Sunday, September 30, 2007


When my head was tattooed
it destroyed all hope.

Don't let your sense of Decency
get watered-down by propaganda & programming.

Go to a Classical Music Concert where one of the instruments is out of tune and then tell me what it sounded like. Mankind is one big Orchestra, grossly out of tune with the environment and each other. The music that arises from it is painful to my ears. How about yours? Once you are in tune, stay in tune. Don't let a hundred or a thousand others who are out of tune tell you that you need to tune up. I listen to the Symphony of OMKAR.

When it happens it will happen overnight. Those who survive will awaken to a NEW CLEAR WORLD. Every day, on this Planet, my children are being starved and blown to pieces. Now I am really angry!!! My wrath will descend on mans head and the gates of Hell will open like never before in recorded time. It will make the pain that I went through (having my head tattooed) appear like the stuff of kindergarten.

Warnings always come before disasters.
These writings are not warnings.
There is no need for a warning
for an unavoidable disaster.

History will always repeat itself
until the root problem is correctly addressed
Address it to yourself.

Imagining 'others' and 'differences'
does not common-sense make.
We have more in common than not.

Right actions come out of facts and awareness.
Wrong actions come out of delusion and ignorance.
First know the Truth and act on it.

If you claim to be the performer of actions
then you must take responsibility for them.

Re-acting out of the same boring circumstances.

Love acts.
Fear re-acts.

If you are so incline to worship,
go to the inner Temples.
There is one on each side of your head.
Great knowledge is stored in them.


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I carry the power of the Red Rock- the ancient and scientific art of Alchemy in the form of Alchemically Purified and Solidified Mercury. Once transformed through the Alchemical process, Mercury becomes the Rarest, purest, highest vibrating substence known to mankind. If you are truly dedicated to the transmutation of consciousness ~ read on!

Mercury has fascinated people throughout the ages. It is a metal yet it is liquid. It is the heaviest yet it evaporates into smoke if slightly heated and will leave nothing behind. In its raw state, it shines like a pure mirror, so beautiful, benign and inoffensive, yet it is toxic and deadly. Mercury is no ordinary substance, it is full of powers which are obscured by its burning and poisoning qualities. When the poison is properly removed, these powers can then be awakened and used for healing as well as for spiritual purposes.
Through the alchemical transmutational process raw Mercury is purified and taken to its full potential, becoming a harmless yet powerful life enhancing substance and a tool for human transmutation. Solid Mercury remains unchangeable. It does not contain any negativity and it cannot be polluted as no inferior vibration can enter it. It vibrates at great speed and is a complete shield against all lower vibrations."Every warrior carries a shield."
When solid Mercury is made properly its aura is a beautiful blue color surrounded by a ring of scintillating white stars. This can be seen in Kirlian photographs.
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This Purified Mercury is a manifestation of pure intelligence, a perfect balance of masculine and feminine creative energies, a resonator and amplifier of energy, a magnet and a catalyst. A catalyst is a being or substance that can cause direct transmutation without itself becoming contaminated. Alchemical Mercury is the highest vibrating substance known to mankind, and a most revered rare and precious metal used by yogis for centuries.
In Astrology, Mercury is the age old symbol of the intellect, the thinking process, purposeful and appropriate; the creative intelligence in motion. In mythology, Mercury is the messenger of the gods ~ fast, reliable and efficient; metaphysically, the communicating principle of the cosmos, as well as the healing aspect from the cellular level upwards.

Alchemy is one of the most ancient scientific arts. Whereas academic science observes natural laws in matter and draws deductions, theories and hypotheses. Alchemy transforms matter through a spiritual and scientific process according to the laws of nature. The purpose of Alchemy is to purify particular energies and substances that can be utilized for healing, or for the evolution of consciousness.
Alchemy confirms that the natural laws apply both to the human soul and matter. The same laws govern the microcosm and the macrocosm...

A pioneer in Consciousness.
A tremendous amount of knowledge is required to practice Alchemy. That knowledge manifests from within in the form of wisdom. The Alchemist is a being whose consciousness has transmuted from the personal level to the impersonal, universal consciousness. He is not subject to the laws of nature, yet he does not violate laws of Nature.
The Alchemist is one who has transmuted through the the Alchemy of Self-inquiry, which is the transmutation of opinions, theories and concepts, into direct knowledge, which is beyond mass-belief systems.
The Art of Alchemy is attained through Divine Grace and Self-identification. The Alchemist knows how to transmute his own inner lifeforce, thereby raising the vibrations of the preparations.
Without this inner power the practitioners are not Alchemists. They are mere cooks who lack the main ingredient: integrity. Without integrity they cannot possibly achieve any tangible results.
Alchemically purified and solidified Mercury is not mass-produced and is not for mass-consumption. It is for the Elite of Consciousness.

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*Focuses & amplifies energy.
*Stills the chaotic waves of the mind.
*Purifies the mind & intellect.

*It is an energy magnet concentrating coherent energy wherever you place it.
*Mercury vibrations can be absorbed through pure conductive mediums such as oils for
*Helps to clear infections, headaches, muscle soreness and general weakness and
*Improves digestion & assimilation.

*Mercury stimulates the primal energy called Kundalini which is the source of life in everyone.


Supreme Intelligence
works in mysterious ways.

Can a possibility hurt you?

If you don't like it
don't read it.
If you don't understand it~
keep reading.

I am the ultimate Reality show.

Mass movement of people will come to a stop once the Pandemic arrives.

That's the problem with all Governments.
They don't think things through.

The only way the Middle East will survive is if they put their differences aside and become allies.

It's all the same to the man
that's seen it all.
It's all the same to the man
that's beyond it all.

Where is the information coming from?
I get mine directly from the Source.
When do you get yours from?
My question is 'how come that information wasn't here before?'

Saturday, September 29, 2007


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Everyman dies as he lives. Live in fear and you will die in fear. Live in love and you will die in love. Instead of being afraid of death and trying to avoid it. Create your own death the way you feel comfortable with.

The ultimate of paranoia is to go around killing people before they kill you.

You can't live life
without getting into it.

It's the greed that makes things so expensive.

85% go.
15% stay.
In order for the 15% to survive they will have to manifest unconditioned love and that is the foundation of a great new society.

How does a conditioned society manifest
unconditioned love for each other?

The 10 Commandments are all the laws that any intelligent society needs.

To find out how we are doing as a Society, Google how many laws there are on the books.

To get free of the mind, first one has to understand it and how it works.

The world is like it is
because people have lost
contact with the Earth.
The world is like it is
because people are
like they are.
Change the people,
Change the world.

The mind itself is God.
When the mind is happy
everyone is happy.

If not now,

He who carries the most Love, wins.

Actions create situations which demand a correct response.

All problems are self-created.
(where they lead you is anybodys guess.)

You can only have free will when you are free. Once free, you can use your will, as a tool, to uplift the Society you live in.

First, one has to know what to get free from!

Freedom and fear cannot
live in the same room.

Whatever gets in the way of Love has to go.

You will be quite surprised
at what you will see when
thought stops interfering.

Contemplation is looking
without thinking.

Everything that is added in life causes change.
The Changeless has nothing added to it.

Knowledge of the Laws of Nature guarantees survival.

Pure action
Not reaction.

The Mind..You have the power, not the mind.

It's as obvious
in the beginning
as it is in the end.
The confusion is in the middle.

In deep sleep there is no religion.
In deep sleep there is no war.
In deep sleep the mind is in abeyance.

If you still have desires
you need a God to fulfill them.

Master the Self with discipline.

The mind is like a child,
it wants everything it sees.

There is only one thing on my list ~ INTEREST
Nothing can happen without it.

When one is given the Gift of Life, it is their duty to live it and investigate it.

Friday, September 28, 2007


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Once commitment takes root it is beyond your control, therefore, be careful what you commit to.

My new life didn't start until the old life untied. Untie your past or drag it through life with you.

While the boat is tied up to the dock it appears quite large. Out on the Ocean it appears like a cork.

One has to leave ignorant worlds behind. One does not have to be highly creative, just focus the mind on the destruction of ignorance.

When you wake up from a dream do you cry for the characters in it that have just died? Your waking is their death and destruction.

Everybody knows that the world as it was has ended. What nobody knows is that it will begin again on Mercury.

To get free of anything
you have to risk something.

The world and you appear and disappear together.

I refuse to allow anything in my life
that does not produce joy.

There is enough drama, pain and suffering in this world without me adding to it.

Every disaster is a blessing in disguise.

Playing with delusion
rarely makes one happy.

If you want something new to manifest in your life or a new life then new thinking is required.

Thinking clouds vision.
Contemplation clears it.

Stay positive and take it step by step.

You can have laughter and peace or misery and war. Start laughing!

As long as one is talking about spirituality they're not living it.

I have risen above as much as I have accepted.

To tell oneself the Truth,
one has to have great love
for themselves.

Happiness doesn't come and go.
Happiness is.
It comes with the Being.

When one bases their life on fact
they don't have to deal with drama.

Kindness is a gift from God.
What do we do with it?
Give it to others.

The amount of crime in Society is in direct proportion to the amount of corruption in the Government.

Why should I give to someone who can't take it?
I don't keep people in my life who can't give it.

The Military is the rich mans' private army.

Without discipline the fear of death increases.
The disciplined man becomes more & more joyful.

If one knew their enemies as well as their friends we'd have a peaceful planet.

You will never hear a man with patience say,
"I wonder how long I have to wait?"

Wrong purpose will never create happiness.

Compassion means
feeling anothers' pain.

There are no choices without control. There is no control without discipline.
Anyone who tells me they have choices, I know they have no discipline. One without discipline is weak. Discipline and a quiet mind go hand in hand.
Only the strong will survive.

I only want to be around people who can accept Love.
If they can take it, they can give it.

There is no such thing as God without Man and no such thing as Man without God.

Rather than using God as an order supplier~
send Him your expense account!

It takes a great deal of Trust to Trust.

Whatever produces fear
has to go.

Once you stop chasing happiness,
it will start chasing you.

Thursday, September 27, 2007


All beginnings have to start somewhere. How about NOW?
(seeing as ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


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Free speech is a right. It is not a privilege. Rights are like muscles, if you don't use them you lose them.

Always tell yourself the Truth. If you don't, how will you recognize it when it is presented to you?


The only way to know the unknown is to dive into it. Before you do that, know one thing. There is no guarantee that you will come out of it. The only man who will do that is one that has nothing to lose.

Going to war for the dominant culture...culture wars.

It's obvious to me that the WW1 was not enough. It's obvious to me that WW2 was not enough. It's obvious that the Vietnam war was not enough.
When is enough, enough?

Life keeps moving on.
It doesn't wait for anyone.

Later never comes.

There is no difference between yourself and your relationships. All relationships are built on the foundation of self-relationships.

You cannot give to others what you cannot give yourself. You cannot do for others what you cannot do for yourself. The notion of helping others is false.

You are your own judge and jury. If you believe you have done something wrong then you will punish yourself to a degree that you believe fits the crime.

People who sit in judgment of others are sitting in judgment of themselves, hence, 'Judge not lest you be judged.'

One can only do to others
what they are doing to themselves.

In Reality there are no such things as mistakes. See them as experiments and be free of them. If the experiment works, integrate it into your life.If the experiment fails, don't keep repeating it, otherwise it will manifest as insanity.

No child has ever been responsible for its parents happiness and well-being. Any child who experiences responsibility for its parents happiness is experiencing, through clouded vision, a breeding problem. It is the duty of the child, once grown up, to rise above that breeding problem.'The buck stops with me.'

If you see it, hear it, feel it, know it to be your duty to take care of it.

There is no such thing as 'your problem' or 'my problem'. There are self-created problems that belong to all of us. Sweeten up the environment by not creating problems, real or otherwise.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


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If we live in a free society,
then why do we need police?

There is no such thing as
urgency in death.

Once one has that power of feeding someone you had better be very cordial to them. If you bite the hand that feeds you, then it won't feed you! It's always good to know who controls the food & water supply.

Actions will always give you away.

The easiest way to find out what you are is to negate everything you are not.

One who has dreams is living out their fantasies.
The man with no dreams is living out the unimaginable.

The world and you
appear and disappear

Predators take advantage of situations.

The only way to live without drama is to not create it. It's as simple as that. It's not rocket science.

One has to have interest in oneself.

There is no break from NOW.

The body is in the mind.

No one is born Human. You will have to work your ass off your whole life to earn that rite to carry that title, HUMAN BEING.

Human beings do no harm.

Groundedness is the dead center from which one operates from. Without groundedness nothing is achievable.

Minimize the effect
by not adding to it.

If you want to experience reality you have to shatter your belief systems, and that is easy...stop believing.

Potentiality gives life meaning.

Everyone has a contract with life.
Fulfill the terms and be happy.

Monday, September 24, 2007


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Correct language supports and maintains societies morals. Lack of morals and 'slang' go hand in hand.

People who don't feel their own greatness
have no respect for themselves.

So far, 100% of Empires have gone 'down the tube'.
It's a formula for disaster.

If you believe yourself to be the doer,
then perform all actions simply for their own sake.
No motive.
I am beyond motives.

Mans' saving grace is his religion.

It's obvious that man is on a downward spiral.
What happened?

If it doesn't produce joy,
then don't do it.

Don't let your mind separate you from your feelings.

To get free from the clutches of the mind,
one has to study and investigate it.

Understanding is the key
that opens the prison door
to a world of true freedom.

You can only be free
according to your understanding.

When you finish using your mind,
respect it by putting it away.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


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Before enlightenment chop wood.
After enlightenment chop wood.


Every time the Gods make love another body appears on Earth.

As above so below,
as below so above.

CEOs' come and go but the corporations policies stay the same. People come and go but the policies stay the same. Wars start and finish but the policies of war remain constant.

Radical change requires radical action. Don't buy the label EXTREMIST. Radical change is necessary for survival.

Survival is not your desire. That desire comes out of name, shape and form. I have never changed. I am the constant. I live behind name, shape and form. It is the perfect hiding place.

I am as close to you as your breath.

Some desires are fulfillable, some desires are unfulfillable. Don't waste time desiring unfulfillable desires. Desire the biggest desire you can. It contains all of the lesser desires. My desire is PEACE on Earth. What's yours? Write it down on paper. Pull it down out of the Ether. Those who rise to desire get gassed - ETHER.

God lives in Heaven. Pull Him down so you can have a relationship with him in your daily life.

People with deep feelings are close to God.
God exists in feelings.

A man can live without his sight. He can live without his taste. He can live without his sense of smell, and many live without their hearing. It is impossible to live without feelings. Therefore, everyone is alive by the Grace of God.

Everyone has a sense of I AM.
Focus on it.

Introduce something to the mind that it can't control and the circuits blow and burn.

All the mind is interested in is survival.

Be careful what you wish for. My heart has no limits ~
you will get it.

Everyone gets it in the end.
(Put that on the front burner and leave it there.)

'Thank your lucky stars.'
'Never look a gift horse in the mouth.'
'Be grateful for what you've got, there are others less fortunate than you.'

True charity heals the heart.

Corpses don't respond.
Respond to your responsibilities.

Balanced breath.
Balanced life.

The mother cannot go back to being a single woman.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


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War never, ever bore the fruit of peace.

First comes understanding, second comes peace.

Understand the mechanics of your mind
and be free from its' illusions.

In order for ignorance to be destroyed
something has to be sacrificed.

The quality of thinking,
or lack thereof,
shapes and forms ones' life.

That's what the world is made of ~
A pair of opposites.

One talks as they think.

Things get done when the talking stops.

There is no world without you ~ right?

Accepting what comes in
and accepting what goes out.

No influence, no power,
which leads to frustration and anger.

The challenge of making the attempt keeps one on their toes.

Once you have had everything taken away from you,
you don't need to practice Gratitude.

If you have to ask what to do ~
then don't do it.

Don't create problems, then you won't have any obstacles in your life.

The Gurus' function is to put you in the right position.
That is his part. Your part is 'resist ye not!'

There is enough drama, pain and suffering in the world without adding to it.

Every disaster is a blessing in disguise.

God is perfect. God created man in his own image. Therefore, you are perfect.
If you don't believe me then you better have a chat with Him and ask Him why he made you imperfect.


Playing with delusion rarely makes one happy.

If you want something new to manifest in your life
or a new life, then new thinking is required.

Thinking clouds vision.
Contemplation clears it.

You deserve everything.
Can you give yourself so much?

The reflections are different but the source of light remains the same, like sparks from a fire they are all different but they come from the same fire.

Positive thinking eradicates worry.

God implants the idea to seek out the Guru.
The Gurus' job is to introduce you to God.

There can never be enough laughter in life.

Suffering will prod you towards the Ocean of Love.

If I don't exist, the world doesn't exist.

Once you break the laws of Nature, don't expect Nature to support you.

Once one accepts a concept
it appears real.

Whenever Nature makes an exception to one of its laws, Man calls it a miracle.

What makes everything possible?

Life is always changing.
It's Man who gets stuck.

Only great Beings can drag society up to higher levels of consciousness.
He does this by refusing to allow society to drag him down.

If one allows Life to do the guiding,
everything will be alright.

One has to be fully present or fully absent.
Floating around in the middle means you are stuck.

Feelings are needed to feel.

Stick with the basic, simple facts and you can't go wrong.

Without bottomless Trust how can one live life to the fullest?

To get attention
you have to pay attention.

Friday, September 21, 2007


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Suffer little children to come unto me for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. That is what I am all about. A great man is he who believes that all children are his children.


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Truly free people do not do what they want,
they do what is necessary.

Death, to a slave, is Freedom.

Rights are like muscles,
use them or lose them.
First, know your rights,
then exercise them.

Weaken the American Constitution and the citizens will suffer from weak mental and physical health.

The reason the constitution is being eroded away is because of societies weakness. Life has become too easy.

Freedom is something one lives, not brags about.

Before one can live freely, one has to destroy out-moded ideas and concepts.

Destruction always precedes Freedom.

You can only be free of what you are aware of, otherwise, you're just living in a prison that your senses can't see or feel.

Supposedly, the terrorists are going to invade America and take our freedom away from us. If that's the case, they had better do it soon or there won't be any freedom left for them to take.


A breast-fed child will grow out of the need to suckle breasts in its own good time. If my statement is incorrect then my question is 'why don't we see men chasing after a childs' baby bottle?' As a general rule, breast-fed babies seldom grow up and see mammary glands as sexual objects.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


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I was raised from the dust of the bonnet of the Red Rock.


Courage doesn't float on the Ocean like seaweed. One has to go to the the bottom of the Ocean to find it.

Nothing changes
except our understanding of it.

Pleasure never woke anyone up.

If we can imagine it,
that's not it.

All expectation ever created was disappointment. The experience of disappointment should tell you, in no uncertain terms, that you expected something, (even if you were not aware of it.)

Guilt comes out of the past. It never comes out of the future,

People who waste time
cannot create time.
Those who don't waste time
are the Masters of time.

Use your mind to investigate the Ultimate Mystery,
your very own beautiful Self.

The ultimate investment
is interest.

Getting what one wants does not lead to happiness.

Take care of the little things and the big things will take care of themselves.

Now is an aspect of Time.

No one can fake interest.
You either are
or your not.

Half-heartedness produces half-hearted results.

What is the basis of listening?

No one knows what they will stand for
until they find out
what they refuse to stand for.

Better to have 5 minutes of quality
then 50 years of quantity.

Debt determines who will be the in the Domino line when the first Domino falls.

Absolute and complete trust is the power of manifestation.

There are no mistakes,
there are only experiments.

Truth is a natural state.
Ignorance is learned.

All likes and dislikes have a price tag.
Likes and dislikes are rich mens' neuroses.
Poor people can't afford them.

There is no such thing as survival without interest.


Accepting whatever comes unasked for and letting go of what is no longer necessary.

There is a light in everyone, otherwise,
no one would be able to see each other.

Who cares what color the Postman's skin is as long as you get your mail.

Better to be waiting
than to be left behind.

A society that turns animals into a food supply is doomed.

Honesty is the foundation of the perfect relationship.

Potential is unmanifested, creative intelligence.

When one stays open,
anything is possible.

Recognizing the suffering of people puts everything in the right light.

When the movie is over
you're left with the reel.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


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A child has the Brain Power to make decisions for a child and childish actions. A child does not have the Brain Power to make decisions for an adult and adult actions.

When Gods' voice speaks to every living being, (in the very near future), 85% will not make it. They will not have the Brain Power to withstand it.

Have you ever noticed the effects that loud music has on our children? They do not have the Brain Power to withstand the volume of vibration. Those vibrations are the furthest away from the center, therefore, they are the weakest. The closer one goes to the center, the louder and stronger those vibrations become. It is beyond mans' comprehension as to how loud and strong that center vibration is. That first throb is God.

Anyone who tells you that God speaks to them,
check their Brain Power. There is only one that I know of that heard it and lived to tell the tale. If it is not I, then you wouldn't be reading this.

Presence, 100% attention, absolute balance of mind,
are basic prerequisites to attaining Brain Power.

In order to communicate with God,
one has to have enough Brain Power
to be in His company.

Brain Power comes before religious books.
Brain Power is the shelf that books sit upon.

The more oil that we use,
the weaker we become.

Brain Power is black and oily. It comes out of the bowels of the Earth. In every age, the Earth has at least one good bowel movement. Oil exists in the bowels of the Earth. It is a lubricant. When Mother Earths' bowel involuntarily move, it will be a very, very, painful process. Every living thing on Earth will experience it.

Man has forgotten who his Mother is.

One sunny day, I was pruning my roses. My neighbor shouted over the fence, "What are you doing?" "Pruning", I said. He walked up to me and said, "That's not pruning." With his own pruning shears he leant over and within under a minute he turned round and said to me, "That's pruning!" and he pointed to a few stumps. "There's nothing left to it!", said I. "15%" said He. (Brain Power). My neigbors name is Omkar. "Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind."

Without Brain Power
one couldn't stand
the light.

appears to the mind

Universal knowledge.

Without a price on ones' life, one cannot sell out. A price on your life is no different than a price on your head. A price on ones' head guarantees birth and death.


Neurotic desires and wanton behavior depletes Brain Power.

I don't rubber stamp anything.
I earned the stamp of approval.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


All my talking is about ending pain & suffering.

The world means delusion.
The World is not 'out there',
The World is in the mind.

What caused the world to arise
in you in the first place?

A 'person'
 is a limited way of seeing oneself.

A wise master puts an undisciplined dog on a short leash and teaches the dog discipline. The dogs discipline manifests as an ability to obey the masters' command. If the dog doesn't come back, on command, when it's let off the leash...the problem is the masters' not the dog. Sit a well-trained dog on the opposite side of the street to you and wait for the first car to appear and then command the dog to 'come'. A well-trained dog will not even see the car. It's eyes will be constantly on the master.
Love is the master. Violence has no place in the equation.

The master
gives meaning to the dogs' life.
gives meaning to mans' life.

If you untie your children from your apron strings before they are fully trained, don't be surprised when they get into trouble.

When Mum's home all is well.
When Mum's not home the children will express their unhappiness in an unpleasant fashion. There is no such thing as a home without a mother in it. A mother is a child's' first Guru and best friend. Buying shoes with Velcro ties, robs the mother of her duties. Who do you think taught you to tie your shoelaces? If you trip in life then you are not following your mothers' commands. Never has a child's' mother been replaced. There is no replacement for a mothers' love. A true mother will willingly die for you. What you make of yourself in life is your attempt at repaying your mother.
A man who stays true to himself, (man is inclusive of woman) makes his mother proud. She will hold her head high and proclaim to the whole world, 'This is my son!' He is the son of God. He is Gods' gift to me. I have performed my duties and raised him well. He is now my gift to the world.

When the child is in pain,
so is the Mother.
When the Mother is in pain,
so is the child.
Everyone know when Mother is in pain.
It is a Universal feeling.

When children cause problems in Society, why punish the child? Look to the mother.
When a dog causes problems look to the master.

Sins are committed out of ignorance.
Destroy ignorance and sin does not exist.

The next time you fill up your car at the gas-station, ask yourself this question; How many more mothers and children have to die in order that I may drive?
How far will a car drive with a petrol tank full of blood?

Living in an oil-rich country may appear to be a blessing, at first sight. Look closer and you will find that it's a curse. At the end of the day the ones who consume the most will suffer the most. True humans do not consume. Parasites consume. (Parasites consume what they don't need. It is in their nature.) Allowing yourself to be labeled a 'consumer' is an insult. Societies suffers from the disease called 'consumption'. TB is on the rise and millions will die.

When is enough, enough?
Greed does not recognize the word 'enough'.
At any given moment, you are free to say 'NO! Enough is enough!'
Ask a 2-year old child about the power of 'NO!'

In the Aboriginal society it is a known fact that whatever you take from the Earth puts you in debt to Her. To balance the books, the Earth demands blood.

To eradicate drug pushers from Society, law-enforcement will go after 'the pushers'.
When a president of a country tells you that you are addicted to oil, tell him to go after the 'pushers' and that you will deal with the suffering of addiction. It's called 'withdrawal!'

Warfare is a sure sign of a societies impotence.

Penetration and withdrawal apply equally to war and sex. A potent man would not be able to attain an erection and commit the war-crime, rape, on the battlefield.

Once a society stands by and allows it's military to bomb domestic sites, such as water supplies, electricity supplies and food supplies, then know that we all live on a battlefield.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto us.
It is the law of Nature.
Break that law and suffer the consequences.

We claim we are involved in a righteous war, then do not kill civilians. There is nothing 'righteous' in the bombing of women and children. The words 'collateral damage', (when applied to the killing of women and children), translated means 'soft pornography.'

As a child at the dinner table, I once told my Father, "I don't like this." His reply was, "The trouble with you boy, is that you are too well-fed." He took the food off my plate and ate it. He then said, "In the first Wold War I was a soldier in the trenches for 3 years. I have seen men trying to eat their own shit and drink their own piss in order to stay alive! And you, turn your nose up at good food? You don't deserve it!"
He taught me 'deserve comes before desire'.

Truth is spoken over the breath.
Lies are muttered under the breath.

Neurotic eating habits and a troubled mind go hand-in-hand.

We may use the words 'physically challenged' or 'crippled'. The fact is, the man can not walk on his own. You may use the words, 'mentally challenged' or 'retarded'. The fact is , the man is dysfunctional. Political correctness can only be projected onto a society that doesn't feel good about its actions. A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down.

Do not claim to be human and demonize another man to the point where you can kill him with a clear conscience and then claim, "It's alright, he's not human!"

When a designer handbag costs more money than a third-world family makes in 5 years then, surely, we are doomed.

In my world, one mans gain is every mans' gain.
On Earth, one mans' gain is another mans' loss.

Is your mother less related to you than your sister? Is your Middle-Eastern brother less related to you than your third cousin who happens to have dark skin?

Each and every man is nourished in the womb. How can there be different wombs, if they all function the same? A child's' personality is formed in the womb and colored by the mothers' thoughts.

Show a dog love once and it will never forget. So it is with the Guru.

In the Western world we read from left to right. In the East they read from right to left. Take the word DOG. Start from left to right and see what you get. Then read from right to left and see what you end up with.

I am a 'God-dog.'

A dog cannot have 2 masters.
It only causes confusion.
Confusion does not a happy dog make.

Once one deals with blame
where is the need for praise?

Everyone is equally responsible for everything and nothing.

Hypocrisy implies lack of good breeding.
'Do as I say and not as I do' is hypocrisy.
What great men do, lesser men follow.
What hypocrites do, fools follow.

Whatever you need in life will come to you providing you have the courage to recognize it.

Massive famine will descend on America. What are you going to do each other, and when your belly is full, will you still claim to be human?

When you put out 'shock and awe', don't be surprised when it comes back to you.

When you elect a politician, he acts on your behalf.
If you believe he's not speaking for you
then you do not live in a democracy.

Birth does not give you the right to claim that you are human.
'By their actions shall ye know them.'

I have yet to see or hear of a man-made weapon that has not been used on one of our 'family members'. Once a war-weapon has been used against a family member, it will eventually turn against its creators.

Whatever is created does not want to die, (which includes Nuclear Weapons). They are no different than us. They live to fulfill their purpose, the same as we do.

How does a man control something that has more power than him? It will one day bite him in the ass.

Getting rid of guns does not eradicate killing.
I seem to remember a boy once killed a man with a slingshot and a pebble!

Any fool can kill.
Not any fool can Love.

The reason we are afraid and paranoid of another country dropping a Nuclear bomb on us is because we've already done it!

Mans' own actions create fear and paranoia.

Once you're out of tune,
your song will be out of tune.
It will not sound pleasant to the ear.

Installing weak people in power positions can only end in disaster, for all of us.
Do not expect a feeble-minded man to negotiate.

Love and Peace are non-negotiable.
They are states of being.

True Peace will manifest by its' own power,
when man has had enough of war and killing.
I ask again, "When is enough, enough?"

A man who doesn't know that he's had enough to eat, doesn't know when he's had enough of ANYTHING!

Another word for greed is 'overeating'.

The right amount of fuel makes a good fire.
Excessive fuel puts it out.
Sit too close to a fire and you will get burned.
Sit too far away from the fire and you will freeze.

Be honest with yourself.

Love is fire.
Fear is cold, hence, in certain situations, people 'freeze up'.

Love and the heart are inseparable.

Fear and the sphincter are inseparable, hence, a soldier on a battlefield was asked when he returned home, "What was it like?" His honest reply was, "I shit my trousers!" (literally)

Do not look to me for answers. The answers are in yourself.

Monday, September 17, 2007


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Once man turns a vocation into a business it gives birth to a parasitic society. Ask the dentists' wife what she used to buy her new dress with. "Money, of course." In actuality, she brought it out of the profits of tooth decay...rotting teeth.
Doctors thrive on disease.
Psychiatrists thrive on sick minds.
Where are we heading when a man is left to die because he has no money. Does that imply death through bankrupcy?
I was so happy when I was told, 'Money can't buy me Love', or we'd have another commodity on the market.


There was once a man who grew up as a child in an oil-rich family. Everything he owned came out of oil. There was once a man who grew up in a family that dealt drugs for a living. Everything he owned came out of drugs. One day a drug war was started and the man blamed the addicts for his downfall. "It's because you're addicted to drugs!" said the man when questioned about the war. There was once a man who was addicted to Love. Everything he had he owed to Love. He lived happily ever after.
Whatever your addiction make sure there is an endless supply of it, otherwise, you will end up defending or attacking in warfare because of a shortage.
A lifetime of living and I have yet to come across peak oil..ooops, I mean peak Love.
My world runs of energy the same as yours. If you need a new clean energy source, why not try Love. It is the foundation of sustainable living.


It is not possible to live the American Dream.
One can only live in the American dream.

In order to dream any dream one has to be asleep.

The nature of a dream is illusion.
The nature of Reality is fact.

Selling dream & desires is more profitable
than buying dreams & desires.


If it's acceptable for 160,000 soldiers to die in a war where no oil is involved, how many American soldiers' deaths are acceptable in the Middle East, where oil is involved. Once 160,000 is tolerated in one war, surely, it will be accepted and tolerated again, until that number is exceeded. Once a value is put on a life then it can be bought and sold.
Once mans' life is valued more than another then the highest bidder wins.
I never put a value on my life therefore there was no question of selling out. My life is not worth more or less than another mans' therefore it was easy to donate it in service to the upliftment of humanity.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


If you are not doing what you love in life....
how can your expect happiness to come to you?
My love manifests as

Destruction of ignorance is the birth of Enlightenment.

Each age has its' own laws of Nature, totally unique to it.
Have you ever noticed the level of violence manifesting in Society
(and that's with mans' laws in place.)
What is it going to be like when Nature overrides mans' laws, so they don't exist anymore. Study the laws of a country and they will reveal the peoples weaknesses.
The more laws, the weaker the Society.

There are no such thing as choices
for a prisoner of the mind.
Whatever you are not aware of
is deciding and choosing for you
all the time.

Everyone lays on their deathbed each night.
No one can guarantee that they
are going to wake up in the morning.

Quick fixes never work for anyone.

If there's nothing for fear to feed on, then how can it live with you?

All problems are self-created.

Awareness is light.
Shine the light on the shadows of your life.
Nothing is at is appears to be.

No one is who they imagine themselves to be.
Stop imagining, and see yourself as you truly are.

The man who says 'I know who I am now'
is just as deluded as the man who says,
'I don't know who I am.'

Moths don't fly abound burnt-out candles.
Women aren't interested in burnt-out men
and vise-versa.

Light creates fire and fire gives light.

Take the limited and dissolve it in the unlimited
and live.

Going beyond your self-created limitations is called incarnation.
Re-incarnation is nothing more than recreating the same old problems.

Ignorance is blindness, not bliss.
The blind man can see again once he destroys the ignorance.
What does the blind man know of the world of vision?
What does the ignorant man know of my world?
What does a world of cripples on crutches know about running?
Throw your crutches away and know the joy.
Emotional cripples cannot stand on their own two feet.

Politically Correct: Whoever controls the language controls the people.

All forms of dependency end in misery.

Whoever controls the food & water supply
controls the people. Where does the idea
of freedom come into it?

Convince a prisoner
that he is actually free
and you won't have
any problems with him.

Politicians are there to convince you that I am not telling you the truth.
I have nothing to protect and nothing to hide.
If you are interested in finding out whether a politician is lying to you or not,
watch his tongue.
If it moves, know that he is lying.

Once you stop worrying about yourself
know that you are making progress.

The man of wisdom knows he is no better than a dog.

If you want to know the man, study his dog.
It will tell you everything you need to know.
The dog will manifest what the man hides.
It has not mastered the art of deceit.

Before you can receive knowledge you have to
Don't expect to receive what you can't give.
If you want attention, learn how to give it.
If you want my attention, you have to pay in a currency that I demand. I use the currency called ATTENTION!
Pay me 5% of your attention and you get 5% knowledge.
Pay me 100% of your attention and get the lot.
Now, there's a challenge worth picking up.
At 4 years of age I was given this knowledge directly from within. No books or intermediaries were necessary. What was necessary were the right conditions.
The right conditions manifested as putting myself in the Atlantic Ocean not knowing how to swim. After going down for the second time, I can assure you, my full attention was on God, or so I believed, until I went down for the third time and found the last remaining units of attention. In that moment,
I became 100% present and correct.

Once you are in that space of Unconditioned Love, do not allow anything to recondition it.

I love myself in spite of, not because of.
All of those who say,'Absolutely..I agree!' have no idea what I am talking about.
Only the man who has looked into the eyes of the God of Death will know what I am talking about. Never will he say, 'I agree with you'.
He will simply have an inward smile on his face.

Death is psychological. It is necessary for Birth.
Birth an Death depend on each other.
The root cause of fear is Birth and Death.

In my life, I have been told many times, 'If you do this (or that) something bad will happen.' My answer was then. as is now, 'Good, I can hardly wait.'
'IF' is the tool of emotional blackmail and fantasy.

Don't become an old shoe, just because they're comfortable.
Discipline your mind and break in the new.

For knowledge to manifest, a catalyst is required.
A catalyst is that which causes direct transmutation without itself becoming contaminated.

Knowledge is also an addiction.
Wisdom is a necessity.

This Planet was highly capable of supporting, minimum, 12 Billion people, were we not to demand more than the basics. The more greed manifests, the less people the Planet is capable of supporting.
Once you hear people talking about the effects of Global Warming, know that it's already too late!

The Future has a nasty habit of rushing into the Now.

There is no security in an insecure world.
The world hangs by a thread.
Deny it reality and be free of it.
(but do not then expect it to give you anything,
other than the basics,
which is all you are entitled to.)

It is not possible to kill a man who has no fear of Death. He will willingly donate his life to his Society and what he believes in, namely his God.

Terrorists are evil necessities. They introduce man to his fear. They strike the bell of fear in the hearts of men. No fear, no terrorists; no terrorists, no fear. They are reflections of mans fear. Most times, men who are committed to the death for what they believe in are seen as terrorists.

To survive a terrorist attack, a man must be wholeheartedly willing to donate his life to his God.

A true devotee of God is a terrorist to ignorance.
Just seeing him strikes terror in the dried-up heart.

One can only torture the lover of Gods' body, not the Being.
The Being lies beyond torture and comfort.

When people criticize every word you utter, it's a sure sign that you're correct!

Right & wrong
Good & bad
Should & shouldn't
Holy & evil
are childish toys that the mind has not given up yet.

There is no such thing as 'your mind' and 'my mind.'
There is consciousness.
A frightened horse wears blinkers.
Blinkers restrict vision.
Remove your blinkers,
challenge your fear,
and see God everywhere,
in all things, at all times.

The God-conscious mind never loses contact with God.

There is no such thing as 'unconscious'.
Unconscious simply means 'not-remembering'.

Beyond name, shape & form there is no such thing as fear & loss.

I do not care who believes or disbelieves me.
Belief systems are for time and circumstance.
Better to prove me wrong.
In order to do that, you will have to dive into the Ocean of Love.
That action can only improve proof.

The mind is a springboard.
Dive off, in to the Ocean of Love
which lies at the center of every ones heart.
Do not sit at the feet of the mind.

The Heart is the Guru.
The Guru is the Grace of God.
Put the mind on it's seat and discipline it to stay there.

Do not conduct business in the House of God or the tables may be turned on you.
In India, people ask me for money.
I ask them, "Do you go to the bank
and ask for Blessings?"
They answer, "No, Guruji.'
'Then why come to me and ask for money.
The bank is the God of money."
Don't ask God for money.
Earn the Guru's Grace and become the richest man on the Planet.

To know God go beyond your concepts of Him.
Do not mistake your concept for the Real Thing!
The Real Thing will chop of your head with the sword of Love & Compassion.

I manifest as a
Thief in the night.
Make sure you lock up your ignorance or
I will steal it.
Don't forget,
the key to the prison of ignorance is the same key that opens the door to freedom.

Knock and the door will be opened up unto you.
Attention is knocking.

Dreams are only echos of your waking state.

A Societies indifference to the suffering of others will bring suffering to that societies door.

In order to protect yourself you need hair.
God protects the shorn lamb.
I don't need hair.
If you're interested in breeding, it helps to have a good head of hair.
If your not interested in breeding, what do you need hair for.

Someone once asked me,
"Guruji, how can you walk around with no teeth?"
My reply was simple,
"I'm not looking for a woman and I have no need to impress anyone."


Saturday, September 15, 2007


My name is Guru Om and this is my desire.
I desire Peace on Earth and Goodwill between all Mankind.
It's the only desire that I have.
Will you support it?


If you want a relationship with someone
use their name.

It's all practice.
No matter what happens in life,
maintain stability or else you'll sink.

There is only a need for man-made laws when one doesn't follow God's laws.

When politics divide people, they are conquered.

You are your own last hope.
If you live in hope then you will die in hope.

F^%# fantasy and dreams. I'll take my chances with reality.

There is no identity without a head.

One who has no need for attention has no friends. He has acquaintances wherever he goes. People need peoples' attention because it gives them a sense of reality.

If you take your attention off of God,
then you don't really exist.
God & existence are inseparable.

Everyone knows God.
You may not like Him (no one is forcing you to.)
All those who say they don't believe in God,
you can only believe in what you know.

If you've never heard of God, how can you say. 'I don't believe in Him.'
To hear of him is to know Him.
To see Him is to be Him.
See God in yourself and re-cog-nize who you are.

You can't say you don't like mince pies if you've never had one.
You can't say you don't believe in Astrology unless you've studied it.

Next time someone tells you, 'I don't believe in ghosts',
ask them when they last saw one!

If you see something beyond your imagination,generally speaking, you will hear these words,
'I don't believe it!'

How can you deny what is beyond your imagination?

Life-supporting desires manifest very quickly.

Love has the most power. There's a little bit of it in everyone.
Don't try to save the world, save your own little bit.

I don't give love to anyone,
but I have never stopped anyone from drinking.

Love is a state of Being,
not something you barter at the market.

Peace will come after Nuclear warfare.
There won't be many left to disturb it.


The new never comes until the old is gone.

Friday, September 14, 2007


Kindness is a facet on the diamond of generosity.

You cannot buy time.
You can only create it by not filling it up.

Right action occurs when one gets in touch with the situation;
act accordingly and respond correctly.
To do that one needs a quiet mind.

How much peace can I manifest?
Now, that's what I call a challenge!

Don't ever put anything between yourself and God. You do not need an intermediary.
Does the Prince, need the Prime Minister to get an appointment with his father, the King?

That's the problem with Time, there just isn't enough of it.
Once you know how to create it, you never run out of it.

Hard work creates sound character.


Desires require time to manifest.

Man appears with everything he needs.

Nothing will ever happen until people stop hoping and praying and start doing.

What makes a realized being special is that he has risen above societies mediocrity and weakness and refuses to be pulled back down again.

Dependency on anything causes misery.

People who worry about the future
are not taking care of today.

What is the greatest challenge in life?
To see God in everyone and everything.

Accepting whatever comes unasked for and
letting go of what is no longer necessary
is called sanity.

There are no mistakes, there are only experiments.

Only a man with a silent mind can rule the world.

The nature of greed is it never knows when it's had enough.

Sin is something that does not produce joy.

Sabotaging oneself is not natural.
It is a learned process.
Loving oneself is a natural process.
If you don't know how to love yourself, it's very simple.
Stop sabotaging yourself.

No one can give you enlightenment.
You give it to yourself.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Thinking includes the mind, contemplation excludes it.

If you want to find out what the nature of something is...then look at it without

Thoughts are waves.
Waves distort Reality.

At 5 years of age, they took the prizes away from me at Musical Chairs.
That enabled me to find my own seat and sit on it.
Find out what it is that no one can take away from you.
That's the true prize!

What would it take, how bad would it have to get before you join the military to fight for your way of life, as you know it?

When the work is done, then you can have fun.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Life is like a fishing net.
Focus on the whole, not on the net.
That is what the fish does.
Even a fish has that ability.


If there is a hole for IT to get in
then there is a hole for IT to get out.


A mirror doesn't care who looks into it.


Radical change
radical action.


Enlightenment is a unique form of insanity.


One cannot know the Self,
they can only be the Self.


It takes great courage to live without belief systems.


The root cause of all fear is


Suffering will never end
until the cause is removed.


There are no problems without incorrect information.
Incorrect information creates confusion and conflict which causes negativity.
Negativity, in turn, manifests as war, destruction and death.


Illusion is based on a false point of reference.


In between fight or flight
lies peace.


Appearances are deceptive.


Courage doesn't float on the ocean like seaweed.
One has to go to the bottom to discover it.


God gives the tools.
The Guru teaches you how to use them.
You do the work.


True happiness
is the ability to give up what you don't need.


A peaceful mind is the basis of a joy-filled life.


If you take the lesser,
you cannot have the greater.


Death is not of the being. It is the death of time.


True power comes from belief in myself.


One can only be free from what one understands.


The same switch that turns the TV off
is the same switch that turns the interest on.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


We come here alone.
We live here for X amount of years, imagining we live with others.
Then, we leave alone.
From the standpoint of Reality
There is no such thing as others.
The concept of others creates separation and fear.


Lifes' expressions are always changing.
It's man who gets stuck.


People who get bored are not deep enough.


If one allows Life to do the guiding...
everything will be alright.


What use is an enlightened mind when the feelings are not fully developed?
Without them (feelings) one would not be able to live.
God exists in feelings.


Life is one big test.


The easiest way to find out what you are, is to negate everything you are not.


Pain and suffering
drives one deeper.


Focus on the potential,
it will become actual.


Without bottomless trust,
how can one live life to the fullest?


To get attention
you have to pay attention.


No one can say what Truth can only live it in the Silence of themselves.


Without religions, you wouldn't have wars!


Everyone has a contract with life...fulfill the terms and be happy.


If you want a new life, let go of the old and live anew.


If you want to experience Reality you have to shatter your belief systems.
That's easy....stop believing!


Every day is a good day...
It's just that some appear to be better than others.


Every day is the same. It just has a different name.


Desires fulfilled breed more desires.

Monday, September 10, 2007


If you're stuck in quicksand yourself, how are you going to help someone else get out? Keeping your own feet on solid ground is all the help anyone needs.


I refuse to accept the world as it appears today! Absolutely unacceptable!


A poor man never made any money out of war.


There is always work for one who is willing to do it.


Destruction of ignorance manifests God.


In all the TV & Movies that you've ever seen...have you ever seen a regiment of vegetarians going to war? Eating meat overheats the mind which turns into aggression. A small spoonful of Tigers' meat would kill a man if he ate it.
That's a fact.


The only way to conquer the word is through love. I see the world as a child of love. Without love there is no world.


Everyones' actions affect everyone.


Every warrior has his shield.


One can only survive with unity.


I had to find strength within myself to survive.


How can any society be at peace when its people have not made their mind there best friend, their mate? Whoever is looking for a 'soul-mate', make your mind your best mate and the search is over!


Right & wrong is mans' consciousness.
Correct & incorrect is Gods consciousness.
Perform correct actions and live a regret-free life.

Sunday, September 9, 2007


Desires fulfilled breed more desires.

Saturday, September 8, 2007


I seek no ones approval, therefore, I am.

God gives the gift of life. You have no right whatsoever to criticize or complain about it. If you're not satisfied with the gift
then give it back.

Insecurity is an obstacle
which blocks the flow
of love.

People who live in the 'known' get bored
very easily.
My world is the
No one gets bored here.

One can not imagine what they haven't experienced.

People are frightened of their own potential.

Feeding greed is
a full-time job.

Originality comes from the
The Source!
Anything that is born lives with the fear of dying - except life itself.

No bees
No pollen
No crops

Friday, September 7, 2007


Where your world ends, my world begins. When you see me alive I am dead. When you see me dead...I am alive!

'I DON'T KNOW' is the key that unlocks the door of ignorance.


A mind, full of idle chatter is overheated. Cool the mind with the
Swans song and know your own secret, then all other secrets will be revealed.

Manifest your greatest desire and the lesser desires automatically are fulfilled.

"Someone once asked me a question about religion. My answer was, "Once you can walk why do you need a crutch?"


Prisoners of time

Felons of the mind
We break the laws, commit the crimes
We sell our soul for nickels and dimes.

Man where are you going with your technology?
It's based on greed and violence
And it's called democracy.
No time to stop and listen
No time to ponder why
We're headed for disaster
The Universe will cry.

Prisoners of Time
Felons of the mind
We break the laws, commit the crimes
We sell our soul for nickels and dimes.

Children there are many
Values there are few.
No time to stop and play with them
Because the credits due.
It's business as usual
A frozen pack will do.
The TV's going constantly
Designer clothes and shoes.

Prisoners of Time
Felons of the mind
We break the laws, commit the crimes
We sell our soul for nickels and dimes.

Vote for me, send me a fax
Vote for me, I'll cut your tax
Vote for me, please vote for me
I'm all for the death penalty.
Vote for me, I want your power
Vote for me this very hour.
Vote for me and don't despise
The fact that I am full of lies.

Prisoners of time
Felons of the mind
We break the laws, commit the crimes
We sell our soul for nickels and dimes.

We say that we want answers
But I don't think we do.
The pain of feeling separateness
Well, that's addictive too.
Who am I without problems?
Who am I without name?
Who am I without shape and form?
Who am I without fame?

Prisoners of Time
Felons of the mind
We break the laws, commit the crimes
We sell our soul for nickels and dimes.

For those of us who will not share,
For those of us who do not care
For those of us who will not bend
Well, it's fast coming to and end.
'Cause time is an illusion, created by the mind
And once the mind stops moving, there's no such thing as time.

Prisoners of Time
Felons of the mind
We break the laws, commit the crimes
We sell our soul for nickels and dimes.

(These are the lyrics to a song Guruji wrote 10 years ago.)

When I was keying these lyrics in I asked Guruji if it should be 'souls' or 'soul'? He said, 'Soul', singular .....there's only one.

One mans gain is another mans loss.

Thursday, September 6, 2007


Guruji has lived in India for many years.There are many memories I have of the times I spent with Him there. One of them is of the 'Arupathi'. An Arupathi is many times more a millionaire that we know of in the west. (there are many arupathis in India.) This one met Guruji at a gathering and asked if he could have a private meeting with him. Guruji is open to all and everyone rich & poor. Guruji agreed and asked him what time he would like to come. He gave a time and it was settled that he would come at 2pm. 2 pm came and went and when the arupathi arrived much later he was told that Guruji would not see him. He was upset and said, "But I was meeting with Government ministers!" Guruji gave him another time to come the next day...again the same thing happened. Guruji sent a message to him that he would not see him. The man cried and went away. One of his devotees said to Him...'why did you send him away he could have given you much money to fund all the things you want to do in India...he would have given you land and built you a place where homeless children could come and live and learn. Guruji said, 'If he has no respect for time then he has no respect for himself. He is a prisoner of time and no good will come of it!"


Guruji asked me, when I first met him, "If this is the happiest you are ever going to be for the rest of your life, will that be alright? I didn't answer immediately. I had to think about it. Then I said, "yes". (I wasn't exactly ecstatic about it, because at that time, I didn't feel that 'happy'!) Now I see how it works; by saying 'yes', a door opened to a state beyond happiness...endless joy, causeless joy. Not that it isn't work to keep out those things that I allow to get in the way of that joy flowing and sometimes it's really hard work.

More 'words heard' -

Take the conditions off of Love and live in the Garden.

Without the Touchstone, there is no Gold.

Praying for 'things' will not attract Him...Unconditioned love COMPELS Him!

Destruction of ignorance manifests God.

Once you find God in yourself, then where can you look without seeing Him?

The old world is dead and gone - This is the birth of the Golden Age. (Are you ready for the labor pains?)

If you want stability, don't rock the boat!

The full power of God lies within me, therefore, I am His Grace.

If you don't have access to fire then you don't have access to Hot Ideas!

It's a full-time job...just living.

There is no aging in a 'child-like' state.

Beyond name, shape & form, there is no such thing as death.

One has to love oneself unconditionally. Anything else is unacceptable.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


is the precursor
to evolving.

If you have never experienced
a quiet mind -
how will you know
I am telling you the truth?

In a corrupt society,
justice is bought and sold
to the highest bidder.

When one realizes
that they have no
control over anything...
it's called a crisis!

In the Aboriginal way;
whatever you take
from the Planet
you have to give back.

in the mind
of man.

The only thing
can do
is confuse.

At the end of the day,
all one can do is

You can't control people
unless they are worrying...."

When one asks,
"What can we do about it?"
Know that it's already too late

The act
of studying the mind,

When business is fair,
it's Godly.

One can have power
in the world
when they have power
over their mind.


does not control -
fear does!

There is
an abundance of happiness
in each and every one of us.
Prove me wrong!
Stop creating misery.


I would like to introduce you to Guru Om (Guruji). For 18 years He shore sheep in the Outback of Austrailia.There is no other work on this planet as difficult as this. The word 'Guru' means 'One who is heavy with knowledge.' All the knowledge that he carries of the Absolute Truth has come out of His sweat & hard labor, not books.