Thursday, October 31, 2013



The difference
is in the depth.


In tune with
the times
which only
the Timeless
can be.

by greed &
lust for power.


It has got nothing to do
with the Government.
It's all about the people.
There is no such thing
as a Government
without the people.

Moral corruptness
manifest itself
as weakness

Cleaning house.
Out with the old,
in with the new.

Death of the Old World Order
is the birth of the New World Order.

have been living
& dying
since time

I like being anonymous.
I am the biggest
black hole
you will ever meet.
Get close to me
& I will suck you in.

One has to maintain
a certain level
of stress to walk upright.
That is the penalty
that man pays for
walking upright
on two legs.

Each President brings
his picture with him.

Meditation & scuba-diving are very similar. To spend time on the bottom, the scuba-diver has to remain in a peaceful state so he doesn't use up his air supply. The Guru does the same. He dives to the bottom of the Ocean of Consciousness and sits there peacefully.

are a
breeding ground
for problems.

Only a man
in debt
can be owned
by the master.

Debts & slavery
are inseparable.

Any fool
can get
into debt.

'Give a man enough rope
and he will hang himself'.

Our Society is cracking up
and no amount of Botox
will patch it up.

What creates Joy
in my heart
is knowing
that the Guru is
The Be-All & End-All of Everything.

Facts manifest
Joy in the heart.
Fiction manifests
suffering in the mind.

When you turn
on the light,
shadows disappear.

Shadow Governments cannot exist in the light. Shadow Governments consists of shadow people. Shadow people hang out in the shadows, watching you. They're called shadow-watchers. If you don't want them in your life, turn up your inner light so there are no shadows for them to hide in.

If you don't
want problems
in your life,
don't open the
door to them,
or better still,
don't create them
in the first place.

A self-disciplined man doesn't need anyone telling him what to do. A self-disciplined man is self-governed.

Once you've given your power away don't be surprised when it's used against you. Not to mention what it's going to take to get it back.

How does a mass-awakening happen?
When it's necessary.

If there's
another way,
then it's up to
you to find it.

No matter how divine or lofty the whole thing has to go.
The whole thing has to go for True Freedom to manifest.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013



26 years ago, when I first came to America, this was my Statement of Fact;
"85% of this world population is going to be wiped out. The remaining 15% will only survive through Unconditioned Love". Without exception, to a man, everyone said, 'Not in my lifetime!'. Well, here we are, teetering on the brink of destruction. One massive, natural disaster & over we go!.

As above
so below,
as below
so above.

CEOs' come and go but the corporations policies stay the same.
Wars start and finish but the policies of war remain constant.

Radical change
requires radical action.
Don't buy the
Radical change is
necessary for survival.

Survival is not
your desire.
That desire comes out of
name, shape and form.

I have never changed.
I AM the constant.
I live behind
name, shape & form.
It is the perfect hiding place.

as close to you
as your breath.

Some desires are fulfillable, some desires are unfulfillable. Don't waste time desiring unfulfillable desires. Desire the biggest desire you can. It contains all of the lesser desires. My desire is PEACE ON EARTH. What's yours? Write it down on paper. Pull it down out of the Ether.


A man can live without his sight. He can live without his taste. He can live without his sense of smell, and many live without their hearing. It is impossible to live without feelings. Therefore, everyone is alive by the Grace of God.

has a
sense of
Focus on it.

Introduce something
to the mind
that it cannot control &
the circuits will blow.

All the mind
is interested in
is survival.

Be careful
what you wish for.
My heart has no limits ~
you will get it.

'Thank your lucky stars.'
'Never look a gift horse in the mouth.'
'Be grateful for what you've got,
there are others less fortunate than you.'

True charity
heals the heart.

Balanced breath.
Balanced life.

The mother
cannot go back
to being a single woman.

If it's not supporting &
you don't have the power
to destroy it, then you have
to live with it.

Learning how
to live
with myself

Interact with the world in a minimum way & it will have a minimum effect on you. Interact with it in a big way & it will have a big effect on your life.

The Electricity
is the key.

is beginning
to shatter.

Before I will
accept anything,
it will have to
fulfill the

Tuesday, October 29, 2013



Any idiot can focus on
what money can buy.
A wise man focuses on
what money can't buy.

The ultimate
scam is death.

Nothing can happen
in this life
without love.

'Lead me not into temptation'
As a young man, I learned the meaning of this, every time I was tempted to beat myself up. Don't beat yourself up.

People who are not
afraid of love
cannot be
by fear.

You can't be
fooled by love.
You can only be
fooled by
fear & ignorance.

I will not ever tell you I love you.
If you don't know, you don't deserve it.

If you want it,
do the work &
then desire it.

You can't withdraw
from an empty bank.

How can anyone
know the Truth
if they lie?
If you want a
with the Truth,
don't lie.

The work
is staying

Throbs at
the heart
of humanity.
Get in touch
with it.

Monday, October 28, 2013



There has to be
something present
to say I AM.

There is no
legitimacy in

There has to be
an equal amount
of presence for
existence & denial
to exist, as an idea.


has never
let me down.

There has to be
someone there to
accept the
existence of God;
likewise with denial.

What lies

Were you to deserve
what you claim,
you wouldn't have to
put it on the card.

Before you

You had better pray to your God that the price of Gold not go down. Were gold to go down to $250 an ounce, 85% of the people on this planet will be gone.

They don't use
paper money
in a Golden Age,
they use Gold.

Why give a man a sharp knife
when you know he's stupid enough
to cut his own throat.


As a child I wanted everything I saw.
It caused great disappointment.
Once I taught myself to focus on need,
the wants fell away like leaves on a tree.

People call
it a dream.

The people who
were not allowed
to participate
in the American Dream
will do very well
in the future.

Find out how many laws have been written & acted upon to guarantee your freedom. Then count how many laws have been written to restrict your freedom.

There is no
such thing
as a 'free world'.

Any nation in debt is owned
therefore, it cannot be free.

The slave master
has a set of rights
over his slave.
Were that not
to be the case the
slave would not work.

The credit card companies are
supported by the laws of the land.
They have more rights to
get their money back
than you have to walk away.


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Were you present at your birth?
Do you remember dying?
Do you really understand?
Or do you spend your lifetime trying?
People tell you who you are
And what you should be doing.
But you never stop and look yourself,
You just spend your lifetime fooling.

Give it up,
Give it up,
The World is an illusion.
Give it up,
Give it up,
The World is an illusion.

If you stop just for a moment
And you care to look inside
You'll find out what I'm saying
Is so easy to realize.
Then you won't have to be and do
Just what they want you to.
You can be yourself at any cost
And do well what you do.

Give it up,
Give it up,
The World is an illusion.
Give it up,
Give it up,
The World is an illusion.

You pretend that you don't know
Just what you want to do.
'Cause it saves you from the pain
If you cannot follow through.
And freedom is a heavy word
You've learned to go around.
It keeps you stuck in your small world
And pulls you further down.

Give it up,
Give it up,
The World is an illusion.
Give it up,
Give it up,
The World is an illusion.

Sunday, October 27, 2013



To be rooted in
the thought-free state
you have to
dissolve thought.

Don't wait for anyone
to give you recognition.
"Give it tha' sen."

I created my own wealth.
I AM a self-made man.


The basics
remain the

comes out of


Man is soon to find out
how much control he really has.

A disciple
of the

The easiest way to pay off incorrect actions is with money. Yet, how do you do that in a bankrupt economy? You are the economy; how do you feel?

Good company.
say that.

A man,
with no patience,
can't wait to die.

Once I
said it,
I had to
live it.

Once you realize
there is nowhere to go
& nothing to do,
you'll have lots of
time on your hands.

The only thing
that stops a society
from imploding
is morals.

you & doom.

Saturday, October 26, 2013



The only way to keep
the hamster off the wheel
is to take the wheel away.
Likewise with people.

One of the lessons
I learned in life was;
if you don't look after it,
it will be taken away from you.

Before anything
goes on the blog,
I do the work.

All scams are based on ignorance
& the fall guys are the ignorant.

Dependence on
is misery.

If you could have ____________
would it make you any
happier than you are right now?
I didn't need to look any further.

Nothing will ever
change in America
until you are ready to put
your life on the line.

Going through life,
leaving your shit behind
for someone else to
pick up is over.

All Empires are the same,
they are all built on
the backs of slavery
& that's why they failed.

A powerful man
has no crutches.

Don't believe the bullshit you're told.
Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
In the absolute there is no such thing as power.
In the world absolute power is found in the heart
& someone wants me to believe they're ignorant.

The only thing that will
wake the world up en-masse
is a nuclear war, which
will bring New-Clear-Energy.

Not trying to influence
has the most influence.

The desire to go beyond suffering,
isn't that an act of love?

Aches & pains belong to the body,
suffering belongs to the mind.
You may have to put up with the body
but suffering is not necessary.

When it comes down to
necessary & unnecessary
you will be surprised by
how little you really need.

What's beyond
great inconvenience?

I don't care
whether people
like me or not.
I like me.
my best

You claim the body to be yours,
then take it with you when you go.

Friday, October 25, 2013



Once you leave
something so long
that it becomes
too big to deal with,
it deals with you.

There is
no such thing as
'too big to fail'.
How about
'too big to survive.'

If you're not beyond help yourself,
how are you going to help anyone?

What does one do
when war criminals
are making the
rules up as they go?

Breaking the rules of war
is a one-way straight to hell.

Money cannot buy
Happiness &

People can't tell the
difference anymore
between truth & lies.

Life pushes one
beyond their limitations.
The body, for example.

is a constant.
the others
come & go.

At the end
of the day,
nothing matters
without love.

create problems
and then pretend
you're a victim.

Even an insect
is attracted
to the light.
How about you?

"What is God?"
"Who wants to know?"
"I do."
"Who are you?"
"Precisely! Next question?"

Thursday, October 24, 2013



What's the point of taking everything away from a grateful man? Which leads me to say; what's the point of giving everything to an ungrateful man?

As you sow, so shall ye reap. I didn't get that out of a religious book. I used to sow thousands of acres of wheat in the Outback of Australia, when I was but a boy. The teaching is in the soil, in the job, in the situation.

You can benefit
from my hard work.
It's up to you.
I cannot give to one
& not the other.
It's yours
for the taking.

People who do not appreciate life
always end up having to fight for it.

You may have to
lose it to learn it.

23 years ago I gave up my worldly life for the sake of humanity. In the early days, I would look at Society and wonder to myself, had the right decision been made? Today, there is a resounding, YES!

Who knows what depth
hunger will descend to.

Make your mind
your best friend.
It will support you.

Removing a vulnerability is easier
than building protective mechanisms.

Free speech has no patent.
Free speech, free thoughts
& free creative ideas.

Don't worry dear friends,
the sun never goes down on Gold.

My God is greater than your God.
The Sun is my God & and we can
both see it & benefit from it.
Now, show me yours.

Death of ignorance
is the birth of enlightenment.
Birth of enlightenment
is the death of ignorance.

You can't
have your
cake &
eat it.

Have you ever wondered
why they haven't invented
a pill for greed?

If you ask for more
while you've got enough
you're a greedy bastard!

The world is in the mind.
When the mind changes
so does the world.
Do you have the courage
to allow your mind to change?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013



I'm not looking for
any more experiences
thank you very much.
I've lived life
to the fullest.

In the meantime,
one employs patience.

I research the
depths of consciousness
one step from the void.

Life was not designed to be complex.
It was designed to be simple
so all you had to do was live it.

I have a right to
be this happy &
I'm expressing it.

If it's frightening, it doesn't
necessarily mean it's evil.
Like love for example.

What kind of relationship do you have with your mind? Is it your best friend or your worst enemy? Does it ever stop and allow you Pure Experience? Does it ever allow you to dissolve yourself in the void? Or does it continually harp on like a broken record?

Be like the holes in
swiss cheese & you'll
live a peaceful life.

What kind of madman would
tattoo a peace formula
on his forehead when
no one is interested in peace?

is enough.

What use is a day
if you don't
have a body?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013



When you invest in something 90%
then you will have 90% interest in it.

When the animals are all gone,
that's it! Show's over folks.

When the nightmare
gets bad enough,
you'll wake up.

Once commitment takes root
it is beyond your control,
therefore, be careful
what you commit to.

My new life didn't start
until the old life untied.
Untie your past or
drag it through life with you.

While the boat is
tied up to the dock
it appears quite large.
Out on the Ocean
it appears like a cork.

One has to leave
ignorant worlds behind.
One does not have to
be highly creative,
just focus the mind
on the

When you wake up from a dream
do you cry for the characters
in it that have just died?
Your waking is their
death and destruction.

To get free of
you have to risk

The world
and you
appear & disappear

I refuse
to allow anything
in my life
that does not
produce joy.

There is enough
drama, pain & suffering
in this world
without me
adding to it.

Every disaster
is a blessing
in disguise.

Playing with delusion
rarely makes one happy.

If you want something new
to manifest in your life,
or a new life,
then new thinking
is required.

Thinking clouds vision.
Contemplation clears it.

Stay positive &
take it

I have
risen above
as much
as I

To tell oneself
the Truth,
one has to
have great love
for themselves.

True happiness
doesn't come & go.
Happiness is.
It comes with the Being.

When one bases
their life on fact
they don't have to
deal with drama.

is a gift.
What do we do with it?
Give it to others.

The amount of crime
in Society
is in direct proportion to the
amount of corruption
in the Government.

Why should I give to
someone who can't take it?
I don't keep people
in my life who can't give it.

The Military
is the rich mans'
private army.

Without discipline
the fear of death
The disciplined man
becomes more & more

You will never hear
a man with patience say,
"I wonder how long I have to wait?"

Wrong purpose
will never


There are no choices
without control.
There is no control
without discipline.

Anyone who tells me
they have choices,
I know they
have no discipline.

One without
is weak.

Discipline &
a quiet mind
go hand in hand.

the strong
will survive.

I only want to be
around people
who can accept Love.
If they can take it,
they can give it.

There is no such thing as
God without Man
and no such thing as
Man without God.

Rather than using God
as an order supplier~
send Him your expense account!

It takes
a great deal of
Trust to Trust.

Whatever produces
fear has to go.

Once you stop
chasing happiness,
it will start
chasing you.

If you don't have
an inquisitive mind,
you're dead.

Each joke has
its own comedian
to tell it.
"The jokes on you".

Why bother with cosmetic surgery when you believe in reincarnation? Just dump that body & get a new one.

What kind of an idiot am I?

If you want enlightenment
put down what you are carrying.

Death becomes more attractive
as the quality of life deteriorates.

If you have no respect for yourself
you will have no respect for me.

If you recognize yourself
you'd recognize me.

As it is, I am
Just some idiot
who tattooed his head.

In the not-too-distant future
you may see me quite differently.

You never know,
I may be just
what you are
looking for.

Monday, October 21, 2013



It's your world,
you created it.
So why complain
about it?

If it's like that
why did I create
it like that?

and that's that.

When you become unhinged
it leaves the door open
for all sorts of things.

If you don't
want visitors
for afternoon tea,
keep the door closed.

in balance.

A balanced mind
is a happy mind.


The rich man is habitually used to getting every thing he wants. What will the rich man do when he comes across something he needs for his survival & money cannot buy it?

When the right train
enters the station
don't wast time,
get on it.


The Guru gives it
because he can take it.

Once you are
living the laws,
compassion &
you are human &
not until.

I can't die,
neither can you
but your world can.

Once the mind
is introduced
to its source
it can answer
its own questions.

I lived without hope for so long
I ended up free from it.
Once that happened it left
a big, empty, serviceable space.

Once you go
beyond hope
you're free
of it.

Sunday, October 20, 2013



Q: Imagine that there is a goose in the bottle. Without smashing the bottle how do you get the goose out, intact?
A: There! it's out.

The goose and the bottle are in the mind. Your mind put the goose in the bottle, therefore, it has the ability to take it out. Likewise with everything else in life. You believe you were born. The world appears according to your belief. Employ the same technique and be free of it. Right action will follow.



Once you have
no words to
describe it,
then you know
it's real

The world comes
out of the alphabet &
the alphabet is born
from the MATRIKA

Without the
Matrikas' grace,
illusion is mistaken
for reality.

Tell me something about yourself
that someone didn't tell you or
you read in a book or a magazine, etc.

Societies are controlled by the 'fear factor'. The 'fear factor' is a weapon used by the controller. What do you think would happen in Societies where the 'fear factor' to be removed?

You may see a dog as a person, even become it's 'mommy or daddy'. Do not imagine that the dog sees you as a person. He sees you as a 2-legged dog that has more power than him, in most cases.

The best & scariest fairground rides are tame in comparison to what is going to happen when the electricity goes out (and doesn't come back on.) some of the scariest situations in life have nothing to do with electricity, therefore, when electric-cities are no more, you will understand.

In the electrical world the weak are allowed to breed and put in power positions. That all came with electricity. I lived the first 7 years of my life without electricity, in a climate with snow & ice. We were dependent on fire, not on electricity.

will kill

On a lighter note; I have seen young & old alike riding up the escalator to get to the gym for a workout. Can anyone explain that one to me? I'm open to understand.

Saturday, October 19, 2013



There is no such thing
as an atheist without God.

Better to die of loneliness
than invent a false god.

Without a god you only
have yourself to blame,
that is, if you are
playing the 'blame-game'.

I never get bored
investigating the mind.

You'll know when you
are really interested;
the mind will stop.

Once you've done your best
you've got to love it.

everyone is responsible
for the world movie
by adding to it.

I've done all the work for you,
all you have to do is drop it.

Having a
silent mind
is better
than all
the intellectual
in the world.

Friday, October 18, 2013


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You can only take away
what you came in with.

You never know,
I may be just what
you are looking for.

In the not too distant future
you may see me quite differently.

If you recognized yourself you'd recognize me.
As it is, I'm just some idiot who tattooed his head.

If you have no respect for yourself
you will have no respect for me.

Don't expect life to get better
& don't expect life to get worse.
You'll be much happier.

All beginnings
have to start
How about NOW?
Seeing as ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

We sin
& cause others to suffer.
Others sin
& cause us to suffer.

If you
truly believe
you can
have your cake
& eat it
then don't
profess surprise
when you
end up in debt.

Every reaction you have
is just re-hashing the old.
Pure actions create the new.

If your bucket
has a bigger hole in it
than the volume of water
you're pouring into it,
don't be surprised
when you end up
with an empty bucket,
after all your hard work.

Listen to the sound.
Listen to the tone
of our society.
Listen to the
sound of water
going down a drain hole.
Tell me there's a difference
because I can't hear it.

The world
is full of answers,
but very few
good questions.

the Government
know it
to be true.

What was it like being born?
What was your experience of it?
I'd love to hear it.

Focus on what never moves.
How do I know it never moves?
If it does,
that's obviously
not it!


No one can hurt your feelings.
Everyone is responsible for
their own feelings.


Timeless truth.
It applies
at all times,

As a child, I was dependent on my Mother
until the first time she let me down.
From that point on, I became self-dependent.

One can not go beyond what they do not comprehend. To go beyond anything one needs a good command of the language. To enter my world one has to master the language of Silence.

To quieten
the mind
of idle chatter,
give it some
interesting work
to do.

"If brains were gunpowder, you wouldn't
have enough to blow your hat off."
~ George, My Father said to me.

The more pain and suffering one is in
the easier it is to say,"please help me!"
The less resistance there is,
the easier it is to say,
"please help me!"

When a man is swimming around having fun he doesn't ask for help. He has to be drowning to ask for help. At that point, it's too late.

While everyone is talking about something, nothing will happen. Not until the talking stops will the doing start. Talking about it is a sure-fire way of stopping it.

If you don't have anything
of substance yourself,
how can you give?

People who are
riddled with fear
need belief systems.

Do it right.
Do it once.
You won't have
to do it again.

Thursday, October 17, 2013



Staying open
to the unknown
in life
is the formula
for living life to
the fullest.

Turn away
from the world
& have a look.

What is coming
is beyond mans
which will
shatter it.

When you are looking
for something
you need a world
to look for it in.

Once you fill up
all your time,
you're out of it.

In my life,
anything that
isn't positive
has to go.


Bad feelings
are not pleasant
things to
carry around.

Forgive them
for they
know not
what they do.

You don't have
to do what
I've done
in life.
I've already
done it.

If you have
a sweet tooth,
you're welcome
to eat the
of my labor.

Why people can't fly
is because they are
attached to the Earth.


my life
until the

No thought
No shape
No form
shapeless &

I live it.

Stop seeing yourself
as the performer of actions
& you will find out that
coming and going is Godly.

The road to freedom
lies beyond labels.

When you've convinced yourself
that there is no where to go,
then you'll always be home.


Whether you're stuck
with no money
or stuck with
all the money
in the world;
stuck is stuck.

Once mankind ceases
to care about
his own kind,
he can no longer

You don't look for,
You look at.

Any fool can sabotage
A wise man destroys.
That is the challenge!

Whatever you
can't control
is good for you.
Enjoy it.

When you
don't want
where is the
need for time?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013



In the Outback of Australia,
I had to learn how to be happy
in my own company.
I was never alone.
I had my Self.

I look at you
through the eyes of love.
You look at me
through the eyes of fear.

what you are
looking for.
My disaster
makes everything
possible for you.

The Here & Now
is your best chance
for survival.

In the past, you are dead meat.
In the future you are a
figment of imagination.

How can you question
when you are not free?
Only a free man
is free to question.

Who are you
that you made it
while millions
of other sperms
did not?
You must have been
a good swimmer.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013



To change the world
all you have to do
is turn the electricity off.

If I created the problem
then I have to destroy it.

Irresponsible people
don't attain enlightenment.

Correct responses
come from free thinking.

is Justice

Your indifference
to the suffering of others
is what you are experiencing.

Patience is
an incredible
power to have.

Freed up
from faulty

A sheep dog knows how to herd sheep.
No sheep, no sheep dog. Who herds sheeple?
I ask, as I hear many people use that word.

How can you be free when
you haven't dealt with
the fear of death?

In my world you don't
get the results first.
First you do the work.

How many people have gone into debt on a credit card
to do a workshop on how to get out of debt?

Getting rid of corrupt politicians is not a problem;
finding honest ones is the challenge or why bother?

When you have a real good look at it
there aren't too many options to life.

Living the good life means
looking after what you've got
& not wanting more.

an example
to myself.

I treat
all equal.

I set
the example.

Monday, October 14, 2013


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It is not acceptable
to fool my self.
A true clown
has stopped
fooling himself.
A true asset to society;
He is That.

How can
the gross
the subtle?

When one doesn't
have a label
they have to
sit there
with nothing.

No 5 senses,
No world.
& that's it
in a nutshell.

Don't get excited
over delusions.

My armor is
that I speak the truth.

To recognize the truth,
you've got to have at least
a little bit of it in you.

No one can claim
to be a Christian
and go to war & kill!

The duty of every Christian
is to see God in each other.
War is the absolute refusal
to perform ones' duty.

God is not fussy.
He resides in everyone
even the atheists.

It promises everything
and gives nothing.
It gives life
and takes it.

There can not
be a God
without man.

No joy
No results.

Always speak
the Truth.
It dis-empowers

It is the duty of everyone
to manifest God Consciousness.

A man has only two hands.
When both of his hands are full
& he is offered a gift,
in order to take the gift
he has to put something down.

When thinking stops,
Love begins.

If you want to
stay young,
stay in touch with
your love.

You can't use love
against another.
You can only use their fear
to control them.

Just as a rotten apple, in a barrel, will contaminate all the others, so will one out-dated, rotten idea do the same.

Don't let anyone
steal your heart or
they will control
your mind.

Looking for happiness in others is like
expecting a barren women to give birth.

There is an abundance of happiness in each and every one of us. Prove me wrong. Stop creating misery! Creating misery & then complaining you're not happy is a fools' game!

is the
great revealer.

The only way to transmute a society is for everyone to experience the same thing at the same time. It has to effect everyone.

You only need
one for a party!

Love does
not control.
Fear does.

Good habits keep
the bad habits out.

One can have power
in the world
when they have power
over their mind.


Joy is joy.
It doesn't
belong to anyone.
It's just there.

A prisoner
of ignorance.

People who have
ideas about God
are separate from God.
Their ideas separate them.

If you're together
you'll make it.
If you're not,
you won't.

Creative intelligence
comes from the
center of the heart.

Knowledge exists
in the Heavens.
It is ones' duty
to pull it down
for the betterment &
upliftment of man.