Wednesday, September 30, 2009


There is no such power
as personal freedom.
While ever one man
is in chains, we all
are in chains.

True Freedom
is freedom
from the personal,
small bubble of a
dream that people
imagine themselves
to live in.

While ever one man suffers
we all suffer.
While ever one man
is being tortured,
we are all being tortured.

The idea of
personal & separateness

There is no such thing as a personal experience. It has been experienced before you and it will be experienced after you. There is nothing that one man can experience that another man cannot. Very seldom will an inexperienced man learn from an experienced man. His limited ego will demand that he wants to make his own mistakes. All those that believe that way are ignorant fools. Even mistakes are not yours, otherwise they would not be repeated over and over again by, for example, world leaders.

I AM the Universal Being. There is nothing personal about me at all. I do not claim anything to be mine. The idea of mine is another false idea foisted on the heads of people for the benefit of someone else.

Do not expect
a false question
to give you
a correct answer.
Only correct questions
can give correct answers.

You may claim this land to be yours. Your claim is invalid. You are merely in possession of stolen goods. Even the original people of this land did not claim it to be theirs/mine. Ask them and they will tell you, "We are the caretakers." Ask them, "Who owns the land?" and they will tell you that the land owns us. What grows on it belongs to God. Humanity as a whole, collectively, is the caretaker of all lands. Individually, you have no separate land rights. You tell me, of what use is barren land to anyone? Even in our, so-called, modern societies, a barren woman is of no use to a man who wants to go forth and multiply. Would you rape your mother and plunder her house? why would you do it to this life-giving land. Contemplate the situations you are dependent upon, food, water, shelter, sunshine, wind and then come and talk to me about personal power.

So many wars and crimes against humanity have been committed and as yet very few have been held accountable for these acts and atrocities. And you wonder why Joy is not bubbling up from the center of your heart?

Only an ignorant fool will believe another ignorant fool when he tells him you came here to experience enjoyment, when the truth is you came here to do the work. THE GREAT WORK!

Many years ago, in the Outback of Australia, I heard a white fella' and a black fella' having a heated discussion in Giltraps Hotel. The white fella' said to the black fella', "If that's how you feel about the land, then fuck you, you can have it back!" The black fella' said, "We don't want it back, thank you very much, you fucked it, you fix it!"

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


is based
on fear.

It is not possible
to care for someone
& not feel their feelings.
That in itself proves
the existence of God.

It was the desire of the work
that I came to live here 20 years ago.

The desire
to live
is the
of death.

Desires fulfilled
breed more desires.

Monday, September 28, 2009


The less
people have
the more
they appreciate.

More the merrier
is propaganda.

Don't tell me you can't
live without hope;
of course you can,
when you've got trust.

As things get worse and worse
by the day. How long before you
run out of hope?


All ideas
come from
the Planets,
and man thinks
they're his.

How can it
not be different
with Pluto traversing the

No more
'back to business'
as usual.

I have no use
for fantasies.

What's it
going to

If you don't pass the test,
you won't survive.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


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All beginnings
have to start
How about NOW?
Seeing as ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

We sin
& cause others to suffer.
Others sin
& cause us to suffer.

If you truly believe
you can have your cake
and eat it
then don't profess surprise
when you end up in debt.

If your bucket
has a bigger hole in it
than the volume of water
you're pouring into it,
don't be surprised
when you end up
with an empty bucket,
after all your hard work.

Listen to the sound.
Listen to the tone
of our society,
then listen to the
sound of water going
down a drain hole.
Tell me there's a difference
because I can't hear it.

The world
is full of answers,
but very few
good questions.

the Government
know it
to be true.

What was it like being born?
What was your experience of it?
I'd love to hear it.

Focus on what never moves.
How do I know it never moves?
If it does,
that's obviously
not it!


No one can hurt your feelings.
Everyone is responsible for
their own feelings.


Timeless truth.
It applies
at all times,

As a child, I was dependent on my Mother until the first time she let me down. From that point on, I became self-dependent.

One can not go beyond what they do not comprehend. To go beyond anything one needs a good command of the language. To enter my world one has to master the language of Silence.

To quieten
the mind
of idle chatter,
give it some
interesting work
to do.

"If brains were gunpowder, you wouldn't
have enough to blow your hat off."
~ George, My Father.

The more pain and suffering one is in
the easier it is to say,"please help me!"
The less resistance there is,
the easier it is to say,
"please help me!"

When a man is swimming around having fun, he doesn't ask for help. He has to be drowning to ask for help. At that point, it's too late.

While everyone is talking about something, nothing will happen. Not until the talking stops will the doing start. Talking about it is a sure-fire way of stopping it.

If you don't have anything
of substance yourself,
how can you give?

People who are
riddled with fear
need belief systems.

Do it right.
Do it once.
You won't have
to do it again.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


When the music stops
there's no more

Everyone who lives in a society
has a duty not to add to the
Fail at that duty & even
bigger problems come.


Interest & resistance
can not live
under the same roof.

You cannot live a weak life & end up strong, likewise, you can't live a life of strength & integrity & end up weak. In my company, you will know how you've lived your life.

The reward for living
a life of integrity
a life of integrity

I am not against telling you
what to do with your carrot & stick.

Once you know the same disease
is everywhere, what's the point
in going anywhere?

Friday, September 25, 2009


The desire to live is the messenger of death.
Longing to be happy is the outline of sorrow.
The world is an ocean of pain and of fear.
Despair and anxiety are always so near.

Dream on the American Dream.

We live in our dream worlds.
They last for some time.
These mental formations we all claim are mine.
At last when we sleep they pale out of sight.
And all we are left with is the dead of the night.

Dream on the American dream.

Money and power, sex, name and fame.
They all go together to make up the game.
Dreams they do not Reality make.
They're hollow and empty, their contents are fake.

Dream on the American dream.

The cars that we drive made of plastic and steel,
Contain our Self image asleep at the wheel.
The monster's released with the turn of a key,
Then roars down the road singing, "Hey! look at me!"

Dream on the American dream.

We suffer delusions that cause separation.
Through pride and false ego we call it a nation.
We're so proud to live so that others can die,
But the facts of the matter will make us all cry,

Dream on the American dream.




If the only flowers
on the Planet were roses
it would be quite boring.

The violence is
in the culture.
In order to get well
it has to come out.
There are only two ways
the violence can come out;
hard, physical labor
and war.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Between the tick & the tock
is the timeless.

When nothing
appears to be
that's when
the most is

Who do you think
has the strongest
will to survive,
you or the Planet?
I'm voting for the Planet.
In order to survive,
the Planet
can get rid
of you.

Don't imagine
by plundering &
poisoning the Planet
you will survive.

It's so simple,
it's genius!
A complicated mind
hasn't got a snowballs
chance in hell.

When the air
is balanced,
the mind
is silent.


Beyond the mind
there is no God
or the man He created
in His own image.

The first
shall be last
and the last
shall be first
& man will become
a food supply.

If you believe
you were born,
you can't
plan ahead.

If it's not
in your
memory bank
it never

Only the ones who are prepared
to give up their life on behalf
of Humanity will survive.

Don't expect the bank
to give you any money
if you don't have any in it.

are stress release
& manifesting them is
not a good antidote.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009




A good man
knows when
he's had enough.

Without the Earth
Man cannot survive.

Out of my love
for the Earth,
I voted for

What great men do
small men follow.

Great men do the right thing.
That's what makes them great.

Notice my language is simple and child-like. It is designed to help you, not confuse you. Although my words are simple, a complicated mind will not be able to comprehend them.

There is no such thing
as over-simplification.

For an experiment to succeed,
the timing has to be right.

To prisoners of time; time dictates what time you get up and what time you go to bed. Time dictates all of your actions.

A timeless beings is not bound by time. He is not a prisoner of time; yet at the same time, he can live and work among you. He could ask you what time it is and you still wouldn't recognize him. He comes here and lives among you, knowing fully the pain and misery he is going to experience. He does this for your upliftment. Never will he introduce a conversation about spirituality. In fact, he is so grounded, if asked, you would say he is not spiritual.

A timeless being
is an incarnation
of compassion.

This Planet, Earth,
is made up of 4 basic elements;
Earth, Water, Fire & Air.
Man's body comes out of the Planet.

Do not expect the Earth
to support you
in your hour of need.

Whatever is going to happen
is going to happen.
The only thing that you have,
that is worth anything,
is your attitude

I am a water adept.
I have the power to lead you
to the water but I cannot
force you to drink.
That has to come
from your thirst.

There is
no end

What's it
going to take?

Mans' greed for power
will be his downfall.

The TV is a programming tool.
Televisions & programming
are inseparable.
You are programmed
to watch the programs.

Introduce the mind
to the ultimate
and it will always
return to it.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


At the end of the day
everything exists
in the mind of man.

If you get what you hoped for,
hope no longer exists.

There is no need
for a way out with

True freedom
does not depend
on anything.
Worldly freedom
is dependent.

No one
can have

Stay aware
so you don't

Friday, September 18, 2009



The seeing of it
puts one beyond it.

In the silence
there is a presence.
If you want to truly
find out what God is
(beyond your romantic
fantasies and neurotic needs)
then sit in that silence.

The world
will not get you
free from the world.
will not get you
free from ignorance.

Without discipline
you have to work
for everything.
With discipline
you make everything
work for you.

When like-minded people
support each other
all is possible.

For a
timeless being
the time
is always right.

Much better
to be divinely mad
than half-mad.

One tests themselves
until they are acceptable.
Once you are acceptable
to yourself
Where is the need to test?

There is no such thing as
a world without each other.
Without a mirror
you do not exist.

The subconscious
of everything
we are not aware of.

The first step;
One refuses to blame
anything for nothing
& nothing for everything.

All dependency
creates weakness.
speeds up the
weakening process.

Q: What has the most power
hunger or habit?

When all else fails
you’ve always got yourself.

Nothing is ever
as it appears to be.
That you can count on.

Time does not exist
when you are happy
doing what you love to do.

The space
is more interesting
than the things
that come out of it.

Uniqueness begins
Where programming ends.

There are no mistakes
Only experiments.

I don't blame you if you don't want to know what could possible happen in the future, but I will not support your ignorance of not wanting to know what has happened. Not wanting to know implies you already know.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


The level of denial
in today's societies
will insure
their demise

How come
these days
lies are
more believable
than the Truth?

is a
false idea.
is everything.

You are not the 'doer'.
You are the 'done to'.

One day,
you will find
what you never lost.

As a child,
I hoped for a
bow and arrow.
I never got one.
That was the day
I was

Trust will
let you down.

Trust in

The conditions
that you
grow up in,
condition you.

When you tell me
that you love me;
don't be surprised
if I ask you,
"Under what conditions?"

Out of unconditioned love and compassion, a hunter will shoot a fox that is caught in a trap to end its' suffering. Conditioned love will hook you up to a life-support-system and add to your suffering.

The Society that I grew up in
expressed the following;
"Sometimes you have to be cruel
to be kind."

Whatever sucks the life-force
in and out of the body,
is responsible
for everything.
(Including the world as you see it.)

Should you not trust my words & need proof then stop breathing for twenty five minutes, then we can have a chat about it. Otherwise, we will not be speaking the same language. Yours is a dream language, mine is the Universal Language. When you live in dreams,(the American dream) they are created & held together by a dream language.

dreams & fantasies.
(It doesn't ask your permission!)

The stone
that flies off of a truck
and smashes your windscreen
doesn't ask your permission.

People can only 'prattle on'
about what they're interested in.

A man who is experiencing
and living the Truth,
keeps it a very close secret.
He doesn't talk about it nor
does he lecture about it;
neither does he attempt
to convert people.
He keeps quiet about it.

Once there is nothing
Sacred in a Society,
it is dead.

Truth is Sacred.
Lose touch with it and
you will no longer be able
to distinguish between
Truth and lies.
The same applies to Life itself.
When life is no longer
upheld as Sacred,
then life 'self-destructs'.
No one can stop that process.

In the Scriptures it says,
'And man shall destroy himself.'

The intent of any program
is designed to have you
think and act in a certain way.

is for the
of cultures.

Truth be known,
the corporations
of all Societies
are dependent on
the citizens.

That's where man falls down;
he abuses the innocent.

Innocence & Virtue
are manifestations
of a healthy Society.


Once a group is programmed one way,
they will fight against a group that
has been programmed another way
(for their survival.)


What you are about to witness
has never before been experienced
by anyone living.
It's called a 'once-in-a-lifetime' event.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Soft beds put people to sleep.
A soft life does the same thing.
A hard life creates
great strength of character.

I am the wealthiest man
on this Planet.
What I am pointing you to
is what money cannot buy.

If your mind is Public Enemy #1,
how can you expect to have a happy life?
A peaceful mind is a happy mind.
A happy mind gives rise to a happy life.


The whole society
is parasitical.
Parasitical societies
do not survive.

In these days of terror you need to ask yourself this question; what have I done in my life that qualifies me to survive? Scramblings and justifications do not the cake cut.

The next thing
was I had to go
beyond it.

When you are told something very important to do with your life, as you know it; and it goes in one ear and out the other, then for sure there is nothing between your ears.

The laws of Nature that
govern this Planet,
man can break them
but Nature cannot change them.

Put your laws before your nature
and when they are good and just laws,
you will be good-natured.

The Earth
belongs to you.
What grows on it
belongs to God.

There's not much time left for anyone now. I know we are in dire straights when the flowers lose their scent. That means we are in the final stages of 'life as we know it.' After that, you will see it for what it truly is.

Dark Knights' earnings so far are $441.5 million and some politician idiot is telling me we are heading towards a recession!

A man once went to bed
and dreamed he
was a millionaire.
In the morning,
when he woke up,
he didn't have
a penny to his name.

Thoughts are brain waves.
They are like waves on an ocean.
How you interpret them depends
on how you are programmed.

Stop focusing on the content of the mind and go deeper. To go deeper you have to let go. You will naturally sink. (Don't forget to enjoy the scenery along the way, otherwise, you will have to take another trip.)

Pluto is going to loosen the dirt
in the fabric of Society.

How can you get benefit
from the mind if you have
no working knowledge of it?

Sunday, September 13, 2009


The end of one Revolution
is the beginning of another.

When you walk
in the right direction
you gain recognition.

The more
you want
the more
you are.

Try to keep
your sickness
to a minimum.


"How am I going to
survive this one?"
Good question!

Society is falling apart.
There is not enough quality
to keep it together.


The only way
to live a
happy life
is to do
what makes
your heart


Staying open to the unknown
in life
is the formula
for living life to
its fullest.

Once you fill up
all your time,
you're out of it!

In my life,
anything that
isn't positive
gets the axe.


Saturday, September 12, 2009


The Earth cannot keep producing
at the rate Man is using.

In the worldly sense,
I am not very available.
On the Quantum level,
I am closer to you than your breath.

This one
is the

Whatever is born
can never fully
support you.
I am the unborn
and I fully support.
Without my support
you would collapse.

What use
is a house
without a

Knowledge gained
through sacrificing
oneself to Digambara
is the only secure
foundation to build
a potent life upon.

The power on non-movement
is what causes movement.

In a climate of fear,
a man carrying
the Power of Love
is highly visible.

A programmed mind
cannot investigate
its' own nature.

You don't have to die
to start a new life.

There is a spark of life within everyone, otherwise one could not live. That spark is your soul. It's yours, all yours, no one can take it away from you. Those who don't look after it, lose it.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Knowing is within the mind.
Beyond the framework
there is nothing
to know.
It manifests as
Direct Knowledge.

Whatever has dimensions
is destructible.
Only Dimensionless Reality
is indestructible.

The world, in and of itself,
has no reality whatsoever.
It is your own private dream.
It is your own creation.
If you have a problem with it,
do not blame.
Ask yourself why
you created such a world.

There is a world within every word. When you take your focus off of a few thoughts that you had, those worlds die and you don't even bat an eyelid.

The eyes blink at 1/60th of a second.
Anything faster than that is seen as MAGIC!

When you want to know how the magician does it,
you have to watch the illusion
from beginning to end, without blinking.
Guaranteed you will catch him.

comes along with

Those who are attracted to the destructible,
they are addicted to fear.
Those who are attracted to the indestructible
are addicted to love.

I found the goldmine
within myself.
It gives off the most
incredible golden light
that I have ever seen.
The Power of the Sun
illuminates it.


Thursday, September 10, 2009


The simpler
the better.

Existence is dependent on
knowing & not knowing.
Beyond existence
there is no such thing as
I know - I don't know.

I have
what money
can't buy.

I live in
a self-supporting world.
Once you are fully aware
of your actions,
they are all

I didn't mean to do so many things in my life.
I just couldn't resist the challenge.

There is no world
without the word.
In the beginning
was the word.

If I can't have the best
then I don't want any of them.
If I can't have the lot
then I'm not playing.

If it's not now
then it's just a dream.

It's in my hands to give.
It's in my hands to take.

is imaginary fear.

No food
No body!

War never, ever bore
the fruit of peace.

First comes understanding
then comes peace.

Understand the mechanics
of your mind
& be free
from its illusions.

In order for
to be
has to be

The quality of thinking,
(or lack thereof),
shapes & forms ones' life.

That's what the world
is made of ~
A pair of opposites.

One talks
as they

Things get done
when the talking

There is no world
without you ~

Accepting what comes in.
Accepting what goes out.

No influence,
no power,
which leads to
frustration & anger.

The challenge
of making the attempt
keeps one on their toes.

Once you have had
everything taken away from you,
you don't need to practice Gratitude.

If you have to ask
what to do ~
then don't do it.

Don't create problems,
then you won't have any
obstacles in your life.

The Gurus' function is to put you in the right position.
That is his part. Your part is 'resist ye not!'

There is enough
drama, pain & suffering
in the world
without adding to it.

Every disaster
is a blessing
in disguise.

God is perfect. God created man in his own image. Therefore, you are perfect.
If you don't believe me then you better have a chat with Him and ask Him why he made you imperfect.


Playing with delusion
rarely makes one happy.

If you want something new
to manifest in your life
or a new life,
then new thinking
is required.

Thinking clouds vision.
Contemplation clears it.

You deserve everything.
Can you give yourself so much?

The reflections are different
but the source of light
remains the same,
like sparks from a fire
they are all different
but they come from the same fire.

Positive thinking
eradicates worry.

God implants the idea
to seek out the Guru.
The Gurus' job
is to introduce
you to God.

There can never be
enough laughter in life.

will prod you
towards the
Ocean of Love.

If I don't exist,
the world doesn't exist.

Once you break the laws of Nature,
don't expect Nature to support you.

Once one
accepts a concept
it appears real.

Whenever Nature
makes an exception
to one of its laws,
Man calls it a miracle.

What makes

Life is always changing.
It's Man who gets stuck.

Only great Beings can drag society
up to higher levels of consciousness.
He does this by refusing
to allow society to drag him down.

If one allows Life
to do the guiding,
everything will be alright.

One has to be fully present or fully absent.
Floating around in the middle means you are stuck.

are needed
to feel.

Stick with the basic,
simple facts
& you can't go wrong.

Without bottomless Trust
how can one live life to the fullest?

To get attention
you have to pay attention.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


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When the Unknown
becomes aware of the Known
it makes it as itself.
When the Impersonal
becomes aware of the Personal,
the Personal becomes Impersonal.

What are people working for? Are they not slaves to their desires? Can you imagine how much free time you would have for yourself if 50% of your desires just fell away?

Justifying neuroses,
no matter what
shape & form they
manifest in,
is not acceptable.

Focusing on what you don't have rather than what you do have is neurotic. Focusing on what you don't have causes the Neurons to misfire.
Try driving a car that's misfiring, you'll know what I mean.

Manifest your desires, by all means,
just don't forget you're living in a dream.
Dreams can never become Reality.
Reality will always shatter dreams,
like a stone against a window.

Spend your time wisely.
Work hard for what money cannot buy.
One day it will serve you well.

Any fool can purchase a diamond.
A wise man looks for the Blue Pearl.
Once seen, never forgotten.
It will transmute
who you believe yourself to be,
beyond recognition.
It worked for me;
if I can do it, so can you!

Now there's something you cannot buy.
You either have it or you don't.

The Kingdom of God
lies within everyman.
Why chase trinkets?

To the man with no roof over his head,
a tent would be considered a mansion.
Opulence lies in simplicity.

He who has the most toys
is the most fearful of all.

It will make no difference
to the street-man
when the money market crashes.
It will make no difference
to the animals
when the electricity goes out.
It will make no difference
to the birds
when airplanes no longer fly.

No Equality,
No Democracy.

The amount of lies
a politician spews forth
is in direct proportion
to his corruption.

Put one rotten apple in the middle of a barrel of good ones and watch what happens. A few corrupt people will contaminate others. Can you imagine what a lot of corrupt people are capable of?

Hard work & a man
go hand in hand.
Remove the work.
Sacrifice the man.

First attain Manhood;
It's a pre-requirement
to Godhood.

Idle hands
are the devils' workshop.
A lazy mind
is the devils' home residence.

Someone once asked me
why people die on the
streets of India.
My answer was very simple,
"They die where they live."

It takes quite a bit
to wake up one man
who is fast asleep.
My question to you is,
"What's it going to take
to wake up billions?"

A courageous man
welcomes the unknown
with open arms.
A fearful man
clings to the known
for his very life
(as he knows it.)

Birth & Death revolve
like a hamster on a wheel.
When the wheel stops,
will you get off
and walk away
or will you
do your best
to start it up again?

A true Aborigine knows
when his time
is due to expire.
At the appointed time
he will walk off
into the desert,
on his own,
to face the God of Death.

Being born is a disaster.
A good death is a blessing.
Living a wanton life
does not an easy death make.

Beyond the idea of birth and death
is Life itself.

the opposites
and live anew.

can a programmed man
claim free speech?

I'm happy I don't rely on skin for my beauty.
The beauty shop is inside, not outside.

If you don't want to come back
& do this all over again,
then don't leave a mess behind.

I am a Living Legend
in the Outback of Australia.
My Legend status didn't start till I left.
I was wondering what is going to happen
when I leave this Planet?

I can do this on my own,
guaranteed without failure.
The word 'failure'
has no place in my vocabulary.

Everyone likes
to be a winner.
Stick with me
& you can't go wrong!

I want for you
what I want for myself.
I wish true wealth & happiness
on all of you.
I wish you well.
I wish you piece of mind.
I wish you an abundance of joy.

Unless interfered with by man,
the Laws of Nature are
Just & Honorable.

Every ones livelihood
comes from the Earth.
She is a great Provider.
Give us this day our daily bread.

It is the nature of this Planet
to change it's shape & form.
It is continually doing that.
Sometimes it's hardly noticeable,
at other times it is very radical.

Life, as we know it,
is dependent on
Earth, Water, Fire & Air.
We cannot afford to lose
any one of them.

At first,
It's man
using the drug.
It's the drug
using the man.

Eating meat
the mind.

How many children
believe that milk
comes from the

No one can get away from this question:
"How many people have died in the name of Religion?"

when not necessary,
is a form of violence.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


If you have one true friend
you are the wealthiest man
on the Planet.

Life's expressions
are always changing.
It's man who gets stuck.

People who get bored
are not deep enough.

If one allows Life
to do the guiding,
everything will
be alright.

What use is an enlightened mind when the feelings are not fully developed?
Without them (feelings) one would not be able to live.
God exists in feelings.


The easiest way
to find out
what you are,
is to negate
you are not.

Pain & suffering
drives one deeper.

Focus on the potential,
it will become actual.

Without bottomless trust,
how can one live life
to the fullest?

To get attention
you have to
pay attention.

No one can say what Truth is.
One can only live it
in the Silence of themselves.

Without religions,
you wouldn't have wars!

Everyone has a contract with life.
Fulfill the terms and be happy.

If you want
a new life,
let go
of the old
and live anew.

If you want to experience Reality
you have to shatter your belief systems.
That's easy ~ stop believing!

Every day is a good day;
It's just that some appear
to be better than others.

Every day is the same,
it just has a different name.

Monday, September 7, 2009


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The Earth cannot
keep producing
at the rate Man
is using.

In the worldly sense,
I am not very available.
On the Quantum level,
I am closer to you
than your breath.

This one
is the

Whatever is born
can never fully
support you.
I am the unborn,
I fully support.
Without my support
you would collapse.

What use
is a house
without a

The power of
is what causes

In a climate of fear,
a man carrying
the Power of Love
is highly visible.

A programmed mind
cannot investigate
its own nature.

You don't
have to die
to start
a new life.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


The only question one needs to ask, in this life, is:
"What am I not aware of that I need to be aware of, to improve the quality of my life ~ NOW?


People have
lost contact
with the basics.

Without Saturn
there can be
no discipline.

One doesn't
get discipline
out of an
easy life.

Saturn has
given me

The problem
with History
is that

Saturday, September 5, 2009


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Bad feelings
are not
pleasant things
to carry around.

Forgive them for they
know not what they do.

You don't have to do
what I've done in life.
I've already done it.

If you have a sweet tooth,
you're welcome to eat the
fruits of my labor.

Why people can't fly
is because
they are attached
to the Earth.


Thoughts shaped my life
until the silence manifested.

No thought,
no shape
or form ~
Thought-free, shapeless & formless.

Preachers preach.
I live it.

Stop seeing yourself
as the performer of actions
and you will find out that
coming and going is Godly.

The road to freedom
lies beyond labels.

When you've convinced yourself
that there is no where to go,
then you'll always be home.

undiluted attention

Whether you're stuck with no money
or stuck with all the money in the world,
stuck is stuck.

Once mankind ceases
to care about
his own kind ~
he can no longer
The street man
will be the death
of all of you.

You don't look for,
You look at.

Any fool can sabotage.
A wise man destroys.
That is the challenge!

Whatever you
can't control
is good for you.
Enjoy it!

When you don't want anything
where is the need for time?

Friday, September 4, 2009


No matter how much
drama is in the drama,
it can never be as
intense as the Silence.

Introduce the mind
to its Source and
it will always
revert back to it.

Were there not to be
an inner light in
everyone, then what
would illuminate
your dreams?

Were there not
to be light
there would not be
any 'bright ideas'.

"I see" creates light
"I know" puts it out.

The path to salvation
has already been cleared.
All you have to do
is get on it.


Without discipline
nothing can be

Thursday, September 3, 2009


is the
New World Order.
Before this is over,
everyone will be
on their knees praying.

The Gods exist
within mans' mind,
when the Gods
go to war
it drives
you crazy.

I had to suffer
so you don't.

When the
laws of gravity
make an exception,
it gives rise
to the Rapture.

quiet mind
is a
happy mind.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009



There is a difference
between liberal &
lack of discipline.

Give stupidity a little bit of power
and you have a problem on your hands.

Manifested Power.

Instability of mind + power = disaster!

One of the
hardest aspects
of the work
is to sit
and do

If we are all different
then why do we all
chase pleasure
and run away from pain?

It's the idea of Enlightenment
that gets in the way of it.

He didn't turn water into wine,
He simply removed a concept.

I have investigated many, many things
and they all lead back to the same place.