Thursday, June 30, 2011


that is alive
is connected.

you do
to others,
good or bad,
will affect
the quality
of your life.

An idea explodes on the surface like a volcano. Most peoples 'volcanos' are dormant but one day they will erupt.

The smoke
has to clear
before one can
see it.

From dormant to active
there is violence.

Once activated
you're on your
way home.

Manifest to unmanifest,
that's the circle of life.
The unmanifested
gives you the experience of it
and the benefit of it.
The manifested can only
give you the benefits,

Sleep is the
thief in the night.
While you are asleep
he steals your world.

No instruction book & no guarantees;
why would you do it? In your right mind, you wouldn't.
A man in his right mind wouldn't do it,
but once he's done it he spends his whole life
following instructions & looking for guarantees.
By the way, don't walk on the newly-seeded grass.

I don't follow Societies signs,
I follow my own.
My signs look after me
and keep me out of trouble.

It is now
big business
to keep people
in a state of fear.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011



When the electricity goes out
there will be no more electric cities.

The rot & corruption
come out of a Society
that's had it too easy.

In society,
that's one of
the obsessions;
shape & form.

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When the Unknown
becomes aware
of the Known
it makes it
as itself.
When the Impersonal
becomes aware
of the Personal,
the Personal
becomes Impersonal.

What are people working for? Are they not slaves to their desires? Can you imagine how much free time you would have for yourself if 50% of your desires just fell away?

Justifying neuroses,
no matter what shape & form
they manifest in,
is not acceptable.

Focusing on what you don't have
rather than what you do have is neurotic.
Focusing on what you don't have
causes the Neurons to misfire.
Try driving a car that's misfiring,
you'll know what I mean.

Manifest your desires, by all means.
Just don't forget,
you're living in a dream.
Dreams can never become Reality.
Reality will always shatter dreams,
like a stone against a window.

Spend your
time wisely.
Work hard
for what
money cannot buy.
One day it will
serve you well.

Any fool can purchase a diamond.
A wise man looks for the Blue Pearl.
Once seen, never forgotten.
It will transmute
who you believe yourself to be,
beyond recognition.
It worked for me &
if I can do it,
so can you!

Now there's something you cannot buy.
You either have it or you don't.

The Kingdom of God
lies within everyman.
Why chase trinkets?

To the man with
no roof over his head,
a tent
would be considered a mansion.

He who has the most toys
is the most fearful of all.

It will make no difference to the homeless man when the money market crashes. It will make no difference to the animals when the electricity goes out. It will make no difference to the birds when airplanes no longer fly.

No Equality,
No Democracy.

The amount of lies
a politician spews forth
is in direct proportion
to his corruption.

Put one rotten apple in the middle of a barrel of good ones and watch what happens. A few corrupt people will contaminate others. Can you imagine what a lot of corrupt people are capable of?

Hard work & a man
go hand in hand.
Remove the work.
Sacrifice the man.

First attain Manhood.
It's a pre-requirement

Idle hands are the devils' workshop.
A lazy mind is the devils' home residence.

Someone once asked me
why people die on the
streets of India.
My answer was very simple,
"They die where they live."

It takes quite a bit to wake up
one man who is fast asleep.
My question to you is
"What's it going to take
to wake up billions?"

A courageous man welcomes
the unknown with open arms.
A fearful man clings
to the known for his very life,
as he knows it.

Birth and Death revolve like a hamster on a wheel.
When the wheel stops, will you get off & walk away
or will you do your best to start it up again?

A true Aborigine knows when his time is due to expire.
At the appointed time he will walk off into the desert,
on his own, to face the God of Death.

Being born is a disaster.
A good death is a blessing.
Living a wanton life
does not an easy death make.

Beyond the idea of birth and death
is Life itself.

Welcome the opposites
and live anew.

How can a programmed man
claim free speech?

I'm happy.
I don't rely on skin for my beauty.
The beauty shop is inside, not outside.

If you don't want to come back &
do this all over again,
don't leave a mess behind.

I am a Living Legend in the Outback of Australia.
My Legend status didn't start till I left.
I was wondering what is going to happen
when I leave this Planet?

I can do this on my own,
guaranteed without failure.
The word 'failure'
has no place
in my vocabulary.

Everyone likes to be a winner.
Stick with me & you can't go wrong!

I want for you
what I want for myself.
I wish true wealth & happiness on all of you.
I wish you well.
I wish you piece of mind.
I wish you an abundance of joy.

Unless interfered with by man,
the Laws of Nature are
Just and Honorable.

Every ones' livelihood comes from the Earth.
She is a great Provider.
'Give us this day our daily bread.'

It is the nature of this Planet to change it's shape and form. It is continually doing that. Sometimes it's hardly noticeable, at other times it is very radical.

Life, as we know it,
is dependent on
Earth, Water, Fire & Air.
We cannot afford
to lose any one of them.

At first, It's man using the drug.
Then, It's the drug using the man.

Eating meat
overheats the mind.

How many children believe
that milk comes from the Supermarket?

No one can get away from this question:
"How many people have died in the name of Religion?"

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Where does money come from?
It is inherent in the word.
In the beginning
there was
the WORD.

When you are more interested
in the WORK
than its result,
you're on your merry way.


Hair problems end
when you're bald.

character assassination
a form of murder?

I've gone from wanting
everyone to know me,
who I AM,
to not wanting
anyone to know me.

Recognize you,
recognize me.
I come
from the Silence
to set
you free.

You can wander the 7 Seas;
eventually everyone
has to go home.

One lives
to experience
love, right?

is the only thing
in the Universe
worth attaining.

It's a bit hard
to argue that
the Universe
is not God.

This guy, he's an atheist. He is stuck with the belief that there is no God. Now this guy, he's religious and he believes that there is a God. The common factor is belief. Remove belief and the believers go with it.

God knows
He exists
as I AM.

Monday, June 27, 2011


Your talking to God
is alright.
God talks to you &
you're called crazy.


"What can I do about it?"
The answer is simple;
stop contributing.

The least dependent
you are on anything,
the less painful
it's going to be.

Have you ever noticed;
there's always someone
who want to control you?

To control oneself
one has to be


The color is
in the light
not in the flower.

For those of you who will not share
For those of you who do not care
For those of you who will not bend
Well, it's fast coming to an end.

When you find,
inside yourself,
what never changes; that,
that doesn't change.
That's what you
will be left with
when time stops.

When Time stops
those 'things'
won't exist

Without the vowels
there is no such a thing
as writing, talking & thinking.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


First, you have to ask the right question.
Second, you have to get out of the way
& not water down the answer.

Instead of
arguing about God,
deal with facts.

Belief systems are false gods.
They are worshiped through belief.

Belief system;
a program.

All forms
of dependency
is misery.

Where do you
get your food from?

Once you find love within yourself you'll be in love with your self. You can 'fall in love with a man or a woman' but you can't fall in love with yourself.

How can you love yourself
if you don't understand yourself?
Don't think about others
as there is no such thing.

Any formula,
if followed exactly,
will yield the same results
for everyone.

What does power do?
Power challenges.

The Power of Love
challenges ignorance.

What's it
going to take?

The beginning
is in the end &
the end is in
the beginning.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Truly free people
do not do what they want,
they do what is necessary.

to a slave,
is Freedom.

Rights are like muscles,
use them or lose them.
First, know your rights,
then exercise them.

The reason the constitution
is being eroded away
is because of societies weakness.
Life has become too easy.

Freedom is
something one lives,
not brags about.

Before one can live freely,
one has to destroy out-moded
ideas and concepts.


You can only be free of
what you are aware of,
otherwise, you're just living
in a prison that your
senses can't see or feel.

Supposedly, the terrorists are going to invade America and take our freedom away from us. If that's the case, they had better do it soon or there won't be any freedom left for them to take.



A master violin player played a first-class concert. After the concert, whilst in his dressing room, an important newspaper critic visited him.
"I would like to congratulate you on your concert." Said the critic. "That violin that you played is the best sounding violin that I have heard for many a long year."
The master violinist walked over to where the violin case was sitting. He popped the locks, opened the lid, put his ear to the violin and listened.
He turned around and said to the critic, "Funny, I cannot hear a thing!"

Friday, June 24, 2011


The puppet can only do what the string puller tells him. It is not the puppets fault that he becomes boring, it is the puppeteers limitation.

When money becomes God,
Faith will be tested.

A man in the Outback once asked me,
"Do you believe in God?"
"Yes", I said.
"How much money do you have?"
"About $500." says I
"Just in case.", I said.
At that moment a decision was made.

When the search in concluded
and the results are the same ~
There is only one.

When it happens,
I guarantee you,
it will not
be on the internet.

Thursday, June 23, 2011





It is high maintenance
to exist as a shape & form.

Shape & form
is the
food of time.

The only way to escape
the ravages of time
is to revert back
to your formless state.

If you don't give
you don't get.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I wait until I am asked.
When you ask, I will
not keep you waiting.

Doctors live on disease.
Dentists live on tooth decay.
I live on ignorance.

If you think the world
is such a great place,
what am I doing here?

If you're still looking to help people,
you obviously haven't helped yourself.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


To solve the Mystery of Life
one has to be interested in it.

Without interest
there is no solution.

The solution

Like it or lump it
I had to get used to it,
now you get used to it.

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Thinking includes the mind,
contemplation excludes it.

If you want to find out
what the nature of something is,
look at it without thought.

Thoughts are waves.
Waves distort Reality.

At 5 years of age, they took the prizes away from me at Musical Chairs. Find out what it is that no one can take away from you. That's the true prize.

When the work is done,
then you can have fun.

If you are not doing
what you love, in life
how can your expect
happiness to come to you?
My love manifests as

Destruction of ignorance
is the birth of Enlightenment.

Each age has its' own laws of Nature, totally unique to it. Have you ever noticed the level of violence manifesting in Society and that's with mans' laws in place.
What is it going to be like when Nature over-rides mans' laws, so they don't exist anymore. Study the laws of a country and they will reveal the peoples weaknesses.
The more laws, the weaker the Society.

There are no such thing as choices
for a prisoner of the mind.
Whatever you are not aware of
is deciding and choosing for you
all the time.

Everyone lays on their deathbed each night.
No one can guarantee that they
are going to wake up in the morning.

Quick fixes
never work
for anyone.

If there's nothing
for fear to feed on,
then how can it
live with you?

All problems
are self-created.

Awareness is light.
Shine the light
on the shadows
of your life.

is at it
appears to be.

No one is who they imagine themselves to be.
Stop imagining and see yourself as you truly are.

The man who says 'I know who I am now'
is just as deluded as the man who says,
'I don't know who I am.'

Moths don't fly
around burnt-out candles.

Light creates fire
& fire gives light.

Take the limited &
dissolve it in
the unlimited
and live.

Going beyond your self-created limitations
is called incarnation.
Re-incarnation is nothing more than
recreating the same old problems.

is blindness,
not bliss.

Politically Correct;
whoever controls the language
controls the people.

All forms
of dependency
end in misery.

Whoever controls
the food & water supply
controls the people.
Where does the idea
of freedom come into it?

Convince a prisoner
that he is actually free
and you won't have
any problems with him.

I have nothing
to protect &
nothing to hide.

If you are interested
in finding out
whether a politician
is lying to you or not,
watch his tongue.
If it moves,
know that
he is lying.

Once you stop worrying
about yourself
know that you are
making progress.

The man of wisdom knows
he is no better than a dog.

If you want to know the man, study his dog.
It will tell you everything you need to know.
The dog will manifest what the man hides.
It has not mastered the art of deceit.

Don't expect to receive what you can't give. If you want attention, learn how to give it. If you want my attention, you have to pay in a currency that I demand. I use the currency called ATTENTION. Pay me 5% of your attention and you get 5% knowledge.Pay me 100% of your attention and get the lot. Now, there's a challenge worth picking up. At 4 years of age I was given this knowledge directly from within. No books or intermediaries were necessary. What was necessary were the right conditions The right conditions manifested as putting myself in the Atlantic Ocean not knowing how to swim. After going down for the second time, I can assure you, my full attention was on God, or so I believed, until I went down for the third time and found the last remaining units of attention. In that moment I became 100% present and correct.

Once you are in that
space of Unconditioned Love,
do not allow anything
to re-condition it.

I love myself
in spite of,
not because of.

Death is psychological.
It is necessary for Birth.
Birth an Death
depend on each other.

The root cause of fear
is birth and death.

In my life, I have been told many times, 'If you do this (or that) something bad will happen.' My answer was then. as is now, 'Good, I can hardly wait.'

'IF' is the tool
of emotional blackmail & fantasy.

Don't become an old shoe,
just because they're comfortable.
Discipline your mind & break in the new.

For knowledge to manifest, a catalyst is required.
A catalyst is that which causes direct transmutation
without itself becoming contaminated.

Knowledge is also an addiction.
Wisdom is a necessity.

This Planet was highly capable of supporting, minimum, 12 Billion people, were we not to demand more than the basics. The more greed manifests, the less people the Planet is capable of supporting.

The Future has
a nasty habit of
rushing into the Now.

There is no security
in an insecure world.

The world hangs by a thread. Deny it reality and be free of it but do not then expect it to give you anything, other than the basics, which is all you are entitled to.

It is not possible
to kill a man
who has no fear
of Death.

Terrorists are evil necessities. They introduce man to his fear. They strike the bell of fear in the hearts of men. No fear, no terrorists; no terrorists, no fear. They are reflections of mans' fear. Most times, men who are committed to the death for what they believe in are seen as terrorists.

When people criticize
every word you utter,
it's a sure sign
that you're correct!

Right & wrong
Good & bad
Should & shouldn't
Holy & evil
are childish toys
that the mind
has not given up yet.

There is no such thing as
'your mind'&'my mind.'
There is consciousness.

A frightened horse wears blinkers.
Blinkers restrict vision.
Remove your blinkers,
challenge your fear,
and see God everywhere,
in all things, at all times.

The God-conscious mind
never loses contact with God.

There is no such thing as 'unconscious'.
Unconscious simply means 'not-remembering'.

Beyond name, shape & form
there is no such thing as fear & loss.

I do not care who believes or disbelieves me.
Belief systems are for time and circumstance.
Better to prove me wrong.
In order to do that, you will have to dive into the Ocean of Love.
That action can only improve proof.

The mind is a springboard.
Dive off, in to the Ocean of Love
which lies at the center
of every ones heart.

The Heart is the Guru.
The Guru is the Grace of God.

Do not conduct business in the House of God
or the tables may be turned on you.
In India, people ask me for money.
I ask them, "Do you go to the bank
and ask for Blessings?"
They answer, "No, Guruji.
'Then why come to me and ask for money.
The bank is the God of money."
Don't ask God for money.
Earn the Guru's Grace and
become the richest man on the Planet.

To know God go beyond your concepts of Him.
Do not mistake your concept for the Real Thing!
The Real Thing will chop of your head
with the sword of Love & Compassion.

I manifest as a
Thief in the night.
Make sure you lock up
your ignorance or
I will steal it.

Don't forget,
the key to the prison of ignorance
is the same key that opens the door to freedom.

Knock and the door will be opened up unto you.
Attention is knocking.

Dreams are only
echos of your
waking state.

A Societies indifference to
the suffering of others will
bring suffering to that societies door.

Someone once asked me,
"How can you walk around with no teeth?"
My reply was simple,
"I'm not looking for a woman and I have no need to impress anyone."


Sunday, June 19, 2011


How do you get hundreds of millions of people to pull together for the benefit of the whole?

Create a common enemy!

People who have
Direct Knowledge of the Divine
do not look for recognition from anyone.
They have already given it to themselves.

One develops trust
by diving
into the

There is nothing
that makes one
respect food more
than the lack of it.

Man shall

The abuse of power
affects all men.

A man once asked me if I could give him a direct experience of God.
"Yes", I said.
I asked him if he could swim.
He said "No."
"Great", I said.
Then I threw him in the Ocean.

I appeared empty-handed
and I will disappear

It helps tremendously
taking a 'hands-off'
approach to life.

The situation decides
the correct course of action.
The situation
is the compass.
Respond appropriately and
I'll see you when you get home.

I have never really had
a life to call my own.
Looking at you,
I realize how fortunate I am.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


The whole world &
everything in it
comes out of Ham Sah.

The ignorant man locks his bird in a cage and says, "This is mine!". The wise man opens the cage door and lets his bird out, knowing if it doesn't come back to him he's dead. That is one of the founding principles of True Freedom.

The does is responsible for everything.
The non-does does not claim success.

Friday, June 17, 2011


Hard times foster
a good attitude.

You don't have
to die
to be dead.

If there's nowhere to go
where's the need of a vehicle?

You can't work on yourself,
the Self is working on you
all the time.
You may forget it
but it won't forget you.

What is life

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Make the best of what you're given.
Make the best of what you've got.

Unconditioned love
is very dangerous
to the conditions.

Only existence
worries about
its' continuation.

Gold determines
the quality
of the world.
Mercury determines
the quality
of consciousness.

It depends on
what light
you see it in
as to how
it appears.

The kind of power that
I'm talking about takes
incredible courage to manifest.
There is not a man alive
who it does not reside in.
The Question is;
Do you have
what it takes?

To attain
the greater
you have
to give up
the lesser.

What are you
interested in?
Are you interested in
endless creation
or destruction?

What are you not willing to give up?

One has to maintain
their integrity
wherever they live.

I don't change,
time changes.

While people are still
talking about it -
nothing will change!Photobucket

Tuesday, June 14, 2011



Q: Imagine that there is a goose in the bottle. Without smashing the bottle how do you get the goose out, intact?
A: There! it's out.

The goose and the bottle are in the mind. Your mind put the goose in the bottle, therefore, it has the ability to take it out. Likewise with everything else in life. You believe you were born. The world appears according to your belief. Employ the same technique and be free of it. Right action will follow.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


To respond
how the
situation wants.

If it has to be like that
it's an obsession.
If you like it like that
it's a well-ordered mind.

No breath
No language.

Fraud? Fraud?...
How about treason?

they take the jobs away
to disempower the people.

Once you look in my eyes,
it's all finished-
I act out the part.

Learn how to give;
if you want to survive!

Saturday, June 11, 2011


I had my first tattoo at 13 years of age. Reason being, to emulate my father who had tattoos. At 15 he joined the military and fought in World War I.

In the early 60s', in the Outback of Australia, any form of tattoo was frowned upon. Only 'no-hopers' and criminals had tattoos (of which I was neither). I am telling you this so you can understand, a tattooed head was the last thing I needed, let alone another tattoo. It was the furthest thing from my mind. That said, take a good look at my head. You can only imagine the hours of pain I went through having it done. the symbols on my head all stand for something supremely important. Collectively, the tattoos are a formula for World Peace.

My companion Uma, out of curiosity, has asked many people that we have met, "Why would you not ask Guruji what those symbols on his head stand for?" Some people have said, "What symbols?" Others said, "Oh, I thought they were private." My consistent reply has always been, "If they were private I would have tattooed them on my ass!"

As you, no doubt, see from the world picture, that the Peace symbols on my head have been of no utter use to me or anyone else, for the past 20 years.

As a four year old child I almost drowned in the Ocean due to the fact that I could not swim. Blue in the face and going down for the third time, I called on Gods' help. Lightning thought told me if there is such a thing as God, then I need saving as I cannot save myself. At that stage, as I sank lower for the third time, I made a promise to God that if He were to save my life, I would carry His orders for as long as I lived on this Earth. From that day to this, I have remained true to my commitment. As you can see from my forehead, no matter how difficult and painful it was, I have fulfilled that order and committed myself to it, to the death of the body.

The knowledge tattooed on my forehead is in seed form at the center of every living beings heart. Even a mass-murderers' actions are a desperate plea for help, though not a very intelligent way of asking.

Everything is perfect. There will be no mistakes.

Indifference to the sufferings of others is bringing that suffering to our door.

I am not programmed to lie. I am alive by the Grace of God. I am now 62 years old. My time was up in 1952. I have lived very simply, for the past 57 years, on borrowed time. I consider myself very fortunate. I met the God of Death in 1952 and survived to tell the tale. How many of you can read this knowledge and claim to be as fortunate as I am?

Each day I live, hundreds of thousands of children die prematurely from lack of food and water and the violence of war, which comes out of greed. Listen to me carefully when I tell you, these children are mine and I am not happy about it.

The last shall be first and the first shall be last, that I can guarantee you!


Thursday, June 9, 2011


Perfection includes imperfection. Once you realize that, you will also realize, if you truly want to help people, leave them alone. Once you drop out of the picture where is the need of help?

When you are in debt
you are in service.
Who are you in service to?

The only people who get roped into serving someone or something that is not good for them, have no one or nothing to serve. People who are serving what is good for everyone don't need a false master.

When a storm is raging,
the most peaceful
place to be
is on the ocean bed.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Go back to the
state before thought.

Consider yourself fortunate.
Create your own saving grace.

A man prayed to God & asked for His Grace. Said God to the man, "If I give it you, you'll never do it for yourself. You'll always be a beggar".

I did it, therefore you can do it.

It's the DNA
that desires,
not you.
You are not
your DNA.

Enlightenment is not
something you get,
it's something
you give up.

is only the beginning.

To think & feel on behalf of another
means you don't see a difference.

Where you
see differences,
I don't.

The mind
investigates consciousness
& the heart transcends it.

Death is
your best friend.
It saves you from
getting stuck
in the world.

Everything is possible
in the
field of all possibilities.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


God gave everyone bodies
so they could see each other,
otherwise, what's the use of being born?

is God.

Beyond existence
there's no talking
about it.

Of what use
is a God if
man cannot
know him?

Go to the depth of your soul &
look in the center of your heart.
Then Email me and let me know
if there's a God there or not.

Anyone who
'sold their soul'
never saw the
true value of it.
It's priceless.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


What am I not aware of,
that I need to be aware of,
to improve the quality of my life, now?

A man once said to the Guru, "How can I find God?"
The Guru replied, "Where are you going this evening?"
"To a party."replied the man.
Said the Guru, "Good. While you're at the party have a look around the room. When you find the one without a head, you will have found God."

Belief systems
will separate
you from God.

God exists
in feelings.

I don't believe
or disbelieve
in God.
The fact is,
God is because I AM
I AM because God is.

Is is not possible
to believe in yourself
and deny God.

You can't have
your cake & eat it,
much as you'd like to.

The non-believers create God
by refusing to believe.


If you don't understand the language,
how can you derive joy out of it?

Once you understand
the language of love
you understand
all languages.

one of the
aspects of Gratitude.

In order for
things to change,
the pendulum has to stop.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


If we live in a free society,
then why do we need police?

There is no
such thing as
urgency in death.

Once one has that power of feeding someone you had better be very cordial to them. If you bite the hand that feeds you, then it won't feed you! It's always good to know who controls the food & water supply.

will always
give you away.

The easiest way to find out
what you are is to
negate everything
you are not.

One who has dreams
is living out
their fantasies.
The man with no dreams
is living out
the unimaginable.

The world and you
appear and disappear

take advantage
of situations.

The only way to
live without drama
is to not create it.
It's as simple as that.
It's not rocket science.

One has to have
interest in oneself.

There is
no break
from NOW.

The body
is in
the mind.

No one is born Human. You will have to work your ass off your whole life to earn the right to carry that title, HUMAN BEING.

Human beings
do no harm.

Groundedness is the dead center
from which one operates from.
Without groundedness
nothing is achievable.

Minimize the effect
by not adding to it.

If you want to
experience reality
you have to shatter
your belief systems,
That's easy,
stop believing.

gives life

Everyone has a
contract with life.
Fulfill the terms & be happy.



Friday, June 3, 2011


No amount of money can buy
morals, principles & commitment,
therefore, I am a wealthy man.

Without good qualities &
strength of character
how are you going to survive?

I met lots of people who believed they were on a quest. They didn't get anywhere as they had no questions & too many answers.

Timeless Being.
I have all the
time in the world.
Do you?


& dead earnest
support me &
I support them.

To see yourself in others
you have to know what you're not.

The Power of Mind
is your birthright.
Why haven't you claimed it?

Direct action
happens when
the mind is
in abeyance.

Thinking about it
changes it.
Try contemplation.

One of the signs
of the end-times is
fish swimming backwards.

It's the
that does it.

Nothing of any substance
can be created with a weak mind.

What's your is yours & always will be.
What's not yours, was never yours & never will be.
Why worry?

No worries, mate!

Balancing on a razors' edge
never gets boring.



you are asleep
wakes you up.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


If you want to change your world,
it's easy ~ focus on it.
The act of focusing
affects the focused.

Gods' creating a Union,
would you like to join?
Your subscription
is your ignorance.

Anyone who is working for
the upliftment of themselves
is working for
the upliftment of everyone.

To deny the existence
of God
you have
to deny
your own existence.

you are a sinner
is the worst sin
you can commit.

Don't say to me, "What can I do about it?" Even the weakest man will fight to survive, at the end.

If you do it now, it's now.
(Go on, I dare you.)

Tomorrow is no good to me & yesterday is imagination. Value is now. So, here is the secret; to imagine tomorrow you do it now. When you remember the past, you do it now.

The now, to me, is freedom,
you would see it as a prison.

Whatever you do for yourself
you do for others, providing
they pick up the gauntlet.