Saturday, May 31, 2014



The Guru brings out
the love in everyone.
It's in there.
It can't be put in there.

It is everyones' duty
to manifest Heaven on Earth.

People who are full with love
are not disposed to fear.
They laugh in the face of it.

You can only imagine the known.
The unknown is unimaginable.

To get free
of something
one has to
in it.

The candle gives light
at its own expense.

People with
no inner light
live in dark days.

A committed man
lives a dangerous life.
He has no options or choices.

A wise man
does the

are for

What you are
not aware of
is choosing
for you
all the

Without collective thinking;
there is no such thing as service.

I surrendered
my life
to humanity.

The ultimate way
to use power
is not to.

Only fearless beings
are interested
in the unknown.

Everyone who meets me
is faced with the Truth.

There is no such thing
as a country without a society,
otherwise it's just land.

As long as you are breathing
you are always close to home.

For those who
don't know
where home is;
there is no hope.

When there is no food left
all you'll be left with
will be the chemicals.

The more chemicals
the less food.

If your voice
isn't musical,
don't disturb
the Silence.

is based
on Time.

Without fruit there won't be any
partridge in a pear tree.
The song will go,
"and a partridge in a bare tree."

If you don't know
what gratitude is
you can't play that game.

The work cannot happen
without a quiet mind.

Like anything,
once you stop chasing it,
it will come to you.

What's your is yours
and always will be yours.
What's not is not
& never will be.
Why worry, Yorky mate.

The mechanics
of consciousness
& how the mind works.

It's not possible to get free
from what you're not aware of.
That's where suffering comes in.

Stay in the silence.
Don't come out.

The safest place
is in the silence.

Arrogance says, "I know"
& will not ask.
Humility says, "I don't know"
& therefore asks.

What effect
are you going to cause,
out of ignorance?

Friday, May 30, 2014



Nothing left to eat,
nothing left to steal,
the show's over.

Greed manifests
by desiring more
than you need.

There's something
for everyone
in my world.

To help the world
you have to drop
out of it & once
you do that you
will realize
the world doesn't
need help.

What causes consciousness
to come into being
in the first place?
Find that out &
you'll be free of it.

The more
lies you accept
the more afraid
of the Truth
you will become.

All ideas
come from
the Planets,
& man thinks
they're his.

How can it
not be different
with Pluto traversing the

No more
as usual.

I have no use
for fantasies.

What's it
going to

If you don't
pass the test,
you won't survive.


In order for the saboteur
to live it has to keep
adapting to situations.

When the thought of sabotage
makes you nauseous
then you know you're
getting somewhere.

Attention comes
before interest.
You can't have

My duty is to maintain my integrity.
The only way I can help anyone
is by maintaining my integrity

The way I live my life;
wishing oneself well.

The war is
on ignorance.

You've got to be alive
to look at your own death.

Sabotage restricts
your freedom of expression.

The American Dream
was funded by
the American dollar.

When the dream
is over
you wake up &
the content
of the dream
a vague

This is Perfect.
That is Perfect.
From the Perfect
springs the Perfect.

Anyone who has dis-empowered themselves
for their survival can never be happy.

In order to be happy you
have to empower yourself.

There's no such thing
as a weak, happy man.

Put a weak man in a power position &
he will make millions of people unhappy.

Thursday, May 29, 2014


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This is a secret that is
hidden from mankind;
You have the power.

There's nothing to debate.
Debates are for people
who are not ready.

I have access
to everybodys dream.

'Sanyas' takes away
a mans' personal dream.

One has to
keep oneself
jolly in life.

There is no world
without you.

If we lived in a world
where everyone gave
there would be no takers.

The minimum of words
with the maximum of

The mind &
its master.

Necessity always gets supported.
Wants & don't-wants don't.

The only way to survive is
through stability of mind.

Situations are not permanent.
How can life be permanent?
The world is made up of situations,
no situations - no world.

All Karma means is;
an incorrect response
to the situation.
Correct responses
do not create Karma.
Karma simply means;
doing nothing in the
absence of something.

Your world is
as you believe
it to be.
Withdraw your belief
& it ceases to exist.

The man with a silent mind
has no 'personal world'.

A person
is glued
by concepts.

Don't take it personal
& it will cease to exist.

The childs' first breath is out.
The Sadhus' last breath is in.

Everyones world
hangs on one breath.

You may like to live
to the ripe old age of 100,
but is it necessary?

Politics are there
to confuse the people,
not help them.

How can you move it if you can't feel it?
If you are moved to do something,
then you must have felt it.

Never have I met
a Truth I didn't like.

This blog is for people
who are having a hard time
growing up.

Everyone that I have ever met
has given me something.

You can't
go to

There is
only conflict
on the
surface of life.
In my world
there are no
& no conflict.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014



Joy is a state.
A quality-less state.

It is ideas & concepts that die.
Your attachment to them
is what causes suffering.

When you've had enough
of the drama you
give up & move on.

The world is
one big drama!

Silence is Golden
in a Golden era.

When the electricity
goes out we'll all be rich;
Silence is Golden.

If what you want is not worth waiting for
then it certainly is not worth going into debt for.

The Mechanics
of the Mind.
Study them.

If we lived in a world
where everyone gave
there would be no takers.

There is no world
without you.

I have knowledge of the Self.
What other knowledge do I need.

Second-hand knowledge
stops first-hand knowledge
from manifesting.

To be open to
what life manifests
with no weak desires
cluttering the stage.

The mind &
it's Master.

Patience & Trust
they support
each other.

There is nowhere to go.
There is no going backwards,
no going forward.
Timeless Being

You're either asleep or awake.
There's no in-between;
that's a fantasy.

This is a Planet of sleepwalkers.
Sleepwalkers are woken up by the
cold, hard facts of reality.

Only a man
who lives in Peace
can rest in Peace.


A mind that is addicted to worrying will worry about anything & everything. Should it not be able to find anything to worry about, it will invent something.

you become
aware of,

What must that be
if the distractions
are like this?
The bigger
the distractions,
the bigger
that's hidden
from view.

The man
who performs
his duties
has a very good
with his God.

One cannot get away
with anything,
living with the Guru.

has an Inner Guru,
even the mass-murderer
has an inner Guru.
That is our
Supreme Protector.

with the

To be happy where you are
imagine where you'd like
to be is terrible.

Monday, May 26, 2014



If you
want more
from life
than the basics,
then you are in trouble.

You don't exist
when I close my eyes.
You exist when
I open my eyes.

The kind of power that
I'm talking about takes
incredible courage to manifest.
There is not a man alive
who it does not reside in.

The Question is;
Do you have what it takes?

To attain
the greater
you have to
give up
the lesser.

What are you
interested in?
Are you interested in
endless creation
or destruction?

What are you not willing to give up?

One has to
maintain their integrity
wherever they live.

I don't change,
time changes.

While people are still
talking about it
nothing will change.


This too
shall pass.

Empires come & go.
And what about the
New World Order,
what happened to
the old?

Everything I suffered,
everything I gave up,
everything I attained,
I offered for free,
no one wanted it.
Therefore, I will give
you what you want -
Ask and you shall receive it.

The only way to get the fox
out of the trap was to kill it.
There are many traps in life,
hence death is necessary.

If you want this
you have to give up that.
I gave up this life
for that.

Happiness or sadness
has no sway over me.

You can put your childish toys away
and move on, or the times will take
them away from you, regardless.

It's very simple,
it's either


Inner security~
Where else will you find it?

I look in awe.
I am unable to
describe what I see.
It stuns me!
My mind maintains
silence in its presence.
It is intelligent enough
to know that.

When the laws of the land
are in tune & in keeping,
with the laws of Nature,
societies grow & flourish

Sunday, May 25, 2014



Prisoners of time, felons of the mind
We break the laws, commit the crimes
We sell our soul for nickels and dimes.

Man where are you going with your technology?
It's based on greed and violence
And it's called democracy.
No time to stop and listen
No time to ponder why
We're headed for disaster
The Universe will cry.

Prisoners of Time
Felons of the mind
We break the laws, commit the crimes
We sell our soul for nickels and dimes.

Children there are many
Values there are few.
No time to stop and play with them
Because the credits due.
It's business as usual
A frozen pack will do.
The TV's going constantly
Designer clothes and shoes.

Prisoners of Time
Felons of the mind
We break the laws, commit the crimes
We sell our soul for nickels and dimes.

Vote for me, send me a fax
Vote for me, I'll cut your tax
Vote for me, please vote for me
I'm all for the death penalty.
Vote for me, I want your power
Vote for me this very hour.
Vote for me and don't despise
The fact that I am full of lies.

Prisoners of time
Felons of the mind
We break the laws. commit the crimes
We sell our soul for nickels and dimes.

We say that we want answers
But I don't think we do.
The pain of feeling separateness
Well, that's addictive too.
Who am I without problems?
Who am I without name?
Who am I without shape and form?
Who am I without fame?

Prisoners of time
Felons of the mind
We break the laws, commit the crimes
We sell our soul for nickels and dimes.

For those of us who will not share,
For those of us who do not care
For those of us who will not bend
Well, it's fast coming to an end.
'Cause time is an illusion,
created by the mind
And once the mind stops moving,
There's no such thing as time.

Prisoners of time
Felons of the mind
We break the laws, commit the crimes
We sell our soul for nickels and dimes.

Saturday, May 24, 2014



Peace is
bad for

No one can accuse you
of being ignorant
when you speak the Truth.

You can't practice
being in the Now.

You can't
the Now

The basis
of manipulation
is separation.

Trust in the Space
between the Breath.

We came with everything
we need to make us happy.

warts & all.

When one is afraid of their power
they don't deserve to live.

Talking is

All thinking & talking are expressions of the Matrika Shakti. Words become infused with that power. The power in words; the Matrika Shakti.

I guess I don't have much
because I don't want much.
I always found the
basic necessities enough.

Were I to be accepted by Society
& have followers then I would know,
for sure, that I was doing something wrong.

Only correct actions
bring correct results.

Sabotage restricts your
freedom of expression.

Friday, May 23, 2014



Q: Imagine that there is a goose in the bottle. Without smashing the bottle how do you get the goose out, intact?
A: There! it's out.

The goose and the bottle are in the mind. Your mind put the goose in the bottle, therefore, it has the ability to take it out. Likewise with everything else in life. You believe you were born. The world appears according to your belief. Employ the same technique and be free of it. Right action will follow.

Thursday, May 22, 2014



A Balanced
state of mind.

The closer one gets to themselves,
the better they get to know themselves.

When the lights go out,
the urge to merge
will no longer surge.

When you are on time
how can you be in time?

"Time ~ You're on!"

I do have the power to help people. I carry the power to help people because I already put myself beyond help. Next time you see yourself trying to help people, know that it's not for them; it's for you. When you're truly ready to help people you will LEAVE THEM ALONE!

There is a lot of power in the hands.
When you're in debt your life
is not in your own hands;
it's in the hands of someone else.

There is no such thing as a person.
What you call a person is a bundle
of habits, ideas & desires.

If you don't want to come back to the level of consciousness you're at now then clean up your debts & mess. They can only drag you down.

Debts are a millstone around your neck.
(A millstone is a large, heavy, round stone with a hole in the center. In days gone by when someone was accused of being a warlock or a witch, a millstone was tied around their neck. They were then thrown into the river. If they drowned they were innocent. If they came to the surface, it was proof-positive they were a warlock or a witch.)

It's a one-way street.
I don't do one-way streets.
On the road to love, it's two-way.

The Truth is easy to find.
Take your thumb & first finger and place them in your mouth.
Hold the tongue firmly & you will know the Truth.
Truth manifests Itself as Silence.

As a child, a teacher said to me (in a not-too-pleasant tone) "Empty vessels
make the most noise, boy!"

All talk & promises of security
are blatant lies.
There is no such thing as security
in an insecure world.

A tap on the head
in the right place &
the show's over.

You can only
have fun with it
when you've done it.

The world is your oyster &
I AM the irritant.
I will turn you
into a Pearl of Wisdom.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014



Once you have the skill of
transmuting fear into joy,
you've cracked it.

Fear of death
simply means
fear of the unknown.

To the Enlightened mind
there is no such thing as
'what next'?
It's always
'What now'?

"What now'? is the
most loving thing
you can do for yourself.

'What next?'
has the potential
to create fear & panic.

You impart reality
to the world
through your existence
as a name, shape & form.

When you, yourself,
are profiting from war,
why would you want it to stop?
The same applies to slavery.

didn't bring me
to this place,
circumstances did.

that's alive
has to live
with the
fear of death
whether it
likes it or not.

The Mantra is
the most important
thing in life.
It's the difference
between life & death.

If I can't change it,
I have to accept it.
Nothing has changed.
It's always been like this.
It's you that weren't aware of it.
The good news is, awareness of it changes it.


If you ask me, with
love in your heart,
I'll do it.
I'll do anything
for love.

You can't wish
something into existence
if it's not meant to be.

It's necessary,
therefore, it's good.

'Business as usual'
has to go.

When you put conditions
on unconditioned love
it is no longer unconditioned,
it is a business deal.


The next day, being Saturday, I finished mi work at 12 and by 1 O'Clock
I was showered and in mi good town gear waiting in Burts' old, blue comby Volkswagen for his missus to come out.
"They're all the bloody same, women. All morning she's had to get ready and she's still not here! Go and tell her, Burt said to git a move on or I'll leave her at home!"
I ran across to the kitchen where Kay was,
"Burt says he's gonna leave ya here if ya don't git'a move on, Mrs, Booth."
"Go and tell Burt, I'm on my way." She said.
"She's on her way.", I said to Burt as I climbed into the Comby.
In a few minutes old Kay got in the front of the Comby and said,
"OK! What ya waiting for Burt. I thought ya were in a hurry?"
"Strueth woman, what ya got all that paint and powder on ya face for? You'll scare the Bungs on Chamens Corner half to death when they see you!"
"Very funny Burt. Are you going to drive or are we going to bake ourselves in the Van?"
Old Burt started the Comby and we drove down the track, past the dam and out onto the dirt road to Lake Cargelligo. Burts' Comby rattled like hell on the rough dirt road and before long, mi good white shirt was covered in red dust. I didn't feel to bad about it because Kays' white hat with the frill of white lace on it was just the same color as my shirt.
It was exactly 12 miles to Lake Cargelligo from Burts' front gate to the strip of bitumen road, just out of town. It was a relief when the Comby hit the bitumen because the dust stopped coming through the door hinges and the rattles went almost silent. (Lake Cargelligo was like most other Bush towns except that it had a big lake at the end of the street. There was no barrier up so if one was too drunk, they'd end up in the lake and over the years quite a few did.)
There was a few houses on the left and right-hand side of the road as we made our way to the main street. A large new-looking house on the right was the Police Station and next to that was the towns' jail which as all run by Sargent Montgomery. As we drove past the jail to the first intersection, Burt turned right, down the main street. He drove to the end of the street, which was only about 150 yards long, turned the old Comby around before we got too close to the lake and then headed back up the other side of the street to angle park, nose into the curb.
He turned to Kay and said, "Lake Cargelligo, Missus. Don’t spend too much 'cause it's hard to make. I'm off to the pub to cash a cheque so I can pay him his wages. Ya can show him the Main street if ya like. I'll meet ya here in 10 minutes Missus."
It was a really hot day so I got out of Burts' Comby as soon as I could. I'd put too much Brylcream on mi hair and it was slowly running down the back of mi neck.
"Is mi shirt dirty?", I said to Kay.
"Dirty's not the word for it! It's more like muddy. You've got too much hair oil on and it's run all down ya back. Give me ya hanky and I'll clean it up for ya."
"Thanks Mrs. Booth. I'll know not to put so much on next time."
Old Kay was not a bad old sort at times. She was probably stuck with Burt herself, 'cause no one got a divorce in the Bush in those days.
"Let's take a walk up the Main street, Richard.", she said.
"Are there anymore streets?"
"No, Lake Cargelligo isn't a real big place. Theres' only one main street and where we stooped at the end of the intersection is where the shops stop, so it's about one short block long."
We walked up the street a few yards from the pub where we'd parked and outside of the Stock & Station Agents, she spoke to a young lad who looked about 19 years old.
"Hello Robbie.", she said.
"G'day Mrs. Booth. In town shopping are ya?"
"Just came in for a few supplies. This is Richard. He's working at our place."
"G'day mate. My name's Robbie Townsend. What's yours?"
"Richard Swindells, but some people call me 'Yorky'."
"Ya from Yorkshire are ya?"
"Yes,", I said.
"Pleased to meet ya mate.", he said, as we shook hands.
"I'm going into Chamens for some things. Ya can hang out here with Robbie, if ya like Richard."
"Alright.", I said, as she walked off.
"How long ya been out at old Burts' place.", He said, with a smile.
"Just a month now."
"Ya just got here from England, mate?"
"Yeh, I've been here for about 6 weeks now."
"D'ya like it out at old Burts' place?"
"No!", I said. "I think he's a mean old bastard!"
Robbie had a real good laugh at this statement.
"Ya not the first one to say that mate. Old Burt's gone through a few Pommies in his his day."
"What d'ya mean?"
"How much does he pay ya a week, Yorky?"
"Twelve pounds a month, plus tucker.", I said.
"Jesus! That's less than 3 quid a week clear!"
"Where do you work, Robbie?'
"This place, mate. The Stock & Station Agents. Mi old man owns it so I work for him."
"How much a week do you make, Robbie?"
"Fifteen quid a week mate and I pay a couple of quid to mi mum for tucker. We'll have to find you another job, Yorky. No one stays with old Burt too long, I've seen heaps of Pommies come and go through Burts' place, If ya still in town tonight, I'll introduce ya to Surry."
"Who's Surry?"
"He's a Pommy, same as you mate. He's been here a couple of years now. He got sent to Burts' place, just like you. He lasted the longest so far. I think he worked for old Burt for about 9 months, mate."
"Where's he working now?"
"Oh he's on another property about 20 miles out. I think he's sharecropping now. He should make a few quid this year but he'll probably drink it all."
"Does he drink much?"
"He holds the record at the Australian Hotel for drinkin' a yard of beer. Here's old Kay coming back now. I'll see ya later Yorky. I'm gonna' shoot through before she gets here."
Robbie took off back inside his Dads' Agency just as old Kay walked up.
"How did you like Robbie?", she asked.
"He seems like a good bloke but I don't know him very well."
"I've known Robbie since he was a little boy. He was born in Lake Cargelligo. I've got some more shopping to do so you'd might as well look around the town, if you want. The van will be parked here all day and we'll probably stay in town tonight till about 10."
"OK, I'll see ya later.", I said as I waked off down the street.
Going down towards the Lake was a pub. (This pub was known to everyone as 'Twitchys'.) Past Twitchys' place was a couple of small shops, then a hairdressers for women. The next shop was Chamens Garage. After Chamens was a couple of houses, then nothing at all but dry, flat ground. Sometimes the lake used to flood in wet weather right up to the Bitumen at the streets end. Across the other side of the street was a tool shop, a few more houses and another pub called The Australian Hotel. Next to that was a dirt street, then came Ray Orrs Barber Shop. The Barbers shop was of great interest to me because in the window there was fishing rods, knives and guns. I decided to go into Orrs shop and inquire about a rifle. Ray Orr was cutting a customers hair when I entered the small, but compact, shop. It was a typical Bush barbers shop. There was just about everything one could think of hanging of hanging on the walls or stacked in he corner.
"G'day." He said, as I entered the shop. "Something I can get ya?"
"No thanks, just browsing around."
"Where are ya from mate?", he asked as I walked around.
"I'm working at Burt Booths place."
"Ah, ya must be Burts' new Pommy are ya?"
"I guess so."
"Old Burt's due in here today sometime. He gets his hair cut once a month, regular as clockwork."
"How much are the .22s'?"
"Oh they start at 8 pounds.", he said, as he handed me a rifle. "She's a single-shot Anshultz. Just got it in last week."
"Burt won't let me have a rifle on his place, but as soon as I get another job I'll come in and buy one off ya."
"No worries mate. Make ya self at home. I can even give ya a haircut, if ya want one."
"Maybe next time.", I said, as I looked around his shop.
When I was through looking, I said "Thanks a lot."
"No worries mate. Anything I can do for ya, let me know."

Next to the Barbers was a Dry Cleaners which was also owned by Ray Orr. Next to that was Rodds Clothes shop. Then came a Café, another Stock Agents called Dalgerys and then The Commonwealth Bank.
Now I was back at the intersection where we'd turned into the main street. Across the street, on the same side, was a Picture House and a Coffee Bar belonging to old Theo. There were a couple of vacant blocks, then another pub called Gilltraps. Next to Gilltraps Hotel was a residential street and way up the Main Street was another Garage. (Oh, the Post Office was next to Twitchys' Pub and, as far as I can remember, that was about it except for Chamens Store on the opposite side of the street. Oh yeh, there was also one more Bank next to Chamens.)
Lake Cargelligo was quite a small place in 1964. Once I'd made mi rounds of the Main Street there was nothing else to do but hang out under a shady tree, down by the Lake.

The most common form of entertainment at Lake Cargelligo was, of course, the 3 Hotels. The double doors were wide open when I passed by and I could see that the place was packed with Cockies and workers. All were drinking and most were reading the race page or listening to the Saturday afternoon races.

Later on that evening I met Surry who was sat on the Hotel steps, drinking with Robbie Townsend.
"G'day. This is mi mate Surry that I was telling ya about."
"Hello.", I said, as I leaned over to shake his hand.
"This is Yorky, Surry. He'ls out slaving at old Burts' place."
"G'day Yorky. Surry's the name and Surry's where I'm from. So ya out at old Burts' property are ya?"
"Does the old Bastard feed ya parrots and kangaroo steaks?"
"How d'ya know""
Robbie and Surry had a good laugh at my expense.
"'Cause the old Bastard fed me the same!" said Surry. "Tll I wised up a bit. Just refuse to eat those fuckin' parrots, mate. You'll break ya teeth on those tough bastards!"
"He said everyone eats roos and parrots in the Bush.", I said.
"Then he's a fuckin' liar. He's a miserable old bastard is Burt and his brother Dick is worse! Dick is so tight he doesn't eat strawberry jam."
"Why? Is it expensive in Australia?"
They both laughed out loud.
"No mate, ya silly pommy bastard! He doesn't eat strawberry jam 'cause he's too tight to pass the seeds!"
"Now that's fucking tight!", said Robbie and they had another good laugh.
"Old Kay's not a bad sort though.", said Surry. "There's a young Sheila around here the doctors said would never walk again, on account of an accident, but old Kay worked on her legs for one year and now she can walk again. She's pretty good at that therapeutic massage. I hurt mi back one day out at Burts' place. I fell off the Combine with a 180 pound wheat bag on mi back and I couldn't hardly move and she fixed it up inside a week."
Surry told me a lot of stories about Burt, most of them bad. By the time I left them I was now more determined to get off his place and work somewhere else.
As I was leaving, he called out to me.
"Good luck mate, you're gonna need it!", then laughed his head off again.

After I left Surry and Robbie on the Hotel steps, I ran into Burt and Kay up the street aways.
"How d'ya like the town?", said Burt.
"It's not real big but I've met a few people already."
"Ya won't have to get to know people here. They'll all get to know you."
"Grand Streuth!, said Burt. "There's a fight! Let's go and see."
Across the street on Chamens corner was a crowd of black people rolling around the ground in rags, as pissed as parrots.
"Who are those blokes, Burt?", I said.
"They're all Abos , mate. It's Saturday night and they're full of Plonk. We'll get to see a real good show now. That is, till old Sargent Montgomery arrives."
"I thought Aborigines carried spears and boomerangs?"
"Not these blokes. These bastards are half white. All they carry is a bottle of Plonk.", he said, as I followed him up to the opposite corner.
"What's Plonk?"
"Plonk's a cheap brown Muscat wine. It costs 4 bob for a half-gallon flagon. They go crazy with a gut full a' Plonk in 'em. Here we go mate, she's on now!"
I felt really compassionate towards the Aboringines as they called each other 'black bastards' and rolled around on the street corner drinking and fighting with each other. Their clothes were old, dirty and tattered. One had a shirt with a sleeve torn off and another had on a pair of odd shoes with no socks. Another had on a pair of trousers with holes in the knees. Another had no shirt at all. Even the women were getting into the fight now and they could curse and swear better than the men. Some of the Abo women were twice as big as their men and they could fight better as well.
The fight lasted for about 10 minutes until Sargent Montgomery arrived in his blue Bullwagon with a young constable.
"Alright you black bastards!", said the Sargent. "In the wagon ya go! Ya can sober up and cool off in the cell for the evening."
The Sarg and his Constable grabbed the drunk Abos by anything they could and literally threw them in the back of the Bullwagon. He left the women and took all the men up the street to the local jail.
"Ah well, that's the excitement over Saturday night.", said Burt.
"What will happen to them now?", I asked.
"They'll sleep on the concrete floor for the night and in the morning the old Sarg will make 'em weed his garden 'cause they'll have no money for the fine. The old Sarg has the best-kept garden in Lake Cargelligo. He knows all those Bungs by their first names by now and by the time Sunday night comes, they'll all be back in jail again."
"Why doesn't someone help them?"
"Can't help the bastards, mate. They're all past helping. Everyone of 'em is an alcoholic. They spend every bit of their money on Plonk and they won't work again till there's no money left. Even then, they won't work until they're hungry."
That, unfortunately, was my first introduction to the Australian Aborigines. Before we went back out to the Bush, one of 'em bit me for 2 bob and I couldn't refuse him, although I knew he would spend it on Plonk.
That night, I lay on mi bed thinking about the Aborigines. It made my heart incredibly sad to see what a tragic state they were in. Most people, in the Bush, saw them as not much better than dogs.

Sunday, May 18, 2014




There is no justice among the people anymore,
therefore, how are you going to survive?
You can't, you won't, it's not possible.

I don't need a 10 acre Ashram & a half-a-million devotees.
I don't need a marketing company either.
All you need to know about yourself
is tattooed on my forehead. I did it for you.

Life is like
a big masquerade party.
How many masks
are you wearing?

Wouldn't it be better to
give up your toys now, rather
than have them taken away?

I have created my life
exactly as it is;
not by doing,
by refusing.

What I have gone through in life you can benefit from. All you have to be is receptive & open. What I have gone through, you don't have have to.

Peace will always
win over violence.
It's simple;
the violent ones go
& the peaceful ones stay.

The pain & misery of life
causes one to search
for the solutions.

I never miss
an opportunity
to manifest love.

I'm feeling
the good
because I
dealt with
the bad.

One cannot separate
the world situation
from the Planets.

Were you to leave the radio on 24/7
it would eventually burn out;
likewise, with the mind.

Look at the lies
people tell themselves.

Just as the insurance companies have policies,
life, too, has its policies.
The best one is honesty.

The greatest tragedy in life
is not manifesting your potential.
You let us all down.

My appearance
created my life &
decided your destiny.

I couldn't go back.
My appearance decided that.

Friday, May 16, 2014


 photo IMG_0002-5.jpg

If you don't know
where you come from
how will you know
where you're going?

The object and the subject
appear & disappear together.
The subject comes
out of the object.

You cannot invent something
unless you've seen it.

To dream
the American Dream
you have to be asleep.

There is no such thing
as programmed Reality.
Reality shatters programs.

I have no problem with programmed consciousness.
De-programmed consciousness
is known as Awareness.

A deluded mind
is as bad as
putting a thick, black blanket
over a light bulb.

There is no such thing
as darkness.
There is only the absence
of light.

Your asking
tells me,
You're ready
to listen.

I have attained much in my stay on this Planet. Ask and I will give it to you. It's no good to me anymore. If you don't ask, that will be a shame. Shame on you for missing an opportunity.

What I have done
you don't have to do;
if you know how to
enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Work is
all I know.


Sweetness is in the tongue
not in the sugar.
Those with bitter tongues
wouldn't know that.

The image on the screen
doesn't make anything happen.
It's the power
behind the screen
that makes it happen.

How large is the mind
that it contains
this world & the planets &
everything else in it?

If you are going to
give your time to something,
make sure it's something you like.

Doesn't the drama
keep you away from
the Power of Love?

When one goes
for the lesser
it keeps them from
having the greater.
The lesser is
highly addictive.
the higher.

Thursday, May 15, 2014


 photo IMG_0033-1.jpg

Everything you need
is on my forehead
but I cannot
do it for you.

It is

The Soul wanders aimlessly
around the world,
searching for happiness.
But where does it come from?
Where is home?

The only way to be
in complete control
is through

What you are not aware of
is choosing for you.

An ignorant man is controlled
through his 'wants' & desires,
therefore there is
no such thing as choice.
It is a completely false idea
that is used for
control & manipulation.

If everyone, en masse, turned the TV off,
nothing would be impossible to accomplish,
including getting your country back.

I am giving
the benefit
of my life.

A riddle:
The point is in time,
not of time.
The point is on one side,
the I is on the other.

Weakness of character
is not acceptable.

Once America goes broke
there will be no such thing
as 'the poor'.

Only people
with True Vision
can laugh about
the world &
its drama.


You leave
the delusion
to go
into the light.
You can't
take delusion
with you.

If you really want
to go to heaven,
do it now!
Don't wait!
Don't waste
a minute!

Do you know
apart from
the mind/body
person you believe
to be?

I have a great relationship with God and I've had a great many battles with Him, yet, never once did He tell me that I am a sinner. I tried to convince him of that and lost the battle.

lived through memories,
is not living.

A man with a big mouth
& an undisciplined tongue
does not experience the silence.

Banks have no power without your money.
Banks fund wars with your money.

Only I am qualified
to manage my own
financial life.
No one else has
my welfare at heart
like I do.

If you don't feel
the pain of humanity,
then don't kid yourself
that you are living
the good life.

It's not the quantity
of information that you get,
it's the quality.

It's quite a
to manifest love
at every opportunity.

Trust comes before believing.
If you don't trust yourself
then how can you trust
the one who is giving you
the information?

God & the postman
are non-different.
Do you ever doubt that
he won't deliver your mail,
if you have any?

A study of the government will tell you what the people are like. The people and the government are reflections of each other. The government comes out of the people.

Complainers never take care of their problems, otherwise they'd have nothing to complain about. Take care of the problem ~ the complainer and the complaint will dissolve. They appear and disappear together.

Take care of the violence
that you harbor in your heart
& there will be no such thing as war.

The Golden Rule for a successful life is;
Whatever disturbs your peace, get rid of it.

'How bad does it have to get'? Did you ever ask yourself that question? I asked myself that question at 4 years of age. My security was taken away in the span of a sentence. The foundation of life was ripped from beneath me.

Insecure societies
are well-armed.

As the changeable, insecurity will be your natural state.
To the Unchangeable, there is no such thing as fear.

Once you realize that
change is an illusion
you become
ageless & timeless.


Should you value your privacy,
don't tell anyone about yourself.

That's the message isn't it?
The faster you learn to speak
the faster you get what
you want. Ask any well-spoken person.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014



Religion & spirituality
are a phenomena.
They must be making
a living at it;
they're still going.

I learned more about spirituality
digging a septic-tank hole, 9' X 16',
at 15 years of age
in the Outback of Australia.


Knowing nothing
creates wonderment.

I live a
wonderful life.
My world is
full of
Good fortune to me
that I love

I understand
you might want
to help people.
Better to help

How does
it know.

Once two know,
it's not
a secret anymore.

Know your
own secret.

If you allow it,
don't complain
about it.

When man
goes to sleep,
there is no world.
The world is dependent
upon man
to stay awake.

You can't live
in a day dream
& a night dream
at the same time.

Why not go
beyond the doer
and accomplish
the lot?

No matter how big
or how small
the addiction is,
it's still
an addiction.

Do less,

In a global society with global wealth & global problems, as in the amount of people that are being killed on this Planet or are starving in Africa & elsewhere, if you don't do something about it, guaranteed, you are next!

The reason people
can't turn the TV off
is because it
will turn
their life off.

Those who can live
without television
are doing.

Next time you look
in the mirror,
know that the image
you are seeing
is created
by your
likes & dislikes.

I am not here
to teach

After a lifetime of Sadhana
I have come to the point;

Ignorance & fantasy
masquerading as the Truth.

I don't need
the world to
fill a lack.

Whatever you tack
onto the end of I AM,
you become a prisoner of it.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


 photo Grace-2.jpg


No two babies
cry alike.

People create
their own misery &
then blame the Government.

I live between
the old that's gone
& the new that
hasn't arisen yet.

Make the experiment.
Put my words to the test,
then there will be no
imaginable reason left
for debate & argument.

In my world, it's called
It sits on the
Foundation of EQUAL VISION.

See God
in yourself.
See God
in all.

there has to be
Interest manifests

Once you feel something
beyond your imagination,
that you haven't felt before,
you will ask the question,
'What is That?'

Live for today,
even if you're
guaranteed a
thousand tomorrows.

A Global catastrophe
& mass awakening
are the same thing.

It doesn't change a thing,
knowing or not-knowing.

When Nature
makes an exception
to one of it's laws,
man calls it a miracle.

What makes

It is a

Educate yourself!
No one else
will do it for you.

Minimize the effect
by not adding to it.

Without groundedness,
nothing is achievable.
Groundedness is
the dead center
from which
one operates from.

One has to have
interest in oneself.

There is
no break
from now.

The Mechanics of Illusion~
'It seems so real!'




One uses
to create.

There can never
be enough
laughter in life.

Monday, May 12, 2014


 photo IMG_0002-5.jpg

I AM the Light
I AM the Truth
I AM the Way

When something appears to be beyond your control
you can't say, "What can I do about it?"
until you've made your best effort.

Until you make your best effort
you'll never know what you're capable of.
You never know, you may surprise yourself.

The power that one has access to is frightening, to an unstable mind.

Have you ever
laid awake at night
worrying that you might
not wake up in the morning?

There is
a method
to this

One develops
by diving
into the

There is nothing
that makes one
respect food more
than the lack of it.

The abuse of power
affects all men.

A man once asked me
if I could give him a
direct experience of God.
"Yes", I said.
I asked him if he could swim.
He said "No."
"Great", I said.
Then I threw him in the Ocean.

I appeared
empty-handed &
I will disappear
appearance &
nothing sticks.

It helps tremendously
by taking a 'hands-off'
approach to life.

The situation
decides the correct
course of action.
The situation
is the compass.
Respond appropriately and
I'll see you when you get home.

I have
never really
had a life
to call my own.
Looking at you,
I realize how
fortunate I am.

Stability, to me, is having the ability
to sit there and allow the power of God
to manifest, un-interfered with.

I only support people
who love me.
Anything else is

Whenever you want something
there will be a next time.

For me, there is
no 'whats next?'.
It's 'what now?'

Now, itself,
is a momentary

To live in my world
you have to move
off of square one.

Sunday, May 11, 2014



Where do you get your sense of value from when you take your identity from the person you imagine yourself to be?

Don't let
your joy.

Just the fact that
one is alive is
a bloody miracle.

Brutality & violence
are not necessary.
It's a disease.

Being responsible is a program.
Correctly responding to a
situation is not.

I'd be an asset to society
if only they knew it.

You are only there when
you think about yourself.

When you've had enough
the answer is there
staring you in the face.

The world
is the
ultimate black hole
when you let it
suck you in.

selfish people
are weak.

In the end
the top dogs
start fighting
with each other.

In a 'dog-eat-dog' society there can only be one dog left standing. But, as you know from playing Monopoly, when one player owns everything, the game is over. The winner becomes the loser as there is no one else left to play with.

The last shall be first
& the first shall be last.

You cannot
deny the Truth
as your denial
asserts it.

To know the Truth
you have to be
open and accepting.

The Truth
manifests itself as
Pure Awareness which
controls everything
by doing nothing.