Monday, February 28, 2011


Presence manifests intent;
absence cannot do that.

is an act
of love.

The credit card sucks
the life force out of you.
It is a vampire.

If you are
in debt
you are a

When you are in debt
you're running out of
life force.

Things manifest
out of thin air.
That's how
they're able
to disappear,
right when
you need them!

Anger and fear live in the same house.
Love and compassion live in the same house.
It is not possible for anger and love
to live in the same house.
It is not possible for fear and compassion
to live in the same house.

When you build something on
the Foundation of Reality,
it will appear to be real.
Without the foundation,
you have no house.

The whole Universe is built
on the Foundation of Reality.

Those who refuse to look
at the symptoms have no hope
of addressing the cause.

People have to look
at themselves
and ask,
"Why have we created a world like this?"

When your Tree of Life
bears rotten fruit,
you will have to eat it,
as that is all
there will be to eat.

Sunday, February 27, 2011


All bubbles must burst
for consciousness to become one;
not just the housing bubble.

What you believe
or don't believe
makes no difference
to the truth.

The truth
never changes.

Live life
to the fullest
with what's presented.

All facts
are unchangeable.
That's a fact.

The fact is, our indifference to
the suffering of others will
bring suffering to our door.

If you don't know what you
what you want in life then
I guess you don't want anything.
If you don't want anything, that implies no lack.


When there's
left to lose
even the
weakest man
will fight.

The inhalation
of the body
is the exhalation
of the world.
Death of the body
is death of the world.

The foundations
of this society
were built on violence,
it will crumble
in violence.

The violence comes out
in the weakest first,
then makes it's way
up the ladder.

All the decisions
that were made
in my life
came out of

Whatever you want in life,
if you didn't get it,
would that be alright?
Drop it & forget about it!
Don't be surprised
when it comes chasing you.

Don't worry,
when all your
fantasies & illusions
are shattered;
I will be there for you.

What will hunger eat
when there is no more food?

When you get lost in drama,
make sure you have a compass
to find your way out.

The past is a moment
that feels like an
once gone,
never to return

Saturday, February 26, 2011


aren't worth
a fart in a

The Last Wave is upon is.
The only way to survive it
is to ride it
in the Mode of Goodness.
Those who cannot do that
will be wiped out.


Only a free man
has any choice
with what he does
with his life.

A man in debt
is not free.
He is a prisoner
to that debt.

on anything
is misery.

One nurtures inner happiness
by focusing on it.


has an opinion.
No one
has the facts.

If you truly want to know
whether 'water-boarding'
is torture or not;
ask a drowning man.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Live the simplest way possible.
You will never be the loser.

If you really want
to help them,
leave them alone.

The only man who can help
is the one who has destroyed
all his concepts about helping.
The only one who can love
is the one who has destroyed
all his concepts about love.

Leaving them alone
goes beyond do & don't.

God helps those
who help themselves.
Absolute Truth.

When is


Man is not
the performer
of action.
Who is?


Separate man
from his breath
and you'll find out
who's pulling the strings.

One lives a lifetime
of suffering
without love.
One lives a moment
of suffering
with love.

When God stops imagining,
man will no longer exist.
If God did not do that
man would not be
able to imagine.

You were
out of

Man would not
be able to dream
if his Creator
didn't dream.

When I discovered
there was no hope for me,
I had to learn to live without it.

When the unknown manifests,
the known quakes in its boots.

What is the use
of investing
in ignorance?

In order to unite people
one has to find something
that everyone will support.
It can't be peace
otherwise we
wouldn't have wars.
How about survival?

"It's not that simple!" he said.
I said, "Yes it is. It's your mind that won't allow it to be."

When you reach
your destination
the journey is over.

Man is like a plague of locusts.
He lands on this planet,
eats everything in sight,
then he moves on.

A law of survival;
Consume minimum
Live maximum.

The very fact that
we are searching out
livable Planets in space
should tell you;
this one is doomed.

Sheep Shearers
have existed
for hundreds of years.
That means
they are survivors.
They understand
the laws
of survival,
hard, physical labor.

Minimum crime
Maximum freedom.

Without discipline
there is no such
thing as religion.
They merely become
non-profit organizations.

If you have to
ask for donations
then the religion
has no power.

True religion
is self-fulfilling.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


One develops trust
by diving into the

There is nothing
that makes one
respect food more
than the lack of it.


The abuse of power
affects all men.

A man once asked me
if I could give him
a direct experience of God.
"Yes", I said.
I asked him if he could swim.
He said "No."
"Great", I said.
Then I threw him in the Ocean.

I appeared empty-handed,
I will disappear empty-handed.
In-between appearance & disappearance,
nothing sticks.

It helps tremendously
by taking a 'hands-off'
approach to life.

The situation decides
the correct course of action. The situation is the compass. Respond appropriately and I'll see you when you get home.

I have never really
had a life to call my own.
Looking at you, I realize
how fortunate I am.

Stability, to me, is
having the ability
to sit there &
allow the power to manifest,
uninterfered with.



Tuesday, February 22, 2011


The difficulties in life
are there to remind one
that they are a great being.

Man doesn't seem
to have any shame
left anymore.

If you don't challenge
limitations & belief systems
then, obviously,
they stay
in place.

Brilliant minds
are not
complicated minds.
They are very simple.

Empires end up


The marks on the forehead
represent the Guru.
I AM the Guru.


I have lived
my whole life
from the standpoint
of integrity.
I maintained
my own
of living.

Monday, February 21, 2011


Compassion, to me,
is continuing
to live
out of love,
not necessity.

There are
certain events
in life
that happen,
where one can
never be the same.

There is no tomorrow
so take care of today.

Eliminate 'ifs', 'buts' & 'maybes'
out of your life &
you will enjoy it
much better.

It's a bit 'iffy' when you say 'if'.

Some leave and some stay home.
I've traveled this whole world
without leaving home.

The first shall be last
and the last shall be first.

Don't think about
what you've done.
Focus on what
needs doing.

The less you do
the more you get.

Feed your mind these words
while I take care of your heart.

....seeing as it's all imagination anyway.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


You only need
the light when
there's something
to see.

There's nothing new happening.
It's 'business as usual'
therefore what need is there
for electricity?
Only when the electricity
goes out will
'business as usual' stop.

One has to
be light
to have a
lot of laughter.

Greed is a
vile disease.
The only known
cure is

Pain & suffering
were the main thrusts
of my life.

cannot function
without war.

There is one thing I know;

I have given everyone
who met me a golden opportunity.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


The outer pictures
are reflections of
the inner pictures.

To get free
of the influences
of the mind
one has to
understand it.

Without feelings
man is dead.
Only a man
who can feel
everyones pain
is truly alive.

Where there
is life
there are
Where there are
there is love.

You can not buy qualities.
You have to earn them.

I love
to feel.
I feel
to love.

I only know my own truth.
I live my own truth.
If it ever lets me down,
I will know it's not the truth.

One cannot
have duality
without duality.

The curse of Enlightenment is,
one feels humanities pain.
If you can stand to
live with humanities pain
you are entitled to Enlightenment.

I sacrifice my own pain
to feel the pain of humanity.
I live with humanities pain
every day of my life.

Interest is life force.
The more interest
you have in life
the more life
will make itself
available to you.

an ocean of peace.
Whatever disturbs
that peace
has to go.

It is as bad to acquire
as it is to give up.
By all means
give up the unnecessary
& acquire the necessary.

The only reason one creates
God & heaven is because
they are living in hell.

Live conceptually free.
True freedom is from concepts.
Why would one trust a concept
when they have their own self
which was there before
& after everything
& nothing.

The only thing
one cannot live
separate from
is life.

There will be no peace on this earth
until man sees it as his duty to manifest it.
That is a worthy cause to live for,
to manifest peace on earth.

One can only
appreciate time
when they are
free of it.


Whatever the mind
dwells on long enough
it becomes.

There is only
peace in security.
There is only
security in peace.

There is no security
in an insecure world.

The only way one can
survive terrorism
is to manifest more peace
than the terrorist
can manifest terror.

It makes one incredibly strong
when they’ve only got
themselves to rely on.

When dreams
turn into nightmares
they wake you up.
If you don’t enjoy nightmares
don’t go to sleep.
By all means take rest.

To live your dreams
you have to be asleep.

The shock of enlightenment
is that nothing changes.

The day is soon approaching
when every one will
share a common interest

Friday, February 18, 2011


You would be
surprised at
what you are
capable of
were the
to be created.

In the military they give you the basic training on how to survive on the battlefield. On the battlefield, you refine it. Likewise in life.


is not of the being,
it is the
death of

repeated over & over again,
disguises itself as Truth.

Courage doesn’t float
on the ocean
like seaweed.
One has to go to
the bottom
to discover it.

A fully developed mind
is a silent one.
A fully developed heart
is sweet.
It only knows
how to give.

Societies survival
depends on
Supreme Law.
When there are two laws,
that is a sure sign
of societies demise.

People who hope
have no power.


shapes life.
Deep commitment
manifests a potent life.

never woke
anyone up.

One who is in debt
has no quality of life.

If you can
imagine it,
that’s not it.

All expectation
ever led to was

Anyone can say it,
not everyone can feel it.

In order to truly live,
you have to stand
behind your actions.
I stand behind the Truth.
That is all you will
ever get from me.

People who don’t
waste Time
are Masters
of Time.

Guilt comes
out of the past.
It never comes
out of the future.

Stubbornness is a weakness.
One uses it to hide behind
so that they don’t have to
deal with anger.

Protecting yourself from love
is an act of violence.

Living life
in the world
is preparation
for leaving.

If you believe in reincarnation
don’t you have to leave to come back?

All coming & going
is total fantasy.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


What does it matter
if you believe the truth
or disbelieve it?
It makes
no difference.

Laughing & praying are equal.
They are both great ways to
communicate with God,

Hypochondriacs are always sick.
Ignoramuses are always stupid.

To a shearer, a fight, a feed and a f*ck is his idea of heaven. You know what, they're genuinely happy.) The shearer knows that hard physical labor is Gods' Grace. Most shearers are drunks. I've yet to see one that got sick. Alcohol is their health-care system. No bugs can live in the body 'cause there's so much alcohol.

If you want to
get rid of a bad habit,
create a good one.

The greatest asset,
in these times
that are manifesting,
is a silent mind.

Join the line
if you are looking for
justice on this planet.

A disturbed mind,
a weak mind,
is a nuisance.
Whatever disturbs it,
get rid of it.

Disturbances cause suffering
which leads to pain.
Suffering is mental.
Pain is physical.

Hang on
and die.
Let go
and love.

Once you realize
that it's time
to let go, you will realize
you've been hanging on.
One cannot hang on & claim love.
That is drama & sentimentality.

Letting go is a manifestation
of true love.
Hanging on is a manifestation
of fear.

If you want control
in your life, first
learn to control
the mind.
Whenever the mind
is under control,
The Universe
is under control.

The physical world
only exists in
the waking state.
Dreams only exist
in the dream state.
If you're living
a dream then you're
obviously asleep!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Whatever happens to you in life
find the humor in it and turn
it into a positive.

Once you give up everything,
then, and only then, can you
have a relationship with love.

Whilever you are
within consciousness
or experiencing consciousness,
you can not help the world
or the people in it.

Drop out of the world
into my world & you will
find that the world is a
figment of your imagination.

Reading these words is for your mind.
Between the lines I wrote something
for your heart.
I Love You.

That's all I came here to tell you.
When you're happy I am happy.
When you are sad, I am sad.
Hurt yourself and you hurt me.
Love yourself and you will love me.

Who am I?
Guru Om

If you want
eternal life
just step out
of the movie.

In my world
you can't have
your cake & eat it.

feed on fear.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Knowing is within the mind.
Beyond the framework
there is nothing
to know.
It manifests as
Direct Knowledge.

Whatever has dimensions
is destructible.
Only Dimensionless Reality
is indestructible.

The world, in and of itself, has no reality whatsoever. It is your own private dream. It is your own creation. If you have a problem with it, do not blame. Ask yourself why you created such a world.

There is a world within every word. When you take your focus off of a few thoughts that you had, those worlds die and you don't even bat an eyelid.

The eyes blink
at 1/60th of a second.
Anything faster
than that
is seen
as magic.

When you want to know how the magician does it, you have to watch the illusion from beginning to end, without blinking. Guaranteed you will catch him.

comes along with

For those who are attract
to the destructible,
they are addicted to fear.
Those who are attracted
to the indestructible
are addicted to love.

I found the goldmine
within myself.
It gives off the most
incredible golden light
that I have ever seen.
The Power of the Sun
illuminates it.


Monday, February 14, 2011


Belief & disbelief
get in the way of
seeing things
as they are.

is made out of light.
Without the light
there is no such thing
as existence.

The light

never asks
for help.

Without the light
you would not
see the dark.

is an

The room may appear dark.
Open the doors & windows
& the appearance is no longer.

can take
any shape & form
they desire.

For an appearance to be known,
it has to appear in your world,
otherwise it doesn't exist.

Deny me
& you
have it.

The study
of the
of Consciousness.

At the end of the day,
they're only ideas.

Ideas don't want to die.
It's the ideas that
keep man alive.

Everyone is a gold-mine.
The only difference is,
with some, one has to dig
really deep to see their
hidden wealth.

The fake
will always
let you down.
The genuine never.

Find the Source of breath
& develop a relationship.

If you don't
have the power,
then it's no good sittin'
on your ass, hoping.

To know
Supreme Reality
You have to
drop out of
Do it with awareness or
how will you know
how to get back in?

I have yet to find someone willing to take it.
I took it, therefore I can give it. Finding someone who wants it, that's another story.

If you want more, you'll have to tune in! Use the 'perspective' knob. (it's in the right temple) The contrast knob is on the left. Fine-tuning is smack bang in the center.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Man believes
he can do
so many things
yet he can't
even control
his own mind.

The faster you go
the faster your life runs out.
A slow, leisurely life
promotes excellent health.

If it doesn't
pump the heart
then it's not
music to me.

If you don't
know anything else~
you don't
know anything else.

Don't feel sorrow
for the dead man,
save it for yourself.
He's out of it.
You're still suffering.

Imagining that
you were born
is the ultimate Drama!

Living without hope
is the most freeing
thing you can do.
It forces you to live

Ask yourself one question,
If this is as good as it's going to get
for the rest of my life, is that acceptable?
If it's not then hard times are a'comin.

The more grateful
one is for what they have,
more automatically comes to them.

The more the government
governs the people,
the faster society breaks
down and falls apart.

Saturday, February 12, 2011



If you want to see
good things in your life
keep the bad things out!

If I want things to get better
for me in life then I have to want
things to get better for everyone,
or else I can't have it.

Find a space withing yourself that is so big,
it's impossible to fill up. It will allow you
to express your madness in a beautiful way.

No one can express Love.
Love, itself, is the expression.
Love expresses itself.

When you no longer
need a body to
you will be beyond
birth & death.

Everything you want to know about me is in my name
Just repeat it.

People are like packages.
What's inside is the same.
It's the outer wrapping
that's different.
Take the wrapping off
& see yourself.

To find God
you have to go
beyond your
concepts of Him.

First, ask 'Who am I?
Which leads you to 'Who is He?'

Just getting through the day
is a roaring success.

Things happened;
I couldn't stop
them from happening
or make them happen.

The Planets exert their influences equally on everyone. Don't imagine that you are special and the Sun doesn't shine on you. It shines on all.

A Saint sat in the shade of a tree.
A mass-murderer sat in the shade of the tree.
The tree gave shade to both equally.

Friday, February 11, 2011


is an idea,
isn't it?

You can only imagine
what you have experienced.

Pain is a
great motivator.
Pain is a
great teacher.

Everything about my my life
has been a comedy or a tragedy.
I wouldn't change a frame of it,
otherwise I wouldn't have
attained what I have.

Question everything! Don't just assume. I mean to say, you assumed that you were born and now look what's happened to you. You're frightened of dying. To truly live you have to deal with death.

If you convince yourself that you're a sinner
then you'll have to spend an equal amount of time
convincing yourself that you're not.

If you can't live in the NOW,
then live in the imaginary FUTURE.
It's more exciting than the dead PAST.
Everyone lives in the NOW
whether they like it or not.
If you imagine the FUTURE
you imagine it NOW,
If you dwell on the PAST
you're doing it NOW,
YESTERDAY, the PAST was once the FUTURE.

I am the best friend you will ever have.
You will not find better than I.
That doesn't mean you won't find
someone as good as me.
Everyone I meet is as good as I am.

Thursday, February 10, 2011



Poor people are always worrying about not having enough money. The antidote for that is to start worrying about having too much money.

To strengthen the minds'
focus and attention,
pick one thing you
are willing to die for
and focus on it.

You can't speed
the process up
but you can
slow it down.

You can have enlightenment,
or put more simply,
your own natural state
anytime you like.
It's yours for the taking,
all it takes is guts.

Take everything
you know
about yourself
& your world
& dump it.
You will be left with
what you started with.

Count up your habits
& the things that
you believe you can't
live without & you
will know, first-hand,
what your chances
of survival are.

What you are witnessing now, I witnessed 30 years ago in meditation. At the time, I had no idea at all what I was seeing. What is happening today and will happen tomorrow, I have seen. (It's old news to me.) Had you have seen, 20 years ago, what you are experiencing today, you would have been better prepared.

A shock happens
when you can't find
a pigeon-hole to put it in.
Pigeon-holes & labels
create a
false sense
of security.

Once you attain
your natural state,
that's when the
fun really starts.

Were people to have
lived as simply as possible
this would not be happening.

When you want something
you can be caught and

Whether you believe
me or not
doesn't make
any difference
to what I AM.

what you
are looking for.

It is my job to stay
silent & unchangeable.
It is your job
to look for me.
It is not my job
to tell you
who I AM.
It is your work
to find out.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Without interest
how can life be

Lack of awareness
causes sabotage.
Awareness stops
it happening.

The Process is
unique to everyone
but the fact
remains the same.

Nothing to remember.
Nothing to forget.

If you don't have anything
what do you have to lose?

The less things you have, and by things I mean ideas & concepts, desires & dreams; the less pain you will feel when Reality takes them away.

In consciousness,
there is no such thing
as Reality.
In reality, they are seen
as illusions.

In Reality,
you are
the only thing that is real.

Anything living
has a spark of life in it.
One spark in an engine
causes an explosion.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


People see themselves as 'persons' due to the fact that they live in their own little personal world. The housing bubble burst; the next 'shoe to hit the floor' will be your personal world, the dreams that you imagine yourself to have been born into.


"I've missed the last bus!
How am I going to get home?"
The good thing is you will not be owned by the oil companies anymore. You will not spend anymore of your valuable time locked up in an illusion created by the oil companies. The metal and plastic 'bubble' has burst.

In the Outback of Australia I thought myself very fortunate. I slept in the back of my Station Wagon, under the stars. An Aborigine who goes on 'walkabout' would use a dumped, rotted-out car in the Bush for his 'humpy'. A 'humpy' can be made out of anything; sticks & leaves or glass & steel. It may be a penthouse but at the end of the day, it's still a 'humpy.

Better to look
up to yourself
rather than looking
down on yourself.

It doesn't matter
what color you are;
hunger is hunger &
survival is survival.

The world cannot be there
without you and you cannot
be there without the world.

In deep sleep
there is no such thing
as the world. To prove me wrong,
you'll have to wake up.
I dare you!

The shock of enlightenment
is that nothing changes!

The only way to
learn tolerance
is to tolerate.

No one compels you
to tolerate fools.

In order to see tomorrow,
in order to live for one more day,
What are you prepared to give up

You can’t create
what you already are ,but
you can destroy
who you think you are.
Do it now and be free!

Monday, February 7, 2011


The greatest asset,
in these times
that are manifesting,
is a silent mind.

Only lies
are marketable.
The Truth isn't.

In the Transcendence there is no experience. There is no one there to experience as there is nothing there to experience.

After release
comes relief.

There is no crime
until you get caught.

Join the line
if you are looking for justice
on this planet.

Supreme Intelligence
works in mysterious ways.

Can a possibility
hurt you?

If you don't like it
don't read it.
If you don't understand it~
keep reading.

the ultimate
reality show.

That's the problem with all Governments;
they don't think things through.

It's all the same to the man
that's seen it all.
It's all the same to the man
that's beyond it all.

Where is the information coming from?
I get mine directly from the Source.
When do you get yours from?

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Once you've gone so far,
have a look back and see
how far you've come.
Have a look forward
and you'll find out,
it's not worth going back.

Over and above
the basics;
nothing holds
much importance.

I've always wanted
for everyone
to be happy.

No one alive today
has ever experienced
the electricity
going out & not coming back
on for years & years & years.

'Follow the leader'
is a childs game.
Time to grow up!

330 million people
controlled by so few?
Somethings wrong
with this picture.

How can you spend
what you don't have?
It doesn't make sense.

Without weapons
there can't be war.



Saturday, February 5, 2011


Knowing nothing
creates wonderment.

Without interest
how can life
be interesting?

I live
a wonderful life.
My world is
full of mySelf.
Good fortune to me
that I love mySelf.

I understand
you might want
to help people.
Better to help

How does
it know?

There's nothing
to learn
when blame
is there.

What's your is yours & can never be taken away. What's not yours will never be yours and no amount of focusing on it will make it yours. It's simply an exercise in mind control.

If positive thinking
can't make it happen
how can negative thinking
stop it from happening?

Thursday, February 3, 2011


When one
responds correctly
to a situation,
they are rewarded
with knowledge.

If you think
something is yours,
let it go &
see what happens.

I don't agree
with your

To control sheep
you need a good dog &
to lead them
you need a goat.

How can you feel successful
when you've never
succeeded at anything?

Think out of the box?
What are you doing
in the box anyways?

There is no such thing as thinking outside the box. Once you step out of the box you are in the thought-free state. Thought-free means there is no world. Societies,as they stand now, are 'in the box'. When one says 'think outside the box' they simply run around the opposite way, within the box.

To see it is
only the first stage
to manifest it.

Clear away
the obstacles.