Wednesday, July 30, 2008


To know someone
they have to open
up and reveal

Being born is a disaster.
Getting oneself into debt
is a tragedy.

Where does happiness
come into the picture?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


The kind of power that
I'm talking about takes
incredible courage to manifest.
There is not a man alive
who it does not reside in.

The Question is;
Do you have what it takes?

To attain the greater
you have to give up the lesser.

What are you interested in?
Are you interested in
endless creation or destruction?

What are you not willing to give up?

One has to maintain their integrity
wherever they live.

I don't change,
time changes.

While people are still
talking about it -
nothing will change!

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Get rid of the wants
and you won't have to deal with the lacks.

Wants come out of
lack of love.


A man who lives
and has no hope
is living in hell.

Hoping and hoping your whole life that something will happen, is torture. It's already happened. You call it birth, I call it death.


Understanding enables you
to put the picture together.

Once the last piece of the jigsaw puzzles is put in place, you can smile and enjoy it for a fleeting moment - then disassemble it.

The comedian and the audience
appear and disappear together
like the cigarette and the smoker.

If I am not taking care of myself
I can't take care of others.
(Truth be known, there is no such thing as 'others')

In the Outback of Australia, on a wet dirt road, a man got his vehicle stuck, bogged down to the axle. Another car drove past him and immediately got stuck - bogged down to the axle. As he was looking at his vehicle, the first man walked up to him and said, "G'day mate!, I'm here to help you get unstuck." The other man looked at the blokes car and said?........ If your heart wants to help someone get unstuck, first you have to get yourself out of the mire, otherwise, you are only prolonging his agony.

If you want the real
you have to give up the false.
Everything has its price.
You give up the world
every night when you
go to sleep.
What's the difference?

Just being aware of it
fixes it.

Friday, July 25, 2008


The 'I' sees reflection only, therefore, the world is a reflection and if you think that the world is such a good place, you couldn't even imagine what the world is a reflection of.

Don't live in the world like a thirsty man in the desert. In the last 5 minutes of his life, a bucket of water was placed in front of him. With his last bit of strength he lunged at the shadow and tried to drink.

It would be exceedingly frustrating to try and change the unchangeable. The good thing about it is, if you can change it, you will know that it is not the unchangeable.

Whatever you cannot change is reality.

Thought is a reminder that you are out of touch.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Greed has to be fed,
(and it doesn't mind what it eats!)


Once you've made your best effort
then what is there to continue?
It's over, for better or worse.

It's all yours.

I did my best to change myself
into something that would be acceptable.
I failed!
(From that day to this, in my life
nothing has changed.)

There is no such thing as failure on the Gurus' boat. It may appear to take a little longer sometime, be that as it may, it's foolproof!

The only way you are going to survive is through purity. If there's not enough purity within you,
you won't survive.

Whatever illusions, dreams and fantasies
were there had to go, for survival.

Belief systems are all false
therefore any question that
arises out of them are
incorrect questions.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


The world is held together
by hopes, dreams & promises.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Why worry about something
you have no control over?

Change is the stuff of kindergarten.
Talk to me about destruction.
Destruction + discrimination,
that's the combination.

When you build a society and put foundations down, (on the foundations of slavery) and then try to abolish slavery, the society will collapse.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


In the field of all possibilities
nothing is impossible. The world
is a limited experience. (it has
limited possibilities.) Knowing
that, one destroys it and starts
anew with whatever they find in
ashes of the fire.

Even a perfect society eventually
succumbs to its own perfection.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Whatever you don't understand,
you are a prisoner of.

Life creates a body and
then it resides within it.
It is then activated by residence.

A vacant houses has no lights going. Once life exits the body it means that there is nothing left worthwhile to live on.

You can go down the tube
knowing or not knowing ~
either way, it doesn't matter.

more violence.

Time has now run out for people on this planet. Unconditioned love is now manifesting. Do not let anyone tell you that this is a war with good & evil. This war is called survival of the fittest. It has nothing to do with exercising at a trendy gym. This is not 'fake it till you make it'. You either survive or you don't.

The amount of time that people in this society have to live is in direct proportion to the amount of garbage you create.

When a man stuffs himself with food. When he goes to the toilet he dumps his crap. Societies that consume things are no different. The senses consume, the psyche craps.
Have you ever stopped to wonder where it all goes? Wherever it is, it's almost full.

Friday, July 18, 2008


The truth is so powerful,
one only has to hear it once
and their life will change.

To be the master of your own destiny
you have to act responsibly.

Everyone lives in their dream. It's called the American Dream. When the culture collapses, the dreams that are built on it also collapses.

If you want to see the Sun of God, look up in the sky. Without the Sun of God there will be no life, (as we know it).

I am not afraid of fear. It's not that I don't feel fear - I do, but I challenge it and it loses it's power.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


The biggest thing in my life
was to drop spirituality.
After that, I reverted to
my natural state.

Names, shapes & forms
change continuously ~
I don't!

Everyone who sees my head asks, "Did that hurt?" "No", is my reply,"It was painful!"
The people who ask, "Did that hurt?" are in great pain.

When you've done all you can do,
then you can say, "What can I do?"

I can only do for you
what I did for myself.

It only takes one man to conquer the world.
If he has an army behind him, he is no man.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I spoil all the parties. All I have to do is walk in and set-up shop and the show stops. After I've finished my work, I pack-up and leave, (to great laughter and applause)."Whew! He's gone, thank goodness!!

The Earth is the foundation of everything.
Your world is built upon it.

You are not considered a Sadhu
until your Rudrakshas are jet-black
(from the fire).

I controlled his mind.
He was a weak man -
He wasn't doing it!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Whatever exists is limited
by the fact of existence.
Non-existence is full of potential.
Everything that exists
is made of consciousness
and held in consciousness.

If debt drags one man down,
what does it do to the whole country?

Purposeful action ensures
that you don't have to repeat it.

Whatever you have truly desired,
made your best effort and failed;
what is the use of it to you
when it manifests 20 years on?
It is no longer useful to you.

Failure simply means
you don't get the
desired result, and
there is nothing wrong
with that at all,
as you do get results.

All happenings
depend on

There's not much going on
in deep sleep, is there.
There's even less going
on beyond the known.

The inner & outer,
above & below
is the same space.

The only people who get robbed of their possessions are the ones who take them for granted. Gratitude is the best burglar alarm.

Whatever you have dealt with - acts.
The 'undealt with' - reacts.

Monday, July 14, 2008


You have the power to stand for it or not. I stand for the destruction of ignorance in whatever shape and form it takes.
I know no other way.
I am not programmed.
I have always been like this.

Once you've done your best,
if you don't get the desired result,
all you can do is move on.

Once you stop desiring results, then there is no need to do your best. You, yourself will be the end result - which is what you were before you went to sleep.

Wake up and smell the roses. That's what they're there for. Nature is so supremely intelligent and kind to the rose that she surrounded her with thorns for her protection.

Have you ever heard the 'pop' of a daffodils' stem as it's picked? It's the air, trapped in the stalk.

Live and let live.

Do no harm.

America will never be invaded
while there is electricity.

True happiness in incredibly intense. Are you really sure you want it? After all, it is there for the taking (when you so decide.)

In order to fully appreciate
the beauty of the desert,
you have to live in it.

There is no solution
save total destruction.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


As a child, I looked around
and saw that there was no hope.
I have lived my life accordingly.
I am free of that fantasy.

Rather than living
your life in hope,
perform purposeful action.

One who lives in hope
dies in hope.

Belief systems are the problem,
not the content.

Whatever one becomes dependent on,
weakens one.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


What life offered me
was unacceptable.
I'll take my chances
with the unknown.
My loss - my gain.

Improving oneself is total fantasy.
Anyway, before you can even get
that far, you have to disprove yourself.

Those who have pain in their lives either live their whole life in a drugged-out state or go beyond the body.

Roles are non-different than habits.

If there are no characters
left on the stage, what will
you identify with?

Once you've got your
own attention, many
many wonderful things
can happen.

'It' implies that
there is something

There are certain things
in life that one cannot
have until they give something up.

I truly want the best for everyone!

You don't go against your own good.

In a neurotic society, thieves steal Rolexes, laptops, anything they can get hold of. As society goes further and further down the tube there won't be any toys left to steal. Doesn't mean that that there won't be any thieves. Whatever you have left, meaning your food and water supply. You can live without your Rolex, etc. (I'll let you take the next step.)

Monday, July 7, 2008


Predator societies
are in competition
with each other.
Supportive societies
are non-competitive.

What is there to say anymore?
It's all been said and done.
The time for action has arrived!

Work is a true Religion.
Work hard and make your
peace with God.

People derive their arrogance
from their masters, the same way
a dog osmoses his masters temperament.

The food that you eat
causes neuroses.

Eating meat
is a form of
Meat eaters
are cannibals.

You are different
from the animals.

A natural state;
No debt, the basics -
food, shelter etc.,
then money loses
its' meaning.

Saturday, July 5, 2008


There is no such thing
as survival without

When I first came to America I heard a speech given by a politician - 'One nation under God.' Convince me, if you will please, how can a nation be 'one nation under God' while ever there is racism? Another thing I noticed, on arrival in America, was tall, handsome, well-built black fellas'. I commented on this to a man I met. His reply was, "We bred them that way!" The master becomes the slave and the slave becomes the master. It's called role-playing.

When America goes
down the tube
so goes the world.

There is no such thing as God, without love. Study the culture and find out how much love it manifests. That will tell you whether there is a God or not. Whoever manifest unconditioned love is God. He is God-walking.

Whatever you want
to experience in life
is dependent on consciousness.

If you forget God in the summer-time,
don't expect Him to keep you warm
or feed you in winter!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


A disturbed mind,
a weak mind
is a nuisance.
Whatever disturbs it,
get rid of it.

Disturbances cause suffering
which leads to pain.
Suffering is mental.
Pain is physical.

Hang on
and die.
Let go
and love.

Once you realize that it's time
to let go you will realize
you've been hanging on.
One cannot hang on and claim love.
That is drama and sentimentality.

Letting go is a manifestation of true love.
Hanging on is a manifestation of fear.

If you want control
in your life, first
learn to control
the mind.
Whenever the mind
is under control,
The Universe
is under control.

The physical world
only exists in
the waking state.
Dreams only exist
in the dream state.
If you're living
a dream then you're
obviously asleep!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


When you lose everything
and you've got nothing
else to lose.
What's the loss?
Your loss will be your gain!