Tuesday, November 30, 2010


You can only imagine
what you have seen before.

I want what I have.
What I don't have
I don't want.

Not enough love
is killing
the Planet.

Too late -
the last bus has gone!

Love makes
the world go round.
Better to
manifest it now,
lest it stop.

The Planet is dying
from lack of love!

I was raised
from the dust
of the Bonnet
of the Red Rock.

Accept the situation
as it is and
BOOM!, it changes.

is mine.

Mans' actions
will determine
my vote.

Monday, November 29, 2010


opens the door
to living in
the world of all possibilities.

Nothing will change
while the
system of Government
stays the same.
The only ones who
can change the
system of Government
are the people.

People who have done
a lot of hard work
have strong character.

I relieve peoples' suffering
by not adding to it.


You can only remember
the past NOW.
You can only imagine
the future NOW.

Trust no future
however sweet.


When you reach a stage
where there's nowhere to go,
you'll find out there's nowhere
to come back to.
In order to come back
you have to go.

People are not interested
in the unknown because
they have never experienced it,
therefore, they don't trust it.

Do understand;
there can be no chicken
without an egg.
There can be no egg without a chicken.
Only a fool would ask,
"What came first the chicken or the egg?"
They appear and disappear together as one.

If there wasn't such a thing as 'God', Then why do we have a word 'God'? Years ago there was no such thing as space travel. We made a 'rocket' and the word 'rocket' became part of our vocabulary. When we didn't have the word 'car' in our language, there was no such thing as 'cars'.

and the word

Chasing happiness
is a fools game.
Keep still
and it will manifest
of its own accord.

I would like
everyone to be happy.

When one is doing
what they truly love
there is no such thing as time.

Love is not timebound.
It is a timeless state.

has experienced
love in their life.

Love & God
are inseparable.

Whatever you need in life,
it will be there for you
when you need it.
You brought it with you
when you appeared.

Once you mortgage your life
to something, don't complain
that you have no time.

If you would like
your life to change,
first you have to know
what you would
like it to change to.

Before change,
your work is
in the imagination.
After change,
you deal with facts.

I used to think I knew everything that was going on in my life and where I was going, until I took Sanyas. From then on, I knew nothing. That was 20 years ago. Today I know even less.

If you see me through a quiet, disciplined mind you will have instant recognition of me as I AM. If you see me through an undisciplined mind that is fraught with waves, then you will see me as you want to see me. How I appear to you is none of my business.

Look at your reflection
in a pool of water.
Then throw a stone
in the water and tell me
what the difference is.

I appear and the world appears.
I disappear and the world disappears.
That is the nature of appearances.

I don't need a car.
The body needs a car.

I had a hard time with that one.
That was difficult for me,
years ago, seeing myself
in others & others in myself.


Needing anything
to make you happy
is a failure.
Relying on anything
time bound
for your happiness
is doomed to failure.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Quite interesting,
life at times.

Only those who have
gone beyond illusion
of control can laugh.

One has to keep going
when there's no way back.


There is no such power
as personal freedom.
While ever one man
is in chains, we all
are in chains.

True Freedom
is freedom
from the personal,
small bubble of a
dream that people
imagine themselves
to live in.

While ever one man suffers
we all suffer.
While ever one man
is being tortured,
we are all being tortured.

The idea of
personal & separateness

There is no such thing as a personal experience. It has been experienced before you and it will be experienced after you. There is nothing that one man can experience that another man cannot. Very seldom will an inexperienced man learn from an experienced man. His limited ego will demand that he wants to make his own mistakes. All those that believe that way are ignorant fools. Even mistakes are not yours, otherwise they would not be repeated over and over again by, for example, world leaders.

I AM the Universal Being. There is nothing personal about me at all. I do not claim anything to be mine. The idea of mine is another false idea foisted on the heads of people for the benefit of someone else.

Do not expect
a false question
to give you
a correct answer.
Only correct questions
can give correct answers.

You may claim this land to be yours. Your claim is invalid. You are merely in possession of stolen goods. Even the original people of this land did not claim it to be theirs/mine. Ask them and they will tell you, "We are the caretakers." Ask them, "Who owns the land?" and they will tell you that the land owns us. What grows on it belongs to God. Humanity as a whole, collectively, is the caretaker of all lands. Individually, you have no separate land rights. You tell me, of what use is barren land to anyone? Even in our, so-called, modern societies, a barren woman is of no use to a man who wants to go forth and multiply. Would you rape your mother and plunder her house? why would you do it to this life-giving land. Contemplate the situations you are dependent upon, food, water, shelter, sunshine, wind and then come and talk to me about personal power.

So many wars and crimes against humanity have been committed and as yet very few have been held accountable for these acts and atrocities. And you wonder why Joy is not bubbling up from the center of your heart?

Only an ignorant fool will believe another ignorant fool when he tells him you came here to experience enjoyment, when the truth is you came here to do the work. THE GREAT WORK!

Many years ago, in the Outback of Australia, I heard a white fella' and a black fella' having a heated discussion in Giltraps Hotel. The white fella' said to the black fella', "If that's how you feel about the land, then fuck you, you can have it back!" The black fella' said, "We don't want it back, thank you very much, you fucked it, you fix it!"

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Somewhere between the Ham & the Sah
lies the center of sound.
When you find the center of sound
you'll also find your heart.

Man doesn't seem
to have any shame
left anymore.

If you don't challenge
limitations & belief systems
then, obviously,
they stay
in place

Friday, November 26, 2010



The seeing of it
puts one beyond it.

In the silence
there is a presence.
If you want to truly
find out what God is
(beyond your romantic
fantasies and
neurotic needs)
then sit in that silence.

The world will
not get you free
from the world.
Ignorance will
not get you free
from ignorance.

Without discipline
you have to work
for everything.
With discipline
you make everything
work for you.

When like-minded people
support each other
all is possible.

For a
timeless being
the time
is always right.

Much better
to be divinely mad
than half-mad.

One tests themselves
until they are acceptable.
Once you are acceptable
to yourself
Where is the need to test?

There is
no such thing as
a world
without each other.
Without a mirror
you do not exist.

The subconscious
of everything
we are not aware of.

The first step:
One refuses to blame
anything for nothing
& nothing for everything.

All dependency
creates weakness.
speeds up
the weakening process.

Q: What has the most power
hunger or habit?

When all else fails
you’ve always got yourself.

Nothing is ever
as it appears to be.
That you can count on.

Time does not exist
when you are happy
doing what you love to do.

The space
is more interesting
than the things
that come out of it.

Uniqueness begins
Where programming ends.

There are no mistakes
Only experiments.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Desire moves
It creates

In my world,
Love is the
Prime Mover.

There is nothing
outside of the mind.

"That's all
he used to call me,
'you pommy bastard'!"

You can only believe or disbelieve in fantasy, not facts. Facts are not subject to belief systems. They are - as are you.

The longer you
look at shortcomings
the faster they
turn into longcomings.

The Earth demands blood;
can you blame Her?

God helps those who help themselves.
He didn't tell me to help you!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


While ever they make money out of war who is going to stop it? There's only one way it can be done; get rid of your own internal war.

Perfection is all-inclusive.
That's what makes it so.

If you don't want problems,
eliminate them from
your vocabulary.
I refuse to
allow 'problems'
into my vocabulary.

One who knows
the Source
of the movies
has seen it all.

One of the
benefits of war is,
it builds character.

If there wasn't such a thing as violence in Nature, there wouldn't be such a thing as violence in man.

Teach your mind
how to behave itself.

more gratitude
more gratitude,

Tuesday, November 23, 2010




In order to have a world
there has to be opposites.

Great beings
are always at
home in their heart.

When you kill someone
it's a mistake
you cannot correct.

Truly free people
do not do what they want,
they do what is necessary.

to a slave,
is Freedom.

are like muscles,
use them or lose them.
know your rights,
then exercise them.

Weaken the American Constitution &
the citizens will suffer
from weak mental & physical health.

The reason the constitution
is being
eroded away
is because of
societies weakness.
Life has
too easy.

is something
one lives,
not brags about.

Before one can live freely
one has to destroy
outmoded ideas and concepts.


You can only be free
of what you are aware of,
otherwise, you're just
living in a prison
that your senses
can't see or feel.

Supposedly, the terrorists are going to invade America and take our freedom away from us. If that's the case, they had better do it soon or there won't be any freedom left for them to take.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Religion & spirituality
are a phenomena.
They must be making
a living at it;
they're still going!

I learned more about spirituality
digging a septic-tank hole, 9' X 16',
at 15 years of age
in the Outback of Australia.

Knowing nothing
creates wonderment.

I live a wonderful life.
My world is
full of mySelf.
Good fortune to me
that I love mySelf.

I understand
you might want
to help people.
Better to help

How does
it know.

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Once two know,
it's not
a secret anymore.

Know your
own secret.

If you allow it,
don't complain
about it.

When man goes to sleep,
there is no world.
The world is dependent
upon man to stay awake.

You can't live
in a day dream
& a night dream
at the same time.

Why not go
beyond the doer
and accomplish
the lot?

No matter how big
or how small
the addiction is,
it's still
an addiction.

Do less,

In a global society with global wealth and global problems, as in the amount of people that are being killed on this Planet or are starving in Africa, if you don't do something about it, guaranteed, you are next!

The reason people
can't turn the TV off
is because it
will turn
their life off.

Those who can live
without television
are doing.

Next time you look
in the mirror,
know that the image
you are seeing
is created
by your
likes & dislikes.

I am not here
to teach

After a lifetime of Sadhana
I have come to the point,

Saturday, November 20, 2010


When there's one,
there is no language.
When there's two,
there is language.

Every one
hurts & wounds
their own
heart & emotions
by what
they tell

Illusions & fantasies
can case great
pain & suffering,
whereas facts
don't do that.
Facts will never
let you down.

The train goes round and round
thousands of times a day.
If you want to get to heaven,
get off the train.
Every stop is
heaven on my train.
It's not possible
to get off
at the wrong stop.

I'm not racist;
I just don't
like anybody.

It wouldn't
be worth it
if Trust
to attain.

It doesn't take much
to Trust in good times.
Bad times are
a different story.

For me, this is it!
I have no complaints.
For the people,
the movie has to change.

People who don't
feel their
own greatness
have no respect
for themselves.

So far, 100% of Empires
have gone 'down the tube'.
It's a formula for disaster.

If you believe yourself
to be the doer,
then perform all actions
simply for their own sake.
No motive.
I am beyond motives.

It's obvious that man
is on a downward spiral.
What happened?

If it doesn't
produce joy,
then don't do it.

Don't let your mind
separate you
from your feelings.

To get free
from the
clutches of the mind,
one has to
study & investigate it.

is the key
that opens
the prison door
to a world of
true freedom.

You can only be free
according to
your understanding.

When you finish
using your mind,
respect it by
putting it away.

If you really want
to make a difference,
destroy the person
you have been programmed
to believe you are.

Friday, November 19, 2010


Compassion, to me,
is continuing to
live out of love,
not necessity.

There are certain events
in life that happen,
where one can
never be the same.

There is no tomorrow.
Take care of today.

Eliminate 'ifs', 'buts' & 'maybes'
out of your life &
you will enjoy it much better.

It's a bit 'iffy'
when you say 'if'.

When your neurons are misfiring
they need a tune-up.
Come and sit with me &
you'll be firing
on all 8 cylinders
when you leave.

Some leave & some stay home.
I've traveled this whole world
without leaving home.

The first shall be last
& the last shall be first.

Don't think about
what you've done.
Focus on
what needs doing.

The less you do
the more you get.

Feed your mind these words
while I take care of your heart.

....seeing as it's all imagination anyway.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Question everything..

There is a level
of respect & decorum
that has to be kept.

These were my questions as a child;
"What have I done?"
"Why is this happening to me?"
"Why is it that every time my heart
opens extra-wide, corporeal punishment
is inflicted upon me?"

They fear
losing something
when, in fact,
they get

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One has to keep
themselves jolly &
tell themselves a
good joke once in a while.

The future is imaginary.
One can only guess.
Even the best psychics
can still only predict
the imaginary future.

No one has a real future ahead of them.
There is no such thing as a real future.

The only way to live in the world is with no investment in it. If you have an investment in the world you have to take care of it. If you believe it to be real then you are heavily invested.

Violence is incidental
in the face of love.

What do you do when you love someone - so much, and then they beat you up?
Turn the other cheek?

burns fast
gets hot.

No more band-aid jobs!
Have you ever noticed
that a bandage is easy
to put on & causes
discomfort when ripped off?

Have you ever noticed the amount of times America has declared war?
The war on poverty - lost it!
The war on illiteracy - lost it!
The war on drugs - lost it!
What do you think the chances are for the war on terror?

You can stick
with your modern ways
and I'll stick
with the primal.

The true
use of life!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


What is a thought worth
if it doesn't uplift &
benefit everyone?
A fart in a bottle.

The more people
that own Gold
the faster the
Golden Age
will manifest.

There is an underlying
joy in everything.

Manifest more love
than people can
manifest anger.

Right understanding
is the

Everybody is enlightened.
They just don't know it.
That's why the Guru is needed.
That is fact!

What I say, I see.
What you hear
is what you want.

manifests from
a lack in yourself.

Tell me one thing you truly own?
You will identify with whatever
you grab hold of, to save your skin.

I do not take on disciples.
I see them as hemorrhoids.
They function the same way,
they're a pain in the ass!

I have met many people who say that they would like to be fully enlightened. I asked each one of them, "What pleases the most in your life?" I then said, "Come and see me tomorrow and I guarantee your enlightenment. Not one of them returned. Whatever pleases you the most; once you can give it up and go beyond it, you too will attain enlightenment.

Full enlightenment;
your natural state.

What enlightenment means to a common man is 'a cop-out.'
"If only I could attain enlightenment.", he said.
"I could do what I want & be free of all my problems."

A cart
in front of a horse
does not go very far.

Anyone who does not have the capacity to grow their own food has no connection with the Earth, whatsoever. Walking in beautiful scenery, on a sunny day, will not do it. In order to maintain ones' feet on the ground you have to look into the Earth.

to create problems
and you will see.

'I was born'
is an idea
no better
or worse
than any

Investing belief
in ideas
the prison.

I AM the revolution!
I destroyed my own world.
I AM free of it!

Whoever told you
you have a right to breed?
Ignorance breeds ignorance.
That is fact!

What happens in Governments
is a reflection
of the fear level
in Society.

What anchors my integrity is my love of the work. I don't do it for recognition, that would be a disaster.

You can't recognize yourself,
so there's not much hope for me.

Whoever it is who blessed America is,
obviously, not happy because
he took the blessing back.

Blessed are the meek
for they shall inherit
the Earth.

Once the man is dead,
he doesn't come back.
Once the land is dead,
she doesn't come back.


You have the power to manifest yourself, therefore, you must have the power to take care of yourself. Where is the need for fear?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Allowing things
to unfold

The more power-hungry one is,
the more insecure they are.

If you're not worth
writing about,
I'm not interested.

Lifes' expressions
are always changing.
It's man who gets stuck.

People who get bored
are not deep enough.

If one allows Life
to do the guiding...
everything will
be alright.

What use is an enlightened mind
when the feelings are not fully developed?
Without them (feelings)
one would not be able to live.
God exists in feelings.

Life is

The easiest
way to find out
what you are,
is to negate
you are not.

Pain & suffering
drives one deeper.

Focus on
the potential,
it will
become actual.

Without bottomless trust,
how can one live life
to the fullest?

To get attention
you have to
pay attention.

No one can say what Truth is,
one can only live it
in the Silence of themselves.

Without religions
you wouldn't have wars!

Everyone has a contract with life.
Fulfill the terms & be happy.

If you want a new life,
let go of the old & live anew.

If you want to experience Reality
you have to shatter your belief systems.
That's easy, stop believing.

Every day is a good day,
it's just that some
appear to be
better than others.

Every day is the same.
It just has a different name.

Monday, November 15, 2010


The government is a reflection of the people, unless you want to play the 'blame-game'. True freedom and responsibility are inseparable. Do not expect to maintain the state of freedom with totally inappropriate responses. Governments can only act as you allow them to. Homeland security is an internal state of being, not a piece of paper with man-made laws written upon it. When you are not prepared to die for your constitutional rights, the do not complain when they are taken from you. I can guarantee you, there is not one politician alive who would be prepared to die in order to uphold your rights!

My integrity is priceless but it cost me my worldly success.

I can not recall the amount of times I have told people in power positions to 'go fuck themselves' rather than bend to their will, in the false hope of gaining a few extra shekels! I would rather depart this plane of existence a total unknown than sacrifice one gram of integrity.

I once made a business deal with a man I met in Las Vegas. A couple of days later, I asked him how the PR work was advancing. His answer was, "Well, it's not easy you know. When you go out there you have to kiss a lot of ass." "Not so." said I. "I don't understand", said he. "I do not and have never had to kiss-ass. You have done and still do. That is why I am giving you 20% from the sales."

I have been on my death bed on numerous occasions and I can tell you, first-hand experience, my whole life flashed before me in a nanosecond. Every single detail of it. I am not unique. The same thing will happen for you. You will then be fully aware of what life is really about, but by that time it will be too late; You will have missed the whole point.

I once watched a man choke to death on his own blood, due to the fact that the steering wheel crushed his chest in a head-on collision with another vehicle. I could not save his life so I whispered the Mantra in his right ear. It was the greatest parting gift that I could give him. What a pity he received it on his death-bed due to the fact he had forgotten it on his birth-bed.

In the beginning was the word. There is nothing in this Universe of greater value than the Mantra. It is the be-all and end-all of everything.


'I love me because I understand me.
Every single thing I say and do.
I love me for a hundred thousand reasons.
But most of all, I love me 'cause I AM.'

Sunday, November 14, 2010




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Words based on Truth
are simple & uncomplicated.
They are not meant to confuse.

There are 2 R's
that create war-
resources & religion.

All creation
needs protecting,
otherwise something
will come along &
destroy it.

You either support now
or you get taken down
with the rest of them,

One cannot
investigate the Self
with a noisy mind.

Don't wait for time;
there isn't enough left.

Everyone experiences pure peace
after the last heartbeat.
You will know it by its absence.

Were the world to be such a wonderful place then why aren't babies born with a smile on their faces? Think about a place you'd like to go and it will put a smile on your face.

Everybody is born crying.
Very few die laughing.

In order
to be born
you have
to die.

Acting on
negative energies
weak characters.

I AM the Guru.
I only know
how to reflect.

True power
has to be taken.
It can not be given.

Do you have what it takes?

The mirror
doesn't care
who looks into it.


Radical change
radical action.

I start where
imagination ends.

One can only be free
from what one understands.

The switch that turns the TV off
is the same switch that turns the interest on.

If you take the lesser
you cannot have the greater.

Death is not of the Being,
it is the death of Time.

Nothing changes
except our
of it.

One who is in debt
has no quality of life.

Hope is
for the

If we can imagine it,
that's not it.

All expectation ever created was disappointment.
The experience of disappointment should tell you,
in no uncertain terms, that you expected something,
even if you were not aware of it.

Anyone can say it,
not everyone can feel it.

In order to truly live,
you have to stand
behind your actions.

People who waste Time
cannot create Time.
People who don't waste Time
are the Masters of Time.

Guilt comes out
of the past.
It never comes out
of the future.

Stubbornness is a weakness.
One uses it to hide behind
so they don't have to
deal with anger.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


War never ever
bore the fruit
of peace.

First comes understanding,
second comes peace.

Understand the mechanics of your mind
and be free from its' illusions.

In order for ignorance to be destroyed
something has to be sacrificed.

The quality of thinking,
or lack thereof,
shapes and forms ones' life.

That's what the world is made of ~
A pair of opposites.


Things get done
when the talking stops.

There is no world
without you ~ right?

Accepting what comes in
and accepting what goes out.

No influence, no power,
leads to frustration and anger.

The challenge
of making the attempt
keeps one on their toes.

Once you have had everything
taken away from you,
you don't need
to practice Gratitude.

If you have to
ask what to do ~
then don't do it.

Don't create problems,
then you won't have
any obstacles in your life.

The Gurus' function is to put you in the right position.
That is his part. Your part is 'resist ye not!'

There is enough
drama, pain and suffering
in the world, without adding to it.

Every disaster
is a blessing
in disguise.

God is perfect. God created man in his own image. Therefore, you are perfect.
If you don't believe me then you better have a chat with Him and ask Him why he made you imperfect.


Playing with delusion
rarely makes one happy.

If you want something new
to manifest
in your life
or a new life,
then new thinking
is required.

Thinking clouds vision.
Contemplation clears it.

You deserve everything.
Can you give yourself so much?

The reflections are different but the source of light remains the same, like sparks from a fire they are all different but they come from the same fire.

Positive thinking
eradicates worry.

God implants the idea to seek out the Guru.
The Gurus' job is to introduce you to God.

There can never be
enough laughter in life.

Suffering will prod you
towards the Ocean of Love.

If I don't exist,
the world doesn't exist.

Once you break the laws of Nature,
don't expect Nature to support you.

Once one accepts
a concept
it appears real.

Whenever Nature makes an exception
to one of its laws,
Man calls it a miracle.


Life is always changing.
It's Man who gets stuck.

Only great Beings can drag society
up to higher levels of consciousness.
He does this by refusing
to allow society
to drag him down.

If one allows Life
to do the guiding,
everything will be alright.

One has to be
fully present or fully absent.
Floating around in the middle
means you are stuck.

to feel.

Stick with the basic, simple facts
and you can't go wrong.

Without bottomless Trust
how can one live life
to the fullest?

To get attention
you have to pay attention.

Where I come from
you are all past-tense.

People would rather die
than give me recognition.

That's the only way to live;
to develop 'witness consciousness'.

People who live a hard life
develop a good sense of humor.

Friday, November 12, 2010


People who have never
been out of the world
think it's real.

The Guru knows
He can't be free
until everyone is free.

Don't bother looking
for the Guru
as he is looking
for you
much harder
than you'll look.

If you're not interested
in being dissolved in the void,

What I AM is not what you want.
That is clear to me, otherwise
I'd be flooded with emails.

Two people, in 20 years, have asked me
what the symbols on my forehead say.
What does that tell you?

Only the Guru
can carry the
Teachings of the Siddhas
on His forehead.

You are in a fight for your lives
& you are not going to make it
due to your belief that you will be
'saved by the bell!'.
This is America isn't it?




The more grateful you are
the easier it is
to manifest your desires.
If you're not grateful
for what you already have,
then to expect more is foolish.

A grateful man
is full
of greatness.

There is no
equality in the world.
If you want that
you've got to
drop out of it.

If you are interested
in the Supreme 'I'
then use it.

I can't talk about
what I don't know,
otherwise, you will say
that I am full of shit.
Who knows, I may be.

You clean the house up first
before you put new furniture in it.

When you keep what works & continually get rid of what doesn't, where is the need to rebuild. Rebuilding is to keep builders employed.

Do you have
the power
to say "I AM"?
He has been
he says "you are".

The surface of life
is an indicator
as to what is happening
in the depths.

An Empire kills people, in other countries, in order to survive
as an Empire. Anyone who gets in the way has to go. What happens when there's no one else to go?

I warned a dear friend what was coming & he said, "I can't see that as we always bounce back." Only an inflated ball will bounce. Have you ever kicked a football with no air in it? The bigger the ball the more inflation. The bigger the false ego the more it takes to keep it inflated. Massive inflation is manifesting now.

That bloke is
'full of hot air!"

When the last breath
goes out of your body
aren't you going to follow it
so you can continue living?

Without morals,
a Society rots
from the core out.

Don't think about it too long
or you might end up dead.

One thought &
it's not

A Seer sees things
as they truly are,
uninterfered with
by thought.

With the mind in abeyance
there are no differences.

When you can see
God in your worst enemy
that is called 'equal vision'.
You can not have it until you can.
It is self-given.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


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Being alive
doesn't mean
one is living.

There's no such thing as life
without laughter & jokes.

25% of the homeless
are veterans.
What does that say?

When there is no trust & love
there is no relationship.
Trust & love relate
to each other beautifully.

is contagious.

One has to live beyond the world,
(the haves' and have-not world)

When I can
entertain myself
in someones' company,
I'd call that
good company.

You can't
buy qualities.
You have to
earn them.

How many 'have-nots' do you think
are sat down worrying & crying
that the 'haves' house got burned down?


If you don't want
a heart attack,
learn how to give.

There is
no such thing
as a world
the alphabet.

One either deserves
everything or nothing.

It causes so many problems
when it doesn't manifest.
How many problems
is it going to cause
when it does?

It's called equality,
when everyone is
in the same boat.
Just make sure you're
in the right boat.
Only the Gurus' boat
will make it home.

Doing one's best
makes acceptance

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


the penny drops
will be the same.

If I can
do it
any fool
do it.

On your deathbed
it's too late.

A blank can only reflect back what you put in. Lack of disturbance is a blank. In Dominoes, there is a double blank. Double 6 is the ultimate disturbance.

belief systems
are dreams.

You will be awake
when you know that
waking & sleeping
is a dream;
as with
coming & going.

What makes
a dream
to be real
excessive interest.

The power behind these words
is potent enough to destroy you
& what you believe yourself to be.

People do not come
to me for hope;
they come
looking for me
when all hope
is gone!


Death of this
is the birth
of that.

Cavemen mentality
is playing itself out
with modern weaponry.

What will
the military
do to survive?

All that
happens is
Fallout of Transmutation.

Even a crow
can recognize
acts of kindness.
Can you?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Even the privileged
are victims of
their own delusions.

What right do you have to expect anything out of life? What have you done to earn it? What have you ever gone without so that others can have? Anyone who has given up anything that was dear to his heart and donated it to the upliftment of mankind knows what I am talking about. They know, first-hand-experience that life is an exercise in giving. They don't expect anything in return.

At the end of the day
all you will ever get
out of expectation is
grave disappointment!

All manifestation
is held together
by time.

Just because you have
your hands on the wheel,
don't imagine
that you are in control.

People love
the idea of choice.
It gives them a feeling
of security and power.

My words, and love, will get you through the hard times that are fast approaching. I came out of hard times. It took me years to teach myself how to enjoy life.

Whatever fear you carry, question it and it will disappear. When I went to the root of fear, it turned into love. Fear separates you from love. Fear of what? Fear has no answers. Love has all the answers. Don't forget to ask the correct questions.

Misuse the energy
& you will get burned.

If you don't have
enough time in your life
for service, then there's
no way you are living!

Whatever actions
you commit to,
make sure
that they will
uplift all of us.

Nobody wants to be left behind.
Not one soul can be lost
or we are all doomed.

This knowledge is medicine.
If you don't have the brainpower
to take the medicine,
how are you going to get well?

The Earth
has a huge amount
of power in it.
Be careful
not to insult it.

If you do not have
an affinity with your work,
then don't expect it to work.

That's how life is
in the Bush..
it's them or us. Mates!

Monday, November 8, 2010


Great Equalizer.


Time, itself, destroys fantasies and dreams. It erodes them away. Even if you manifest your fantasies and dreams, don't forget, at the end of the day, you are living a fantasy or a dream. We are very fortunate that the body is 'time-bound' and will die at some time or other, otherwise we would be bogged down in fantasies and dreams for eons. Imagining that you were born and are going to die is the biggest dream and fantasy of them all!


Shattering your biggest illusion
takes care of all the smaller ones.


Looking for the Truth
is no better than any
other dream or fantasy.
Know that you are the Truth
and be done with this

Dreams do not make Reality.
All they can do is distort

Dreams have a nasty habit
of turning into nightmares.

To dream
you have
to be
To be free
of a dream
you have to
wake up.

Better to give up
your childish toys,
than to have them
ripped away from you.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


All you can really do
to help, is to see the
best in everyone.
That will bring out
the best in you.

What one sees
in others is
within ourselves.
It is a reflection
of something within.

What you
give to others
you get to

The new is interesting.
The old is boring.

Without discipline,
a highly creative mind
is dangerous.

The different aspects of characters
like on the faces of the diamond.

becomes interesting
to an interested mind.

Lack of morals causes
financial bankruptcy.

Desires fulfilled
breed more desires.

Everyone will get
what they deserve.

The only reason there is a God
is because someone validated Him.

You can't have God without man.
You can't have man without God.


If I'm not at the top of your list
don't bother putting me on it.

Friday, November 5, 2010




The man who says,
"I am God!" is
just as deluded as
the man who says,
"I am a plumber!"

the Mantra;
to me.

A chain
is only as strong
as its
weakest link.

When the mind accepts it,
it is no longer a problem.

There is
no such thing
as darkness.
There is only
lack of light.

Light appears
to the mind
as darkness.


There is no such thing as others.
They are all reflections of the Self.

How long do you think a man would survive
living in a society that never even
batted an eyelash when one of its' own is killed?

A crisis is something that happens.
You cannot manufacture a crisis.

Survival means nothing
to the indestructible.

A rich man
is not free.
He is a prisoner
of his wealth.

What would create the most fear?
The fear of dying is the fact.
That you were not born, therefore,
you cannot die, and you will not
be the person you believe your self to be.

People will kill for their ideas
that were given to them by their
Society and their Culture.

I will never bring up
the subject of spirituality.
I simply appear in your life.

You can't have
a movie
without characters,
can you?

Pain has always
been in the body.
It's just that ones
tolerance to it goes down.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Karma is created
by being attached
to the fruits
of ones actions.

People who manifest
unconditioned love
are dangerous
to ignorance.

There's no thinking
in fight or flight;
it just happens.

Beggars are not stuck with
the false idea of choice.

I beg you,
for your own sake,
stop killing each other
while you still can.

I am not interested
in your praise;
I don't have to
accept your blame.
When the shit
hits the fan
don't blame me.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010




It's the story of my life.
I am not
what people
are looking


I didn't come here
to win friends &
influence people.

I don't need
anyones recognition.
I give it myself.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Woe is me, the economy just crashed
and now I'm stuck with all this Gold!

One mans' failure,
in Society,
is everyones' failure.
Now you are going to
find out these
words of Truth.

Presence manifests intent;
absence cannot do that.

is an act
of love.

The credit card sucks
the life force out of you.
It is a vampire.

If you are
in debt
you are a

When you are in debt
you're running out of
life force.

Things manifest
out of thin air.
That's how
they're able
to appear,
right when
you need them!

Anger and fear live in the same house.
Love and compassion live in the same house.
It is not possible for anger and love
to live in the same house.
It is not possible for fear and compassion
to live in the same house.

When you build something on
the Foundation of Reality,
it will appear to be real.
Without the foundation,
you have no house.

The whole Universe is built
on the Foundation of Reality.

Those who refuse to look
at the symptoms have no hope
of addressing the cause.

People have to look
at themselves
and ask,
"Why have we created a world like this?"

When your Tree of Life
bears rotten fruit,
you will have to eat it,
as that is all
there will be to eat.