Saturday, February 28, 2009



is held
by light.

Magnetized by light.

You will know the All-Attractive One on the last day when he comes for you, you willingly go. When his opposite comes for you, you will know him by your kicking and screaming.

The imaginable very rarely manifests,
the unimaginable has a habit of doing so.

Friday, February 27, 2009


People are not
even as evolved
as the bat.
In 1986, I lived in Sydney on the Harbor side. The place that I lived in had a large, flat roof that one could walk around. One of my favorite pastimes was to go up on the roof at dusk and watch the Fruit Bats fly over the Harbor from the North side en-route to the Western Suburbs, where they would raid the fruit orchards. One of the most interesting pieces of knowledge I found out about Bats is that upon returning to the place where they roost, they would always make sure that any of the Bats who had not had their fill, due to old age or injury, would be fed. This entailed regurgitating the digested fruit. They would never allow any of their kind to go hungry. My question is; how long do you think it will take mankind to evolve to the state of a bat?

"No, I don't believe in God...I have money!", said the man when asked the question, "Do you believe in God?"

Thursday, February 26, 2009


The United States of Excess,
riddled with rot & corruption.

The world and its inhabitants
are in a state of paranoia.
"Let's get the bastards
before they get us!"

Societies shun prostitutes because they remind them of money & sex. When the economy goes further 'down the tube', what happens to sex? It's guaranteed to go up FOR SALE!

Life as we know it,
on this Planet,
is over - gone.

I have no regrets.
(I wouldn't want it any other way.)

When the electricity goes out;
we can sit in silence with each other.

Whatever you do in life, don't do it half-heatedly. If you're going to sin, then sin, whole-heatedly. Sins, too, have their lessons to teach.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009



Prisoners of time
Felons of the mind
We break the laws, commit the crimes
We sell our soul for nickels and dimes.

Man where are you going with your technology?
It's based on greed and violence
And it's called democracy.
No time to stop and listen
No time to ponder why
We're headed for disaster
The Universe will cry.

Prisoners of Time
Felons of the mind
We break the laws, commit the crimes
We sell our soul for nickels and dimes.

Children there are many
Values there are few.
No time to stop and play with them
Because the credits due.
It's business as usual
A frozen pack will do.
The TV's going constantly
Designer clothes and shoes.

Prisoners of Time
Felons of the mind
We break the laws, commit the crimes
We sell our soul for nickels and dimes.

Vote for me, send me a fax
Vote for me, I'll cut your tax
Vote for me, please vote for me
I'm all for the death penalty.
Vote for me, I want your power
Vote for me this very hour.
Vote for me and don't despise
The fact that I am full of lies.

Prisoners of time
Felons of the mind
We break the laws, commit the crimes
We sell our soul for nickels and dimes.

We say that we want answers
But I don't think we do.
The pain of feeling separateness
Well, that's addictive too.
Who am I without problems?
Who am I without name?
Who am I without shape and form?
Who am I without fame?

Prisoners of Time
Felons of the mind
We break the laws, commit the crimes
We sell our soul for nickels and dimes.

For those of us who will not share,
For those of us who do not care
For those of us who will not bend
Well, it's fast coming to and end.
'Cause time is an illusion, created by the mind
And once the mind stops moving, there's no such thing as time.

Prisoners of Time
Felons of the mind
We break the laws, commit the crimes
We sell our soul for nickels and dimes.

(These are the lyrics to a song Guruji wrote 10 years ago.)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I AM my own crutch.
I support myself.

Whatever you want to change,
it's simple;
withdraw your support for it.

Once support is withdrawn
from man, he cannot exist.

You are not the 'talker'.
Food talks.
No food
no talking.
Starving people
have no energy
to talk,
Talking uses up
a lot of energy.

The amount of corruption
in the Government
is a direct reflection
of the amount of crime
on the streets.

In music, some musicians play in front of the beat. Others play behind the beat. One plays in the past, the other plays in the future. The real music happens on the beat.

It's consciousness that goes to sleep, not you. Awareness wakes you up and then tells you that you've been asleep. It tells you about the quality of your sleep. Someone asks you, "Did you sleep well?" You reply, "I was dead to the world!"

There is no such thing as a world, without you. You create worlds, and then populate them with people. The people you create in your world have similar powers to what you have. They also create worlds and populate them with people and things. Don't complain about your own creations. The creations, namely people of the world, are not the problem. Whenever you want to solve a problem, know that it is easy. Find the creator of the problem and ask him why he created the problem and then projected it into his creation.
As above, so below.
As below, so above.

Societies create problems and project them on each other. The initial problem is you believe that you were born, which can only create more problems for you. Nothing I can say would persuade you that you are not the person you believe yourself to be. You have forgotten who you are, which causes fear, then you grab hold of a bunch of ideas, thoughts and feelings and claim, "This is me. I am a good person."

Monday, February 23, 2009


After the depopulation program
has succeeded this is what
the streets will look like.....

The fact is;
the last shall be first
and the first shall be last.

I have spent the past 60 years doing all the things that money can't buy. I am now doing all the things that money can buy. (I tend to do things backwards.)

Why? & Trust
do not go

Sunday, February 22, 2009


I never ever thought about business, in my youth. Once I had enough money to take care of my fear of not having money, I would stop working. As the economy collapses, what are you going to use to take care of your fears?

Fear is a great motivator.
It commands a lot of attention,
and demands much more.

Someone once asked me, as a young man, if I believed in God. I heard myself say, "Yes, but I always have a few thousand dollars tucked away, just in case!"

Anyone who is in debt,
and claims to be a Christian,
is full of it!

The birds and animals
are always taken care of;
why not you?

You don't have to tell a 'Universal Being' how you feel. He already knows, otherwise he wouldn't be 'Universal'.

To help the world,
I focused on it.

I have performed my duty
in life, 10 times over.
Now it's your turn.

When you've been through
what I've been through,
then we will be equal.

Greed knows no boundary
and desires no limits.

A world gone mad
means peoples' minds
have gone!

Language is used
to either free people
or enslave them.
('Slang' has never saved anyone.)

Saturday, February 21, 2009


My determination
to survive
took me beyond
the fear of

My mate is called CHAOS.
We're not on speaking
terms at the moment;
I've had enough of him!


Trust no future
however sweet.

True power
can not be
it must be
One takes it back,
out of the situation
they have INVESTED in.

Whatever serves you
uses your life-force
to serve you with.

The slave lives
off of the master.

When one denies reality to the World, what one is saying is, "I don't need you. It's you who needs me". The World then says, "In that case, I won't give you anything." The man says, "I have no needs." From that point onward, he creates the World, in his own image.

There are great opportunities
for one who has integrity.

The people reflect the government.
When the Government is in debt,
the people are in debt.

The American Dream
was founded on debt.
What did you expect?

I told people years ago what was going to happen. No one wanted to listen. Why should I be affected? I refuse!

The Constitution
comes out of
somewhere else.

When the poor man dies, no one cares.
When the rich man dies, everyone cares
(about their future!)

There is nothing wrong with having lots of rich people in Society as long as they serve the Society with their money.

Friday, February 20, 2009


All my father
ever really wanted,
in life, was just
to be left alone.
I am the same.

We all think
we're so

There is no such thing
as a person, believe you me.
I mean, let's get real about it.

I AM in constant communication,
and in touch with,
the Source.
The Source
is the Source
of all.

You tell me
what you can feel
that I can't?

Person implies an isolated particle. There is no such thing.
Even your deepest feelings,
I feel.

Dreams are personal until you tell someone about them. Then they become 'open property.

The problem will all Societies; there is no common sense. Societies that are based on common sense do not kill each other!

If you can't
support yourself
how can you claim
to be free?


Interest comes first.
Then there is time
for everything.

You have no time
because you allowed
to become a prisoner
of your own creation.

Every body gets what they deserve.
I'm happy for them.

The most powerful political party
is my party.
It's called 'The party of one.'

What I am living is going to happen to everyone and when it does you will instantly recognize who I AM.

If you're always looking
for the Postman,
you might miss the package.

I AM living proof of it.
It's here - you've got to
go really deep to understand.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Existence itself is God,
where is the argument?
Dead men can't argue.

You cannot argue facts;
you can only distort them.

The fact;
God is, therefore, you are.
You are, therefore, God is.
(Try arguing that
with a non-existent 'dead-man'.)

There is
nothing wrong,
per se,
with God,
apart from
your limited concepts
and views.

Religion is a 'Class A' drug
and should be treated as such.
A 'Universal Felony'!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


You would be surprised at
what you are capable of
were the
to be created.

In the military they give you the basic training on how to survive on the battlefield. On the battlefield, you refine it. Likewise in life.


is not of the being,
it is the
death of time.

repeated over and over again,
disguises itself as truth.

Courage doesn’t float
on the ocean
like seaweed.
One has to go to
the bottom
to discover it.

A fully developed mind
is a silent one.
A fully developed heart
is sweet.
It only knows
how to give.

Societies survival
depends on
one supreme law.
When there are two laws,
that is a sure sign
of societies demise.

People who hope
have no power.

shapes life.
Deep commitment
manifests a potent life.

never woke
anyone up.

One who is in debt
has no quality of life.

If you can
imagine it,
that’s not it.

All expectation
ever led to was

Anyone can say it,
not everyone can feel it.

In order to truly live,
you have to stand
behind your actions.
I stand behind the truth.
That is all you will
ever get from me.

People who don’t waste Time
are Masters of Time.

Guilt comes
out of the past.
It never comes
out of the future.

Stubbornness is a weakness.
One uses it to hide behind
so that they don’t have to
deal with anger.

Protecting yourself from love
is an act of violence.

Living life
in the world
is preparation
for leaving.

If you believe in reincarnation
don’t you have to leave to come back?

All coming & going
is total fantasy.

Monday, February 16, 2009


Guru Seva speeds up the process.
It keeps the disciple busy
so he doesn't create obstacles
that slow the process down.

Selfless Service;
The only true religion.

Everything up to that point
is preparation.
Beyond that point
there is no point
to existence.
Therefore, one lives
on behalf of others.

is making
a hypocritical
statement and not
having it bother
you, one iota.

takes up a
lot of space.

Whatever one thinks (or imagines)
themselves to be...that's not it.

has its limits.

When it

Sunday, February 15, 2009


As a child, I drowned in the Ocean. As I went down for the third time, every ounce of hope I had left me. From that day onward I have lived without hope. Only when all hope had gone did someone fish me out. From that moment onwards I lived on Trust.

A genuine primal plea, "Please God, please, please God, help me! Please save me. I will do anything if you will just save my life!" These are the words of a drowning boy. Never has there been an actor who could act out that part as genuinely as I did. For the ones that didn't live to tell the tale, obviously they were not genuine.


There is no such thing
as trusting for 10 years.

Man is not the doer.
Life moves him around
like a piece on a

"Get on your knees, put your hands together, bow your head and say your prayers before I give you a thundering, bloody-good hiding!" And you wonder why I'm anti-religion? My prayer at 4 years old was, "What have I done to deserve this?"

Before you desire, deserve. You can desire anything you like but if you don't deserve it, you won't get it.

There is
war in the
there is

Fortunate you are
when you make it
to the next moment.

If you are going to rely on something in your life, make sure that something can save your life, should the occasion arise that you call upon it to do so. (Or what is the use of relying on it?)

Saturday, February 14, 2009


One puts an animal 'out of its misery'
because they feel the pain that its in...
and it hurts real bad.

Anyone that tells you what to do
can only create misery for you.

When the good times are over,
it leaves a void and
the bad times rush in.

Everybody is born crying.
Very few die laughing.

True power has to be taken.
It cannot be given.
Do you have what it takes?

The mirror

If there is a hole for it to get in,
then there is a hole for it to get out.


is a unique
form of insanity.

Radical change
radical action.

True understanding
is not needing a ‘me’.

I can give it,
can you take it?

One can only be free
from what one understands.

The switch,
that turns the TV off,
is the same switch
that turns interest on.

Friday, February 13, 2009


The Planet
is the only one
who can save man now!

When you're able to get my attention, you will be the benefactor. It will benefit you to be in the Gurus' gaze.

Some people
will do anything
for attention.

In the long run;
your loss will be your gain.

Don't believe the propaganda.
Just know
that the first shall be last
and the last shall be first.

Focusing on that
heals the heart.

The violent killing of one man
is enough to break ones' heart.

Why do you think
there is so much
heart disease
on the Planet?

What nature will do
is 'snap' people
back to reality.

I have always helped anyone who asked me for it. I even offered my help but it was refused. They needed my help but they didn't know it. what can I do?

An attainment
will serve you,
in your life,
when you look after it.

What have you attained,
in your life,
that will look after you?

This is what I call insanity;
people who live in a society
whose economy is built on war,
talking about Peace!

In a continuous war,
each day that passes
is one day closer
to 'your turn'.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


When I'm right,
I know I'm right.
At times,
in the past,
I have been wrong &
I've been man enough
to admit it.

When there's no more doubt
you know that you're right.

I know the difference
between right & wrong,
of that I have no doubt.

In the now,
there is nothing to do
& nowhere to go.

Sanity, to me,
is laying on my back
in a green field,
staring into a blue sky.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


"It's happening,
but we're still
in the talking stage!"
On the positive side,
our heads have just
come out of the sand."

Once the animals
are gone...
that's it!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009



Poor people are always worrying about not having enough money. The antidote for that is to start worrying about having too much money.

To strengthen the minds'
focus and attention,
pick one thing you
are willing to die for
and focus on it.

You can't speed
the process up
but you can
slow it down.

You can have enlightenment,
(or put more simply)
your own natural state
anytime you like.
It's yours for the taking,
all it takes is guts.

Take everything you know
about yourself and your world
and dump it.
You will be left with
what you started with.

Count up your habits
and the things that
you believe you can't
live without and you
will know, first-hand,
what your chances
of survival are.

What you are witnessing now, I witnessed 30 years ago in meditation. At the time, I had no idea at all what I was seeing. What is happening today and will happen tomorrow, I have seen. (It's old news to me.) Had you have seen, 20 years ago, what you are experiencing today, you would have been better prepared.

A shock happens
when you can't find
a pigeon-hole to put it in.
Pigeon-holes and labels
create a false sense of security.

Once you attain your natural state,
that's when the fun really starts.

Were people to have
lived as simply as possible
this would not be happening.

When you want something
you can be caught and

Whether you believe
me or not
doesn't make
any difference
to what I AM.

what you
are looking for.

It is my job to stay
silent and unchangeable.
It is your job to look for me.
It is not my job
to tell you who I AM.
It is your work to find out.

Monday, February 9, 2009


When you live on Trust
you have a Trust Fund.
The more you Trust
the more funds are
made available to you.
Beyond all hope
lies your Trust Fund.

is nothing more
than expectation of results.

Once there's no more
security in your world;
where else is there to go?


"If tha dus aut fa nout,
tha mun do it fa tha sen"
simply means, doing something
for someone, for free, is a way
of being charitable to oneself.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


People see themselves as 'persons' due to the fact that they live in their own little personal world. The housing bubble burst; the next 'shoe to hit the floor' will be your personal world, the dreams that you imagine yourself to have been born into.


"I've missed the last bus!
How am I going to get home?"
The good thing is you will not be owned by the oil companies anymore. You will not spend anymore of your valuable time locked up in an illusion created by the oil companies. The metal and plastic 'bubble' has burst.

In the Outback of Australia I thought myself very fortunate. I slept in the back of my Station Wagon, under the stars. An Aborigine who goes on 'walkabout' would use a dumped, rotted-out car in the Bush for his 'humpy'. A 'humpy' can be made out of anything; sticks & leaves or glass & steel. It may be a penthouse but at the end of the day, it's still a 'humpy.

Better to look
up to yourself
rather than looking
down on yourself.

It doesn't matter
what color you are;
hunger is hunger &
survival is survival.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


The old way has to die
for the new to come.
Death of the old
is the birth
of the new.


What use is any knowledge
without knowledge of oneself?


There is a fine line
between a fool
and a wise man.
is the removal
of that line.

Everyone is born equal.
The difference lies
in what one attains.

Everlasting life
exists beyond the mind.

How does one go beyond the mind?
By asking that question.

always wins
over delusion.

There is a spark of life
in each and every one of us.
Look after that spark.
There is no difference
between the spark
and the fire.

The whole of life
is built on
that one idea.

All relationships
are based on
that one relationship –
the relationship with oneself.

To see
the need
for change –
that’s all.

When you become
the center
of your own attention
you will never
want attention
from anyone else.

What is the World?

If pleasure is addictive,
don’t you think pain
is also addictive?

Learn to listen
without thinking.

One tiny spark can burn down a whole forest.
One tiny spark can burn down a forest of desires.

What is the most attractive?
The Light,
which reveals the Truth,
which is the Way.

in the midst
of all diversity.

If we could do it for ourselves,
If we could get ourselves free;
What is the need for the Guru?


The sound produced
by the breathing mechanism
is called
I AM the Light.
I AM the Truth.
I AM the Way.

I AM is the Light.
I AM is the Truth.
I AM is the Way.

When attention is placed on the breathing
and the space between the breaths;
that is the opening door.
Attention is the knocking.
The space between the breath is the door.
The silence is you.

All secrets
are in
the space
between the breath.
What could be simpler?

It is a simple child-like state.
Have the innocence of a child.

Saints become sinners.
Sinners can become saints.
Don’t become either.

Friday, February 6, 2009


People believe I am insane for tattooing a Universal formula for Peace on my forehead. Now, my feelings on the subject are, anyone who is not interested in it doesn't deserve to live.

The chances of survival
are much greater when
you manifest Peace.
War can only take you so far.

Lying makes matters worse. Honesty is a fundamental policy of an enlightened Society. Without that fundamental policy you are nothing more than a pack of animals pretending that you are human.

No one is born human.
Humanity is attained
through a lifetime of
selfless service.

When God becomes the Destroyer of Ignorance, rather than the Order-Supplier, then you will know the true feelings of God. God exists in your feelings. Every living entity, in all of the glorious shapes and forms, have feelings. One cannot live without feelings.

When you can't go to sleep, of a nightime, because you are feeling the grief of another womans loss,(her son has just been blown to pieces). Know then that you are close to God.

Q: What is common to all?
A: The space between the breath
and the breathing.
Pure Communism.

Without inner stability,
how are you going to survive?

Societies are no better or worse than its' laws. Without laws there is no such thing as a Society. Fact is; one rule of law applied equally to everyone. Once money can save a man from the punishment of his crime, then the law has been rotted & corrupted. No Society or Country can survive under those circumstances. The white man does 3 months. The Black man does 30 years. The poor man is held in custody until his trial. The rich man buys his freedom. What you see happening in the world today are the results of a corrupt justice system.

People don't know the difference between lies & truths, do they? You can thank the TV for that!

We have become one big insane asylum.
My madness will cure your madness!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


The poor man
creates the
for the rich man
to feel compassion
and help him.

An economy is a living entity.
It requires the same attention
as a well-disciplined,
upstanding citizen.

I have no answer for you. I did have, once upon a time but nobody wanted to hear it. "Go away mate, we don't want Prophets of doom here...we're American!"

By my actions shall you know me.
I do not need a propaganda team.

means that I go without
so that others may have it.

When your actions benefit others
with no thought to yourself,
we will live in a sweeter world.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


All problems
are self-created.
You are the
only one who can
solve them.

You create worlds
and universes,
and populate them.
Then you destroy
them without even
batting an eyelid.

Any fool can create.
It takes a great being
to destroy,
through discipline.


Commitment is to the death.
One never knows when they
will be called on to do so.

At the center of the heart
is a seat.
Put your mind on that seat
and keep it there.
That's where it belongs.

Endless roaming
the senses
will not help.

is not the ultimate state.
It is an addiction.

The fact that you ignore me
proves you know who I AM.

Erupting volcanoes,
an earthquake a day
and UFOs up the yazoo.
Welcome to the
New World Order!

The Planet will do
whatever She has to,
to be known and felt.

When you have desires,
you need a world.

The killing of women & children
will not go unpunished!
Everyone on this Planet
will pay for that crime.

That's the problem;
too many cowboys,
not enough Indians.

The war machine
eats people.
The more it eats,
the more it wants?

Monday, February 2, 2009


Mankind has no control
over nature because
he is out of tune
with his own nature.

Once knowledge is acted upon
and put into practice
it manifests the experience
which gives rise to
right understanding.

what YOU
have been
looking for.

Responsibility simply means
the situation demands a correct response.

The mind is very Mercurial.
It creates something,
entertains it for a while,
gets bored with it
and then destroys it.

The mind is
than the Self.

One the mind is purified
it becomes
Pure Intelligence in Motion.

The mind is necessary
to find the Post Office
and a street address etc.
When nothing needs to be known
it becomes the silence.

The Self cannot be defined
because it is beyond
what one is using to define it,
-the mind.

The limited cannot
define the Unlimited.
It is the Unlimited
that annihilates the limited.

A person
is a bunch of
memories, doubts,
compromises and

The more out-of-tune man becomes
with the laws of the Mother -Nature,
disasters are sure to come.

A tree has no mind,
no capacity to


One who has
nothing to lose
has everything to gain.


Integrity goes
hand in hand
with ones
direct experience
of Reality.


Watch the breath.
There is a space between
the 'in' and the 'out' breath.
As thoughts arise ask
“who is watching the thoughts?”
The obvious answer is “I am.”
That is the sound the breath makes.
“Who am I?”
Don’t be afraid to ask.
For that question
there is no answer
in consciousness,
it will take you
beyond consciousness.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


I have enough to live on
and not enough to lose,
without worrying about it.

One cannot know the Self.
They can only be the Self.

True understanding
is not needing a ‘me’.

Everything is a reflection.
You are not the face
that appears in the mirror,
neither are you the mirror.
You are what makes seeing possible.

Thought is thought.
Thought has got
nothing to do
with you.

Nothing can be created
until the old is
totally destroyed.
is a necessary
part of creation.

You are the Supreme Reality,
beyond the world and its Creator.
Beyond consciousness and its witness,
beyond all assertions and all denials.

You are
what you
have been
looking for.

Looking out is called thinking.
Looking in is called intuition.

One works
with the
'Inner Tutor'.

gets in
the way.

Q: What is the body without the mind?
A piece of meat.

Living life
as honestly
as possible,
builds character.

Without a sense of humor
it is hard to get through life.

When nature acts
man reacts.

Yesterdays illusion
is tomorrows’ past.

Addiction to memory
is recreating the past
and projecting it
into the future.
What is already there is enough.

Only one
who is on
the other side
the door
can open

comes with acceptance of fact.
comes with fantasy and illusion.