Monday, December 31, 2007


The Guru
cracks the nut
of the ego.

Universal immunity.
I am free to travel
the Universe.

A poor man has a much better sleep than the rich man.
The poor man has nothing to steal.

Sunday, December 30, 2007



SUNDAY 12/30/07

You don't have to live in a city to learn. I attained everything, sitting on my own in the Outback of Australia. I had no TV or Radio yet I knew everything that was going on in the world.

What can anybody say when they hear the Truth? If you insult the Truth when you're in the company of the Truth, then you're dead. No one yet has succeeded in challenging the Truth and lived to tell the tale.

From the standpoint of how much time you have left, the shortest, fastest, most direct way is the best.

Had I have found another way, I would have been only to willing to share it with you

If you don't have much light in your mind then you're not too bright.

Successful plants have deep roots. I have no roots in the world. That's why I never had any success in it.

If I'm not a success at it then what use is it to me?

I successfully destroy ignorance wherever I find it.

I know very little ~ but I know it well!
I Am That.

Thursday, December 27, 2007



Compassion, to me, is continuing to live out of love, not necessity.

There are certain events in life
that happen, where one can never be the same.

There is no tomorrow
so take care of today.

Eliminate 'ifs', 'buts' & 'maybes' out of your life and you will enjoy it much better.

It's a bit 'iffy' when you say 'if'.

When your neurons are misfiring they need a tune-up. Come and sit with me and you'll be firing on all 8 cylinders when you leave.

Some leave and some stay home. I've traveled this whole world without leaving home.

The first shall be last
and the last shall be first.

Don't think about what you've done.
Focus on what needs' doing.

The less you do
the more you get.

Feed your mind these words while I take care of your heart.

....seeing as it's all imagination anyway.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Repetition is
the basis
for addiction.

Silence has the greatest effect on consciousness.

What you call the world
is agitated consciousness.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007



Contemplation is focus without thought.

When the 're' burns out
incarnation happens.

The whole world is a 'suggestion'. It is a subjective experience. We inhabit each others' dream. The common fact (common sense) is knowing it's only a dream. The more life force you infuse it with, the harder it becomes to be free of it.

Monday, December 24, 2007


If you miss the simple things in life, then you've missed life. It's the simple things that contribute to mans' day to day happiness.

Long ago, worn out & broken.

Not a very good idea to build a culture on violence to others. In fact it is a proven fact for the destruction of society.

One can live without the four senses.
One can not live without feeling.

God exists in your feelings.

is alive
has feelings.

I live in the world of sound.
I have big ears like an elephant.

Saturday, December 22, 2007


My loss is my gain.

The seeing of it puts one beyond it.

In the silence there is a presence.
If you want to truly find out what God is
(beyond your romantic fantasies and neurotic needs)
then sit in that silence.

The world will not get you free from the world.
Ignorance will not get you free from ignorance.

Without discipline you have to work for everything.
With discipline you make everything work for you.

When like-minded people
support each other
all is possible.

For a timeless being
the time is always right.

Much better to be divinely mad than half-mad.

One tests themselves until they are acceptable.
Once you are acceptable to yourself
Where is the need to test?

There is no such thing as
a world without each other.
Without a mirror you do not exist.

The subconscious consists
of everything we are not aware of.

The first step:
One refuses to blame
anything or nothing
and nothing for everything.

All dependency creates weakness.
Convenience speeds up the weakening process.

Q: What has the most power
hunger or habit?

When all else fails you’ve always got yourself.

Nothing is ever as it appears to be.
That you can count on.

Time does not exist
when you are happy
doing what you love to do.

The space is more interesting than the things that come out of it.

Uniqueness begins
Where programming ends.

There are no mistakes
Only experiments.

SATURDAY 12/22/07

Philosophy is the language one creates in an attempt to describe the indescribable.

Each experience gives information.
Information leads to knowledge and
knowledge is structured in consciousness.

Only the changeable can change.
I am the unchangeable.
It is the unchangeable
that makes the changeable possible.

‘Going to’ never happens.
‘Has’ has happened.

Give up the lesser
to gain the greater.

What use is a kite if it won’t fly?

One can only be a master of the known.
If you want to be a master of the unknown
you have to become a nothing and a nobody.
In other words - an unknown.

A known quantity is boring.
An unknown quantity is dangerous.

With so much concrete
it’s no wonder
life and times are hard.

Success creates confidence.
Confidence creates success.
Failure creates self-doubt.
Self-doubt creates failure.

There is not enough love manifested on this planet
therefore it will die and everything on it that walks and crawls.

One day there will be no tomorrow.

Thought is an external process.
It tries to get in.
The trick is to keep the doors shut and lock it out.

Only a man with no delusions has a future.
There is no future in ignorance and delusions.

What am I not aware of that I need to be aware of to improve the quality of my life now?

My self is internal.
God is external.
They are the same.
Two sides of the coin.

Just the asking of the question – that is enough.

Give up your biggest concepts
and all the smaller ones have to go with it.

It is not possible to love anything or anyone
if you are separate from them.

I took on the greatest challenge,
the destruction of ignorance.

Cultural ideas and concepts keep society glued together.Challenge that and you will come unstuck.

Whatever does not work for you is no good to you.

Misplaced belief is stupidity.

The limited can never control the unlimited.

That is the only way to live,
with awareness.

The mind gives birth. Its children are ideas. In order to keep its children alive it has to focus on them. In the process of doing so it becomes attached which ultimately leads to suffering.

The simple very seldom goes wrong but, if it does, it is very simple to fix. When life becomes so complex that computers are needed to run things, problems become very difficult to fix.

Once one presumes they can die they will do whatever it takes to survive.

The more one is being themselves
The less talking goes on.
You can’t continue talking to the self if you are being yourself.
The only thing you can legitimately be is yourself.

If you do not master the dog
the dog will master you.

Thursday, December 20, 2007


When one finds what never moves within oneself, things tend to lose their meaning.
Love is the exception.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Without feelings man is dead.
Only a man who can feel
everyones pain is truly alive.

Where there is life
there are feelings.
Where there are feelings,
there is love.

You can not buy qualities.
You have to earn them.

I love to feel.
I feel to love.

I only know my own truth.
I live my own truth.
If it ever lets me down,
I will know it's not the truth.

One cannot have duality
without duality.

The curse of Enlightenment is,
one feels humanities pain.
If you can stand to live with humanities pain
you are entitled to Enlightenment.

I sacrifice my own pain to feel the pain of humanity.
I live with humanities pain every day of my life.

Interest is life force.
The more interest you have in life
the more life will make itself available to you.

I am an ocean of peace.
Whatever disturbs that peace
has to go.

It is as bad to acquire as it is to give up.
By all means give up the unnecessary
and acquire the necessary.

The only reason one creates
God and heaven is because
they are living in hell.

Live conceptually free.
True freedom is from concepts.
Why would one trust a concept
when they have their own self
which was there before
and after everything
and nothing.

The only thing one cannot live separate from is life.

There will be no peace on this earth
until man sees it as his duty to manifest it.
That is a worthy cause to live for,
to manifest peace on earth.

One can only appreciate time
when they are free of it.

Worthiness creates ability.

Whatever the mind dwells on long enough
it becomes.

There is only peace in security.
There is only security in peace.

There is no security in an insecure world.

The only way one can survive terrorism is to manifest more peace than the terrorist can manifest terror.

It makes one incredibly strong when they’ve only got themselves to rely on.

When dreams turn into nightmares they wake you up.
If you don’t enjoy nightmares don’t go to sleep.
By all means take rest.

To live your dreams you have to be asleep.

The shock of enlightenment is
that nothing changes.

The day is soon approaching when every one will share a common interest - Survival.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


When people ask,"What can we do about it?"
know that it is, well and truly, too late!



Monday, December 17, 2007


Memory cells will burn out from storing too much information.

The 'Mind Genie' is out of the bottle. He has the cork in his hand, smiles and says.."Can I help you?"

I could understand people not being kind to each other if it cost money...When something is free, make full use of it.

Anyone who takes advantage of someone is a predator!

There are people
who are more interested
in the love of power than
the power of love.

Between what you need
and what you want
lies a big difference.

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Better to be poor and free
than rich and enslaved.

There is a fine line between
a genius and a 'mad hatter'.

If you want to attain the state
of True Happiness, you can start
focusing of what you have,
not what you don't have.

Friday, December 14, 2007


I want what I have.
What I don't have
I don't want.

Keep your mouth shut.
Every time your tongue moves
it exposes your ignorance.

A peaceful man is a quiet man.

I AM the Guru.
I AM deadly silent.
Insult me and I will
deafen you.

A mans' action will determine my vote.

Practicality works.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


If you don't forgive someone,
you have to carry their burdens.

There's nothing wrong
with being a 'control freak'.
Begin with your mind.

There's nothing greater to a man than when he goes home, after a hard days labor, his wife greets him and says, "Hello love, how was your day?" He replies, "I worked hard for my family. It was great!" (That's how it was in North Yorkshire.)

They limit consciousness by programming it. Find the 'delete' button within yourself and hit it.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Nothing will change while the system of Government stays the same. The only ones who can change the system of Government is the people.

People who have done a lot of hard work have strong character.

I relieve peoples' suffering
by not adding to it.

You can only remember the past NOW.
You can only imagine the future NOW.
Everyone is in the NOW.

Trust no future
however sweet.

When you reach a stage where there's nowhere to go, you'll find out there's nowhere
to come back to. In order to come back you have to go.

People are not interested in the unknown because they have never experienced it, therefore, they don't trust it.

Do understand - there can be no chicken without and egg. There can be no egg without a chicken. Only a fool would ask, "what came first the chicken or the egg?" They appear and disappear together as one.

If there wasn't such a thing as 'God', Then why do we have a word 'God'? Years ago there was no such thing as space travel. We made a 'rocket' and the word 'rocket' became part of our vocabulary. When we didn't have the word 'car' in our language, there was no such thing as 'cars'.

God and the word 'God' are inseparable.

Chasing happiness is a fools game.
Keep still and it will manifest
of its own accord.

Myself, I would like everyone to be happy.

When one is doing what they truly love
there is no such thing as time.

Love is not timebound.
It is a timeless state.

Everyone has experienced love in their life.

Love and god are inseperable.

Whatever you need in life,
it will be there for you
when you need it.
You brought it with you
when you appeared.

Once you mortgage your life to something, don't complain that you have no time.

If you would like your life to change, first you have to know what you would like it to change to.

Before change, your work is in the imagination.
After change, you deal with facts.

I used to think I knew everything that was going on in my life and where I was going, until I took Sanyas. From then on, I realized nothing. That was 18 years ago. Today I know even less.

If you see me through a quiet (disciplined) mind you will have instant recognition of me as I AM. If you see me through an undisciplined mind that is fraught with waves, then you will see me as you want to see me. How I appear to you is none of my business.

Look at your reflection in a pool of water. Then throw a stone in the water and tell me what the difference is.

I appear and the world appears.
I disappear and the world disappears.
That is the nature of appearances.

I don't need a car.
The body needs a car.

I had a hard time with that one. That was difficult for me, years ago, seeing myself in others and others in myself.

There is only one.

Needing anything to make you happy is a failure.
Relying on anything time bound for your happiness
is doomed to failure.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Looking for answers
is a fools game.

In there to be a civil war
people have to wake up.

Everybody is born crying.
Very few die laughing.

True power has to be taken.
It cannot be given.
Do you have have what it takes?

The mirror doesn’t care
who looks into it.

If there is a hole for it to get in,
then there is a hole for it to get out.

Arrogance hides weakness.

Enlightenment is a unique form of insanity

Radical change demands radical action.

True understanding is not needing a ‘me’.

I Can you give it?
Can you take it?

One can only be free
from what one understands.

The switch that turns the TV off
is the same switch that
turns interest on.

A peaceful mind is the basis of a joy-filled life,

If you take the lesser,
you cannot have the greater.

Mind is the scaffolding that
holds consciousness together

Supreme Reality is the underlying foundation.

Death is not of the being,
it is the death of time.

Ignorance, repeated over and over again
disguises itself as truth.

Courage doesn’t float on the ocean like seaweed,
one has to go to the bottom to discover it.

A fully developed mind is a silent one.
A fully developed heart is sweet.
It only knows how to give.

Societies survival depends on one
Supreme law. When there are two laws
that is a sure sign of societies demise.

People who hope have no power.

Commitment shapes life.
Deep commitment manifests a potent life.

Pleasure never woke anyone up.

One who is in debt has no quality of life.

If you can imagine it,
that’s not it.

All expectation ever led to was disappointment.

Anyone can say it,
not everyone can feel it.

In order to truly live,
you have to stand
behind your actions.

I stand behind the truth.
That is all you will ever get from me.

People who don’t waste time are the masters of time.

Guilt comes out of the past.
It never comes out of the future.

Stubbornness is a weakness.
One uses it to hide behind
to deal with anger.

Protecting yourself from love is an act of violence.

Living life in the world
is preparation for leaving.

If you believe in reincarnation
don’t you have to leave to come back?

All coming and going is total fantasy.

Don’t wait for time,
there isn’t enough left.

This knowledge is preparation for the afterlife.

Grace is showered upon one
in direct proportion
to their listening ability.

While you are reading these words,
know that I am watching you.

I am giving you clues.
Use your mind to investigate the ultimate mystery –
your very own beautiful self.

If you can’t see it
Wash your eyes out.
Ignorance is like a speck of dirt in the eye.

Were everyone fed at the same time
and not a living soul missed
there would be no more hunger on this planet.

Before there was one
there was zero.

Don’t forget to read between the lines.
The words are merely pointers.

No one knows what they will stand for till they find out what they refuse to stand for. What’s left – that’s it.

Better to have five minutes of quality than fifty years of quantity.

Life inhabits.
Consciousness owns shapes and forms.
You own zero.
The meek shall inherit the earth.

The closer a man lives to zero
the shorter distance he has to go home.

You impart value to zero.

Absolute and complete trust is the power of manifestation.

I was perfect the first day on this planet.
I will be perfect when I leave.
Free of contamination.

Truth is a natural state.
Ignorance is learned.

To appreciate it
you have to be aware of it.

There are worlds of differences between the idea of freedom and true freedom.
True freedom does not need telling all the time that it’s free.

In tune with the times.

The nature of greed is that it never knows when it’s had enough.

Anything that is limited
is doomed before it starts.

One cannot drop what they don’t know.
What one is not aware of will not let them go.

Sin is something that does not produce joy.

Once the church becomes more opulent than the people
it is called corruption.

Man is a slave to the gods.
Man does not need gods.
It is the gods that have convinced man that he does.

Shallow breathers are not deep beings.

It does not matter how long it takes.
Truth cannot lose.

All likes and dislikes have a price tag.
Likes and dislikes are rich mens neuroses.
Poor people can not afford them.

Reality is in the subject
not in the object.

When you give an inanimate object a name it becomes an entity.

Q: What is the basis of listening?
A: Interest.

Take care of the little things and
the big things will take care of themselves.

Getting what one want does not lead to happiness.

Now, is an aspect of time.

No one can fake interest.
You either are or you’re not.

Half-heartedness produces half-hearted results.

Life is like a fishing net.
Focus on the hole, not on the net.
That is what fish do.
Even fish have that ability.

Simplicity dissolves complexity.

The mirror doesn’t care who looks into it.

Arrogance hides weakness.

Radical change
demands radical action.

The Guru starts
where imagination ends.

Monday, December 10, 2007


Hermits are not looking for name and fame.

One knows the future
from the past.

Sunday, December 9, 2007


A chain is only as strong
as its' weakest link.

When the mind accepts it,
it is no longer a problem.

There is not such thing as darkness.
There is only lack of light.

Light appears
to the mind
as darkness.

Mind, itself,
is the problem.

Saturday, December 8, 2007


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Everyone I meet I treat them as an equal. I see myself in everyone. If you don't see yourself in me...there's a problem.

Love never dies.
It is beyond
birth & death.

So, when you get divorced, don't tell me it's because you don't love each other! I will tell you, you never loved each other in the first place.

If you don't see God in each other, then there is no such thing as love.

Ask a mother, "what happened the first time you looked into the eyes of your child?"

Once one creates a problem
they have to live with it.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Desires fulfilled breed more desires.

To deserve freedom, first, you have to know what to be free of!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Do you think the clock feels pain when it stops? The heart is a clock. There is no such think as pain when it stops - but the suffering continues.

One can only be tutored if they are open to learning, otherwise all the attention is a protection.