Monday, October 31, 2011


Prisoners of time, felons of the mind
We break the laws, commit the crimes
We sell our soul for nickels and dimes.

Man where are you going with your technology?
It's based on greed and violence
And it's called democracy.
No time to stop and listen
No time to ponder why
We're headed for disaster
The Universe will cry.

Prisoners of Time
Felons of the mind
We break the laws, commit the crimes
We sell our soul for nickels and dimes.

Children there are many
Values there are few.
No time to stop and play with them
Because the credits due.
It's business as usual
A frozen pack will do.
The TV's going constantly
Designer clothes and shoes.

Prisoners of Time
Felons of the mind
We break the laws, commit the crimes
We sell our soul for nickels and dimes.

Vote for me, send me a fax
Vote for me, I'll cut your tax
Vote for me, please vote for me
I'm all for the death penalty.
Vote for me, I want your power
Vote for me this very hour.
Vote for me and don't despise
The fact that I am full of lies.

Prisoners of time
Felons of the mind
We break the laws. commit the crimes
We sell our soul for nickels and dimes.

We say that we want answers
But I don't think we do.
The pain of feeling separateness
Well, that's addictive too.
Who am I without problems?
Who am I without name?
Who am I without shape and form?
Who am I without fame?

Prisoners of time
Felons of the mind
We break the laws, commit the crimes
We sell our soul for nickels and dimes.

For those of us who will not share,
For those of us who do not care
For those of us who will not bend
Well, it's fast coming to an end.
'Cause time is an illusion,
created by the mind
And once the mind stops moving,
There's no such thing as time.

Prisoners of time
Felons of the mind
We break the laws, commit the crimes
We sell our soul for nickels and dimes.

As I was keying these lyrics in, I asked Guruji if it should be Soul or Souls. He said, "Soul - there only is one."

MY PAL JOEY © A sweet story from the Outback

Peter Smith came back out to old Burts' place to see me. He pulled up in Burts' yard one evening and jumped out of his blue Ute.
"G'day Yorky.", he said, as he walked around the back of the Ute.
"G'day Peter. How're you going?"
"Good mate. I brought ya something."
He leaned over the side of the Ute and pulled out a large wheat bag that was tied with a lump of bailing twine.
"What's in the bag Peter?"
"Open her up and have a 'butchers' mate, but be clever."
He handed me the large sack and immediately whatever was inside started to move around.
"What's inside Peter?"
"Open the bastard up mate, if ya wanna know."
I undid the bow which kept the bag shut tight and when I peered down inside it, I saw a young joey kangaroo.
"It's a joey Pete!"
"Yeh mate. I thought ya might like it. It'll be a bit of company for ya. Ya just have to feed it a bottle of boiled milk morning and night but don't be surprised if it dies on ya 'cause they're a bit hard to raise most times."
"Where am I gonna put it?"
"Come on inside ya hut. I'll show ya how to do it mate."
When we got inside the tin hut, Peter opened the bag and stuck his hand inside and then pulled the young joey out of the bag by its' tail. It was quite scared of being out in the light so it started to kick and make a clicking sound.
"Stick him up ya jumper mate. He'll quieten down then."
The young joey crawled up under mi jumper, back into the dark and was quiet as a mouse again, once he made himself comfortable under mi armpit.
"Ya leave the top of the bag tied like this mate, then ya hang it on a nail. This one over here will do. Next, ya cut a slit along the bag, like so. Then it resembles its mothers' pouch. That's it. That'll do mate."
"How do I feed it Peter?"
"Ya git old Kay to boil up a small amount of milk and then ya put it in a bottle and ya put a small amount of burnt cinder powder in it. That'll stop him from getting the scowers. Ya put the rubber teet on the end and the first couple of times you'll have to hold him and force it in his mouth but as soon as he knows the bottle's full of warm milk he'll hold the bottle himself with his hands and feed himself. We'll go over and see old Kay. She used to have a pet too but it got too big and cranky so she let him go. She'll be glad to give ya a hand looking after it. It'll remind her of the time she got her first pet roo, mate.", he said, with a knowing, cheeky wink.
Peter was no mug. When Kay Booth saw the joey she was more than happy to help so old Burt couldn't say a word about it. Kay proceeded to tell us all about her pet roo which took about half an hour and when Peter and I got back to mi shed he said,
"I told ya sport. She's on our side now. Better to have old Kay as a friend. It'll make ya life a bit easier out here. How's things going anyway, Yorky?"
I told Peter about old Burt doing his nut and chasing me with the axe.
"Gawd Streuth mate! We've gotta git ya out of this place while ya still in one piece! I've got a place in mind for ya to go but the bloke is still waiting for a contract to come through and as soon as it does, ya outa' here. I'd take ya back to my place tonight but there's no room and there's no work so I can't do that. Ya think ya can hang on at this place for a while longer?"
"Yeh, I'll be alright. He's been a bit better since he chased me with the axe but I don't like old Burt. He's as miserable as chickenshit."
"Ya not wrong there mate and you're not the only one who thinks that. Anyway mate, I'll be back to see ya again soon so look after ya self Yorky and don't let the bastard git ya down, alright?"
"Alright mate. Thanks for the joey and thanks for looking out for me."
"No worries mate. I'd do the same for a white feller."
"Oh that's a good joke Peter. I'll save that one for old Burt one day."
After Peter left, Mrs. Booth came over with a bottle of milk with a lambs teet on the end of it.
"Do you want to see if he's hungry Richard?"
"Yeh, let's try him. They shot his mother along with the rest of the mob so he's probably a bit hungry now and he won't feel so frightened once he gets some warm milk into him."
The young joey kicked and scratched as he tried to get away from me when I took him out of his new pouch.
"Hold him firm while I get the teet in his mouth.", said Kay.
Once the joey tasted the warm cows milk, he started to settle down until he had finished three-quarters of the bottle. Then he pissed on mi trousers and started to struggle again so I put him back in the old wheat-bag pouch. As soon as he saw the tear across the front of the bag he hopped in headfirst and rolled over on his back then curled himself into a tight ball and went to sleep.
After a week or so, joey could get out of the bag himself. He could sit right up on his back legs and tail. Already he had learned to hold the bottle himself. He looked so sweet as he sat on the floor of mi hut feeding himself and looking around.
Sometimes at night I'd put him in mi bed but one night he pissed all over the sheets so sleeping in the bed with me was now out of bounds to him. Another week and he could hop up on the bed himself but he could not distinguish between the bed and the old dressing table so many a time he would hop up on the table and knock the photos and mi other knick-knacks all over the place. One night when he saw his reflection in the mirror he tried to kick it to death and almost cracked the mirror.
Joey was a lot of fun. Peter was right, it made staying at old Burts' place a bit more tolerable but life being what it is, it soon took joey away from me.
One cold morning at about 4 O'clock, I woke up with a start for some unknown reason. I switched on the one light bulb. Nothing seemed out of place but something did not feel right. Joey was sat in his pouch with his head out of the slit in the bag. His big black eyes were staring across at me.
"Put ya head back in mate, it's a cold morning.", I said but he never moved. "Git back in the pouch where it's warm, joey, or you'll git cold."
I got out of bed and walked across the cold oil-cloth to where joeys' bag was hanging. When I touched his furry head he was as stiff as a board and at once I knew he was dead.
"Oh fuck! Why did you have to go and die just when we were having a good time together?"
When I tried to get joey out of the bag pouch, I saw the reason for his death. A loose strand of bag had gotten twisted around his neck as he got back in his pouch, head first and as soon as he tried to turn around, the piece of frayed string had tightened around his throat and choked him. I had a good cry to myself as I cut the string from around his neck and pulled his stiff little body out of the bag.
Before breakfast, I showed old Kay what had happened and she was also quite upset about it. When Burt found out he said,
"They're pretty hard to raise. If they don't get the scowers they git a cold and if it's not any of those two things, it's something else."
"What do I do with him now Burt? Shall I bury him somewhere?"
"Na mate, just chuck his body to the pigs. It's no good to him now so the pigs may as well eat it. Everything has some use in the bush, mate. We''ll all end up as tucker for something one of these days."
For once, I could see that old Burt was right. Joey could no longer use a dead roos' body, so I hardened my heart and threw the dead body into the pigs pen and walked away.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


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Where you present at your birth?
Do you remember dying?
Do you really understand?
Or do you spend your lifetime trying?
People tell you who you are
And what you should be doing.
But you never stop and look yourself,
You just spend your lifetime fooling.

Give it up,
Give it up,
The World is an illusion.
Give it up,
Give it up,
The World is an illusion.

If you stop just for a moment
And you care to look inside
You'll find out what I'm saying
Is so easy to realize.
Then you won't have to be and do
Just what they want you to.
You can be yourself at any cost
And do well what you do.

Give it up,
Give it up,
The World is an illusion.
Give it up,
Give it up,
The World is an illusion.

You pretend that you don't know
Just what you want to do.
'Cause it saves you from the pain
If you cannot follow through.
And freedom is a heavy word
You've learned to go around.
It keeps you stuck in your small world
And pulls you further down.

Give it up,
Give it up,
The World is an illusion.
Give it up,
Give it up,
The World is an illusion.





To be rooted in
the thought-free state
you have to
dissolve thought.

Don't wait for anyone
to give you recognition.
"Give it tha' sen."

I created my own wealth.
I AM a self-made man.


The basics
remain the

comes out of


Man is soon to find out
how much control he really has.

A disciple
of the

The easiest way to pay off incorrect actions is with money. Yet, how do you do that in a bankrupt economy? You are the economy; how do you feel?

Good company.
say that.

A man,
with no patience,
can't wait to die.

Once I
said it,
I had to
live it.

Once you realize
there is nowhere to go
& nothing to do,
you'll have lots of
time on your hands.

The only thing
that stops a society
from imploding
is morals.

you & doom.

Friday, October 28, 2011





Once you leave
something so long
that it becomes
too big to deal with,
it deals with you.

There is
no such thing as
'too big to fail'.
How about
'too big to survive.'

If you're not beyond help yourself,
how are you going to help anyone?

What does one do
when war criminals
are making the
rules up as they go?

Breaking the rules of war
is a one-way strait to hell.

Money cannot buy
Happiness &

People can't tell the
difference anymore
between truth & lies.

Life pushes one
beyond their limitations.
The body, for example.

is a constant.
the others
come & go.

At the end
of the day,
nothing matters
without love.

create problems
and then pretend
you're a victim.

Even an insect
is attracted
to the light.
How about you?

"What is God?"
"Who wants to know?"
"I do."
"Who are you?"
"Precisely! Next question?"

Tuesday, October 25, 2011



22 years ago
I asked this question;
"What will it take,
how bad does it
have to get?"

I know the things that money can buy & I am naturally not interested. On the other hand, I am extremely interested in the things that money can't buy. Always have &Y always will be, Yours truly Guru Om.

As the Universal Doctor,
I prescribe a good dose of Reality.

That which all rely on.
That which all comes out of.
The be-all & end-all.
My natural state.

How many years do you have to search, to find out that you are what you have been searching for? At that point the search goes on & you disappear.

Monday, October 24, 2011


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If you don't ask
you're not ready.
If you're not ready
you'll argue with me.



The seeing of it
puts one beyond it.

In the silence
there is a presence.
If you want to truly
find out what God is,
beyond your romantic
fantasies and
neurotic needs,
then sit in that silence.

The world will
not get you free
from the world.
Ignorance will
not get you free
from ignorance.

Without discipline
you have to work
for everything.
With discipline
you make everything
work for you.

When like-minded people
support each other
all is possible.

For a
timeless being
the time
is always right.

Much better
to be divinely mad
than half-mad.

One tests themselves
until they
are acceptable.
Once you
are acceptable
to yourself
Where is
the need
to test?

There is
no such thing as
a world without
each other.
Without a mirror
you do not exist.

The subconscious
of everything
we are not aware of.

The first step:
One refuses to blame
anything for nothing
& nothing for everything.

All dependency
creates weakness.
Convenience speeds up
the weakening process.

Q: What has the most power
hunger or habit?

When all else fails
you’ve always got yourself.

Nothing is ever
as it appears to be.
That you can count on.

Time does not exist
when you are happy
doing what you love to do.

The space
is more interesting
than the things
that come out of it.

Uniqueness begins
Where programming ends.

There are no mistakes
Only experiments.

Saturday, October 22, 2011



When you invest in something 90%
then you will have 90% interest in it.

When the animals are all gone,
that's it! Show's over folks.

When the nightmare
gets bad enough,
you'll wake up.

Once commitment takes root
it is beyond your control,
therefore, be careful
what you commit to.

My new life didn't start
until the old life untied.
Untie your past or
drag it through life with you.

While the boat is
tied up to the dock
it appears quite large.
Out on the Ocean
it appears like a cork.

One has to leave
ignorant worlds behind.
One does not have to
be highly creative,
just focus the mind
on the

When you wake up from a dream
do you cry for the characters
in it that have just died?
Your waking is their
death and destruction.

To get free of
you have to risk

The world
and you
appear & disappear

I refuse
to allow anything
in my life
that does not
produce joy.

There is enough
drama, pain & suffering
in this world
without me
adding to it.

Every disaster
is a blessing
in disguise.

Playing with delusion
rarely makes one happy.

If you want something new
to manifest in your life,
or a new life,
then new thinking
is required.

Thinking clouds vision.
Contemplation clears it.

Stay positive &
take it

I have
risen above
as much
as I

To tell oneself
the Truth,
one has to
have great love
for themselves.

True happiness doesn't come & go.
Happiness is.
It comes with the Being.

When one bases
their life on fact
they don't have to
deal with drama.

is a gift.
What do we do with it?
Give it to others.

The amount of crime
in Society
is in direct proportion to the
amount of corruption
in the Government.

Why should I give to
someone who can't take it?
I don't keep people
in my life who can't give it.

The Military
is the rich mans'
private army.

Without discipline
the fear of death
The disciplined man
becomes more & more

You will never hear
a man with patience say,
"I wonder how long I have to wait?"

Wrong purpose
will never


There are no choices
without control.
There is no control
without discipline.

Anyone who tells me
they have choices,
I know they
have no discipline.

One without
is weak.

Discipline &
a quiet mind
go hand in hand.

the strong
will survive.

I only want to be
around people
who can accept Love.
If they can take it,
they can give it.

There is no such thing as
God without Man
and no such thing as
Man without God.

Rather than using God
as an order supplier~
send Him your expense account!

It takes
a great deal of
Trust to Trust.

Whatever produces
fear has to go.

Once you stop
chasing happiness,
it will start
chasing you.

If you don't have
an inquisitive mind,
you're dead.

Each joke has
its own comedian
to tell it.
"The jokes on you".

Friday, October 21, 2011



It's your world,
you created it.
So why complain
about it?

If it's like that
why did I create
it like that?

and that's that.

When you become unhinged
it leaves the door open
for all sorts of things.

If you don't
want visitors
for afternoon tea,
keep the door closed.

in balance.

A balanced mind
is a happy mind.


The rich man is habitually used to getting every thing he wants. What will the rich man do when he comes across something he needs for his survival & money cannot buy it?

When the right train
enters the station
don't wast time,
get on it.


The Guru gives it
because he can take it.

Once you are
living the laws,
compassion &
you are human &
not until.

I can't die,
neither can you
but your world can.

Once the mind
is introduced
to its source
it can answer
its own questions.

I lived without hope for so long
I ended up free from it.
Once that happened it left
a big, empty, serviceable space.

Once you go
beyond hope
you're free
of it.

Thursday, October 20, 2011



Q: Imagine that there is a goose in the bottle. Without smashing the bottle how do you get the goose out, intact?
A: There! it's out.

The goose and the bottle are in the mind. Your mind put the goose in the bottle, therefore, it has the ability to take it out. Likewise with everything else in life. You believe you were born. The world appears according to your belief. Employ the same technique and be free of it. Right action will follow.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


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All beginnings
have to start
How about NOW?
Seeing as ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

We sin
& cause others to suffer.
Others sin
& cause us to suffer.

If you
truly believe
you can
have your cake
& eat it
then don't
profess surprise
when you
end up in debt.

If your bucket
has a bigger hole in it
than the volume of water
you're pouring into it,
don't be surprised
when you end up
with an empty bucket,
after all your hard work.

Listen to the sound.
Listen to the tone
of our society.
Listen to the
sound of water
going down a drain hole.
Tell me there's a difference
because I can't hear it.

The world
is full of answers,
but very few
good questions.

the Government
know it
to be true.

What was it like being born?
What was your experience of it?
I'd love to hear it.

Focus on what never moves.
How do I know it never moves?
If it does,
that's obviously
not it!


No one can hurt your feelings.
Everyone is responsible for
their own feelings.


Timeless truth.
It applies
at all times,

As a child, I was dependent on my Mother
until the first time she let me down.
From that point on, I became self-dependent.

One can not go beyond what they do not comprehend. To go beyond anything one needs a good command of the language. To enter my world one has to master the language of Silence.

To quieten
the mind
of idle chatter,
give it some
interesting work
to do.

"If brains were gunpowder, you wouldn't
have enough to blow your hat off."
~ George, My Father said to me.

The more pain and suffering one is in
the easier it is to say,"please help me!"
The less resistance there is,
the easier it is to say,
"please help me!"

When a man is swimming around having fun he doesn't ask for help. He has to be drowning to ask for help. At that point, it's too late.

While everyone is talking about something, nothing will happen. Not until the talking stops will the doing start. Talking about it is a sure-fire way of stopping it.

If you don't have anything
of substance yourself,
how can you give?

People who are
riddled with fear
need belief systems.

Do it right.
Do it once.
You won't have
to do it again.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011



It's the only way to live.
There is no other way to live
other than live & let live.

Witness consciousness
is the ultimate multi-tasker.

Reality is unspeakable.
That doesn't mean you
can't spend your life trying.

What do you want
to be successful at?
May I make a suggestion?
How about
your humanity.

Can you believe it?
The cheek of it.
The mind imagining
it's going to
perfect its Creator.

gets you
through the day &
a good attitude
is the icing
on the cake.

It's insanity
not to question
& blindly accept.

Monday, October 17, 2011



Turn away
from the world
& have a look.

What is coming
is beyond mans

When you are looking
for something
you need a world
to look for it in.

Staying open to the unknown
in life
is the formula
for living life to
its fullest.

Once you fill up
all your time,
you're out of it.

In my life,
anything that
isn't positive
has to go.


Bad feelings
are not pleasant
things to
carry around.

Forgive them
for they
know not
what they do.

You don't have
to do what
I've done
in life.
I've already
done it.

If you have
a sweet tooth,
you're welcome
to eat the
of my labor.

Why people can't fly
is because they are
attached to the Earth.


my life
until the

No thought
No shape
No form
shapeless &

I live it.

Stop seeing yourself
as the performer of actions
& you will find out that
coming and going is Godly.

The road to freedom
lies beyond labels.

When you've convinced yourself
that there is no where to go,
then you'll always be home.


Whether you're stuck
with no money
or stuck with
all the money
in the world;
stuck is stuck.

Once mankind ceases
to care about
his own kind,
he can no longer

You don't look for,
You look at.

Any fool can sabotage
A wise man destroys.
That is the challenge!

Whatever you
can't control
is good for you.
Enjoy it.

When you
don't want
where is the
need for time?

Saturday, October 15, 2011


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It is not acceptable
to fool my self.
A true clown
has stopped
fooling himself.
A true asset to society;
He is That.

How can the gross
experience the subtle?

When one doesn't
have a label
they have to
sit there
with nothing.

No 5 senses,
No world.
& that's it
in a nutshell.

God is not fussy,
He resides in everyone,
even atheists.

Don't get excited
over delusions.

My armor is
that I speak the truth.

To recognize the truth,
you've got to have at least
a little bit of it in you.

No one can claim
to be a Christian
and go to war & kill!

The duty of every Christian
is to see God in each other.
War is the absolute refusal
to perform ones' duty.

It promises everything
and gives nothing.
It gives life
and takes it.

There can not
be a God
without a man.

No joy
No results.

Always speak the Truth.
It dis-empowers ignorance.

It is the duty of everyone
to manifest God Consciousness.

A man has only two hands.
When both of his hands are full
& he is offered a gift,
in order to take the gift
he has to put something down.

When thinking stops,
Love begins.

If you want to stay young,
stay in touch with your love.

You can't use love
against another.
You can only use their fear
to control them.

Just as a rotten apple, in a barrel, will contaminate all the others, so will one out-dated, rotten idea do the same.

Don't let anyone
steal your heart or
they will control your mind.

Looking for happiness in others is like
expecting a barren women to give birth.

There is an abundance of happiness in each and every one of us. Prove me wrong. Stop creating misery! Creating misery & then complaining you're not happy is a fools' game!

is the
great revealer.

The only way to transmute a society is for everyone to experience the same thing at the same time. It has to effect everyone.

You only need
one for a party!

Love does
not control.
Fear does.

Good habits keep
the bad habits out.

One can have power in the world
when they have power over their mind.


Joy is joy.
It doesn't
belong to anyone.
It's just there.

A prisoner
of ignorance.

People who have
ideas about God
are separate from God.
Their ideas separate them.

If you're together
you'll make it.
If you're not,
you won't.

Creative intelligence
comes from the
center of the heart.

Knowledge exists
in the Heavens.
It is ones' duty
to pull it down
for the betterment &
upliftment of man.

Friday, October 14, 2011



When there's nothing left to lose
even the weakest man will fight.

The inhalation of the body
is the exhalation of the world.
Death of the body
is death of the world.

The foundations of this society
were built on violence,
therefore, it will crumble
in violence.

The violence comes out
in the weakest first
then makes it's way
up the ladder.

All the decisions
that were made
in my life
came out of necessity.

Whatever you want in life, if you didn't get it, would that be alright? Drop it and forget about it! Do not be surprised when it comes chasing you.

Don't worry,
when all your
fantasies & illusions
are shattered;
I will
be there
for you.

What will hunger eat
when there is
no more food?

If you get lost in drama,
make sure you have a compass
to find your way out.

The past is a moment
that feels like an
once gone,
never to return

Wednesday, October 12, 2011





The government is a reflection of the people, unless you want to play the 'blame-game'. True freedom and responsibility are inseparable. Do not expect to maintain the state of freedom with totally inappropriate responses. Governments can only act as you allow them to. Homeland security is an internal state of being, not a piece of paper with man-made laws written upon it. When you are not prepared to die for your constitutional rights, then do not complain when they are taken from you. I can guarantee you, there is not one politician alive who would be prepared to die in order to uphold your rights!

My integrity is priceless.
It cost me my worldly success.

I can not recall the amount of times I have told people in power positions to 'go fuck themselves' rather than bend to their will, in the false hope of gaining a few extra shekels! I would rather depart this plane of existence a total unknown than sacrifice one gram of integrity.

I once made a business deal with a man I met in Las Vegas. A couple of days later, I asked him how the PR work was advancing. His answer was, "Well, it's not easy you know. When you go out there you have to kiss a lot of ass." "Not so." said I. "I don't understand", said he. "I do not and have never had to kiss-ass. You have done and still do. That is why I am giving you 20% from the sales."

I have been on my death bed on numerous occasions and I can tell you, first-hand experience, my whole life flashed before me in a nanosecond. Every single detail of it. I am not unique. The same thing will happen for you. You will then be fully aware of what life is really about, but by that time it will be too late; You will have missed the whole point.

I once watched a man choke to death on his own blood, due to the fact that the steering wheel crushed his chest in a head-on collision with another vehicle. I could not save his life so I whispered the Mantra in his right ear. It was the greatest parting gift that I could give him. What a pity he received it on his death-bed due to the fact he had forgotten it on his birth-bed.

In the beginning was the word.
There is nothing in this Universe
of greater value than the Mantra.
It is the be-all & end-all of everything.

Monday, October 10, 2011


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There is no fear in me.
How can there be
with a life
like I've led?

It's a good man
who knows when
enough is enough;
& lucky the society
that he lives in.

In order to
pick something up
you have to
put something down.
Put falsehood down
& pick up the Truth.

Only a disciplined man
has freedom.

Whatever any man does
affects the whole planet.

I did my best
to make myself
acceptable to Society,
without selling out.

Every child wants acceptance.
The price was too high for me,
so I gave it to myself.

Every day
is a day of

A good attitude
in life,

Suffering is mental.
Pain is physical.

Clean up your karmic mess,
and go beyond suffering.

There is enough
drama around
without me adding
my '2-penneth'.

What moves you
has to be what
you are thinking about.
Think about the Guru
& he will
move you out
of the world,
into the void


The world will always be as it is
As long as people are the same.
When people stop and look again
There'll be no pleasure and no pain.

The world is like a great big screen
On which you all project your dream.
The only thing I know that's real
Is the power behind the wheel.

Freedom is now
Where else can it be?
Freedom is now
All you have to do is see.

We live our fantasies and dreams
We cram our images in jeans
We haunt the shopping mall and street
Projecting on the ones we meet.

We hurt the ones we love the most
As we race to the winning post.
We never stop to think and care
Just as long as we get there.

We live our lives in fear and hope
In dark despair we often grope.
Ghosts and demons haunt our mind.
We feel we have an axe to grind.

We tell each other how it is
We think that life is one big quiz
The knowledge that we belch and spew
Is rooted in the me and you.

We chase success in empty worlds
We act like foolish boys and girls.
We laugh, we cry, we curse and scream
As we drown in our private dream.

And on it goes until the end
Until we find we cannot bend.
The life that we lived hopefully
Has ended up in memories.

Freedom is now
Where else can it be?
Freedom is now
All you have to do is see.

Friday, October 7, 2011



I AM available.
Is there anything
required of me?
I AM Timeless Being.
I AM the Destroyer.

There are 3 times when your whole life
can flash before you in a nanosecond;
1) In a life- threatening situation.
2) On your deathbed.
3) Sitting with me.

"Do you believe in Dog?"
"No.", said the man.
"The Dog is ~
Likewise with God." said I

All religions & spiritual words
have a lot in common.
They are trying to
describe the indescribable.

When you
live in darkness,
how can you say
you saw something?

If they experience
love & joy in my company,
how can they forget me?

Thursday, October 6, 2011



In the Outback of Australia,
I had to learn how to be happy
in my own company.
I was never alone.
I had my Self.

I look at you
through the eyes of love.
You look at me
through the eyes of fear.

what you are
looking for.
My disaster
makes everything
possible for you.

The Here & Now
is your best chance
for survival.

In the past, you are dead meat.
In the future you are a
figment of imagination.

How can you question
when you are not free?
Only a free man
is free to question.

Who are you
that you made it
while millions
of other sperms
did not?
You must have been
a good swimmer.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011



Nothing can happen,
in the world, without
the peoples consent.

Passive/Active ~
Passive implies
you are totally ignorant
& cannot comprehend
this knowledge.
Active implies
you comprehend
but don't care.

There's something wrong
in the picture of
'having your cake & eating it.

is mental
is physical.

You either carry knowledge
for each other or
you're programmed.

arises through
lack of giving.

People use each other as walls.
They bounce the ball off of it
to see if they're acceptable.

To be who you are,
stop pretending to be
what you're not.

This is the game;
the game goes like this;
I AM - I'm not, I AM - I'm not.

Only sick people will allow
other sick people to
run the show.
Only a weak society will allow
weaklings to
occupy power positions.

How much bombardment
can a weak mind stand?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011



When is enough, enough.
When will people_______________!

There is a government in the American dream
There is a government in the American nightmare.

The government is a reflection
of the people & vise-verse.

The consciousness of the people
is a limitation.
Therefore, where does the
idea of freedom come from?

is free.

A long journey
of illusions.

Where there's smoke
there's fire.


The nature
of life
is to grow.

you've got to know
that you are a loser
before you can
do anything about it.

You will not get
happy, well-adjusted
children by giving
them false heroes.

When things
get bad enough,
anyone will look.

Any idiot
can create drama,
Only a wise man
can manifest silence.

Monday, October 3, 2011



You can not explain facts,
you can only distort them.

All diseases
come from
the mind.

The ultimate winner is
the one who refuses
to play the
'winners & losers' game.

If you're the one
who refuses
to bat the ball back,
game over
& you're the one
who's left
with the power.

Unless interfered with,
pigeons will always
come home to roost.

I saw a video of a pig today. It had learned to walk on two legs. I immediately thought of a lot of people I have met, who claim to be human. I was brought up with animals. I know the difference between human & animal, as I claim to be neither.

Because you were
programmed to believe
you are human
does not make it so!

Apply discipline
in situations &
you cannot go wrong.

I am a self-supporting man.
I do not want your support
nor do I need it.

What is your net worth
without electricity?

I have heard people say that love was not enough to keep two people together. My understanding is, love is the glue that keeps the Universe together. So, I don't think it would be a problem keeping two people together. How about lack of love?

Sunday, October 2, 2011



How can you value
what you have no
knowledge of?

If you want to know
about God, focus on
the Word.

Just the fact that
there is a temporary world
means the mind is not perfect.
Lucky for all that
Perfection Includes Imperfection.

Alcohol, drugs & bad breeding,
a good combination do not make.

"Go on,
turn the stones
into bread!"

There are very hard lessons
to learn in life,
such as attachment and desires.
'The desire to live is the messenger of death'.

is to
shape &

Everyday I look,
more dominoes
are falling.

The suffering
in life
makes one look.

what the mind
believes in &
believe in.

You may not
be interested
in me now
but you will be
on your deathbed.

The only way to know the unknown
is to dive into it.
Before you do that, know one thing.
There is no guarantee that
you will come out of it.
The only man who will do that
is one that has nothing to lose.

It's obvious to me that the WW1 was not enough. It's obvious to me that WW2 was not enough. It's obvious that the Vietnam war was not enough.
When is enough, enough?

Life keeps moving on.
It doesn't wait for anyone.


There is no difference between
yourself & your relationships.
All relationships are built
on the foundation of self-relationships.

You cannot give to others
what you cannot give yourself.
You cannot do for others
what you cannot do for yourself.
The notion of helping others is false.

You are your own
judge and jury.
If you believe you
have done something wrong
then you will punish
yourself to a degree
that you believe
fits the crime.

People who sit in judgment of others
are sitting in judgment of themselves,
hence, 'Judge not lest you be judged.'

One can only do
to others
what they are doing
to themselves.

In Reality there are no such things as mistakes. See them as experiments and be free of them. If the experiment works, integrate it into your life. If the experiment fails, don't keep repeating it, otherwise it will manifest as insanity.

No child has ever been responsible for its parents happiness and well-being. Any child who experiences responsibility for its parents happiness is experiencing, through clouded vision, a breeding problem. It is the duty of the child, once grown up, to rise above that breeding problem.'The buck stops with me.'

If you see it,
hear it,
feel it,
know it to be
your duty
to take care
of it.

There is no such thing as 'your problem' or 'my problem'. There are self-created problems that belong to all of us. Sweeten up the environment by not creating problems, real or otherwise.