Sunday, July 24, 2016



The problem with limited power is
that one wants more & more of it

There is enough
unnatural drama
in life without
creating more.

The University
of the Self.

Know what you need to know
& know what needs to go.
It's a formula for a happy life.

of it all.

What I have is
what I need.
what more is there?

Need is a necessity.
Want is neurotic.

In the void,
the senses go
back to where
they came from.

I did
in my life
to attain
I realized
there was
to realize.

It's a crying shame
that misery & disasters
unite people.


He may have a
University degree
but don't assume
he is intelligent.

In times of war
our children become
cannon fodder rather
than our saving grace.

What you see as valuable determines your life. If you see the trinkets of the world as valuable then don't waste your time listening to me. I am not here to convince you otherwise.

I can still laugh.
After 62 years of living,
I have a great sense of humor.

stops greed
from taking over
ones life.

If you are not happy
with the world
as you see it
then you have to
put a stop to it.
The longer you leave it,
the harder it becomes.

The easiest way
to put a stop
to anything
is to withdraw
your belief in it.
Your belief
makes it
as real.

I care deeply
about everyone
& everything,
I am allowed
to make jokes
about it.

Once you have
run out
of things
to talk about,
then, & only then,
will you
take a look at it.



Refuse reality
to the world
and you are free of it,
but don't expect it
to give you anything.

The Grace of the Guru
is always
out to you.

The heart cannot beat
without feelings.

Animals display more
affection & love
towards each other
than people do.
You think
that you
are human,
that you
are better
than an animal?

How can there ever be
Peace of Earth
when life itself
is violent?
Don't give me an answer.

Success to an elephant is wallowing in muddy waters. Success to a hippopotamus is wallowing in mud. Success to a pig is wallowing in filth. Success to me is wallowing in the Void.

Saturday, July 23, 2016


"Who do you think you are? You think you are so awesome & powerful that you can hurt peoples feelings? People hurt their own feelings & then you jump in & claim responsibility....You big egotist!!"


 photo guruji.jpg

How does one heal themselves
from a lifetime of
destructive sabotage?
By following the Gurus' orders.

Time lost can
never be recovered.
Lost forever.

Witness consciousness
destroys worry.

There is no life without commitment.
They're just walking dead.
Commitment is Sadhana.
I don't know what life is for than that.
It certainly isn't for shopping is it?

If you can see the humor in it
It can't be that serious.


"Who are you & what do you do?"
"I'm a nothing & a nobody
& I am not the doer."

I have no wants
so I can
want for you.

All convenience ever did was weaken people.
Once weakened, they will tell you how great it is.

Commonsense is
the space
the breath.

Unnecessary actions
suck life force.

Friday, July 22, 2016


'I DON'T KNOW' is the key that unlocks the door of ignorance.
Limited knowledge is bondage
A mind, full of idle chatter is overheated. Cool the mind with the
Swans song & know your own secret, then all other secrets will be revealed.
Manifest your greatest desire and the lesser desires automatically are fulfilled.
"Someone once asked me a question about religion. My answer was, "Once you can walk why do you need a crutch?"

 Where your world ends, my world begins. When you see me alive I am dead. When you see me dead, I am alive!

Thursday, July 21, 2016



Awareness gives
instant access
to it.

If you really want
to help people
leave them alone.
(Unless of course
they ask you for help
then don't keep them waiting.
If they don't ask for help
they will only argue with you.)

You are not the doer.
Let it happen .
Let the doer do it.
He knows what he's doing.

There's no where to go.
You are where you've always been.
Once the comings & goings & doing are over,
you'll know what I mean.

Without a good
sense of humor
you won't survive.

All a convenient life
can do is weaken you.

If you want to be here
you have to be here now.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016



I had my first tattoo at 13 years of age. Reason being, to emulate my father who had tattoos. At 15 he joined the military and fought in World War I.

In the early 60s', in the Outback of Australia, any form of tattoo was frowned upon. Only 'no-hopers' and criminals had tattoos (of which I was neither). I am telling you this so you can understand, a tattooed head was the last thing I needed, let alone another tattoo. It was the furthest thing from my mind. That said, take a good look at my head. You can only imagine the hours of pain I went through having it done. the symbols on my head all stand for something supremely important. Collectively, the tattoos are a formula for World Peace.

My companion Uma, out of curiosity, has asked many people that we have met, "Why would you not ask Guruji what those symbols on his head stand for?" Some people have said, "What symbols?" Others said, "Oh, I thought they were private." My consistent reply has always been, "If they were private I would have tattooed them on my ass!"

As you, no doubt, see from the world picture, that the Peace symbols on my head have been of no utter use to me or anyone else, for the past 24 years.

As a four year old child I almost drowned in the Ocean due to the fact that I could not swim. Blue in the face and going down for the third time, I called on Gods' help. Lightning thought told me if there is such a thing as God, then I need saving as I cannot save myself. At that stage, as I sank lower for the third time, I made a promise to God that if He were to save my life, I would carry His orders for as long as I lived on this Earth. From that day to this, I have remained true to my commitment. As you can see from my forehead, no matter how difficult and painful it was, I have fulfilled that order and committed myself to it, to the death of the body.

The knowledge tattooed on my forehead is in seed form at the center of every living beings heart. Even a mass-murderers' actions are a desperate plea for help, though not a very intelligent way of asking.

Everything is perfect. There will be no mistakes.

Indifference to the sufferings of others is bringing that suffering to our door.

I am not programmed to lie. I am alive by the Grace of God. I have lived very simply, for the past 57 years, on borrowed time. I consider myself very fortunate. I met the God of Death in 1952 and survived to tell the tale. How many of you can read this knowledge and claim to be as fortunate as I am?

Each day I live, hundreds of thousands of children die prematurely from lack of food and water and the violence of war, which comes out of greed. Listen to me carefully when I tell you, these children are mine and I am not happy about it.

The last shall be first and the first shall be last, that I can guarantee you!


Monday, July 18, 2016



To the wise man
necessary & unnecessary
are known before the fact.
To the ignorant
it's known after the fact.

The Truth
is simple.
Truth is Truth,
you like it
or not, it's
not the point.

I have no soul other than the collective. You claim to have a soul yet you don't know where it lives. You don't know how big it is or what color it is.

Unity consciousness,
when everyone
as one; one soul.

Whatever you are not aware of
is choosing for you all the time.

Who knows
what knowledge
there is within me.
It needs a catalyst
to bring it out.

Sunday, July 17, 2016


Tasmania could be a really wet place at times and my stint there was just one of those times. That evening it rained inches of rain. It rained so hard all the show tents got flooded out. Before I realized it, the water had seeped up through the ground and flooded mi blankets and soaked through mi suitcase. All mi clothes were as damp as hell and had to be hung out on a fence to dry along with mi couple of wool blankets.
This little episode did not do too much to enhance my feelings about showground life. I was very grateful to the rain though, 'cause it made my decision to leave the showground much more firmer. As soon as the Tazi circuit was over we went back over to the Aussie mainland on the same ferry.
The Chad Morgan Show stopped at a small town on the outskirts of Melbourne for a couple of days. Whilst we were over in Tazi I had made quite good friends with the Maori Troubadours who were following the same circuit. They were all pretty good, easy-going blokes. Of an evening time they would cook up a large iron pot of their favorite food, which was known as 'pooha and pork bones'. There was always plenty to spare and they were kind enough to invite me to dinner almost every evening. It sure beat the hell out of the garbage showground food.
One evening after dinner one of the boys said, "Ah well Yorky, this is our last showground for a while mate."
"What d'ya mean? Where ya off to?"
"We've had the showground scene, eh. We're all off back up to Queensland where it's warmer, eh."
"Which way are ya going?"
"Straight up north," said the driver. "We're gonna take the inland roads, eh."
"Will ya be going past a town called Lake Cargelligo in New South Wales?"
"I dunno. Let's get the maps out and see, eh."
We spread out a large map of New South out on the ground and I looked for the Lake.
"There it is. It's not too far from Griffith and West Wyalong."
"Ah, West Wyalong. We go through that place on our way, eh."
My heart was now starting to quicken as I asked, "Can I get a ride up there with ya, if ya got enough room?"
"Can't see why not. The rest of the boys are flying up North from Melbourne so you can do a bit of relief-driving for me if ya like, eh."
I was never sure whether the Maoris were telling me or asking me a question, because at the end of each sentence they would always say, 'eh!' or 'eh boy!'
That evening I quit the Chad Morgan Show. I drew the small amount of money I had coming to me. Then I took mi gear to the Maoris' tent and helped them pack up their show. As soon as everything was packed away tightly, we hit the road for Melbourne.
I was really cramped in the front cab of the truck but once we dropped off the rest of the boys outside a house which belonged to one of their sisters, we settled down and relaxed, ready for the long haul North.
It was a pretty quiet trip up North, after the driver had told me all about the North and South Island of New Zealand, and as arranged, I drove the truck when he got tired. Although I didn't even have a car license, my bush-driving skills came in pretty handy as I maneuvered the big, flattop along the highway. At long last we arrived at West Wyalong. The Maori driver gave me a few dollars to get me back to the Lake because by now, I was broke down to the bones of mi arse.
He dropped me off at an all-night petrol station that was on the main West Wyalong/Lake road. We said our goodbyes' and he disappeared up the highway in the red truck while I sat on mi suitcase outside the all-nighter waiting to hitch a ride. There were plenty of cars and trucks that used the all-nighter but none were going in my direction. At about 10 in the morning, a dusty Ute pulled in and filled up with Petrol. "Ya heading towards Lake Cargelligo, mate?" I asked.
"Sure am cobber."
"Can I get a lift?'
"Shit yeah! Toss ya gear in the back, sport."
I entertained the Jackeroo all the way to the Lake with stories about the Showgrounds. He was on his way to a place called Rankin Springs, so he dropped me off right outside the Dagos' shop, in the main street.
Was I ever glad to see Lake Cargelligo again. I picked up mi Port and trumpet case and headed straight in to see Jimmy Xmas. A new Dago was behind the counter when I got inside, so I said, "Jimmy Xmas around mate?'
"He's out fetching the soft-a drink in."
"Watch mi cases mate, I'll go out and see him."
"Not-a-worries mate." He said.
Jimmy Xmas was loading a new batch of orange drinks out of the large cooler when he saw me, "Yorky, ya bastard! Wher-a have ya bin?" I haven't-a seen ya for a long time-a?"
"I've been on the Showgrounds Jimmy.It's too rough a life for me so I came back to the Lake."
"You make-a da big money Yorky?"
"Ya must be fucking joking Jimmy. I'm fucking broke except for a buck-fifty."
"You want-a job?"
"Doing what?"
"You serv-a the table. It'll be good-a for business. You speak-a da good English and the people they like-a you."
"How much pay, Jimmy?"
"I pay-a da twelve dollar a week plus-a da tucker plus-a one pack-a the cigarettes a day. Six days-a a week, 10 in the morning till 12 at night and I throw-a in a da room. Not-a the bad, eh?", he said with a grin.
"Not bad at all Jimmy. 10 in the morning till 12 at night, six days a week, fags, tucker and a room? When do I start?"
"Right-a fucking now? You take-a dis four crate of soft-a drink inside to George, den you come-a back out-a for more."
"I want a shower and put mi cases in the room after that, all right Jimmy?"
"All right-a ya bastard." He said.

Saturday, July 16, 2016



"Why did you come here?"
"I believed I could help. I made a mistake.
I never make the same mistake twice."

The good thing
about giving love
is one gets it
straight back.

You can't enjoy anything
unless you appreciate it.

If you want to know
if a politician is lying,
watch his tongue.
If it moves
know that
he is lying.

The biggest scam
ever run on people is
that they have choices.
What you are not aware of
is choosing for you.


Living the way
Americans live, now,
is very short term.

I grew up, on a
farm, with pigs.
They're cleaner
than a lot of people
I have met.

Even a fool knows
how to spend money.

I have always seen life as work.
I have worked for life my whole life.
Work, now, is letting life work for me.

What now?
Move on.

People miss
the most

Relying on anything time-bound
for your happiness
is doomed to failure.

Needing anything
to make you happy
is a failure.

In a roomful of nudes
there are no characters.
They come with the clothes.

Give up your childish ways and toys
now before I take them from you.

I cannot give you anything.
I can only take away
your dreams & fantasies.

When one is identified
with dreams and fantasies
they will fight to protect them.

Civil war
is coming

Friday, July 15, 2016



Desire moves
It creates

In my world,
Love is the
Prime Mover.

There is nothing
outside of the mind.

"That's all
he used to call me,
'you pommy bastard'!"

You can only believe or disbelieve in fantasy, not facts.
Facts are not subject to belief systems.
They are - as are you.

The longer you
look at shortcomings
the faster they
turn into long-comings.

God helps those
who help themselves.
He didn't tell me to help you.

When one can't tell
themselves the Truth
then who can they tell?

What everyone
is looking for
& don't want.

how to live
with oneself.

If it is not supporting &
you don't have the power
to destroy it then you
have to live with it.