Thursday, January 30, 2014



People have made
a lot of mistakes
buying pictures.

Peoples' war;
religion & resources.

A massive ocean of greed & lies;
The last wave is upon us.

It's what
every body wants.
It's what
every body needs.
And no one
has the guts
to take it.

I give everyone the medicine
but I cannot force you to take it.

God gives you the tools.
The Guru shows you
how to use them.

No light.
No world.

No food
No culture.

You end up
from wrong

No book can give you
the direct experience.
What you are
looking for
is not in books.

Words, in and of themselves, are dead.
It is you who infuses them with life force.
Take another step and you will find
there is no world without you.
Once you know that,
you are free to create
as many worlds as you like.

There's nobody better than me
& there's no one worse than me.

'Doing the work'
means not getting
in the way.

The Planets
write this Blog.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014




there is
no religion.

People are
their own
worst enemy.

Road-kill came with cars.
Collateral damage comes
with false wars.

Compassion in action,
like shooting the fox.
No one can
tell compassion
how it should
or shouldn't

Compassion is


When something
the program
that is not in
the program,
it shatters.

Once you find it inside
that's the end of the wants.

In the beginning
was the word &
you have
His word
on that.

The Guru is the Grace Bestowing Power Of God.
So, he must have a good relationship with Him.

Monday, January 27, 2014



Choice creates confusion. With no choice you know what you need to do & you do it. Without the false idea of choice everything becomes obvious.

The state of not-knowing
is the safest state to be in.

I am a nothing & a nobody, just like you.
The only difference is that I don't
imagine myself to be something that I'm not.

Every crime
has a witness.

The Unknown is in everyone.
Fight against it all your life
& eventually it kills you.

Societies are pressed
between two points;
resistance & acceptance.

The situation demands
the right course of action.

ye not

I'm the last on everyone's list
but please go through the list.
Eventually you'll get to me.

Sunday, January 26, 2014



Funny, when you take the
'What If?' away it
becomes the real.

You know the
problem with 'aloneness'?
There's no one to thank.

A corridor in time
is the difference
between night & day.

Blame never
healed anything.

Had my life not been like it was
these words would be empty rhetoric.
As it is, they're infused with life force.

My loss is your gain.
Your part is the
courage to take it.

Life is a marriage. Find out what you're not & whatever is left is you & yours, for better or for worse, to love & to cherish, in sickness & in health, to have & to hold till death do us part. AMEN!

Friday, January 24, 2014



How can you claim ownership of the body
when you can't even guarantee if the
next breath is going to come in?

The greatest asset,
in these times
that are manifesting,
is a silent mind.

Only lies
are marketable.
The Truth isn't.

In the Transcendence there is no experience.
There is no one there to experience as there
is nothing there to experience.

After release
comes relief.

There is no crime
until you get caught.

Join the line
if you are looking for Justice
on this planet.

Supreme Intelligence
works in mysterious ways.

Can a possibility
hurt you?

If you don't like it
don't read it.
If you don't understand it~
keep reading.

the ultimate
reality show.

That's the problem with all Governments;
they don't think things through.

It's all the same to the man
that's seen it all.
It's all the same to the man
that's beyond it all.

Where is the information coming from?
I get mine directly from the Source.
When do you get yours from?

Too little
too late.

Keep out
of the way.

Thursday, January 23, 2014



Happy people
do their best.
That's how they
attain their happiness.

That's the problem with heads. Without one, no one knows who you are. A man with no head may not know who he is but everyone else does.

If you could put
the unknown into words
it wouldn't be
unknown would it?
But have fun trying.

You will
never attain
what you're
not willing
to die for.

prepares you
for death.

Live a potent life & you'll have a good death.
Live a fearful life & you'll have a fearful death.

It's fear that kills you.
It lives on your life force.
Love, on the other hand,
well, what can I say?

I told you, there is
no such thing as choice.
Look around you &
tell me I'm wrong.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014




What is it like for you
without second-hand knowledge?

Looking for answers
is a fools game.

For there to be a civil war
people have to wake up.

Everybody is born crying.
Very few die laughing.

True power has to be taken.
It cannot be given.
Do you have have what it takes?

The mirror
doesn’t care
who looks into it.

If there is a hole for it to get in,
then there is a hole for it to get out.


is a unique
form of insanity

Radical change
radical action.

True understanding
is not needing a ‘me’.

I can give it,
can you take it?

One can only be free
from what one understands.

The switch that
turns the TV off
is the same switch that
turns interest on.

A peaceful mind
is the basis
of a joy-filled life.

If you
take the lesser,
you cannot
have the greater.

Mind is the scaffolding that
holds consciousness together

Supreme Reality
is the
underlying foundation.

Death is not of the being,
it is the death of Time.

Ignorance, repeated
over & over again
disguises itself
as truth.

Courage doesn’t float on the ocean like seaweed,
one has to go to the bottom to discover it.

A fully developed mind
is a silent one.

A fully developed heart
is sweet.
It only knows
how to give.

Societies survival depends on one
Supreme law. When there are two laws
that is a sure sign of a societies demise.

People who hope
have no power.

Commitment shapes life.
Deep commitment
manifests a potent life.

never woke
anyone up.

One who is in debt
has no quality of life.

If you can imagine it,
that’s not it.

All expectation
ever led to
was disappointment.

Anyone can say it,
not everyone can feel it.

Always go to bed happy
in case you don't wake
up in the morning.

All forms
of separation
are misery

There is only
the here & now.

It's all here & now,
including you.

Not too big to fail ~
too big to survive!

To go beyond anything
you have to let it go.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


The day continued with Jim sitting in his rocker and Iris fussed around the house. Sandra laughed and joked around with me. The time came for me to get ready to go out or I'd be late. I threw on some good clothes just in time for the knock on the back door.

"See ya later everybody.", I said in a cheery voice and walked toward the door.
"What time are you coming home tonight Richard?"
"I have no idea mother so don't wait up for me again."
"I'll have my house key back then."
"What? How will I get in when I come home?"
"We go to bed a 11 O'clock her so if you're not home by then the house will be locked."
"Suit ya self!", I said as I threw the keys on the table.

Now I was really pissed and angry. Once I got outside with mi couple of school chums, who I hadn't seen for years, I put the domestic garbage of mi mothers' houses aside and went off for a good night out.
It was great being out with my two pals and their wives, although I felt a bit left out because everyone I met was married with children. Not that they put any crap on me, they were generous to the max and asked me all about my life in Australia.
That evening we drank a lot of beer at the Star Hotel in Upper Sowerby Bridge. I re-met a bloke called John Lodge who I'd been somewhat 'pally' with at Ryburn School. He was a very short bloke and like most short men he had a complex about it. A real chip on his shoulder!
As the night went on he got into some trouble with 3 blokes from another area. So muggins-me, thinking I was still in Australia where mates are real mates, walked over to where they were standing at the bar. The three blokes were threatening to punch his head in, so I said, "Ya having problems, Johnny?"
"Yeah Dick, these 3 blokes are hassling me."
"Leave him alone fellas. He's not on his own now. There's two of us!"
"Great!", said one bloke, then hauled off and punched me in the face. I shook my head and said, "Good shot mate! Now it's my turn!"
I cracked him in the head with a big right hand and arse over head he went, but next minute found me on the floor with his two mates on top of me! All I remember was rolling around on the barroom floor, under the round tables. There were punches flying everywhere and most of 'em were aimed at me! Out of the corner of my eye, I saw John Lodge crawling away under the tables, out of harm.
"Hey! Where are you sneaking off to, Johnny?", I called.
He never looked back. Once he was away from the fight he kept going. Straight out he door!

When it was finally over, I was in a right mess. Although the three blokes had various injuries, I'd caught a few punches myself mainly with my face. Steve and Colin helped me clean up a bit but nothing could repair my shirt which was covered in blood, with a big tear down the front.
I walked home alone that evening vowing to myself not to help anyone else when it wasn't my problem. My bigheartedness and sense of loyalty had yielded me a fat lip, a bloody nose and a bruised cheek.
'Iris is not going to like this', said the inner voice as I walked down the cobblestone street towards her house.
When I tried the door it was locked and the lights were out. It was about 1:30 and there was thick layer of frost covering the house walls. I started to feel the cold now as I was only wearing a thin shirt and cardigan. It was obvious to me that she would blow her brains if I knocked at this time, so I decided to look for some shelter or another way into her house. I tried the lower window but it was firmly locked. The coal cellar shute was wet and black from coal dust, so that was out of the question. The only other option I could see was to sit on the outside toilet until the morning and do the best I could to keep myself from freeing to death.
By about 4 O'clock my false teeth were chattering so badly they were keeping me awake so I took 'em out and put them in my pocket. It was one of the longest and most uncomfortable nights I think I've ever had. The temperature was below zero but somehow I managed to make it.
The back door opened at 7 when Jim Bailey came out for the milk. It took me a few minutes to get the stiffness out of my joints so I could walk but once this done, I walked in the house as if nothing mattered at all.
When mi mother saw me she hit the roof. I was in no mood for any of her lectures so I walked off upstairs to wash up and change mi clothes. Once I was cleaned up I felt a lot better so I lay down on mi bed for a few minutes and before long the daydream dissolved into darkness.
I woke up at 4 O'clock, washed mi face, combed mi hair and went downstairs. When I walked into the kitchen, my suitcase was sitting next to the back door.
"Who put mi suitcase there?"
"I did.", said Jim Bailey.
"What for?"
"Because you're leaving!"

Monday, January 20, 2014





What am I not aware of,
that I need to be aware of,
to improve the quality of my life,

A man once said to the Guru,
"How can I find God?"
The Guru replied,
"Where are you going this evening?"
"To a party."replied the man.
Said the Guru, "Good. While you're at the party have a look around the room. When you find the one without a head, you will have found God."

Belief systems
will separate
you from God.

God exists
in feelings.

I don't believe
or disbelieve
in God.
The fact is,
God is
God is.

Is is not
to believe
in yourself
& deny God.

You can't have
your cake & eat it,
much as you'd like to.

The non-believers
create God
by refusing
to believe.
By refusing to deny
the existence of God,
you assert it.


If you don't understand the language,
how can you derive joy out of it?

Once you understand
the language of love
you understand
all languages.

one of the
aspects of

In order for
things to change,
the pendulum
has to stop.

Only people
with choices
make mistakes.

Choices are a false idea.
They cause confusion.

In the world of
necessary & unnecessary
there are no mistakes.

Who's going to entertain you
when the electricity goes off
& doesn't come back on?

That's the beauty
of the unimaginable.
You can't imagine it.

Sunday, January 19, 2014


Tasmania could be a really wet place at times and my stint there was just one of those times. That evening it rained inches of rain. It rained so hard all the show tents got flooded out. Before I realized it, the water had seeped up through the ground and flooded mi blankets and soaked through mi suitcase. All mi clothes were as damp as hell and had to be hung out on a fence to dry along with mi couple of wool blankets.
This little episode did not do too much to enhance my feelings about showground life. I was very grateful to the rain though, 'cause it made my decision to leave the showground much more firmer. As soon as the Tazi circuit was over we went back over to the Aussie mainland on the same ferry.
The Chad Morgan Show stopped at a small town on the outskirts of Melbourne for a couple of days. Whilst we were over in Tazi I had made quite good friends with the Maori Troubadours who were following the same circuit. They were all pretty good, easy-going blokes. Of an evening time they would cook up a large iron pot of their favorite food, which was known as 'pooha and pork bones'. There was always plenty to spare and they were kind enough to invite me to dinner almost every evening. It sure beat the hell out of the garbage showground food.
One evening after dinner one of the boys said, "Ah well Yorky, this is our last showground for a while mate."
"What d'ya mean? Where ya off to?"
"We've had the showground scene, eh. We're all off back up to Queensland where it's warmer, eh."
"Which way are ya going?"
"Straight up north," said the driver. "We're gonna take the inland roads, eh."
"Will ya be going past a town called Lake Cargelligo in New South Wales?"
"I dunno. Let's get the maps out and see, eh."
We spread out a large map of New South out on the ground and I looked for the Lake.
"There it is. It's not too far from Griffith and West Wyalong."
"Ah, West Wyalong. We go through that place on our way, eh."
My heart was now starting to quicken as I asked, "Can I get a ride up there with ya, if ya got enough room?"
"Can't see why not. The rest of the boys are flying up North from Melbourne so you can do a bit of relief-driving for me if ya like, eh."
I was never sure whether the Maoris were telling me or asking me a question, because at the end of each sentence they would always say, 'eh!' or 'eh boy!'
That evening I quit the Chad Morgan Show. I drew the small amount of money I had coming to me. Then I took mi gear to the Maoris' tent and helped them pack up their show. As soon as everything was packed away tightly, we hit the road for Melbourne.
I was really cramped in the front cab of the truck but once we dropped off the rest of the boys outside a house which belonged to one of their sisters, we settled down and relaxed, ready for the long haul North.
It was a pretty quiet trip up North, after the driver had told me all about the North and South Island of New Zealand, and as arranged, I drove the truck when he got tired. Although I didn't even have a car license, my bush-driving skills came in pretty handy as I maneuvered the big, flattop along the highway. At long last we arrived at West Wyalong. The Maori driver gave me a few dollars to get me back to the Lake because by now, I was broke down to the bones of mi arse.
He dropped me off at an all-night petrol station that was on the main West Wyalong/Lake road. We said our goodbyes' and he disappeared up the highway in the red truck while I sat on mi suitcase outside the all-nighter waiting to hitch a ride. There were plenty of cars and trucks that used the all-nighter but none were going in my direction. At about 10 in the morning, a dusty Ute pulled in and filled up with Petrol. "Ya heading towards Lake Cargelligo, mate?" I asked.
"Sure am cobber."
"Can I get a lift?'
"Shit yeah! Toss ya gear in the back, sport."
I entertained the Jackeroo all the way to the Lake with stories about the Showgrounds. He was on his way to a place called Rankin Springs, so he dropped me off right outside the Dagos' shop, in the main street.
Was I ever glad to see Lake Cargelligo again. I picked up mi Port and trumpet case and headed straight in to see Jimmy Xmas. A new Dago was behind the counter when I got inside, so I said, "Jimmy Xmas around mate?'
"He's out fetching the soft-a drink in."
"Watch mi cases mate, I'll go out and see him."
"Not-a-worries mate." He said.
Jimmy Xmas was loading a new batch of orange drinks out of the large cooler when he saw me, "Yorky, ya bastard! Wher-a have ya bin?" I haven't-a seen ya for a long time-a?"
"I've been on the Showgrounds Jimmy.It's too rough a life for me so I came back to the Lake."
"You make-a da big money Yorky?"
"Ya must be fucking joking Jimmy. I'm fucking broke except for a buck-fifty."
"You want-a job?"
"Doing what?"
"You serv-a the table. It'll be good-a for business. You speak-a da good English and the people they like-a you."
"How much pay, Jimmy?"
"I pay-a da twelve dollar a week plus-a da tucker plus-a one pack-a the cigarettes a day. Six days-a a week, 10 in the morning till 12 at night and I throw-a in a da room. Not-a the bad, eh?", he said with a grin.
"Not bad at all Jimmy. 10 in the morning till 12 at night, six days a week, fags, tucker and a room? When do I start?"
"Right-a fucking now? You take-a dis four crate of soft-a drink inside to George, den you come-a back out-a for more."
"I want a shower and put mi cases in the room after that, all right Jimmy?"
"All right-a ya bastard." He said.

Saturday, January 18, 2014


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Once one
responds correctly
to the situation,
it alleviates itself.

In the thought-free state
there is no such thing
as a mind.

True support
will never allow
you to get
stuck in the world.

Put a weak man
in a power position &
there will be nothing
but trouble for everyone.

has to be
in oneself

There cannot be
much happiness
without interest.

Every child carries
their mothers' burdens
out of love & they
express it in
different ways.

The perfect relationship;
the one with yourself.

If it's someones
intention to do it,
they do it.

People don't know how to live
for the sake of living.
They have to live for something.

You can only act
on what you
are aware of.

Once you
make a
you don't
need to do
your best.

Good habits will
look after
your relationships.

You can't do Sadhana
without brutal honesty.

One does Sadhana,
so one doesn't
have to live
a life of fear.

Anyone can go to heaven
but can they stay there?

The first step one takes
is to open their eyes.
The next step is
meaningful action.

Friday, January 17, 2014



Desire moves
It creates

In my world,
Love is the
Prime Mover.

There is nothing
outside of the mind.

"That's all
he used to call me,
'you pommy bastard'!"

You can only believe or disbelieve in
fantasy, not facts. Facts are not
subject to belief systems.
They are - as are you.

The longer you
look at shortcomings
the faster they
turn into long-comings.

The Earth
demands blood;
can you
blame Her?

God helps those who help themselves.
He didn't tell me to help you.

I always give
credit to

That's the beauty
of the unimaginable;
you can't imagine it.

Thursday, January 16, 2014





Instead of looking for
someone to love you,
why don't you look
for someone who is
worthy of your love?

There's nothing behind you, hence,
there's nowhere to go back to.
To prove me wrong you'll have to
stand up & fall backwards.

There's nothing wrong with habits
as long as they're serving me &
I'm not serving them.

If you don't give up the lesser
you can't have the greater.
It can't be any simpler than that.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014



Talking about jumping
into the void &
jumping into the void
are two completely
different things,
aren't they?

You don't ask me questions
so I will ask you questions.

Question the beginning &
you will be free of the end.

You can't be happy
with a fucked-up mind.

Choice is a false idea
therefore whatever you
are not aware of is
choosing for you

People left Sydney for
a quiet life in the Outback.
They generally lasted
3 or 4 months.
The silence
broke them

How much
do you

A man once said to me,
"Who the hell do
you think you are?"
"Me? A nothing & a nobody
just like you."

If you're not aware
how can you care?

Witnessing the witness
witnessing the witnessed.

To get recognition you have to give not take. Taking has its own place. Can you take it? do you have the courage to match it? Can you live with it 24/7? Without a silent mind you have buckleys chance.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


One evening Peter Smith unexpectedly drove into Burts' yard and stopped in a cloud of dust outside my tin shed.
"G'day ya bastard!" he said with a huge grin on his face.
"G'day Peter, How are ya mate?"
My use of the Aussie accent and lingo was now improving somewhat.
"I'm good sport, and I'm good because I've got some good news for ya Yorky!"
"Ya got me a new job Peter?"
"Sure have mate! It took me awhile but I eventually found one for ya."
"What's it doing and who will I be working with? , I said, as mi heart was now skipping beats like a room skips over a fence.
"Well mate, you'll be starting a new career in contract fencing with a real good bloke called Jim Smith."
"Is he any relation to you Pete?"
"Na mate, no relation at all but he's a beaut bloke."


"Where does Jim Smith live Peter?" I asked as he started the Ute.
"Burgooney, Mate."
"Burgooney, about 3 miles from the station."
"What fucking station? My old tin shed was bigger than that station ticket office and that Joey I had could hop across that room in one hop on one leg!", I said as we drove off down the track, laughing our heads off.
The red dust flew up behind us as we drove along and Peter turned on the radio. We drove in silence as we listened to Slim Dusty singing one of his famous Bush ballads called, 'My Home on the Sunburnt Plain'.
"Grab that gate, Yorky." said Peter as we slowed down.
The gate was opened and closed in a jiffy and the Ute was once more kicking up dust as it rolled over large potholes.
"There's Jims' old Bedford truck, right where he said it would be."
"I can't see Jim anywhere around Peter?"
"Oh he's probably gone off in the Bush chasing a parrot."
"What d'ya mean 'chasing a parrot?"
"Jim's mad about parrots. He's got a small Avery back of his Humpy."
"He must really like parrots."
"Like 'em! If he hears a parrot he's not seen in these parts he'd drop his tools at the drop of a hat and go off chasing to find out where it's nesting."
"There's somebody walking out of the Bush."
"That's him mate. Let's git out and go meet him." Said Peter.
" G'day Jim, ya' been off in the Bush chasing parrots again mate?"
"Not this time mate", said Jim Smith. "I had a few minutes to spare so I went to drop mi guts. So this is mi new pommy fencer is it Pete?"
"Yeah mate. This is Yorky, Jim. Yorky, this is Jim."
"Nice to meet ya Yorky.", said Jim as we shook hands on the track.
"I'm glad ya could give a bit of a hand mate. The weather's starting to heat up now and I always seem to slow down when that happens."
"I haven't fenced before, ya know.", I said to Jim.
"No worries mate. I'll teach ya all I know. It'll only take mi 5 minutes."
This little joke from Jim let me know he was a real good bloke.
"Better put ya gear on Jims' truck Yorky, I gotta git back to my place now. I've got a few things I've got to finish today.", said Peter.
After mi 2 cases and mi trumpet were put on the open back of Jims' old Bedford truck, I walked over to Peter and said to him,
"I wanna thank ya for everything you've done for me mate."
"Bullshit! Enjoy ya new job mate. Ya deserve it. See ya later Jim.", said Peter as he hopped in his Ute.
"Alright mate.", said Jim. Drop in some time when ya passing."
"Don't forget to make him work Jim."
"She'll be right. I'll look after him."
"Alright Yorky, hop in the truck and we'll git ya gear back to the house. We'll start work tomorrow, that'll give ya time to unpack a bit of gear and fix up the room we've got for ya."
"Is it hard work, fencing?"
"Well, it's not easy Yorky, put it that way, but you'll get used to it mate. Just take it easy for a couple of days, then you'll be right. The main thing is ya hands. Once they toughen up to the job, bobs ya aunty mate."
I liked this man. He was easy going and had a big heart.
"Can ya drive mate?" asked Jim.
"No, old Burt wouldn't let me. He gave me a push bike to go up the mali."
"Oh that's no good mate. Ya gotta be able to drive in the Bush. Ya git more work that way. Anyway that's not a problem because you'll be driving as good as me in a few days."
"Ya mean you'll teach me to drive Jim?"
"No mate, you'll teach ya self. I'm gonna provide the truck!"
"Oh, that's really kind of you."
"No, it's a fact of Bush life. I had to learn to drive when I was 13 or I wouldn't have been able to git to work."
"Have you been working since you were 13?"
"Sure have Yorky. The only problem is it's habit-forming. Once you start, it's hard to stop, especially when you've got a wife and 4 young kids like I've got."
"How far to your place now?"
"About another 10 minutes mate."
"Do you always smoke cigars, Jim?"
"Yup, I sure do Yorky. That's another thing I started at 13 and now it's hard to stop, D'ya wanna try one mate?"
"If you've got enough, I'll have one."
"Oh, I think I can spare one, but if ya get the taste for 'em you'll have to buy ya own. There's a packet in the glove box. Help ya self mate."
"How d'ya like 'em?", he asked, as I puffed and coughed mi guts out.
"They're a bit strong."
"Yeah, they're beauties aren't they?", he said with a big grin on his face.
"Oh look". I said. "There's Burgooney Station."
"Yeh, that's right. Ya know Burgooney do ya?"
"Not really. It's where I got off when they sent me out here."
"Well, ya know Burgooney as well as anyone can 'cause that's all there is at Burgooney, the Ticket Station and I've never seen it open as long as I've been around here. My old Humpy's down the track a couple more miles. I think it used to belong to the railroad at one time."
"Who owns it now?"
"The cocky down the track further."
"Does it cost ya much in rent?"
"Not a penny, 'cause it's not worth it. The old place is falling down around mi ears, Yorky, but she'll do till I get something better, I suppose."
A few minutes later Jim pulled off the main track and took a small one-way Bush track through the scrub.
"There she is Yorky. That's mi old palace.", he said as we pulled up in a large clearing which was obviously his front yard.
As soon as the old Bedford pulled up outside the old broken-down Humpy, 4 small kids raced up to the drivers door and stared to bang on it with their small fists.
"Alright, alright.", said Jim to the kids. "Let a man git out so he can give ya a hug!"
The kids backed away from the door and Jim jumped down from the cab onto the dirt.
They were now tearing at his trouser legs for his undivided attention. He picked up each on of 'em in turn and gave them a big, noisy kiss on their cheeks. After that , they tried to drag him off into the old house.
"Come on Yorky.", he said. "We'll git ya gear in a while mate."
As soon as I got out of the cab, Jims' kids cried out in surprise and ran off into the house. I just stood there not knowing what to do or say.
"Did I scare them off Jim?"
"No Yorky, You're the first visitor they've seen for 6 months so they're a bit shy around strangers. Come on mate, let's go inside."



What's the difference between
happiness & sadness?
Joy ~ it's a quality-less state.

Build an Empire on the
death and destruction
of another culture &
it will not have
a happy ending.

'Thank you'
The mantra
of Gratitude.

When nothing appears
to be happening;
there's a lot happening.
All one can do is
remain stable in
conditions like this.

I don't help anyone
unless they ask me.
That way, I know
they're ready.

Stubbornness & resistance
stop people asking for help
when they need it.


who care
too much
about survival
are motivated
by fear.
I am
by love.


If you want to support me ~ then support.
If you don't ~ keep out of my way.
I don't need your sabotage.

However you see yourself
is how others will see you.

It is harder
for a educated mind
to stop
than it is
a simple one.

These writings are based on
Fact::Brutal Truth.

All philosophy is,
is creating a language
to try and explain the

Philosophies change.
Religions come & go.
The Truth stays the same.

In 65 years of living
I have not changed a bit,
in spite of everything.

Once you know there's
no security in an insecure world,
what do you want the world for?

Only people with nothing to hide can think 'outside the box'.
Once you have nothing to hide you don't need the box.
There are no boxes in the field of all possibilities.

Monday, January 13, 2014



the penny drops
will be the same.

Hard-working people
are not neurotic.
It's the best
therapy there is.

Were you to have a disciplined mind
you wouldn't need much money.
The more neurotic one is
the more money they need.

If I can
do it
any fool
do it.

Find out what you are not.
What you are left with, you are That.

On your deathbed
it's too late.

A blank can only reflect back what you put in. Lack of disturbance is a blank. In Dominoes, there is a double blank. Double 6 is the ultimate disturbance.

belief systems
are dreams.

You will be awake
when you know that
waking & sleeping
is a dream;
as with
coming & going.

What makes
a dream
to be real
excessive interest.

The power behind these words
is potent enough to destroy you
& what you believe yourself to be.

People do not
come looking
to me for hope;
they come looking
for me when all hope
is gone.


Death of this
is the birth
of that.

Cavemen mentality
is playing itself out
with modern weaponry.

What will
the military
do to survive?

All that
happens is
Fallout of Transmutation.

Even a crow
can recognize
acts of kindness.
Can you?


Saturday, January 11, 2014



Once you know that you
are nothing you can image,

what else is there to know?

Collecting knowledge & experiences
is an addiction like many others.

Acquiring knowledge
is not going to
guarantee your

The nature of fantasies
keeps on changing.

To find out what you are would take millions & millions of years & that still wouldn't be enough. To find out what you're not takes no time at all. Finding out who & what you are guarantees you a space in the prison of time. To find out what you are not is the key that unlocks the prison of time.


To go beyond belief systems
you have to challenge
your greatest belief;
the belief that you were born.
It renders
all other beliefs

Do you think
it cares
if yours is
no longer

One light goes
out in a city &
goes unnoticed.

The most expensive thing you'll across on this Planet is survival. Every man is rich when his survival is at stake. He will dig deep & discover many powers that he never imagined himself to have.

at all

As difficult as it is to do the work,
it's more difficult to fight it.

The Golden Rule is;
'The Work has to be worthy.'

Worthy of What?
Worthy of Who?
Worthy of my

Should you ever have a
problem with what I say,
take it up with the Source.

Comments can only
be made on ignorance.

As far as the mind goes,
you are welcome to use it
or lose it but never abuse it.

The relationship with God,
The relationship with oneself,
What's the difference?


In mi downtime it was my habit to walk around the Showground and see as many free shows as possible. One afternoon, as I was sauntering along at a steady pace checking out the poster boards, a big, Melbourne City Copper stopped me.

"Gooday." He said, as I approached him.
"G'day." I said, in a friendly sort of way.

I was not expecting any more than a greeting when he said to me, "Your name Richard Swindells, mate?" I almost fell over with shock when he asked me that question.
"What if it is?" I said, not knowing how the hell he knew my name 'cause all anyone knew me by on the Showgrounds was 'Yorky'.
"Show us ya arms." He said.
"What for? I've done nothing illegal."
"I wanna make a positive ID 'cause we've got a wanted poster for you back at our local station."
"You must be mistaken!" I said, with a bit of fear now creeping into mi voice.
"Just be a good lad and show me ya arms."
"All right. But that's all!"
When he saw the tattoos on mi arms, he said "Where d'ya git those from?"
"Rex Stokers in Bradford, England. Why?"
"Just making sure I've got the right man."
"The right man for 'what'? I've done nothing wrong."
Now I was getting really scared as he questioned me. So. I run through the memories Rolodex but nothing illegal came to mind.
"We've got a missing child report out on you. It's been circulated all over Australia."
"You must be joking! Who would file a missing report on me?"
He put his hand in his uniform top pocket and pulled out a small black notebook. Then he started to thumb through the pages.
I stood in front of him, waiting in anticipation.
"Ah! Here we are. A Mrs. I. Bailey from England has filed a lost child report on you."
"Oh shit, that's mi mother."
"How long since you wrote home son?"
"Oh, probably about six weeks."
"Well, according to my information it says here that you've not been seen or heard from for three months."
"That's not true. She's a panic merchant. If I don't write every week she thinks I've been killed or something."
"All right, where d'ya live in Australia?"
"At Lake Cargelligo, New South Wales."
"How long ya staying at the show?"
"Probably till the end of it."
"Tell ya what I'm gonna do. By rights I should take ya back to the station and fill out a report but seeing as ya look healthy enough to me, I'll do it later miself. Now, you listen to me young fella'. We don't have time to looking for every Tom, Dick or Harry that gets reported missing. We've got better things to do with our time like chasing down hardcore criminals. Now! I want ya to promise me you'll write home to ya old mother 'cause it's obvious to me she's worried about ya. Is that a deal?"
"All right." I said. I'd have said 'all right' to anything at that point.
"Make sure ya do and don't get into any trouble. You're pretty young to be looking after yourself. I've got a young bloke same age as you but I'm damn sure I wouldn't be letting him work on no showground. Now take good care of yourself and if I was you, I'd head straight back to Lake Cargelligo after the shows are over. All right?"
"All right." I said and walked off into the large crowd.
'What an embarrassment', I thought as I got lost in the sea of bodies that were milling around the showground. 'Just wait till I write another letter to Iris, I'll soon put a stop to her shenanigans!'

Friday, January 10, 2014



I've been
living the
for 65 years.

I tried imagination
but it very rarely happened.

If you don't have the power
to change things then
you'll have to trust
that everything will be well.
Even in enlightened societies shit happens.

Positive emotions
are their own reward.

All Sting could do was
put a 'message in a bottle'.
I put it on my forehead!

How can you do
for another
what you haven't done
for yourself?

All you can really do
to help is to see the
best in everyone.
That will bring out
the best in you.

What one sees
in others is
within ourselves.
It is a reflection
of something within.

What you
give to others
you get to


What is time?
Time is an agreed to
'span of nothingness'.

People don't
live on the Earth
they live on concrete.

I live a life of abundance
without waste.

If you cant
separate from it
then you'll
have to
transcend it.

I have lived many,
many lifetimes
in this one life and
I haven't finished yet.

If you don't want to be afraid of the unknown, then get familiar with it. Put all your belief systems aside for a while, even for a few moments, & I will introduce you.

He couldn't change things,
but that didn't mean that
he had to participate.

Your 'there' is not quite 'there', therefore, stick at it. I have great confidence in you. I was like you and you will be like me, in spite of yourself.

Thursday, January 9, 2014



The void is devoid of contact.
Devoid of content, is that
what you're are looking for?

Once you start believing
you stop thinking.

I tried my best & failed.
What am I going to do about it?
This is what I'm left with,
for better or worse.

Om Tat Sat
& that's that.

You can only
be yourself
when you have no
image to protect.

Will society let
you be yourself?

Creativity is
the highway
to the heart.

A bad worker always
blames is tools.

What is there in me that will never change & will never let me down? Finding it is not too difficult; accepting it is a horse of a different color.

It's the
that makes the
seem real.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


 photo 167C0772_zps434eb222.jpg

Everyone lives
in the now.
It's a fact.
No one can escape
the now.

No money
no economy
no illusions.

If you're in debt
you have no character,

What you've never had
you won't miss.

Past & future pictures
are in the now.

If you're bored,
you're not deep enough.
You're too shallow.

When two or more
are gathered,
I AM there.

It's easy to
prove my existence,
check the breath;
the in-breath
& the out-breath.
Invert the IN
and you're OUT of it,
anytime you're ready.

The body says,
"I live on Planet Earth."
What do you say?
The body says,
"I am made of earth, water, fire & air."
What are you made of?
The body says,
"Just because I say
I'm tired and go to sleep,
it doesn't mean you have to."
The body says,
"I'm feeling paranoid.
You're focusing on me too much."

Lower conscious beings will
always try to 'pull down'. '
It is the nature of gravity.

The nature
of life

Once life
enters the body
it lives on it.
It's called
a food supply.

The breath comes in
& takes what it wants,
then leaves.
You may not like it
but what can you
do about it?

The bigger
the population
the bigger
the corporation.


Very rarely
does getting
what you want
make you happy.

The man,
who wants
to rule the world,
is the weakest
of the lot.

You'll know the sh*t has hit the fan
when the white man starts complaining
that the Mexicans have taken all the gardening jobs.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014




Once societies
that they
need each other
for survival,
then things
will change.

Your last hope
for survival
is Love.

"Why did you come here?"
"I believed I could help. I made a mistake.
I never make the same mistake twice."

The good thing
about giving love
is one gets it
straight back.

You can't enjoy anything
unless you appreciate it.

If you want to know
if a politician is lying,
watch his tongue.
If it moves,
know that
he is lying.

The biggest scam
ever run on people is
that they have choices.
What you are not aware of
is choosing for you.

Living the way
Americans live, now,
is very short term.

I grew up with pigs.
They're cleaner
than a lot of people
I have met.

Even a fool knows
how to spend money.

I have always seen life as work.
I have worked for life my whole life.
Work, now, is letting life work for me.

What now?
Move on.

People miss
the most
obvious things.

Relying on anything time-bound
for your happiness
is doomed to failure.

Needing anything
to make you happy
is a failure.

In a roomful of nudes
there are no characters.
They come with the clothes.

Give up your childish ways and toys
now before I take them from you.

I cannot give you anything.
I can only take away
your dreams and fantasies.

When one is identified
with dreams and fantasies
they will fight to protect them.

Civil war
is coming