a bit raunchy miself at times."
"Give me another pint of lager and a couple for mi mates and I'll head across to Bills' place and get the guitar."
'This is gonna' be a good night.', I thought as I headed over to Bills' place. This will put me in good with Sarah. Who knows, there may be a bit of a root in it for me at the end of the evening. She seems to like me quite a bit.

"Yorky, What are you doing back so early?", asked Shirley as I walked into the house.
"I just came to get the guitar. They're having a bit of a party at the Manor. Why dond't you come across for a while and have a drink? It'll do you good."
"I'd like to Yorky but I don't have a baby sitter for Alister."
"Is he asleep?"
"Yeah, for now."
"Well, you can pop back every half hour and check on him."
"You know what Yorky, I might just do that. Is Billy over there?"
"No love, he took off somewhere. He said he'd be back soon."
"Yeah, like 'early in the morning' soon."
     Guitar in hand, I headed out the door and said,
"See ya over there Shirl."
"I gotta' get dressed first. I'll be there in half an hour."

     Back in Wargret Manor, my pint of lager was waiting for me on the bar.
"Hey Yorky mate.", said Steve. "Are we having a party?"
"It sure looks like it Steve-O."
"That's great. It'll remind me of all the wild Maori parties back home in Kiwi land."
"Yeah, I know what ya mean. I've been to a lot of 'em miself. I never met a Maori yet who couldn't sing and play a guitar. I liked it best when they sang their cultural songs in Maori."
"Me too Yorky."
"Ya know, I spent a Xmas in the North Island with an old shearing mate of mine called Boy Peck. It was one of the best times I've ever had. They put down this massive Hungi and had 10 kegs of beer. The party lasted for seven fucking days. No one went home, they just crashed wherever they could and when they woke up they just carried on partying."

"Have you got the guitar Yorky?", asked Sarah as she came back in the lounge bar.
"I sure have. It's tuned up and ready to go."
"I'll just get this couple their drinks and then we'll go into the other room and I'll introduce you to Warehams' Senior Ladies Club."
     Once we were in the dining room, Sarah hit the side of a beer glass with a spoon and said,
"Ladies, Ladies, quiet please. It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Yorky. He's from Australia and he's very kindly agreed to entertain you with his guitar, so let's give him a Wargret Manor welcome with some clapping."
"It's all yours Yorky.", said Sarah as she put the empty beer glass and spoon on the table.
     Now, I gotta' tell ya, this group of around 30 ladies were not your ordinary conservative elderly old ladies. Every single one of them were wearing their Sunday best and were as drunk as monkeys.
     As soon as I strummed the first chord, they started to hoot and holler. The first song I played and sang was Tom Jones' Green Green Grass of Home. As  soon as I finished they clapped and hotted even louder. The next song I sang was an old Elvis song, The Wonder of You. Half-way through the song, Sarah brought me in another pint of larger and sat it on the table and said,
"Thanks Yorky, they're loving it."
     Once the Elvis song was finished, one of the ladies shouted out,
"Can you play something more lively?"
"Sure love, what would you like to hear?"
     Another older lady shouted out,
"Can you play any dirty ditties?"
"I can, but there's a lot of swearing in them and they're pretty raunchy."
"That's what we want to hear!", shouted another old girl. "We're all spinsters here tonight and we need a bit of raunchy stuff to remind us of when we were young."
     I was a bit apprehensive at first but then I thought,
'Oh well, fuck it. If you get offended, you asked for it.'
     My first song was Maggie May. There's a line in the song about those old red tattered drawers that Maggie wore. When I got to the line about how they were wet all down the front from the dripping of her cunt, I missed out the word 'cunt'. To my surprise, a roomful of old girls shouted out at the top of their voices, 'CUNT!" From that point on, it was all systems go. The more foul language that I sang, the more they loved it. Halfway through one of the baudy ballads, one of them go up on the table and removed her 'granny knickers' and swung them round and round her head. At that point, the whole room started clapping and cheering the old girl who was so drunk and happy as a pig in shit! At the end of the ballad I shouted out to her,
"You must have been a bit of a goer in your youth!"
"I still am!", she shouted back. "Look what you've done to me. Ya sang the bloomers off me."
     Once I'd run out of songs, which took a half-hour or so, I thanked my audience of old girls and went back to the lounge bar.
"Yorky, that was absolutely fantastic and so generous of you.", said Sarah. "Those old ladies will remember this night for the rest of their lives."

"Are you behaving yourself Yorky?", said a female voice behind me.
     When I turned around, there was Bills' missus. She had done her hair, applied some makeup and wore a pretty that showed a bit of cleavage.
"Shirl, how are ya mi love? What can I get you to drink?"
"Vodka and orange sounds good Yorky, if ya don't mind."
"Course I don't mind Shirl, why would I?"
"Well Wargret Manor is known for its' prices."
"Oh fuck that Shirley, who cares. We're making money a ton of money shearing. Besides, it's a working holiday."
     Both Warren and Steve, who were by this time quite drunk, chimed in and said,
"Yeah, fuck the expense Shirley. It's our shout. You cook our meals and wash our greasy dungarees so you're not allowed to buy any drinks tonight. Order whatever you like, we're paying."
"That's very sweet of you boys. It's lovely to be appreciated for a change."
"No worries Shirley.", I said. "Here ya go love, One large vodka and orange. Have as many as you like."

     The night progressed along well and everyone, including Billys' missus, were having a great time. At one point, Shirley who was a little bit on the drunk side started to tell me her marriage problems which made it a bit awkward.
     After a while, I said,
"Shirl, Billy's mi shearing and although I feel for ya, what can I say love? I gotta' stay neutral cause I'm good friends with both of ya so let's change the subject eh."
"You're absolutely right Yorky.", she said with a bit of a slur in her speech. "I shouldn't have put you in that position. That wasn't fair."
"No worries Shirl, forget about it."

     A short time later,  I saw her talking to Steve. By the look on his face I could tell what they were discussing.
"Let me get you another Lager Yorky.", said Sarah.
"Good on ya Sarah.", I said and emptied my glass.
     While I was sat at the bar talking to warren about New Zealand, a bloke who had been sat at the bar for a couple of hours tipping them back, said to me,
"So you blokes are shearing for Kinghorn are ya?"
"Yeah, that's right mate."
     He looked older than me and was roughly about my size.
"Ya think you're a smart bastard don't ya, just because you can shear sheep and make a ton of money."
"Why do ya say that mate? I don't remember saying anything wrong to you sport?"
"Ya haven't", he replied.
"So why would ya say something like that? Ya don't even know me."
"Cause I don't fucking like you."
"Well that's alright mate. Nobody says you have to like me. That's up to you."
     Warren, who had been listening to the bloke mouthing off said,
"Hey mate, leave us alone. Were not bothering you are we?"
"Yeah you are, as a matter of fact."
"Forget about him Warren, have another Lager. Give us your glass mate, I'll buy ya one.", I said.
     Five minutes later, the bloke started again and said to me,
"You think you're a big shot don't you? Buying drinks for every one."
"Listen mate, I don't know who the fuck you are and what your problems are but if you keep running ya bullshit on me, I'll fucking knock ya arse over head! Do you understand what I'm telling ya sport?"
"Fuck you, you bastard. I'd like to see you try!"
     By this time, the few people who were left in the Lounge had noticed what was happening and the nose level had dropped a few decibels.
"Would you like to say that again mate? Why do you think I can't? Just go home mate."
"Fuck you, don't tell me what to do!"
     That was it! It was obvious to me that this bloke, whoever he was, had every intention of ruining a great night out. I drank the last dregs of Lager, then put the glass on the bar. I turned around fully to face the bloke and said,
"Last warning mate, Fuck Off home while ya still in one piece."
"Fuck you! Are you going to make me?"
"Yeah.", I said. "I am!"
     Without any further warning, I drove a well-aimed right at the bridge of his nose and splattered it across his face. The bridge of his nose was now reshaped flat as he went flying backwards off the stool. Blood was pissing out all over the floor. The bloke was laid out on the floor, not knowing what hit him.
"Give me a hand Warren."
"Sure Yorky, anything mate."
"Help me drag this loud mouthed bastard out the back."
     Once we had him out back, I said to Warren,
"Lay the bastard on the lawn so he doesn't bleed all over the concrete path."
     The bloke started to moan as he came to. The last words I had with him were,
"I fucking warned ya not to fuck with me mate but ya wouldn't listen. if ya come back inside and bother me or any of my mates, I'll give ya another fucking dose. Now go home like I told ya!"
     This time no 'fuck you' came out of him. He was too busy moaning,
"Ya broke my nose, ya broke my nose."
     That was the last I ever saw of the bloke.

     Back inside, Sarahs' brother, Raymond, was still mopping up the blood from where the bloke had hit the deck.
"Thanks for that Yorky. He's been bothering some of my other customers ever since he walked in. I was wondering how I was going to get rid of him, without getting hurt."
"You're welcome Raymond, anytime mate."
     As I sat back down on mi stool, Sarah placed another lager in front of me and said,
"Thank you. He's been asking for that all  night. He got abusive with me, once I told him I wasn't going to serve him anymore."
"Oh well, he won't be abusing anyone else for a while, that's for sure."
     Bills' missus wobbled up to me with a shocked look on her face and a large drink in her hand and said,
"Are you all right Yorky?"
"Yeah, I'm good Shirl. How're you going?"
"Oh my goodness, I've never seen like that in my life. I think you broke his nose."
"I'll be disappointed if I didn't Shirl."
"Why did he start picking on you for no reason?"
"I have no idea love but he's probably still out back if ya want to ask him."
"Oh no, I'm not comfortable around people like that."
"Neither am I Shirl. I grew up in the Outback and no matter how much grog a man drinks, it's no excuse to disrespect another man. That is, unless ya want a smack in the chops. Drink up love, I'll buy ya another drink."
"No way Yorky. Thanks for offering. I can hardly stand up as it is. I'd better go after I finish this one or I'll be so hung over in the morning I won't be able to make breakfast."

"Fucking shit.", said Steve as soon as Shirley had gone to find a seat. "What a fucking punch Yorky mate! Did ya see that blokes' nose splatter and the blood that came out?"
"That's what I aimed for mate. I wasn't gonna' mess up mi good clothes rolling around the floor with that fucking yobo."
"How did it start mate?"
"He just started disrespecting me for no reason at all."
"I guess he didn't need a reason. Did it bother ya, hitting him that hard?"
"Not one fucking bit mate."
"It must be a tough life in the Outback of Australia, is it?"
"Well, it's not fucking easy mate but life's not too fucking easy no matter where ya live, is it?"
"No, I suppose not Yorky."