Friday, February 28, 2014


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Everyone deserves
what they get.
Through your actions
you have earned it.

If you want to know what's going on
change 'I know' to 'I see'.

What's the point of wanting to know
when there's nothing to know?

Only a disciplined man
can truly laugh.

The only thing that makes you happy is acceptance of the things you can't change. What makes you unhappy is the refusal to change the things you can change.

What you are seeing in Society
is the result of believing
you can have your cake & eat it.

I ran the gamut of characters
& survived as I AM.



The difference between us
is you're dreaming & don't know it ~
I'm dreaming & I know it.

I accepted responsibility
not to buy the bullshit.

There are no weeds
growing in my garden.

The grass isn't greener
on the other side;
it's greener on my side.

Don't give up what you have
for some imaginary future.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014



The handicaps
you can't see
are the worst.

No one who meets the Guru stays the same.
It just doesn't work that way.

Mini-Gurus believe that
you need their help.
I know you don't need
my help, otherwise
you would have asked for it.

When the electricity goes off & stays off just think of the positive things that will happen. No electric bill, no water bill, no rent, no car payments, no TV, no cellphone to give you brain cancer; you'll be free of everything.

No one gets stuck forever.
That's the compassion of the Guru.

has an opinion.
No one
has the facts.

aren't worth
a fart in a

Something will happen
outside the realm of
mans' imagination &
it will shatter it
like an old-time windscreen.

Isn't it interesting
that not one Empire
has survived?

The fire of transformation
least stagnation occurs.

What is your mission?
To leave everyone alone.

The Last Wave is upon is.
The only way to survive it
is to ride it in the Mode of Goodness.
Those who cannot do that
will be wiped out.


Only a free man
has any choice
with what he does
with his life.

A man in debt
is not free.
He is a prisoner
to that debt.

on anything
is misery.

One nurtures inner happiness
by focusing on it.


If you truly want to know
whether 'water-boarding'
is torture or not;
ask a drowning man.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014



You can't have the
Grace of God
without God.
In other words,
you can't have
your cake & eat it.

Getting free of the world is easy.
Simply withdraw your belief in it
but don't expect it to give you
anything but the basics.

When one gives their all
they get their all back.

To be rooted in
the thought-free state
you have to
dissolve thought.
It cannot be
done with violence.

Don't wait for anyone
to give you recognition.
"Give it tha' sen."

I created my own wealth.
I AM a self-made man.


The basics
remain the

comes out
of expectation.


Man is soon to find out
how much control he really has.

A disciple
of the

The easiest way to pay off
incorrect actions is with money.
Yet, how do you do that
in a bankrupt economy?
You are the economy;
how do you feel?

Good company.
say that.

A man,
with no patience,
can't wait to die.

Once I
said it,
I had to
live it.

Once you realize
there is nowhere to go
& nothing to do,
you'll have lots of
time on your hands.

The only thing
that stops a society
from imploding
is morals.

you & doom.

Monday, February 24, 2014



It's not about
believing & disbelieving.
It's about
listening & watching.

The only question one needs to ask, in this life, is:
"What am I not aware of that I need to be aware of, to improve the quality of my life ~ NOW?

The Gurus' Grace
is always present.
To see it and
recognize it
in daily life
is a work of art.

God gives the gift of life.
You have no right whatsoever
to criticize or complain about it.
If you're not satisfied with the gift
then give it back!

I seek no ones approval,
therefore, I AM.

Insecurity is an obstacle
which blocks the flow
of love.

People who live in the 'known' get bored
very easily.
My world is the
No one gets bored here.

One can not imagine
what they haven't experienced.

People are frightened
of their own potential.

Feeding greed is
a full-time job.

from the
The Source.

Anything that is born
lives with the fear of dying -
except life itself.

No bees
No pollen
No crops

What is happening
on Earth
is a reflection of
what is happening
in the Heavens.


Sunday, February 23, 2014




One develops trust
by diving into the

There is nothing
that makes one
respect food more
than the lack of it.


The abuse of power
affects all men.

A man once asked me
if I could give him
a direct experience of God.
"Yes", I said.
I asked him if he could swim.
He said "No."
"Great", I said.
Then I threw him in the Ocean.

I appeared empty-handed,
I will disappear empty-handed.
In-between appearance & disappearance,
nothing sticks.

It helps tremendously
by taking a 'hands-off'
approach to life.

The situation decides
the correct course of action. The situation is the compass. Respond appropriately and I'll see you when you get home.

I have never really
had a life to call my own.
Looking at you, I realize
how fortunate I am.

Stability, to me, is
having the ability
to sit there &
allow the power to manifest,
un-interfered with.

When the music stops
there's no more

Everyone who lives in a society
has a duty not
to add to the problems.
Fail at that duty
& even bigger problems come.

Interest & resistance
can not live
under the same roof.

You cannot live a weak life & end up strong, likewise, you can't live a life of strength & integrity & end up weak. In my company, you will know how you've lived your life.

The reward for living
a life of integrity
is a life of integrity

I am not against telling you
what to do with your carrot & stick.

Once you know the same disease
is everywhere, what's the point
in going anywhere?

Your indifference
to the suffering of others
is already bringing
suffering to your door.

Once the supermarket shelves are empty
you will have no problem, whatsoever,
relating to hunger.

women & children
is selfish.
It ensures
our survival.

If we're not all the same
then why does the hunger come back?

Only a hypocrite will say,
'I'm full' when another is empty.

Allowing weak people
into power positions
is a

The actions of an
undisciplined man
can only produce misery.
The actions of a
disciplined man
produce joy.

Looking for answers
is a fools game.

is born crying.
Very few
die laughing.

True power
has to be taken.
It cannot be given.
Do you have have
what it takes?

The mirror
doesn’t care
who looks into it.

If there is a hole
for it to get in,
then there is a hole
for it to get out.


is a unique form
of insanity

Radical change
radical action.

True understanding
is not
a ‘me’.

I can
give it?
Can you
take it?

One can
only be free
from what
one understands.

The switch
that turns the TV off
is the same switch
that turns interest on.

A peaceful mind
is the basis
of a
joy-filled life,

If you
take the lesser,
you cannot
have the greater.

Mind is
the scaffolding
that holds

Supreme Reality
is the

Death is
not of the being,
it is the
death of time.

repeated over
and over again
disguises itself
as truth.

Courage doesn’t float
on the ocean like seaweed,
one has to go to the bottom
to discover it.

A fully developed mind
is a silent one.
A fully developed heart
is sweet.
It only knows how to give.

Societies survival
depends on one
Supreme law.
When there are
two laws
that is a sure sign
of societies demise.

People who hope
have no power.

shapes life.
Deep commitment
manifests a
potent life.

never woke
anyone up.

One who is in debt
has no quality of life.

If you can
imagine it,
that’s not it.

All expectation
ever led to was

Anyone can say it,
not everyone can
feel it.

In order to truly live,
you have to stand
behind your actions.

I stand
behind the truth.
That is all you
will ever get from me.

People who don’t waste time
are the masters of time.

Guilt comes
out of the past.
It never comes
out of the future.

Stubbornness is a weakness.
One uses it to hide behind
to deal with anger.

Protecting yourself from love
is an act of violence.

Living life
in the world
is preparation
for leaving.

If you believe
in reincarnation
don’t you have to
leave to come back?

All coming & going
is total fantasy.

Don’t wait
for time,
there isn’t
enough left.

Grace is
showered upon one
in direct proportion
to their
listening ability.

While you are
reading these words,
know that I AM
watching you.

I am giving you clues.
Use your mind to
investigate the ultimate mystery –
your very own beautiful self.

If you can’t see it
Wash your eyes out.
Ignorance is like a
speck of dirt in the eye.

Were everyone
fed at the same time
and not a living soul missed
there would be
no more hunger
on this planet.

there was one
there was zero.

Don’t forget
to read between the lines.
The words are merely pointers.

No one knows what
they will stand for
till they find out what
they refuse to stand for.
What’s left? That’s it.

Better to have
five minutes of quality than
fifty years of quantity.

Life inhabits.
Consciousness owns
shapes and forms.
You own zero.
The meek shall
inherit the earth.

The closer
a man lives to zero
the shorter distance
he has to go home.

to zero.

Absolute & complete trust
is the power of manifestation.

I was perfect the
first day on this planet.
I will be perfect when I leave,
free of contamination.

is a natural state.
is learned.

To appreciate it
you have to be
aware of it.

There are
worlds of differences
between the idea of freedom
and true freedom.
True freedom
does not need telling
all the time
that it’s free.

In tune
the times.

The nature of greed
is that it never knows
when it’s had enough.

Anything that is limited
is doomed before it starts.

One cannot drop
what they don’t know.
What one is not aware of
will not let them go.

Once the church
becomes more opulent
than the people
it is called corruption.

Man is a slave to the gods.
Man does not need gods.
It is the gods that have
convinced man that he does.

Shallow breathers
are not deep beings.

It does not matter
how long it takes.
Truth cannot lose.

All likes and dislikes
have a price tag.
Likes and dislikes
are rich mans neuroses.
Poor people cannot afford them.

Reality is
in the subject
not in the object.

When you give an
inanimate object
a name,
it becomes
an entity.

Q: What is the basis of listening?
A: Interest.

Take care
of the little things;
the big things will
take care of themselves.

Getting what one wants
does not lead to happiness.

is an
aspect of time.

No one can
fake interest.
You either are
or you’re not.

half-hearted results.

Life is like a fishing net.
Focus on the hole, not on the net.
That is what fish do.
Even fish have that ability.


Friday, February 21, 2014



Once you know the grass isn't greener
on the other side of the street,
why would you want to go there?

Everything you are doing
to attain enlightenment
is stopping it happening.
You know that & I know that.
That's why you're doing it.
When you stop doing & dump
everything for one second,
it would hit you
like a ton of bricks.
It's the doing &
the trying that
gets in the way.

There are
no mistakes.
There are

I destroy ignorance.
I show people the way out
of the illusion of the world.
I AM the destroyer of Ignorance
wherever I find it.

Those who have a
philosophy to defend
are in big trouble.

Only 'persons' can have
'personal' relationships.
The 'impersonal'
destroys them.

Something you can't see
causes bubbles to burst.

A liar
is an enemy
of the Truth

The worse beating I ever got,
as a child, was for lying.
I never developed the habit.

Self-taught is always the best.
No one can teach you anything.

When one deals in facts
life is very simple.

my own
Guru &
my own

The gates of hell are open wide
& all the residents who live inside
are heading to Earth with all their might,
traveling there in beams of light.

How do you live
without the curiosity
of the mind?

old thing,

If you don't see
when it's shown to you,
you're blind.
If you can't hear
when it's told to you,
you are deaf.
All in all,
you're doomed.

 photo IMG_0009-2.jpg
When you look
at my forehead
it says
When I look
at my forehead
it says

When you want to
get rid of a problem,
create a bigger one.

When people
finally wake up,
very few will be
able to handle it.
Only a few
will survive.

What's the use of Time
if you're always
running out of it?

Once your wants
exceed Time,
it's all over.

Wants & desires
are endless,
Time is not.
Time is limited.

What's the use
of a messenger
when no one wants,
or is ready,
for the message?

There are no
in life.

Thursday, February 20, 2014



You only need
the light when
there's something
to see.

There's nothing new happening.
It's 'business as usual'
therefore what need is there
for electricity?
Only when the electricity
goes out will
'business as usual' stop.

One has to
be light
to have a
lot of laughter.

Greed is a
vile disease.
The only known
cure is

Pain & suffering
were the main thrusts
of my life.

cannot function
without war.

There is one thing I know;

I have given everyone
who met me a golden opportunity.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


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God is not fussy,
He resides in everyone,
even atheists.

Don't get excited
over delusions.

The world is
but a thought.

It's not the fear of death,
it's the knowing you
can't die that causes fear.

(If you don't know them
then you are a prisoner of them.)

People cry when they don't get what they want.
They wail when they lose something they had.

My armor is
that I speak the truth.

To recognize the truth,
you've got to have at least
a little bit of it in you.

No one can claim
to be a Christian
and go to war & kill!

The duty of every Christian
is to see God in each other.

War is the absolute refusal
to perform ones' duty.

It promises everything
and gives nothing.
It gives life
and takes it.

can't be
a God
a man.

No joy
No results.

Always speak the Truth.
It dis-empowers ignorance.

It is the duty of everyone
to manifest God Consciousness.

A man has only two hands.
When both of his hands are full
& he is offered a gift,
in order to take the gift
he has to put something down.

When thinking stops,
Love begins.

If you want to stay young,
stay in touch with your love.

You can't use love
against another.
You can only use their fear
to control them.

Just as one rotten apple
in a barrel will
contaminate all the others,
so will one out-dated, rotten idea
do the same.

Don't let anyone
steal your heart or
they will control your mind.

Looking for happiness in others is like
expecting a barren women to give birth.

There is an abundance of happiness in each and every one of us. Prove me wrong. Stop creating misery! Creating misery and then complaining you're not happy is a fools' game!

is the
great revealer.

The only way to
transmute a society
is for everyone to experience
the same thing at the same time.
It has to effect everyone

You only need
one for a party!

Love does
not control.
Fear does.

Good habits keep
the bad habits out!

One can have power
in the world
when they have power
over their mind.


Joy is joy.
It doesn't
belong to anyone.
It's just there.

A prisoner
of ignorance.

People who have
ideas about God
are separate from God.
Their ideas separate them.

If you're together
you'll make it.
If you're not,
you won't.

Creative intelligence
comes from the
center of the heart.

Knowledge exists in the Heavens.
It is ones' duty to pull it down
for the betterment and upliftment of man.

Awareness is the
most dynamic form
of action you can take.

Whatever I
become aware of
puts itself right.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014



Giving thoughts too much importance
is not a very good thing.
After all, they are only thoughts.

Curiosity & fear
cannot exist together.

Genetically modified food
creates genetically modified bodies
& genetically modified thinking.

Man has lived at
the expense of Nature.
Now it's Natures turn to
live at the expense of man.

There is
no such thing
as happiness
without gratitude.

In the day
I walk with God.
In the night
I drop the walker.

There is a
spark of God
in everyone.
Has it ever
occurred to you
to kindle it?


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This tattoo was done by Guruji on His own leg.

Monday, February 17, 2014


When the unknown makes itself known, you'll know.
Then you can say, "I see".
You can agree with me
but if it's not
your own direct experience
of what use is this.

Reincarnation is not
of the body & the person.
Once that's dead
it's gone forever ~ Amen.
Ideas & thoughts
are what reincarnate.

Look to your own mind
and see how many times
the same thought has arisen,
in your life.

Once one knows
that coming & going
is Godly;
what need
is there

The weak
are purposely 'helped'
into power positions.
The unseen
manipulate them
at will.

Politics were not designed for the benefit of the people. You elect a politician and send him to Congress with the expectation that he is going to represent your welfare. When you find out that he's not representing your welfare then there's only one other move one the board. Go there and represent yourself.


When there is
no will to do it
there is no way.

How do people live without it?
You can't live without it,
therefore you are forced & compelled
to live with it?
You can run around the world
your whole life looking for it &
you will not find it.

You can chase happiness
your whole life.
The reality is;
you are running
away from misery.

to be found
in books.
I make

When the two voids
become one,
then you will know
who I AM.

The real work happens
when one silences the mind.

The world is
a miserable place
without happy people.
Happy people
don't rely on things
to maintain their happiness.

What is Trust?
In Trust, you do
your best &
move on.

I don't need
your validation.
I've already
validated myself.

Someone once asked me why
I care about people so much.
My reply was, "Because they don't
care about themselves.
If they did, I wouldn't have to."

No one
is allowed
to stay stuck forever.

Saturday, February 15, 2014



Knowing is
within the mind.
Beyond the framework
there is nothing
to know.
It manifests as
Direct Knowledge.

Whatever has dimensions
is destructible.
Only Dimensionless Reality
is indestructible.

The world, in and of itself, has no reality whatsoever. It is your own private dream. It is your own creation. If you have a problem with it, do not blame. Ask yourself why you created such a world.

There is a world within every word. When you take your focus off of a few thoughts that you had, those worlds die and you don't even bat an eyelid.

The eyes blink
at 1/60th of a second.
Anything faster
than that
is seen
as magic.

When you want to know how the magician does it, you have to watch the illusion from beginning to end, without blinking. Guaranteed you will catch him.

comes along with

For those who are attract
to the destructible,
they are addicted to fear.
Those who are attracted
to the indestructible
are addicted to love.

I found the goldmine
within myself.
It gives off the most
incredible golden light
that I have ever seen.
The Power of the Sun
illuminates it.


A nod's
as good
as a wink
to a blind horse.

Friday, February 14, 2014



A loving heart
will always want
to share something.

the penny drops
will be
the same.

If I can
do it
any fool
do it.

On your deathbed
it's too late.

belief systems
are dreams.

You will be awake
when you know that
waking & sleeping
is a dream;
as with
coming & going.

What makes
a dream
to be real
excessive interest.

The power
behind these words
is potent enough
to destroy you
& what you believe
yourself to be.

People do not
come looking
to me for hope;
they come
looking for me
when all hope
is gone.


Death of this
is the birth
of that.

Cavemen mentality
is playing itself out
with modern weaponry.

What will
the military
do to survive?

All that
happens is
Fallout of Transmutation.

Even a crow
can recognize
acts of kindness.
Can you?

'hope' & 'nice'
are dead words.
They are weak ways
of communicating.
The power is in TRUST.



Once you get to
the heart of the matter,
nothing matters.

has it's place
but without the heart
it's useless.

When is enough enough?
Ask a good man,
if you can find one.

The real war
on this Planet
is robbing you
of your joy.

Nishkarma Bhakti
Selfless Service

The man of ignorance
doesn't know
he doesn't know.
The man of wisdom
knows he does
not know.

Once the Guru
becomes aware
of your existence
it's all over,
barring the
kicking & screaming.
It's all taken care of.

If you're
going to
keep anything,
keep facts
& live by them.

Thursday, February 13, 2014



If you have a lot to protect,
you will feel danger in my company.
The only thing you are
capable of protecting is ignorance.
Truth is the Great Protector of all.

Once you realize
everywhere is the same,
the delusion of
coming & going dissolves.

'What am I not aware of
that I need to be aware of,
to improve the quality of
my life, Now?' is not a question
for the feint of heart.
If you don't
want to know
don't ask.

You know,
just as well
as I know,
I AM speaking
the Truth.

In my fathers' eyes,
I was the 'village idiot';
yet the Truth resides in me.
"Why is he the village idiot?"
"Because he cares about people.
He's also the village idiot
because he sees God in everyone."
I mean, it's not
the done thing is it?
Not these days.

In a dog-eat-dog society
you are no more
than a food supply.

It is in the nature
of hunger to eat.

A disciplined & focused mind;
that's where the power lies.
It's yours for the taking,
no one can give it to you.

In 'pass the parcel', the one who gets stuck with the prize has to take the last wrapper off. The last wrapper will reveal a mirror. You, yourself are the prize. As a child, I was part of a game called 'pass the child.' It goes like this;
"You take him."
"You wanted him, you bloody keep him!"
"Well, he's yours too, you know."
~ and on it goes until the music stops.

The electricity's not going to go out,
your light is going to go out
due to lack of power.

Only a fool would imagine
there is such a thing as
life without the Power of God.

The dead
know nothing
of God.

When the electricity does go out, it will depend on the power in your hands as to whether you will survive or not. People were alright before electricity. People have lived for thousands of years with electricity. Can you?

It doesn't matter
how far from home
the prodigal son goes,
he has to come home one day.

Don't imagine
that the most important things
can't become irrelevant.

The most important thing
last season was a handbag.
The most important thing
this season is food.

What is going on when
a man has 3 meals a day
& then has the gall to say,
"I'm hungry!"?

Just because the Guru is All-Knowing
doesn't mean he's going to tell you.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014



Instead of looking for
someone to love you,
why don't you look
for someone who is
worthy of your love?

There's nothing behind you, hence,
there's nowhere to go back to.
To prove me wrong you'll have to
stand up & fall backwards.

There's nothing wrong with habits
as long as they're serving me &
I'm not serving them.

If you don't give up the lesser
you can't have the greater.
It can't be any simpler than that.


It was obvious mi dad was not pleased about this move at all.
“You’re never bloody satisfied, wench. Skoal Kar wasn’t good enough for you, now Inngs Farm has gone the same way. I wonder how long it will take you to get sick of this next place.”
“I won’t get sick of the next place!”, sez mi mum. “I slaved mi guts out over the holidays wallpapering this bloody house and just look at it how! The wallpaper hasn’t been on the walls for more than a month and most of it is hanging off the walls. This bloody old farm house is just too damp!”
“Maybe you never put enough paste on the paper, anyway there was now’t wrong with the paper that was already there.”
“It was a bloody mess George, and anyway how would you know how much paste I put on the wallpaper? All you did was to sit on your arse in that old chair and read your bloody newspaper!”
“You should have pasted mi old newspapers on the wall! You might have started a new trend, plus it would have been a damn sight cheaper, wench!”
As me and mi sisters sat there listening, I said to Dinah, “Oh well Dinah, It looks as though we’re all moving again lass.”
“I have some bad news for you Richard.”, sez mi mum. “Dinah won’t be able to go with us to Jubilee Terrace.”
“What do you mean, Dinah can’t go? If Dinah’s not going neither am I!”
“Now look Richard, I’m not going to start arguing with you over Dinah. Jubilee Terrace is a much smaller house than this one, so there wont be any room for her as she’s too big.”
“She can sleep in my bedroom!”, I sez. “You can’t tell me she’s too big to sleep under the bed.”
“She’s not going and that’s final! I’m just about sick of you lot, and you, you’re as bad as your father is. You’re getting more like him every day!”
“Well, he’s mi dad isn’t he? Who else would I be like?”, I sez.
Now she was really mad. She hit the roof!
“Bang!” She gave me a thick ear and I ran upstairs crying.
The mood in the house now was so thick it could be cut with a knife.
“Do we have to move, dad?” Sheila sez.
“Your mother isn’t happy so what the hell is a man supposed to do? I don’t think there’s any bloody thing that will make her happy until she sees mi in mi box!”
As the weeks went by we all slowly got used to the idea. Mi mum calmed down and said to me, “Do you like to see Dinah running around the fields and enjoying herself, Richard?”
“Yes.”, I sez.
“Well, that’s why we can’t take her. It wouldn’t be fair to her. There’s a family who live next to Mrs.Parkers shop who said they would love to have her. They have 2 small children, so she’d be good company for them.”
“What if they beat her?”, I sez.
“They won’t do that lad. They’re really good people.”
“When does she have to go?”
“I’ve arranged for them to pick her up one night this week.”
Well, that was it! There was now’t else I could do but spend as much time with Dinah as I could.
I took Dinah up the back fields with me and we spent our last days together laying in the grass and talking to each other.
“It’s not my fault you can’t come Dinah. Mi mum sez the house is real small and there’s nowhere for you to run around.”
She looked at me with her big browny yellow eyes and said, ‘It’s all right, I understand, don’t worry about me. I will be all right where I’m going.’
Many times in those last few days, as I remembered all the fun times we’d had altogether, tears of loss would run down my face. Each time that happened, Dinah would sit up and lick the tears away, even if she’d just been smelling some cow clap. I remembered all the times I’d been given a good whack on mi bare legs or a thick ear. If it made me cry, I’d go over to the long setee and lay face down with mi head in a pillow. At those times Dinah would be very sad so she’d jump up on the setee and lay full-length down next to me, then she’d put her paw over my neck. As soon as she did this I’d turn over and put my arm over her shoulder and we’d go to sleep together for a couple of hours.
The last few days seemed to fly by and in no time at all Friday night arrived. The neighbours were supposed to pick Dinah up on Wednesday night but they couldn’t make it.
The sound of an old Landrover pulled up outside our front door but tonight no one ran out to see who it was and welcome them. We all knew who it was.
Dinah very dutifully went to the door and gave her customary loud bark.
Mi mum said, “It’s alright Dinah, I know who it is.”
This made Dinahs’ thick cream tail wag. As mi mum opened the door and welcomed the neighbours, myself and mi two sisters sat on the couch with long, sad faces.
The neighbour and his family were very pleasant people. The man and his wife were middle-aged and they had 2 small girls about 5 and 6 years old. Dinah greeted them as they talked to her and petted her head. I’d already put Dinahs’ collar on before they came in, in case she didn’t want to go with them. Me and mi sisters gave Dinah a last good cuddle and I told her to be a good girl. She licked my face and looked quite excited. She seemed to know what was happening and was dealing with it much better than I was. The neighbours didn’t stay very long as they could also feel the unspoken feelings between me and Dinah.
“Come on Dinah, lets go for a ride in the Landrover.”, the neighbours said.
To spare my feelings anymore pain, Dinah wagged her tail and walked towards the doorway. As the neighbours walked towards the doorway I said, “You make sure you look after our Dinah, Mister, and don’t smack her!”
The neighbour looked back then and gave me a very sweet smile.
“Don’t worry Richard, we will. She’ll have a good home with us. I know how much she means to you. Thank you.”, The man turned and walked out and mi mum followed them.
Sitting on the setee with tears in my eyes, I said to myself, ‘Bye Dinah, no one will ever truly know how much you mean to me!’
After Dinah had gone it felt like something inside me had died, so living at Inngs Farm no longer seemed important.

Monday, February 10, 2014




Poor people are always worrying about not having enough money. The antidote for that is to start worrying about having too much money.

To strengthen the minds'
focus and attention,
pick one thing you
are willing to die for
and focus on it.

You can't speed
the process up
but you can
slow it down.

You can have enlightenment,
or put more simply,
your own natural state
anytime you like.
It's yours for the taking,
all it takes is guts.

Take everything
you know
about yourself
& your world
& dump it.
You will be left with
what you started with.

Count up your habits
& the things that
you believe you can't
live without & you
will know, first-hand,
what your chances
of survival are.

What you are witnessing now, I witnessed 30 years ago in meditation. At the time, I had no idea at all what I was seeing. What is happening today and will happen tomorrow, I have seen. (It's old news to me.) Had you have seen, 30 years ago, what you are experiencing today, you would have been better prepared.

A shock happens
when you can't find
a pigeon-hole to put it in.
Pigeon-holes & labels
create a
false sense
of security.

Once you attain
your natural state,
that's when the
fun really starts.

Were people to have
lived as simply as possible
this would not be happening.

When you want something
you can be caught and

Whether you believe
me or not
doesn't make
any difference
to what I AM.

what you
are looking for.

It is my job to stay
silent & unchangeable.
It is your job
to look for me.
It is not my job
to tell you
who I AM.
It is your work
to find out.