Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Life is like a fishing net.
Focus on the whole, not on the net.
That is what the fish does.
Even a fish has that ability.

If there is a hole for IT to get in
then there is a hole for IT to get out.

A mirror
doesn't care
who looks into it.


is a unique form
of insanity.

One cannot know the Self,
they can only be the Self.

It takes great courage
to live without
belief systems.

The root cause
of all fear is

will never end
until the cause
is removed.

There are no problems
without incorrect information.
Incorrect information
creates confusion and conflict
which causes negativity.
Negativity, in turn,
manifests as war,
and death.

is based
on a false
point of

In between
or flight


doesn't float
on the ocean
like seaweed.
One has to go
to the bottom
to discover it.

God gives the tools.
The Guru teaches you
how to use them.
You do the work.

True happiness
is the ability
to give up
what you don't need.

A peaceful mind
is the basis of
a joy-filled life.

If you take the lesser,
you cannot have the greater.

Death is not of the being.
It is the death of time.

True power comes
from belief in myself.

One can only be free
from what one understands.

The same switch
that turns the TV off
is the same switch that
turns the interest on.


People who have a lot of money, power and clout have no use for hope. They don't sit around hoping something will happen. They use their money and power to make it happen.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Greed & desires
pull you back
to this planet.

I have
no need

When there's no more room for programming. When you've run out of space. The only way left to survive is to hit the delete button.

A man
who lives
and speaks
the Truth
is redundant
in a corrupt society.

I hear tell that torture is now acceptable. Then tell me this, where are the protests? Why is society not converging in the streets?

The streets
belong to the people
when you don't use them,
you lose them.

In war, sanctioned torture by the people create the next stage which is the killing of women and children.

When will it be the right time to ask yourself, 'what next?'
In my world, I only have a 'what now?'

When you fire a large-bore weapon it has a really big recoil. How big does the violence need to become before you feel the recoil?

To live a problem-free life
is simple;
don't create them!

is how I live.

It takes a long time
to work with Power
so that one doesn't
use it against themselves.

If you are going
to ask for Power,
make sure
you can handle it!

All that my talking
comes down to,
leading me back
to the Silence.

Complete Trust
shatters imagination.

One trusts
that whatever
will be the

Monday, December 29, 2008


Read my head.
You don't have to be a mind reader to know what's in my forced it's way to the surface.


Once you understand that

then you can
an ideal world.

You'll never find
inner self-worth
with an easy life.
For your own good,
it has to be hard,
Those 2 things

the only one
who has got
I can
I didn't sell it,
I did not sell out.
(I knew it would
come in handy
one day.)

The man
stands out
sell out.

Every body
comes out of
the Earth.
do not
come out

In a society of wrinkle-free people,
there is a sad lack of character.

I stay
in control

Sunday, December 28, 2008


One has to use
whatever situation they need
to keep on laughing.

All the things
I am interested in
are endless.
They are not

You don't have to work
to strengthen the mind,
simply remove whatever
is weakening it.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


One of the first things
I noticed as a child
was the Silence.
It was always there.

a child
of the void.

I was raised
from the dust
of the bonnet
of the Red Rock.

The systems programming manifests as 'voices' within. You imagine they are your 'personal thoughts'. There is no such thing as 'personal thought'.

How can you surround
yourself with Golden light
when you have no access to Gold?
It is far easier
to manifest yourself
as Golden light.

You cannot manifest yourself
whilst hanging on to

I committed to something
to the end,
so I am certainly not
going to miss it!

Friday, December 26, 2008



There is a difference between giving up and surrender.
That statement doesn't come out of a book, it comes out of my life. I have lived an amazing 'mind-boggling' life and the most I ever had was $40,000.

Read these words
you will benefit

It's much better
to be a
willing participant
than a victim.

I will leave
as I arrived,
in meditation.

Heaven & Hell
are metaphors
for enlightenment
and ignorance.

How can you
be at peace
when you haven't
done your work?

Where I come from you work now and get paid later. Where you come from you get paid now and work later. Guess what? Later has arrived. Let the work commence!

When you panic and worry
about life
all day long,
why would you
a good nights rest?

The idea of control
comes out of

Thursday, December 25, 2008




Whatever you haven't learned...
too late now!
(Anyway, you've always
got reincarnation
to fall back on, I suppose.)

comes one step
from the Source.
I sit there,
very quietly,
and watch it.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Your whole life
is based on
when you have
a lot of plans.

I have no plans
for the future.
I live in the unknown.

The unknown
mans plans.

Did someone not tell you;
'man proposes
God disposes'.

You cannot die
but your person
can, and when it
does, it will take
the whole world
with it.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Nothing matters
to upset me.

What's the matter?
Everything that you
are not aware of
is matter.
To you,
it matters.

It's matter
that keeps
you in a
fearful state.

When you're waiting for a bus and you're not sure whether it has gone or not; once you have become aware of the the fact that they don't run on Sundays, your mind will be at ease, as it no longer matters.

One minute, you're jumping the line trying to get a body. The next minute you're reading a spiritual book. In the spirit world they have earthly books. In the earth world they have spiritual books.

Enjoy the see-saw ride.
'See-saw Marjorie door;
Johnny shall have a new master'.

finds its own
level, they say.

If you live with pigs,
you will become one.

Any idiot can
throw a boomerang.
It's catching it!

Once one knows,
it's boring.

How much does man
rely on technology
for his survival?

I haven't made my mind up yet
whether I'm a village idiot
or a rocket scientist.

Global villages
have global idiots.

To me,
being interested
in everything
is the
Gurus' Grace.

Once one knows
what never moves,
any kind of movement
is noticed.

Monday, December 22, 2008


Whoever controls
the food & water supply
has the power.

Mass awakening happens
when something beyond
mans' imagination
enters it.

When you get your mind
keep it there.

It all comes out of greed.
(bigger & better)

Peace & contentment
will reign

You cannot control
anyone or anything.
You will either
kill it
or it will die
on you.

When I made up my mind -NO!
It could not be changed.
(even death can not change it.)

Have you seen my head?
Nothing can disturb me.

The Prince

So many 'tin-pot' dictators who want to control the world and its inhabitants. The Sun is the biggest dictator. It dictates your life and everything that you appear to do.

Your destiny
is determined
by the
When you
to know
where your
destiny lies,
ask the Sun.

Sun is Golden.
God is Mercurial.

You tell me, who else but Mercury can live so close to the Sun and still communicate from the highest level? Could you do it?

How long do you think it will be
before we try to land a rocket on the Sun?

Stay out of the way
and just watch!

No one
can convince me
that there is such
a thing as

How low
can humanity

All those on this Planet who are starving to death are dragging you down. Starving women and children are your salvation. Let me spell it out for you; the more women and children die, the faster your turn is coming up! It's like a line of dominos; even the last domino doesn't miss out.

You can't
what you
haven't got.

The less you have
the less you have

Small losses
are not as
as big

Saturday, December 20, 2008


The Work never dies,
The man does.

No man has ever walked the Spiritual Path and reached his destination. He eventually becomes one of the stepping-stones of the path for the next man. It's called 'leapfrog enlightenment'. It takes two to play.

Paths are very
compassionate walkways.
They let people walk over them
and never complain.

Don't travel so far
away from home
you forget
where you live.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


The fact that you have an inside toilet now, not to mention electricity and all the other 'so-called' necessities of life, (Oh, don't forget the cellphone!) will be taken away through lack of appreciation.

There is no economy
without the people.
(Hence greed,
on any level,
is destructive.)

Where were you when Elvis died?
Where were you when America
went 'down the tube'?
Where were you when someone famous
said, "Change you can believe in?"

At least, this time you won't be able to say, "not in my lifetime!" Anything that you have grown used to, hurts when it is taken away.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


How can it not be different
with Pluto traversing the

No more
'back to business'
as usual.

I have no use
for fantasies.

What's it
going to

If you don't pass the test,
you won't survive.
That's foolproof!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


God loaned me these hands
so I could do some work for Him.

'All good things come to whose who wait.'
If you are in debt,
you obviously couldn't wait.

Sometimes, I look at life
and wonder, 'What's it all about?'

Being born
is a tragedy.
How can life
be anything

Monday, December 15, 2008


is a state
of being.

As a child I was beaten and told, "you deserve it!". So, I grew up believing 'that I deserve'. And now, the good times are here, 'I deserve them', and rightly so.

Let the good times roll!

The sound of the rain on the roof should convince you of the existence of God. If that doesn't convince you, then try the Sun. Should you not get any joy there, Pluto will take care of you, don't worry.

The reason people feel powerless
about what's happening is because
they are in debt.
(It's planned that way.)

Debt is a way
of controlling

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Our differences
are minimal,
in comparison to our

Where did you get the idea from to focus on differences? While you're at it; find out whether it was your idea or a superimposed one.

In my presence,
you will find

Once you know of my existence,
nothing can remain the same.

will be
reduced to

You may be clever enough to invent some technological contraption that can predict tsunamis. I can predict the coming of the LAST WAVE, but I cannot stop it.

Years ago, when societies broke down, good old Nature came to mans' support. These days, there's not much Nature left!

his own
support system.

When one has to
rely on something
on the outer,
what happens
when it's
taken away?

To be a messenger;
to come down.

One who lives in a Mercurial world is the only one who can be a messenger for the Golden Age. You can't come out of the Golden Age and be a messenger. You are part of the message.

Without 'you'
there is no

She said to me,
"I have a ton of debts!"
My reply was,
"Then I guess a simple
life is out of the question."

I don't celebrate Xmas,
I tolerate it!

The whole Planet
has become a battlefield.
There is nothing sacred anymore.

Civilians are a nuisance.
They get in the way of their bombs.

Take the controllers & manipulators away & the controlled and manipulated will not be able to function.

I'm watching the war in the Heavens
not the wars on the Planet.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Needs get fulfilled as needed.
Wants & desires are neurotic.

The trigger is famine.
It causes the body
to eat itself.

The more food you waste,
the bigger & longer the famine.
Wasting food is a direct cause
of famine.

In most societies,
they have a saying,
"It's either feast of famine!"
Guess what's next!

It all goes back to attitude. "45 minute shower, no problem, who cares. I'm rich, I can afford it!" That attitude creates drought.

In Natures' court there is not a particle of corruption. Natures' laws apply equally to all, rich and poor. Mans' courts have become corrupt, therefore, mans' survival rate is down to about 15%.

Laws of the Land
have to reflect and
be in accordance
with Natures' laws.

The message is
no more real
than the medium.

There is no such thing as 'news'.
It's all propaganda.

When I tell you the truth,
you refuse to act on it.
Someone tells you
a crock of shit
and you act on it.

I AM the Messenger
of the Golden Age.
To qualify, one has
to be above Gold.

All the pictures
one sees
are inside
the imagination.

is the
master actor.

People are

Living, itself
is an addiction.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Why waste money
leaving the
inner light on
when no one is at home?

Recognize yourself
beyond your
dreams & fantasies
and the person
you believe yourself
to be.

Pressure caused the 'bang'.
Where does the pressure
come from?

The bubble burst
and the world

Those who have
no stability
in unstable times
are history.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Parroting the word 'absolutely'
after reading my words, will not
put you in touch with the Absolute.

You cannot create a crisis.
It is impossible.

A crisis will shatter the illusion
that you have power and are in control.

The Ultimate,
Supreme Pure
is God.

God is
at the root
of feelings.

You only know a nuclear explosion by the fallout. I am speaking about an inner NEW CLEAR explosion.

Any fool can get high on Ether
and get lost in the clouds.

Were you to be able to stop your breathing long enough you would pass into the Etherial world, without getting high.

You can only go as high
as the Ether will let you.

Fascination, itself,
is a sickness.

Whilever the content of consciousness
fascinates you,
you will never move
beyond it.

There is no such thing
as war,
in deep sleep.

Were the Earth
to be treated better,
we would have a
much more enlightened society.

It gives life
with a past
present & future.

For a while, life accepts a few limitations. Who knows when it will say, "I'm out of here, I've had enough!"

Eternal Life
has be be
Life itself.

An intelligent response,
in a certain situation,
might be no response.

It's the same Life Force that activates consciousness. When the vibration stops, you've either merged with God or you're dead.

Once you rely on hope,
it's obvious,
you've run out of power.

The rich don't rely on hope,
they rely on their money.

Onwards and upwards towards an enlightened society. (It's better than backwards and downwards. A society that goes backwards and downwards ends up with a high percentage of assholes!)

Golden opportunities
come from the Sun.

I've done my share of kicking & screaming (and a lot of other peoples' share). I know what I am talking about.

I'm off to the Universal Olympics
and I'm going for the Gold!

For the common man, suffering is his God and Guru. For the uninterested, suffering is its' God and the Guru it's fruit.

There is no such thing as death.
Life claims its' own.

Unknowable is what I AM.
Unshakable is what I AM.

All changes
are projected
onto the unchangeable.

It is impossible
to detect movement
without the immovable.

Everything in consciousness
moves in the form of vibrations.
Obviously, the immovable
has to be beyond consciousness.

All dreams
are merely

Night dreams
daily fantasies.

is in the object
not the subject.

When you want to get in touch
with Reality,
find out within yourself
what never changes.

When the shit hits the fan teach yourself something from the situation, rather than wishing & hoping it away. Rather than hoping that things will change, get off your lazy ass and change yourself!

Once you change your attitude towards anything in the world then the world has to change along with it.

The world is of your own making.It is as you see it. (If you don't believe me, ask a blind man). when you refuse to acknowledge the reality of the situation, then get yourself a white cane.

What is meant to happen in life happens effortlessly. When it doesn't have enough life force to manifest, why would you expect hope to change the outcome?

All hope can give you is a false sense of security that the unknown is going to manifest in an acceptable shape and form. It is far better to rely on meaningful action, than hope.

An incorrect response to a given situation will cause a problem in the future. Incorrect responses can only be known by the fruit that they bear; likewise with correct responses.

In any situation,
the power lies in your attitude
towards it,
not the situation.

Once you have done your part, in any situation, and you don't get the results you were seeking then drop it and move on. Do not get stuck hoping for a different result.

I do it for myself
and everyone benefits.
I do it for everyone
and I benefit.

To keep a baby quiet and happy you put a 'dummy' (a pacifier) in its mouth. To keep a society quiet and happy you give it the 'dummy', hope.

When you look at perfection
through the eyes of imperfection,
do not expect it to appear perfect,

by its very nature,
is all inclusive.

Peoples' relationship with God
can be no different
than their relationship
with themselves.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008



keeps one awake,

Lifes' expressions
are always changing.
It's man who gets stuck.

People who get bored
are not deep enough.

If one allows Life
to do the guiding,
everything will be
all right.

What use is an enlightened mind
when the feelings are not fully developed?
Without them (feelings)
one would not be able to live.
God exists in feelings.


The easiest way
to find out
what you are,
is to negate
you are not.

Pain and suffering
drives one deeper.

on the
it will
become actual.

Without bottomless trust,
how can one live life
to the fullest?

To get attention
you have to pay attention.

No one can say what Truth is.
One can only live it
in the Silence of themselves.

Without religions,
you wouldn't have wars!

Everyone has a contract with life.
Fulfill the terms and be happy.

If you want a new life,
let go of the old and
live anew.

If you want
to experience Reality
you have to shatter
your belief systems.
That's easy, stop believing!

Every day is a good day.
It's just that some appear
to be better than others.

Every day is the same.
It just has a different name.

Monday, December 8, 2008



more desires.

If you're stuck in quicksand yourself,
how are you going to help someone else
get out?
Keeping your own feet on solid ground
is all the help anyone needs.

I refuse to accept
the world as it
appears today!

A poor man
never made
any money
out of war.

There is always work
for one who is
willing to do it.

Destruction of ignorance
manifests God.

In all the TV & Movies that you've ever seen...have you ever seen a regiment of vegetarians going to war? Eating meat overheats the mind which turns into aggression. A small spoonful of Tigers' meat would kill a man if he ate it.
That's a fact.

The only way to
conquer the word
is through love.
I see the world
as a child of love.
Without love
there is no world.


Every warrior
has his shield.

One can
only survive
with unity.

I had to find strength
within myself to survive.

How can any society be at peace when its people have not made their mind there best friend, their mate? Whoever is looking for a 'soul-mate', make your mind your best mate and the search is over!

Right & wrong is mans' consciousness.
Correct & incorrect is Gods consciousness.
Perform correct actions and live a regret-free life.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


For those of you
who have a problem
with Trusting
(for whatever reason you may have),
the medicine is;
get rid of hope.

Habitual & conditioned
does not a happy man make.

A Siddha
is connected
to the truth
at all times.

I seek no ones approval,
therefore, I AM.

God gives the gift of life.
You have no right whatsoever
to criticize or complain about it.
If you're not satisfied with the gift
then give it back.

is an obstacle
which blocks
the flow

People who live in the 'known'
get bored very easily.
My world is the
No one gets bored here.

One can not imagine
what they haven't

People are frightened
of their own potential.

Feeding greed is
a full-time job.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


The whole of life
is one big
balancing act.
(Everyone is walking
on a razors' edge.)

There is enough
for everyone,
as long as we share.

No one is separate.
No one is going to
escape this.

How do you prepare for the unknown?
You can only prepare for the imagined.

You can only
reduce the population
if you're not interested
in looking after them.

Without the Touchstone,
there is no Gold.

Praying for 'things' will not attract Him...
Unconditioned love COMPELS Him!

of ignorance

Once you find God within yourself,
where can you look without seeing Him?

The old world is dead and gone;
This is the birth of the Golden Age.
(Are you ready for the labor pains?)

If you want stability,
don't rock the boat!

The full power of God
lies within me,
I am His Grace.

It's a full-time job,
just living.

There is no aging
in a 'child-like' state.

Beyond name, shape & form,
there is no such thing as death.

One has to love oneself
Anything else is

Friday, December 5, 2008


is the precursor
to evolving.

If you have never experienced
a quiet mind -
how will you know
I am telling you the truth?

In a corrupt society,
justice is bought and sold
to the highest bidder.

When one realizes
that they have no
control over anything...
it's called a crisis!

In the Aboriginal way;
whatever you take
from the Planet
you have to give back.

in the mind
of man.

The only thing
can do
is confuse.

At the end of the day,
all one can do is

You can't control people
unless they are worrying...."

When one asks,
"What can we do about it?"
Know that it's already too late

The act
of studying the mind,

When business is fair,
it's Godly.

One can have power
in the world
when they have power
over their mind.


does not control -
fear does!

There is
an abundance of happiness
in each and every one of us.
Prove me wrong!
Stop creating misery.



Thursday, December 4, 2008


Get rid of the word 'luck'
out of your vocabulary.
It's not reliable.
Replace it with 'good news!'

If you're not a master of the language that you are using, you are a prisoner of it. When you use words that you do not comprehend, then what control do you have over manifestation?

Words have inherent power.
Without command over them,
you will have no control
over your tongue.

An idle mind and
an uncontrolled tongue
is a combination
that can only lead
to disaster.

Always make sure
your hands are
given uplifting
work to do.

After all is said and done,
you don't want to end up working
in the 'devils workshop',
which is commonly known as
enforced labor camps.

I have no problem with you thinking about, and uplifting yourself, as long as you fully realize your self is non-different than another mans' self.

One hungry man
can force us all
into starvation!

I will say it again, (it can never be said enough), Were every living creature, including man, to be fed at the same time, there would be no one left to say, "I'm hungry". At that point, we would automatically rise above body-centered consciousness.

by its nature,
is not real.

Dreams exist in the ether. Once they are manifested, in a 3-dimensional world, they are time-bound and therefore, have limited power.

Movies only have power over those who have lost contact with the blank screen (or the immovable). Find out, within yourself, what is immovable and unchangeable and be free of fantasies, dreams and illusions

Once you have imagined something into temporal existence, re imagining will not work for you. For example, imagine that you were born, that you are a man or a woman, that you have a family and background. Make the experiment, you may be surprised.

I have no background.
What you see
is what you get.
Your likes & dislikes
have no effect upon me.

Unconditioned love
has no interest,
in what conditioned love
thinks about it.

Everyone has experienced 'peer pressure'. Multiply your experience six and a half billion times and then let me know how your struggle for freedom is progressing.

The hardest thing to get free of is your culture. Whilever you identify with it, you're doomed. "I'm an American, man! If you don't do what we say, we'll kick your ass!" (and you call that freedom?) At this present time, there is enough going on for much 'ass-kicking & nose bleeds'. Now is your opportunity to back up your 'tough-talk'. I don't see much action, yet.

Weapons used in 'genuine'
self-defense, do not backfire.
Weapons used in aggression
will ultimately backfire.

There is no such thing as a 'dangerous weapon'
until it is put in the hands of a 'dangerous mind'.

How can you respect a 'weapon',
when you don't even respect yourself?

A silent mind is
an imposing danger
to ignorance.

Killings & violence are addictions.
They are symptoms of sick societies.
Those symptoms manifest out of
weakness and fear.
"Let's kill him before he kills us!"

Before you can determine the future of others, you first need to determine your own future and where it is leading you. If you are not sure where your future is leading you, then go and sit in a graveyard for a few hours. There is nothing to fear from the dead. Much knowledge can be gained in those places.

The 15% of the population that are left, when this is all over, will be so sick of killing and death, that a thousand years of peace will ensue.

as we know it,
has been over
for a long time.
The amount of denial,
that I see,
proves my statement
to be correct.

A Golden Age
is being birthed
out of the labor pains.
(The rush to acquire
solid gold, proves it.)

Out of (approximately) 300 million people in this country, how many of you have actually held a solid gold 1-OZ coin and felt the power of it, in your hand?

In New Zealand, the native Maori people welcome each other by rubbing noses together. It also has a practical side to it, each party can smell the amount of fear the other is carrying. Whilst living in the New Zealand culture, I heard ignorant white people say, "Have you seen those stupid Maori people rubbing noses together?"

In the American Culture, a mans' handshake will reveal everything about him. Be careful who you offer your hand to,in peace. After all, you wouldn't like it bitten, would you? When a man offers you his right hand, make sure the fingers of his left hand are not crossed.

How can you vote for a man you have
no personal relationship with?

Even a child
tests its inner power
by saying 'NO!'

Saying 'yes',
is mostly a

Most people, these days, do not know the difference between 'yes' & 'no'.
They say 'yes' when they mean 'no' and 'no' when they mean 'yes'.
Whether you say 'yes' or 'no' will depend on what you are not aware of.

When you want the 'real truth', then stand by you convictions. It's the only way to find it.

As a young child, I made an informed decision. I decided that life, as it was, was no longer acceptable. Death was preferable. Therefore, I staged my own Revolution. As a consequence of my actions, I was beaten and psychologically tortured for 11 straight years. I was given the message, loud & clear, "Boy, we are going to break you! By the time we are finished with you, you will wish that you were never born." At that time, I already possessed the knowledge that birth & death is for the ignorant. When I was asked, "Do you understand what we are telling you, boy?" My answer was "no". My strength came from the fact that you can not wish for what never happened.

When schools become
institutions of programming,
then no good can come out of them.

Love is for the Enlightened.
Violence is for the ignorant.

Let me tell you a story; I have a school chum whose name is Steven Powell. At one time, he was visiting a friend in hospital. Whilst he was sitting there, he recognized a sick old man in the next bed as the school teacher who had brutally beaten both of us. He got up and walked over to the man, with the full intent of reminding him of his violent actions towards us. Before Steven could open his mouth, the sick, old school teacher recognized him and started to cry. He said, "For may years, I have prayed that I would meet one of you boys. Since the day I retired from school teaching, each night I go to bed I cannot sleep. I have been tortured with visions of all the boys that I committed violence upon. I am truly sorry for my actions. Would you please, find it in your heart, to forgive my ignorance so that I may die somewhat peacefully." My school chum, being the great being that he is, said, "Yes", on behalf of him and myself.

Once water has flowed
under the bridge
you cannot get
the same water back.

for truly repentant actions,
benefits the forgiver.
He doesn't have to carry
the memories around anymore.

Saying 'sorry'
keeps the gate open
for further abuse.
Asking forgiveness
closes the gate of abuse
and opens the doorway
to love.


When you break Natures' laws and don't respect the elements, then don't expect the Earth to feed you. (Would you beat your wife, rape her and then expect her to make your dinner? If you do expect then read someone else.)

I have a foolproof way to wake people up::READ MY FOREHEAD! You can refuse but either way you will wake up! How would you like to wake up, gently or violently? That is a question to ask yourself, right now.

The best place to hide something
is below the average awareness level
of a society.

Don't forget, you do have the power to find things hidden from view. Find that power within you and use it to investigate. (You will love it.)

When one man abuses
the Power of Life,
we are all doomed!

The Universal Message is, 'Everything is there to be used, not abused. (Don't abuse a chisel by using it as a screwdriver! When you need the use of a chisel, it won't be there.)

This knowledge is so practical.
It's not rocket science.
It's very simple.
(Even a child can
understand it
when it's taught.)

How much longer
are you going to
keep talking about it?

You know what the 'they' are doing; we all know what the 'they' are doing. My question to you is, "What are you doing?"

'They' & 'you' are highly interactive. Find out what the 'you' is and you will know who 'they' are.


A language has no more power
than the man using it.

Once a man can't see
both sides of the coin,
he's broke!

Events have taken place
that no one can change.
No amount of kicking &
screaming can change this.

Ones' interest in
what's happening,
keeps it going.

Call me
when you're going
to do something about it!

The heart does not discriminate.
It beats the same way for a
mass-murderer or a saint.

to the beat
of the heart.

Get to the heart
of the matter
and take command.

You can not create Truth.
You can only create lies &

Propaganda is the
spreading of lies!
(To fertilize a field
one needs shit & a spreader.)

You cannot spread Truth,
you can only be it.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Only weak, frightened people
are afraid of death.
Courageous people
see it as another event
in the long list
of life's events.

There is no such thing
as 'death of the unknown'.
Death is always of the 'known'.

The known
is boring
and going

Death of the known
is birth of the unknown.

Everything is true
and everything is false
at the same time.

Giving up ones' programmed addictions, creates the possibility for the great unknown to manifest, in this blink of an eye you call 'my life'.

For all of those who subscribe to the idea, 'this is my life'. If it yours and you own it, explain to me how it can leave you within the short space of one heartbeat?

Death does not have to be
a horrendous experience.
Kicking and screaming makes it so.

The biggest risk that you can ever take is diving into the unknown. If it spits you back out then you won't be afraid of it anymore.

There is nothing behind you,
with the exception of the void.
Realize that when you turn round
to look behind you,
whatever you are seeing
is still in front of you.

Be careful you don't
fall backwards
out of the world
or you will have me
for company.

At the end of the day,
the idea, 'I was born, I will die',
is still only an idea.

When you see me alive,
I am dead.
when you see me dead,
I am alive.

The world comes out of an over-fertile imagination. It is built on the foundation of reality; that is why it appears to be so real.

Do not allow your creations to gather too much power, otherwise, they will start telling you what to do.

God is.
God is

Belief in anything makes it appear real. Should you not believe me, test my words. Withdraw your belief in the world and you will be free of it, but don't expect it to give you anything but the basics.

You do not need the world
to give you reality.
The world needs you
to credit it with reality.
Cut the credit line
and be free of it.

Do not fall in the quicksand and as you are going down, warn others not to repeat your actions. It will do no good, as once in the quicksand, your words will have no power. Better to warn people while your feet are on dry land.

Waste not
Want not.

Why should a man who has never wasted water, experience thirst in his life? Why should a man who has never wasted food experience hunger in his life? (There would be nothing for him to learn in it.) Why should a man who has never been in debt lose his freedom? I hear many people these days, claim "that we are losing our freedoms!" It would be more correct to say, "We are losing our illusion of freedom.

How can you lose
what you've never had?

To be free, first
you have to know
what you would
like to be free of.
The best place to start
is with your addictions.

To be free of drama
is an easy one...
stop creating it!

Did you ever contemplate
that whatever is happening,
in the country that you reside in,
is for your own welfare?

How much further
can you go into debt
without drowning?

Famine is the cure for obesity. Drought is the cure for water wastage. I am not blaming you. It is a simple fact. How can a man appreciate food & water when he's never had to go without it? How can a man, who has lived a privileged life, appreciate simplicity?

The last shall be first
and the first shall be last.

If you want to be first instead of last then turn around, or better still, turn your life around.

What is about to happen on this Planet will affect everyone, from the richest to the poorest, from the strongest to the weakest. Miracles are going to happen. Nature is going to make an exception to some of Her laws.

Do not imagine, in a dog-eat-dog society that the top-dogs will get away with it. They will eventually eat each other. Do not imagine that something called an Illuminati or incredibly wealthy bankers are going to survive and you are not! You will not be going alone. The rich an powerful will go with you.

The game of 'manipulating the masses' is a fun game for the rich & powerful. Once the goal of the game is achieved, the game is over! What will they do to fill their addictions then?

In order to survive
on this Planet
in any meaningful way,
we need each other.

Don't imagine that the rich mans' money will save him. I seem to remember a great Being once said, 'The meek shall inherit the Earth'. I don't recall Him saying 'The rich shall inherit the Earth.'

He who dies
with the least toys

A fat camel never
passed through the
eye of the needle.

Don't forget;
if you must travel,
make sure you get on
the right train or else
every station
will be the
wrong one!

Next time you're out and about, driving your car, very quickly and carefully look at the floor. I think you will find that it's not moving.

All movement
is an illusion
projected onto
the unmovable.

Who wants to go back
to 'business as usual'?
It's boring!


Just when you think
it can't get better,
it gets 10X better.

When you are grounded
in your own natural state,
nothing can shake you out of it.

It only takes one
to create a
golden society.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


When the law is not applied
to all equally
then there is no such thing as
rule of law.

No government has ever
taken your freedoms away.
You hand them over willingly
through your lack of awareness.


There is no other course
for me but continued patience.

Don't ask
'what next'?
When you
haven't taken
care of
'what now?'

Every idea needs support
for it to grow and flourish.

If you don't want dictatorial rule
then stop supporting it
with your actions,
(or lack thereof).

Man does not create great leaders.
Great leaders are spat out of the Earth,
(at the appropriate time).

Nature knows no boundaries.

How can there be any good or any bad Karma for the one that knows that food is the performer of actions. Food is a manifestation of God, hence when you see a soggy, old lettuce in the shop, you will say, "It looks dead!"

There may be a few genuine people in society but they have no power. The reason they have no power is because they are genuine people.

Consumerism is indiscriminate greed.
That's why you don't see it as an
insult to be called a consumer!

How long can man keep
bombing the Earth
without Her
going into revolt?

When you believe you are the performer of action then you are responsible for those actions,and you reap the fruit.

Mans' laws are so badly broken that they don't work anymore. Natures' laws are there for your survival.Break them at your own risk.

Mans' laws are not inclusive,
Natures' laws are.

Bodies and desires
go hand in hand.

Desires fulfilled breed more desires and when you get your desire it is of no use to you. Therefore, you will work hard and manifest another desire which will be of no use to you, etc....It is a chain reaction that leads to nowhere, (that you're interested in).

Do you have the courage
to kill your own food or
do you pay someone to do
your 'dirty-work' for you?

Animals kill and eat each other because they have not, as yet, attained the knowledge of growing food. How else are they going to live? They have no alternative. Man has.

They're not even manifested
and yet people die for ideas.

The society that I grew up in,
they called 'ideas' brainwaves,
like waves on an ocean.

Put your finger in a flame and hold it there. It will burn. Furthermore, not only will your finger burn, your whole body will burn. It will be felt in every cell.People who are suffering and dying in another place near or far are affecting every cell in your body,the pigeons will come home to roost.Indifference to the suffering of others will bring suffering to your door.

A surfer once rode a 30 foot wave.
He crashed and hit the rocks.

A peaceful mind
doesn't produce

Throw a pebble in a peaceful lake
and watch what happens.
(That's called a small brainwave.)

Do brainwaves recognize each other on the street? Next time someone waves to you, wave back. You'll know what brainwaves are then.

Monday, December 1, 2008


One cannot fake appreciation. Appreciation is a gift that one receives after a long, hard apprenticeship. One appreciates that it happened and one appreciates that it's over.

"And you think I'm mad -
Are you kidding me?"

The books

Greed, death & destruction
are roaming the lands.

Whilever you cling
to hope
nothing good will
ever happen for you.

A man fell over a cliff. On the way down, he grabbed a branch that was sticking out of a tree, and he said, "I hope I don't fall!"

Dead legends are a dime-a-dozen.
Living legends are like hens teeth.

Great Beings
maintain their
amidst all

All wars are fought
over religion.
Religious wars have been
going on
since the beginning of God.

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Everyone is programmed
with the illusion that
they have a choice.
'New-Agers' even believe
that they chose to be born.
The biggest disaster
that could ever happen
and they chose it?

Pull this one,
it's got bells
on it.

Once someone lies to you
and you know they've lied
to you, how can you ever
trust them again?


Once you've lost it,
you have nothing to
fall back on.

Your future happiness
will depend on how
well-developed your
sense of humor is.

People who come out of
a hard-working life
have great senses of humor.

When one creates detachment,
correct decisions can be made.
Whilever you want something
out of the situation,
correct action is not possible.

How can one appreciate and live life to the fullest when they have no relationship with the Power of Words. It's called THE MATRIKA SHAKTI.

Words have much more power than man-made weapons. A sword cannot convince me to love; words can. I love words!

It's like pointing
something out
to a blind man.

I get more attention when you ignore me than when you give me recognition. It takes more energy to ignore me than it does to recognize me. I love it!

When you're flush with money, you manifest all the shit that money can by. When you're poor you manifest the qualities that money can't buy.

My guarantee to you is when the suffering gets great enough, the talking will stop and action will ensue. MEANINGFUL ACTION! (I am assuming that you mean to survive!)

Saturday, November 29, 2008


How come these days
lies are more believable
than the Truth?

is a false idea.
is where it's at.

You are not the 'doer'.
You are the 'done to'.

One day, you will find
what you never lost.

As a child, I hoped for a
store bought bow and arrow.
I never got one.
That was the day I was
done with hope.

Trust will
let you down.

Trust in

The conditions
that you grow up in,
conditions you.

When you tell me
that you love me;
don't be surprised
if I ask you,
"Under what conditions?"

Out of unconditioned love and compassion, a hunter will shoot a fox that is caught in a trap, to end its' suffering. Conditioned love will hook you up to a life-support-system and add to your suffering.

The Society that I grew up in
expressed the following;
"Sometimes you have to be cruel
to be kind."

Whatever sucks the life-force
in and out of the body,
is responsible
for everything.
(Including the world as you see it.)

Should you not trust my words and need proof then stop breathing for twenty five minutes, and we can have a chat about it. Otherwise, we will not be speaking the same language. Yours is a dream language, mine is the Universal Language. When you live in dreams, (the American dream) they are created and held together by a dream language.

dreams & fantasies.
It doesn't ask your permission.

The stone that flies off of a truck
and smashes your windscreen
doesn't ask your permission.
(It knows that you would refuse.)

People can only 'prattle on'
about what they're interested in.

A man who is experiencing (and living) the Truth, keeps it a very close secret. He doesn't talk about it nor does he lecture about it; neither does he attempt to convert people. He keeps quiet about it.

Once there is nothing
Sacred in a Society,
it is dead.

Truth is Sacred. Lose touch with it and you will no longer be able to distinguish between Truth and lies. The same applies to Life itself. When life is no longer upheld as Sacred, then life 'self-destructs'. No one can stop that process.

Somewhere in the Scriptures it says,
'And man shall destroy himself.'

The intent of any program
is designed to have you
think and act in a certain way.

There used to be a warning and a disclaimer on televisions. It read, 'Believing what you see and hear from this piece of equipment, you do so at your own risk. We will not be held accountable or liable.

is for the
survival of cultures.

Truth be known,
the corporations
of all Societies
are dependent on
the citizens.

That's where man falls down.
He abuses the innocent.

Innocence & Virtue
are manifestations
of a healthy Society.

The Universal Medicine
has arrived.

Once a group is programmed one way, they will fight against a group that has been programmed another way (for their survival.)


What you are about to witness has never before been experienced by anyone living. It's called a 'once-in-a-lifetime' event.

Friday, November 28, 2008


The less people have
the more they appreciate.

'More the merrier'

Don't tell me you can't
live without hope.
Of course you can,
when you've got trust.

As things get worse and worse
by the day. How long before you
run out of hope?

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Are they your desires
or the corporations
Do you desire the
new sneakers or do the
corporations desire that
you buy the sneakers?

Consumers are people
who fulfill the desires
of the corporations.

Duality does not have
two separate goals.
It is in opposition to
the one goal.

War comes out of two people
fighting for the same thing.

The first sense
is common sense.
It comes with knowing
that we are not separate.

Actions show me
how much common sense
a society has.

One cannot progress to
the 'second sense' until
common sense is mastered.

In a society that
does not feel for
each other,
haven't obtained
common sense.

Man has no
anchor in life
without principles.
He gets tossed
around by the waves
and tossed onto rocks.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I am Self-Governed.
I do not need anyone
to tell me what's right
and what's wrong, what's
good and what's bad.

Perform life-enhancing actions,
you too will become Self-Governed.

If you want to live forever
you've got to make yourself
larger than life.

Words are strung
on the Prana Shakti
like beads.

When you don't know
the Mechanics of Consciousness,
you are a prisoner of it.

You can tell yourself all sorts of shit, as long as you don't believe it. As they say in the Bush, "This bastard believes his own bullshit!"

Scuba diving was never
the same to me
after I saw 'Jaws'!

There are two ways;
the Gurus' way
the hard way!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Staying open to the unknown
in life
is the formula
for living life to
its fullest.

Once you fill up
all your time,
you're out of it!

In my life,
anything that
isn't positive
gets the axe.


Monday, November 24, 2008


At the end of the day
everything exists
in the mind of man.

If you get what you hoped for,
hope no longer exists.

There is no need
for a way out with

True freedom does not depend on anything.
Worldly freedom is dependent.

No one can have freedom
without responsibility.

Stay aware
so you don't


They who abide by Universal Law
will live in a New World Order.

The hunger
keeps one

Convenience, is the upside.
It's reward, is the downside.
It is no longer convenient!


is a
quality-less state.
People who are full of it,
burst out laughing.

Life feeds on life.
That is a fact.
(even a fly knows that.)

Without life
there is
no such thing

Don't look for
Peace in the heavens,when
there's none down here.

When you want to
teach people about Peace,
you'd better be at it.

"If we give you what you want,
you'll just sit under a tree and rot!
Work now, and we'll give you what you want."

If you end up like me
you won't want anything.


The Guru is a
gift from God.
(Never look a gift horse in the mouth.)

Creative people
are not greedy.

Internal pictures
are according to
ones' understanding.

A habit, that is fighting
for its' survival, is a
formidable foe.

Violence will wake everyone up. Have a look at the violence in societies, If that's not enough to wake you up, what will it take?

Killing and violence have taken over.
Rape & plunder are now the norm.
What will it take to shock you?

Shocks don't put you to sleep, do they?

In order for there to be
an age of Enlightenment
there has to be
an age of ignorance.

An age of ignorance
has to be destroyed
for the
age of enlightenment
to arise.

Anyone who tells you they have answers, know that they are liars. Destruction itself, is the answer.

Without the experiment
where are the experimenters?

Once the puppet master has
no more strings to pull,
that is the death of him.

Don't blame the puppet.
You're the one pulling
the strings.

It's the same electricity,
just different appliances.

He went to bed in one world
and woke up in another.
The first questions he asked:

keep you stuck
in the past.

The Source of Peace;
Beyond existence
and non-existence,
there is nothing
to know.

A silent mind
has no future
or past.

Some things happen
faster than others.

This blog is not for me.
My job is to put it out there.
Your job is to pick it up.
(I can assure you, my job is
harder than picking it up,)

You cannot imagine
the unimaginable,
you can only be it.

Soap Operas
do not exist
in enlightened


"How can you be the Guru? You don't fit the mold."
"I'm glad you noticed. That means you're not going to get 'more of the same' bullshit; thousands of disciples, millions of dollars. No, you're right, I don't fit the mold."

Saturday, November 22, 2008


The desire to live is the messenger of death.
Longing to be happy is the outline of sorrow.
The world is an ocean of pain and of fear.
Despair and anxiety are always so near.

Dream on the American Dream.

We live in our dream worlds.
They last for some time.
These mental formations we all claim are mine.
At last when we sleep they pale out of sight.
And all we are left with is the dead of the night.

Dream on the American dream.

Money and power, sex, name and fame.
They all go together to make up the game.
Dreams they do not Reality make.
They're hollow and empty, their contents are fake.

Dream on the American dream.

The cars that we drive made of plastic and steel,
Contain our Self image asleep at the wheel.
The monster's released with the turn of a key,
Then roars down the road singing, "Hey! look at me!"

Dream on the American dream.

We suffer delusions that cause separation.
Through pride and false ego we call it a nation.
We're so proud to live so that others can die,
But the facts of the matter will make us all cry,

Dream on the American dream.


Dogs of desire gnawing at the mind,
Our throw-away societies are on the decline.
It's the same all over wherever I go
The TV and Cable are running the show.

2000 channels and what do you get?
A callous on ya finger and a pain in ya neck.
Surfing the airwaves, falling in the sea
And all we can think about is Me, Me, Me.

Bimbos and knockers prancing on the screen.
A fetish for the skin, it's a plastic surgeons dream.
Skin stretched tight over finely sculpted bones.
The plot never thickens, it's enough to make ya moan,

Sitting in a cafe in downtown Delhi,
Everything is tacky except the big old Telly.
Where once sat an Altar to the Goddess of Life
There now sits the demon screen churning out its strife.

Rich man, poor man, beggars on the street
Worshiping the silver screen, they're even eating meat.
Corruption is rampant wherever I go,
And the current vice for everyone is 90210.

So, where are we going? Where will it end?
The digital dream and the signal that it sends.
'I'll have a satellite dish and a murder on the side
And for sweets I'll have a rape topped with thick, faulty pride.'


There is no such power
as personal freedom.
While ever one man
is in chains, we all
are in chains.

True Freedom
is freedom
from the personal,
small little bubble
of a dream that people
imagine themselves to live in.

While ever one man suffers
we all suffer.
While ever one man is being
we are all being tortured.

The idea of 'personal'
and separateness
is insanity.

There is no such thing as a personal experience. It has been experienced before you and it will be experienced after you. There is nothing that one man can experience that another man cannot. Experiences are children that come from the world of experience. Very seldom will an inexperienced man learn from an experienced man. His limited ego will demand that he wants to make his own mistakes. All those that believe that way are ignorant fools. Even mistakes are not yours, otherwise, they would not be repeated over and over again by, for example, world leaders.

I am the Universal Being. There is nothing personal about me at all. I do not claim anything to be mine. The idea of mine is another false idea foisted on the heads of people for the benefit of someone else.

Do not expect a false question
to give you a correct answer.
Only correct questions can
give correct answers.

You may claim this land to be yours. Your claim is invalid. You are merely in possession of stolen goods. Even the original people of this land did not claim it to be theirs/mine. Ask them and they will tell you, "We are the caretakers." Ask them, "Who owns the land?" and they will tell you that it is owned, collectively, by all. What grows on it belongs to God. Humanity as a whole, collectively, is the caretaker of all lands. Individually, you have no separate land rights. You tell me, of what use is barren land to anyone? Even in our, so-called, modern societies, a barren woman is of no use to a man who wants to go forth and multiply. Would you rape your mother and plunder her house? why would you do it to this life-giving land. Contemplate the situations you are dependent upon, for example, food, water, shelter, sunshine, wind and then come and talk to me about personal power.
What state are we in when your children believe that milk comes from the supermarket? What state are we in when the childrens' parents believe that the acquisition of toys can make them any happier than they are, here and now?

So many wars and crimes against humanity have been committed and as yet very few have been held responsible for these acts and atrocities. And you wonder why Joy is not bubbling up from the center of your heart?

Only an ignorant fool will believe another ignorant fool when he tells him you came here to experience enjoyment, when the truth is you came here to do the work. THE GREAT WORK!

Many years ago, in the Outback of Australia, I heard a white fella' and a black fella' having a heated discussion in Giltraps Hotel. The white fella' said to the black fella', "If that's how you feel about the land, then fuck you, you can have it back!" The black fella' said, "We don't want it back, thank you very much, you fucked it, you fix it!"