Sunday, March 30, 2014



Look for faults & you'll find them. If you're looking through a faulty mind , don't expect to find perfection. A healthy disciplined mind knows perfection includes imperfection & has fun with it.

Once you graduate
from hope to Trust
everything will be

You can only plan for the known & imaginable.
You can't plan for the unknown because
you don't know what it is.

The unknown is
the God Particle.

Only ignorance says, "I wish I'd done this" or "I wish I'd done that. Wisdom sees the perfection & marvels.



If you believe you are the doer then why aren't you doing something about it? I say, "You are not the doer, therefore, you can't do anything about it. You will end up the done-to!"

If we live in a free society,
then why do we need the police?

There is
no such thing as
urgency in death.

It's always good
to know who controls
the food & water supply.

Actions will
always give
you away.

The easiest way
to find out
what you are
is to negate
you are not.

One who has dreams
is living out their fantasies.
The man with no dreams
is living out the unimaginable.

The world & you
appear & disappear

take advantage
of situations.

The only way to live
without drama
is to not create it.
It's as simple as that.
It's not rocket science.

One has to have
interest in oneself.

There is
no break
from NOW.

The body
is in
the mind.

No one is born Human. You will have to work your ass off your whole life to earn that rite to carry that title, HUMAN BEING.

Human beings
do no harm.

Groundedness is
the dead center
from which
one operates from.
Without groundedness
nothing is achievable.

Minimize the effect
by not adding to it.

If you want to experience reality
you have to shatter your belief systems,
and that is easy; stop believing.

gives life

Everyone has
a contract with life.
Fulfill the terms & be happy.



Karma is created
by being attached
to the fruits
of ones actions.

People who manifest
unconditioned love
are dangerous
to ignorance.

There's no thinking
in fight or flight;
it just happens.

Beggars are not stuck with
the false idea of choice.

I beg you,
for your own sake,
stop killing each other
while you still can.

I am not interested
in your praise;
I don't have to
accept your blame.
When the shit
hits the fan
don't blame me.

The body is a
product of food.
Food is a
product of the planet,
therefore, the body is a
product of the planet.

Have a look at
what shape the
planet is in.
This will tell you
the shape the body is in.

Friday, March 28, 2014



What I stand for:
Unconditioned love,
The whole

not like you.
Don't imagine

Leave them alone
& wait till
they ask.

You tell me people are like sheep.
I tell you, "Leave them alone &
they will come home,
wagging their tails
behind them."

Did I ever tell you the joke about
the man who thought he was born?
He lived his whole life in fear of death.

There but for
the Grace of I
goes God.

It doesn't matter
how fast or slow
you blow a bubble,
the common fact is
they all burst.

The Truth needs no back-up.
It is its own support system.

If as many people who thought
they were human were human,
society wouldn't be like it is, would it?

Debt-ridden societies
are always governed
by lying politicians.

Debt-ridden people can't stand up
& do anything about it. That is a fact.

If you are in debt,
someone owns you.

In debt,
hats on backward,
plastic bodies
& plumber cleavage.
What a show!

When the famine arrives,
the fat ones will live longer,
that's unless they don't get eaten.

A lofty desire
is still a desire.
A desire for enlightenment
is still a desire.

The desire to live
is the messenger of death.


You can't miss
what you've
never had.



What one will do for God;
I drank holy water &
look what happened.
You tell me!

Brilliant minds
are not
complicated minds.
They are very simple.

Empires end up


The marks on the forehead
represent the Guru.
the Guru.



I have lived my whole life
from the standpoint of integrity.
I maintained my own standard of living.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


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When there is agreement
there is no more drama.

the Void.
It is my job
to suck you in.
Why complain.

True commitment is Time-less.
It stands the Test of Time.


One has to go
beyond cause & effect.

There are 'talkers' &
there are 'actors.
The 'talkers' have failed.
Now, it is time
for the 'actors' turn.

If you want freedom
from the known
pray for the electricity
to go out & stay out.

I was raised on the Penine Moors. There was no electricity, no running water, no inside toilet & obviously, no radio & I survived quite well.

How can you miss
what you've never had?
You only miss it
when you lose it.
Look after it,
it's all you've got.

A man lies to you once;
how can you trust him
from that point on?

So-called leaders of countries
lie to you every time they
open their mouth.
Doesn't that seem
a bit odd to you?

Whatever you vote for, you give your power to.
However it turns out, good or bad,
you are equally responsible for.
"Not in my name."

Moral bankruptcy & financial bankruptcy
go together like a horse & cart.

When nothing appears
to be happening;
there's a lot happening.
All one can do is
remain stable in
conditions like this.

I don't help anyone
unless they ask me.
That way, I know
that they're ready.

Stubbornness & resistance
stop people asking for help
when they need it.


who care
too much
about survival
are motivated
by fear.
I am
by love.


If you want to support me ~ then support.
If you don't ~ keep out of my way.
I don't need your sabotage.

However you see yourself
is how others will see you.

It is harder
for a educated mind
to stop
than it is
a simple one.

These writings are based on
Fact::Brutal Truth.

All philosophy is,
is creating a language
to try and explain the

Philosophies change.
Religions come & go.
The Truth stays the same.

In 64 years of living
I have not changed a bit,
in spite of everything!

Monday, March 24, 2014



The more familiar & comfortable
you become with the unknown
the less fear you will experience.

Whatever you believe in
you have to act accordingly.

It's only acting &
you are not doing it.
That's the beauty of it.

Any fool can
talk about it
but living it...

Words mean nothing
it's action that counts.

Once you know where your pain tolerances are
it will stop you creating painful situations.

Once you
run out
of power
you turn
to hope.

Hope is a dead word.
Nice is another one.
Try Trust.

Weakness relies on hope.
Strength relies on trust.
Which starts with yourself.

Are you interested
in going beyond hope?

People who
rely on hope
have no power.

Those who live
in hope
will die
in hope.

Why would a man need hope
when he has the power
to change the situation?
All he has to do is act
on his power.

Once you run
out of power
what do you
do next?
Rely on hope?

who hope
are not
in change.

First of all, propaganda convinces you
that you have power & control in your life,
then laws are enacted to stop you using it.

At the end of the day, what do I really know ~nothing, which is still not quite correct. Nothing implies that there was something there when in fact there never was anything there.

It's all
in the mind,

The benefits
of a simple life.

There's no better or worse
in the here & now.
It's all you've got.
You'd better take care of it.

Sunday, March 23, 2014



The next day, being Saturday, I finished mi work at 12 and by 1 O'Clock
I was showered and in mi good town gear waiting in Burts' old, blue comby Volkswagen for his missus to come out.
"They're all the bloody same, women. All morning she's had to get ready and she's still not here! Go and tell her, Burt said to git a move on or I'll leave her at home!"
I ran across to the kitchen where Kay was,
"Burt says he's gonna leave ya here if ya don't git'a move on, Mrs. Booth."
"Go and tell Burt, I'm on my way." She said.
"She's on her way.", I said to Burt as I climbed into the Comby.
In a few minutes old Kay got in the front of the Comby and said,
"OK! What ya waiting for Burt. I thought ya were in a hurry?"
"Strueth woman, what ya got all that paint and powder on ya face for? You'll scare the Bungs on Chamens Corner half to death when they see you!"
"Very funny Burt. Are you going to drive or are we going to bake ourselves in the Van?"
Old Burt started the comby and we drove down the track, past the dam and out onto the dirt road to Lake Cargelligo. Burts' Comby rattled like hell on the rough dirt road and before long, mi good white shirt was covered in red dust. I didn't feel to bad about it because Kays' white hat with the frill of white lace on it was just the same color as my shirt.
It was exactly 12 miles to Lake Cargelligo from Burts' front gate to the strip of bitumen road, just out of town. It was a relief when the Comby hit the bitumen because the dust stopped coming through the door hinges and the rattles went almost silent. (Lake Cargelligo was like most other Bush towns except that it had a big lake at the end of the street. There was no barrier up so if one was too drunk, they'd end up in the lake and over the years quite a few did.)
There was a few houses on the left and right-hand side of the road as we made our way to the main street. A large new-looking house on the right was the Police Station and next to that was the towns' jail which as all run by Sargent Montgomery. As we drove past the jail to the first intersection, Burt turned right, down the main street. He drove to the end of the street, which was only about 150 yards long, turned the old Comby around before we got too close to the lake and then headed back up the other side of the street to angle park, nose into the curb.
He turned to Kay and said, "Lake Cargelligo, Missus. Don’t spend too much 'cause it's hard to make. I'm off to the pub to cash a cheque so I can pay him his wages. Ya can show him the Main street if ya like. I'll meet ya here in 10 minutes Missus."
It was a really hot day so I got out of Burts' Comby as soon as I could. I'd put too much Brylcream on mi hair and it was slowly running down the back of mi neck.
"Is mi shirt dirty?", I said to Kay.
"Dirty's not the word for it! It's more like muddy. You've got too much hair oil on and it's run all down ya back. Give me ya hanky and I'll clean it up for ya."
"Thanks Mrs. Booth. I'll know not to put so much on next time."
Old Kay was not a bad old sort at times. She was probably stuck with Burt herself, 'cause no one got a divorce in the Bush in those days.
"Let's take a walk up the Main street, Richard.", she said.
"Are there anymore streets?"
"No, Lake Cargelligo isn't a real big place. Theres' only one main street and where we stooped at the end of the intersection is where the shops stop, so it's about one short block long."
We walked up the street a few yards from the pub where we'd parked and outside of the Stock & Station Agents, she spoke to a young lad who looked about 19 years old.
"Hello Robbie.", she said.
"G'day Mrs. Booth. In town shopping are ya?"
"Just came in for a few supplies. This is Richard. He's working at our place."
"G'day mate. My name's Robbie Townsend. What's yours?"
"Richard Swindells, but some people call me 'Yorky'."
"Ya from Yorkshire are ya?"
"Yes,", I said.
"Pleased to meet ya mate.", he said, as we shook hands.
"I'm going into Chamens for some things. Ya can hang out here with Robbie, if ya like Richard."
"Alright.", I said, as she walked off.
"How long ya been out at old Burts' place.", He said, with a smile.
"Just a month now."
"Ya just got here from England, mate?"
"Yeh, I've been here for about 6 weeks now."
"D'ya like it out at old Burts' place?"
"No!", I said. "I think he's a mean old bastard!"
Robbie had a real good laugh at this statement.
"Ya not the first one to say that mate. Old Burt's gone through a few Pommies in his his day."
"What d'ya mean?"
"How much does he pay ya a week, Yorky?"
"Twelve pounds a month, plus tucker.", I said.
"Jesus! That's less than 3 quid a week clear!"
"Where do you work, Robbie?'
"This place, mate. The Stock & Station Agents. Mi old man owns it so I work for him."
"How much a week do you make, Robbie?"
"Fifteen quid a week mate and I pay a couple of quid to mi mum for tucker. We'll have to find you another job, Yorky. No one stays with old Burt too long, I've seen heaps of Pommies come and go through Burts' place, If ya still in town tonight, I'll introduce ya to Surry."
"Who's Surry?"
"He's a Pommy, same as you mate. He's been here a couple of years now. He got sent to Burts' place, just like you. He lasted the longest so far. I think he worked for old Burt for about 9 months, mate."
"Where's he working now?"
"Oh he's on another property about 20 miles out. I think he's sharecropping now. He should make a few quid this year but he'll probably drink it all."
"Does he drink much?"
"He holds the record at the Australian Hotel for drinkin' a yard of beer. Here's old Kay coming back now. I'll see ya later Yorky. I'm gonna' shoot through before she gets here."
Robbie took off back inside his Dads' Agency just as old Kay walked up.
"How did you like Robbie?", she asked.
"He seems like a good bloke but I don't know him very well."
"I've known Robbie since he was a little boy. He was born in Lake Cargelligo. I've got some more shopping to do so you'd might as well look around the town, if you want. The van will be parked here all day and we'll probably stay in town tonight till about 10."
"OK, I'll see ya later.", I said as I waked off down the street.
Going down towards the Lake was a pub. (This pub was known to everyone as 'Twitchys'.) Past Twitchys' place was a couple of small shops, then a hairdressers for women. The next shop was Chamens Garage. After Chamens was a couple of houses, then nothing at all but dry, flat ground. Sometimes the lake used to flood in wet weather right up to the Bitumen at the streets end. Across the other side of the street was a tool shop, a few more houses and another pub called The Australian Hotel. Next to that was a dirt street, then came Ray Orrs Barber Shop. The Barbers shop was of great interest to me because in the window there was fishing rods, knives and guns. I decided to go into Orrs shop and inquire about a rifle. Ray Orr was cutting a customers hair when I entered the small, but compact, shop. It was a typical Bush barbers shop. There was just about everything one could think of hanging of hanging on the walls or stacked in he corner.
"G'day." He said, as I entered the shop. "Something I can get ya?"
"No thanks, just browsing around."
"Where are ya from mate?", he asked as I walked around.
"I'm working at Burt Booths place."
"Ah, ya must be Burts' new Pommy are ya?"
"I guess so."
"Old Burt's due in here today sometime. He gets his hair cut once a month, regular as clockwork."
"How much are the .22s'?"
"Oh they start at 8 pounds.", he said, as he handed me a rifle. "She's a single-shot Anshultz. Just got it in last week."
"Burt won't let me have a rifle on his place, but as soon as I get another job I'll come in and buy one off ya."
"No worries mate. Make ya self at home. I can even give ya a haircut, if ya want one."
"Maybe next time.", I said, as I looked around his shop.
When I was through looking, I said "Thanks a lot."
"No worries mate. Anything I can do for ya, let me know."

Next to the Barbers was a Dry Cleaners which was also owned by Ray Orr. Next to that was Rodds Clothes shop. Then came a Café, another Stock Agents called Dalgerys and then The Commonwealth Bank.
Now I was back at the intersection where we'd turned into the main street. Across the street, on the same side, was a movie House and a Coffee Bar belonging to old Theo. There were a couple of vacant blocks, then another pub called Gilltraps. Next to Gilltraps Hotel was a residential street and way up the Main Street was another Garage. (Oh, the Post Office was next to Twitchys' Pub and, as far as I can remember, that was about it except for Chamens Store on the opposite side of the street. Oh yeh, there was also one more Bank next to Chamens.)
Lake Cargelligo was quite a small place in 1964. Once I'd made mi rounds of the Main Street there was nothing else to do but hang out under a shady tree, down by the Lake.

The most common form of entertainment at Lake Cargelligo was, of course, the 3 Hotels. The double doors were wide open when I passed by and I could see that the place was packed with Cockies and workers. All were drinking and most were reading the race page or listening to the Saturday afternoon races.

Later on that evening I met Surry who was sat on the Hotel steps, drinking with Robbie Townsend.
"G'day. This is mi mate Surry that I was telling ya about."
"Hello.", I said, as I leaned over to shake his hand.
"This is Yorky, Surry. He'ls out slaving at old Burts' place."
"G'day Yorky. Surry's the name and Surry's where I'm from. So ya out at old Burts' property are ya?"
"Does the old Bastard feed ya parrots and kangaroo steaks?"
"How d'ya know""
Robbie and Surry had a good laugh at my expense.
"'Cause the old Bastard fed me the same!" said Surry. "Tll I wised up a bit. Just refuse to eat those fuckin' parrots, mate. You'll break ya teeth on those tough bastards!"
"He said everyone eats roos and parrots in the Bush.", I said.
"Then he's a fuckin' liar. He's a miserable old bastard is Burt and his brother Dick is worse! Dick is so tight he doesn't eat strawberry jam."
"Why? Is it expensive in Australia?"
They both laughed out loud.
"No mate, ya silly pommy bastard! He doesn't eat strawberry jam 'cause he's too tight to pass the seeds!"
"Now that's fucking tight!", said Robbie and they had another good laugh.
"Old Kay's not a bad sort though.", said Surry. "There's a young Sheila around here the doctors said would never walk again, on account of an accident, but old Kay worked on her legs for one year and now she can walk again. She's pretty good at that therapeutic massage. I hurt mi back one day out at Burts' place. I fell off the Combine with a 180 pound wheat bag on mi back and I couldn't hardly move and she fixed it up inside a week."
Surry told me a lot of stories about Burt, most of them bad. By the time I left them I was now more determined to get off his place and work somewhere else.
As I was leaving, he called out to me.
"Good luck mate, you're gonna need it!", then laughed his head off again.

After I left Surry and Robbie on the Hotel steps, I ran into Burt and Kay up the street aways.
"How d'ya like the town?", said Burt.
"It's not real big but I've met a few people already."
"Ya won't have to get to know people here. They'll all get to know you."
"Grand Streuth!, said Burt. "There's a fight! Let's go and see."
Across the street on Chamens corner was a crowd of black people rolling around the ground in rags, as pissed as parrots.
"Who are those blokes, Burt?", I said.
"They're all Abos , mate. It's Saturday night and they're full of Plonk. We'll get to see a real good show now. That is, till old Sargent Montgomery arrives."
"I thought Aborigines carried spears and boomerangs?"
"Not these blokes. These bastards are half white. All they carry is a bottle of Plonk.", he said, as I followed him up to the opposite corner.
"What's Plonk?"
"Plonk's a cheap brown Muscat wine. It costs 4 bob for a half-gallon flagon. They go crazy with a gut full a' Plonk in 'em. Here we go mate, she's on now!"
I felt really compassionate towards the Aboringines as they called each other 'black bastards' and rolled around on the street corner drinking and fighting with each other. Their clothes were old, dirty and tattered. One had a shirt with a sleeve torn off and another had on a pair of odd shoes with no socks. Another had on a pair of trousers with holes in the knees. Another had no shirt at all. Even the women were getting into the fight now and they could curse and swear better than the men. Some of the Abo women were twice as big as their men and they could fight better as well.
The fight lasted for about 10 minutes until Sargent Montgomery arrived in his blue Bullwagon with a young constable.
"Alright you black bastards!", said the Sargent. "In the wagon ya go! Ya can sober up and cool off in the cell for the evening."
The Sarg and his Constable grabbed the drunk Abos by anything they could and literally threw them in the back of the Bullwagon. He left the women and took all the men up the street to the local jail.
"Ah well, that's the excitement over Saturday night.", said Burt.
"What will happen to them now?", I asked.
"They'll sleep on the concrete floor for the night and in the morning the old Sarg will make 'em weed his garden 'cause they'll have no money for the fine. The old Sarg has the best-kept garden in Lake Cargelligo. He knows all those Bungs by their first names by now and by the time Sunday night comes, they'll all be back in jail again."
"Why doesn't someone help them?"
"Can't help the bastards, mate. They're all past helping. Everyone of 'em is an alcoholic. They spend every bit of their money on Plonk and they won't work again till there's no money left. Even then, they won't work until they're hungry."
That, unfortunately, was my first introduction to the Australian Aborigines. Before we went back out to the Bush, one of 'em bit me for 2 bob and I couldn't refuse him, although I knew he would spend it on Plonk.
That night, I lay on mi bed thinking about the Aborigines. It made my heart incredibly sad to see what a tragic state they were in. Most people, in the Bush, saw them as not much better than dogs.

Saturday, March 22, 2014



Only a man who is prepared to suffer
& accept some pain in his life
has the power to change things.

The downside of an Empire is the people have too easy a life. This makes people weak & lacking in intelligence. As we all know, all Empires eventually fall. That's when life becomes hard. What can I say?

Where have all
the courageous
people gone?

Anyone who is in debt
is castrated, neutered.

There were 3 street-people sitting in squalor. I asked the first man, "How did you end up here?" "Alcohol addiction.", he said. When asked, the second man said, "Heroin addiction." The 3rd man replied, "Debt!"

Only an un-programmed
man has free speech.

Find out what you are prepared to die for
& that will reveal your chance of survival.

How much is your life worth?
Because, that's the amount of coverage
you're going to need for health-care.

There are belief systems
& there are facts.
Facts will not let you down.
Belief systems will.
All else is propaganda.

I found something
to do in life
that I really like

You can shop-till-you-drop,
I'll work till I die.

I once took a poisoness snake to bed with me.
The Power of Love that's within me
stopped the snake from biting me.

My loss
my gain.

Nothing wrong with
repeating the Truth.

Lies have
no effect
on a
truthful man.

I have a voice
because I have a vote
& my vote counts.

Keep out
of the way.

Not until the thought of war makes a man vomit will he give up violence to his fellow men.

Never can a rotten & corrupt society create a Golden Age. You can write about & talk about it as much as you like as long as you remember that Gold is pure. Whatever survives will be purified in the process. Those will be the 15% that creates a Golden Age.

It's easy to become wealthy.
First, discipline your mind.
Second, Silence is Golden.

A Mercurial mind &
a heart of Gold.
How can you go wrong?

Thursday, March 20, 2014



The level of lies
is equal to the
level of corruption
in this society.

Keep out
of the way.

The rot & corruption
is coming out of
every pore in Society.

When one becomes aware of anothers plight, it eases it.
So don't tell me you don't want to know because
you can't do anything about it.

A good
sense of humor
is priceless.

Imagination never changed
'business as usual'.

War never ever
bore the fruit
of peace.

First comes
second comes

Understand the mechanics of your mind
and be free from its illusions.

In order for ignorance
to be destroyed
something has
to be sacrificed.

The quality of thinking,
or lack thereof,
shapes & forms ones life.

That's what the world is made of ~
pairs of opposites.


Things get done
when the talking stops.

There is no world
without you ~ right?

Accepting what comes in
& accepting what goes out.

No influence, no power,
leads to frustration & anger.

The challenge
of making the attempt
keeps one on their toes.

Once you have had everything
taken away from you,
you don't need
to practice Gratitude.

If you have to
ask what to do ~
then don't do it.

Don't create problems,
then you won't have
any obstacles in your life.

The Gurus' function is to put you in the right position.
That is his part. Your part is 'resist ye not!'

There is enough
drama, pain & suffering
in the world
without adding to it.

Every disaster
is a blessing
in disguise.

God is perfect. God created man in his own image. Therefore, you are perfect. If you don't believe me then you better have a chat with Him and ask Him why he made you imperfect.


Playing with delusion
rarely makes one happy.

If you want something new
to manifest
in your life
or a new life,
then new thinking
is required.

Thinking clouds vision.
Contemplation clears it.

You deserve everything.
Can you give yourself so much?

The reflections are different but the source of light remains the same, like sparks from a fire they are all different but they come from the same fire.

Positive thinking
eradicates worry.

God implants the idea to seek out the Guru.
The Gurus' job is to introduce you to God.

There can never be
enough laughter in life.

Suffering will prod you
towards the Ocean of Love.

If I
don't exist,
the world
doesn't exist.

Once you break the laws of Nature,
don't expect Nature to support you.

Once one accepts
a concept
it appears real.

Whenever Nature
makes an exception
to one of her laws,
Man calls it a miracle.


Life is
always changing.
It's Man
who gets stuck.

Only great Beings
can drag society
up to higher levels
of consciousness.
He does this by refusing
to allow society
to drag him down.

If one allows Life
to do the guiding,
everything will be alright.

One has to be
fully present
or fully absent.
Floating around
in the middle
means you are stuck.

to feel.

Stick with
basic, simple facts
and you can't go wrong.

Without bottomless Trust
how can one live life
to the fullest?

To get attention
you have to pay attention.

That man has
a heart of gold,
therefore, he is
the richest man
on the planet.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


IMG_0008-1 photo IMG_0008-1-1.jpg

not merely
an actor on the
stage of life.
what makes
it all
merely the throne
but the
Power behind it.
Now that you know that,
you may see me as you wish.

Isn't it interesting,
in my world I AM the King.
In your world, I AM the fool.
That is of no concern to me,
Will you be able say the same
when the tables are turned?

The last
shall be first.
The first
shall be last.

If you are at the back of the queue
& you'd like to be at the front,
it's easy. Turn around.
The queue will disappear.
You will then be
in your rightful place.

Were you to realize
the power of your vote
you wouldn't waste it.

the Prince of Peace.
I will not be thwarted.

To become
truly enlightened
it will cost you
your life
as you know it.

No one ever knows
what they are attached to
until it is taken away from them.

To stay stable
amidst all diversity
is a great achievement.

Life is like the merry-go-round at the show. You pay your money and you climb aboard. Once you've had your monies worth you can no longer go round & round.

When the person you
believe yourself
to be dies,
you will be free of it.



How can there be happiness
when there is no justice?

A man claims he's talking.
Take food away from him
for 6 weeks & see how
much he talks.
Food talks.

The American dream was
funded by the American dollar.
When the dream is over
you wake up & the content
of the dream becomes
a vague memory.

As far as doing goes,
you are powerless.
As far as witness goes,
you're potent.

Are you willing to do
whatever it takes
to find out
it's not worth it?

Were people to learn
from each others mistakes,
the suffering level
would drop tremendously.

My world is a world of silence.
It's open and available to everyone.
All you have to do is stop talking.

To bring out
the best in you,
the worst has to go.

You don't have to do it,
you need to do it.
When there's
no more need,
you'll stop doing.

On the back of
my hands it says
I put it there
to remind me that
these are Gods hands.

on this Planet
belongs to you.
It's on loan.

The Earth is yours,
what grows on it
belongs to God.

Once enough people know
that God exists in feeling,
all wars will cease.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014



To control the world
you can't be in it.

Most peoples death
will have more
of an effect
on the world
than their living.

Once a society sanctions torture,
the next & last step is cannibalism.

The more you
torture me &
keep me down,
I will consolidate &
rise even higher.

Only ones self;

Everyone lives in their own world and you can imagine yourself to be whatever you would like to be. For example; I live in my world. In my world imaginings are no good.

You can only be
what you are.
Anything less is
not acceptable.

that they are
that they are not
is insanity.

It is irreparable.
It will never change
while it's on this path,
the path of ignorance.

Every time you put a weak man
in a power position,
he will abuse it.
He will destroy himself &
take you with him.

I'm the only one
I have to please.

I accepted
the challenge.

The crime
is being born.
Investigate it.

Imagining that
one can be happy
in the world
causes rebirth
of the idea.

I can only wish
for others
what I wish
for myself.

Dragged around by desires
until you can
no longer survive;
how pathetic.

The desire
needs a

There's a
fool born
every minute.

Recognize you
recognize me,
I come from
the silence
to set
you free.

Once the false
God of Electricity
is gone,
you'll know
who I AM.

you can't do
without it.



Once the animals are
gone from this Planet,
man cannot survive.

My consciousness
tells me
what I can
& cannot do.

Monday, March 17, 2014



You would be
surprised at
what you are
capable of
were the
to be created.

In the military they give you the basic training on how to survive on the battlefield. On the battlefield, you refine it. Likewise in life.


is not of the being,
it is the
death of time.

repeated over & over again,
disguises itself as truth.

Courage doesn’t float
on the ocean
like seaweed.
One has to go to
the bottom
to discover it.

A fully developed mind
is a silent one.

A fully developed heart
is sweet.
It only knows
how to give.

Societies survival
depends on
one supreme law.
When there are two laws,
that is a sure sign
of societies demise.

People who hope
have no power.

shapes life.
Deep commitment
manifests a potent life.

never woke
anyone up.

One who is in debt
has no quality of life.

If you can
imagine it,
that’s not it.

All expectation
ever led to was

Anyone can say it,
not everyone can feel it.

In order to truly live,
you have to stand
behind your actions.
I stand behind the truth.
That is all you will
ever get from me.

People who
don’t waste Time
are Masters of Time.

Guilt comes
out of the past.
It never comes
out of the future.

Stubbornness is a weakness.
One uses it to hide behind
so that they don’t have to
deal with anger.

Protecting yourself from love
is an act of violence.

Living life
in the world
is preparation
for leaving.

If you believe in reincarnation
don’t you have to leave to come back?

All coming & going
is total fantasy.

Man is not in tune
with the Elements.
No good will
come of it.

The only good thing
about a VIP is the person.
Question it and it will dissolve &
that is very important.

The pain of integrity
is not as painful as
the pain of being sold out.

If you don't know
what you're looking at
What can you say?
You could always resort
to "God help me."



Reincarnation is not
of the body & the person.
Once that's dead
it's gone forever ~ Amen.
Ideas & thoughts
are what reincarnate.

Look to your own mind
and see how many times
the same thought has arisen,
in your life.

Once one knows that
coming & going are
Godly; what need
is there of concern?

The weak
are purposely 'helped'
into power positions.
The unseen
manipulate them
at will.

Politics were not designed for the benefit of the people. You elect a politician and send him to Congress with the expectation that he is going to represent your welfare. When you find out that he's not representing your welfare then there's only one other move on the board. Go there and represent yourself.


When there is
no will to do it
there is no way.

How do people live without it?
You can't live without it,
therefore you are forced & compelled
to live with it?
You can run around the world
your whole life looking for it &
you will not find it.

You can chase happiness
your whole life.
The reality is;
you are running
away from misery.

to be found
in books.
I make

When the two voids become one,
then you will know who I AM.

The real work happens
when one silences the mind.

The world is
a miserable place
without happy people.
Happy people
don't rely on things
to maintain their happiness.



People who make choices
are lacking in knowledge
of the situation.

You want me not to be who I AM
so you can be who you think you are?

When there's no more doubt,
you know that you're right.

You cannot have
your cake & eat it.
You cannot have
a peaceful mind & drama.

What is
the point?

Once there is no point to living
there is an opportunity to go
beyond birth & death.

If you get
too serious,
you'll get old.

Find the cause &
you will find the cure.

Once the great famine hits America,
then you can say "God has left the building!"

Sunday, March 16, 2014




You can’t create what you already are, but
you can destroy who you think you are.
Do it now and be free!

What does it matter
if you believe the truth
or disbelieve it?
It makes no difference.

Laughing & praying are equal.
They are both great ways to
communicate with God,

One more mouthful
is the seed of greed.

creates a
false sense
of security.

If you didn’t
have pain
how would you know
you had a body?

is the language one creates
in an attempt to describe
the indescribable.


In order
for steel
to be made,
to die.

I remember you
I create you.

There is more to you
than meets the eye.

creates a false
sense of security.

With the movie
comes the viewer.

The shock of enlightenment
is that nothing changes!

The only way to
learn tolerance
is to tolerate.

No one compels you
to tolerate fools.

In order to see tomorrow,
in order to live for one more day,
What are you prepared to give up-

You can’t create what you already are, but
you can destroy who you think you are.
Do it now and be free!

What does it matter
if you believe the truth
or disbelieve it?
It makes no difference.

Laughing & praying are equal.
They are both great ways to
communicate with God,

One more mouthful
is the seed of greed.

creates a
false sense
of security.

If you didn’t
have pain
how would you know
you had a body?

is the language one creates
in an attempt to describe
the indescribable.


In order
for steel
to be made,
to die.

I remember you
I create you.

There is more to you
than meets the eye.

creates a false
sense of security.

With the movie
comes the viewer.

The shock of enlightenment
is that nothing changes!

The only way to
learn tolerance
is to tolerate.

No one compels you
to tolerate fools.

In order to see tomorrow,
in order to live for one more day,
What are you prepared to give up-