Friday, August 29, 2008


The work

What is the condition
of your relationship
with the Earth.
How much time do you
spend, out of your life,
resonating with it?

Chanting & singing
is better than
killing or crying.
The Earth likes it better.

To have an experience of it
you have to experiment with it,
and if they won't let you near it
then we are not speaking the same language.

The only difference between the
human and the animal - an animal
can't read. I once had a parrot.
He couldn't read but he could
curse and swear with the best of shearers.

"My cat talks to me all the time."
"Yes, but can it read?"

Uneducated people -
easily controlled.

Sugar creates chaos.
The question is,
who wants to create chaos?

If sugar was discovered today,
it would be classified as a
controlled substance.

Have a really good look,
there is no such thing
as differences. All I
ever found was sameness.

Why would you imagine that God is any different than you are? Why would you imagine that you are any different than He is? If you don't imagine that God is any different than you are - then you wouldn't need Him as an 'order supplier'.

If you're the last person
on the Planet, you won't
have anyone to email.

You cannot
pure love.

Killing is a weakness.

Without duty,
you cannot

Have you ever
had your
'fancy' tickled?

When the Guru gives you a squeeze,
you know you've been squeezed.

When the fruit is ripe
it falls from the tree.

Thursday, August 28, 2008




Experience is not personal.
It is impersonal.
There is no such thing as
'my experience' and if
experience was where it
was at, surely you'd have
had enough by now!

Only people who have spent
a long time, totally alone,
know how to entertain themselves.

A mans' weakness, sickness & disease are the result of loss of sperm. If it can create a child then surely it can keep you healthy, given an opportunity.

Since when do Public Servants (politicians) have the right to refuse to comment on legitimate questions that concern the publics' welfare?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Commitment has shaped
and formed my life
as it is

What would you be willing
to give up, right here
and now, for your

If you persist in creating problems and dramas - then when the shit hits the fan, do not expect help to come when called upon.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Never have I relied
on any Government
to take care of me.
No one can take
better care of
me than I.

If you don't have the discipline to take care of your financial affairs - then give it to the bank, but don't complain when they don't take care of it and one day you go to get it out and it's not there...don't complain.

A Step-mother will never
be able to love the child
better than the biological mother.

Tell me, how many people who adopt,
go to the Agency and demand or request
to adopt a crack baby.

I shore sheep in New Zealand for many years. A Maori shearer once offered to give me a thousand dollars if I could find a Maori child in an orphanage.

I have a sick sense of humor.
After what I've been through
in life, I'm surprised
it isn't sicker.

I love Humanity so much, up till 20 years ago, I was tortured.
I couldn't come up with a way to help Mankind.
One day, I had a 'brain-wave.' If I shave all the hair on my head
and tattoo a foolproof way to help, that will end my torture.
If you're not happy how can I be happy.
I tattooed a peace formula on my forehead and head and for the past 20 years
I have shaved my head and walked on the streets.
Not once has anyone stopped me and asked me what the formula stands for.

Don't imagine that I
don't know how you feel.

When God is happy,
man is happy.
(If you want to know how God feels,
open your eyes and have a look around)

When death kills life~
life rises again.

Life is the ultimate terrorist,
not death.
Kill it here
and it will manifest
five-fold over there.

Genocide is not about killing people, it's about killing children. The killing of children insures no more breeding stock.

Check the DNA and the engineering of it, then find out who designed it for their food supply. What would a being look like that could reach down and pick you up with one hand and bite your head off and then throw the rest of you on the ground?

Becoming impatient
will do no good at all.

Patience and Time
are inseparable.

Keep the mind still
and time ceases to exist.

The day didn't go fast - it was your mind that was speeding. If you don't discipline it, I will have to start issuing speeding tickets!

If you can't make sense of the world,
it's because you can't make sense of

When your children are lying dead in the streets you will reap the true rewards from the war-economy.

No matter how long it takes,
a societies actions come back
to them.

Society sits at home and watches war movies; wars in other countries.

The first shall be last
and the last shall be first.

The watcher
the watched.

Good & Bad
Right & Wrong,
etc., etc., etc...

Don't claim to be free
if you can't think
on your own behalf!
Don't imagine for one
moment that the politician
is going to do it for you.

If you want to survive
then think for yourself-
stand up for what you
believe in. Act on it.
(At that point you will be free.)

It's the same SHAKTI
in all the vessels.

I live my life with my standard
and my standard is very high.

have a
on me.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Any fool can make you laugh
in good times but it takes
a genuine fool to make you
laugh in bad times.

Once there's not enough
human qualities in the
society then it is not
possible to survive.

No water,
No farm.
No farm,
No food.
No food,
Mass famine.

come out
(and create more drama!)

There is no up-side to being in debt. Whoever you are in debt to is your master, until you have paid-in-full. So, don't tell me you're free!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Where did you get the idea from that I am spiritual? Never did I claim to be spiritual. So where did you get your information? I simply said, "I AM THE GURU!"

Someone once asked me who I am. I told them, "I am the Guru." They asked me, "What does that mean?" I replied, "It means I'm a nothing and a nobody, just like you."

Do you think I am going to let you into my home and have you tell me how it is? I make the rules here and if you don't like it, then all I can say is, "Go back to the Earth where you came from."

"Where does he come from?"
"He comes from the Earth."
"How do you know?"
"Well, look for yourself,
his body is made up of
Earth, Water, Fire & Air.
It's a dead giveaway."
"And that one over there?"
"He's from Mercury."
"How do you know that?"
"Easy - Look at his body.
It's Silver,
Pure intelligence in motion."

You send a boy to war
and a broken man comes back
(if you're lucky).

Putting weak people
in power positions
is a formula for disaster!
All it can lead to
is double standards.


Do I know where I come from?
Do I know who I am?
Do I know where I'm going?
Do I care?

At the end of the day,
I sometimes get the feeling
that I know nothing.

What utter use is a watch
to a timeless Being?

America is a divided society (50-50).
Have no doubt about it.
You have been conquered.

Military tactic::Divide & Conquer.

Politics is no different than soft porn.
War is XXX-rated porn.

Q: How much does he have in his war-chest?

We have to kill this bill!

All religions
are tax-free

Friday, August 22, 2008


If you ever get bored,
check your feelings.
that will get rid
of the boredom.


I refuse to support
non-human action.
How about you?

My desire is for peace on earth
and good will between all men.
Will you vote for me?

The economy is based on
and kept alive through

To have peace on Earth,
all war-economies have
to be replaced by

You can't live a
peaceful existence
on a war economy.

Peace-keepers carry peace
in their hearts. They don't
carry guns on their hips.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Time is an egotist.
It gets your attention,
sooner or later.
Everybody believes it
yet no one has ever seen it.
The clock is a manifestation of it.

When all else fails,
ask me, what time it is.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


What is the necessity of my life?
Without ignorance, I couldn't be here.
I'd have no work.
Work and life are inseparable.

Everything is light.
Without light
there is no world.

Once your actions become
non-life-supporting then
do not expect to survive.

What comes with Empire
is excess.
Excess rots.

It may be a human body
but that doesn't mean
that what inhabits it is.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Interest and resistance
can not live under the same roof.

You cannot live a weak life and end up strong, likewise, you can't live a life of strength and integrity and end up a weak piece of shit. In my company you will know how you've lived your life.

The reward for living
a life of integrity is
a life of integrity.

I am not against telling you
what to do with your 'carrot & stick!'

Once you know the same disease
is everywhere, what's the point
in going anywhere?

Saturday, August 16, 2008


If you want to stop the war, get a job that pays the minimum and you won't have to pay taxes. NO TAXES - NO WAR! Don't tell me that you are anti-war when you are paying 25% - 30% taxes (and above.) If you don't pay your taxes they will put you in jail. So, where do you get the ridiculous idea that you have a right to know where the money's going and what they're doing with it? Once taxes are mandated by law, you have no power in the situation, whatsoever. If you want the Government to start working for you, turn your TV & Radio off and you will have all the power you need.

Don't expect to live a peaceful life in a war-mongering society. Once war becomes a legal business you are doomed. When was the last time you heard of someone being hauled before the Courts for war-profiteering?


What you've never had you don't miss. What you've had and lost will leave you in pain until you find it again.

Hey! I am the one who has to live with myself. No one else has to live with me. If you decide to live with me then you live life like I do. There's only one way to live.

First, a man has to be interested in his potential before he can manifest his full potential.

Instead of asking, "What do I want?",
try asking, "What am I capable of?"

My interests lie in challenging. I have been interested in it my whole life. I have given up many opportunities to become fabulously wealthy and well-known. Challenging ignorance is much more interesting to me.

If you haven't manifested your full potential then don't try to fool me by telling me you know who you are.

Potential is unlimited, therefore, the best you can do is find out what you're not.

From the standpoint of Reality,
you are Pure Potential.

I have no problem with the idea of a world. The danger with that idea is, if you stray too far into the world you'll forget your way home.

What is the use of a mans words
if everyone doesn't benefit from them?

I have even had people who live on the poverty level tell me that America is the greatest country in the world. (Figure that one out, if you can!)

Equality consciousness
treats everyone equally.
It knows no other way.

No hypocritical Empire
has controlled the world
for too long.

Besides the fact that once you win at Monopoly, the game's over.

There is plenty to go around on the Planet without greed. Once greed enters the picture there's never enough!

Once you're out of band-aids, what are you going to do? You can't do another band-aid job.

Friday, August 15, 2008


In order for the saboteur
to live it has to keep
adapting to situations.

When the thought of sabotage
makes you nauseous
then you know you're
getting somewhere.

Attention comes before interest.
You can't have interest without attention.
You are fucked without interest!

My duty is to maintain my integrity.
The only way I can help anyone
is by maintaining my integrity
and not buying the bullshit.

Hating oneself maintains the status quo.
Disgust with themselves stops it.

The way I live my life;
Wishing oneself well.

The war is
on ignorance.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Man is in debt to the Planet.
The Planet demands payment -
in blood.

Once you exert too much control
over anything, it will die.

The Planet will not
support greed.
Its own survival
depends on it.

Monday, August 11, 2008


The Earth belongs to you.
What grows on it belongs
to God.

There's not much time left for anyone now. I know we are in dire straights when the flowers lose their scent. That means we are in the final stages of 'life as we know it.' After that, you will see it for what it truly is.

Martin Luther King said, "I have a dream."
Guru Om says, "You had a dream."

Dark Knights' earnings so far is $441.5 million and some politician idiot is telling me we are heading towards a recession!

A man once went to bed and dreamed he was a millionaire. In the morning when he woke up, he didn't have a penny to his name.

Thoughts are brain waves.
They are like waves on an ocean.
How you interpret them depends
on how you are programmed.

Stop focusing on the content of the mind and go deeper. To go deeper you have to let go. You will naturally sink. (Don't forget to enjoy the scenery along the way, otherwise, you will have to take another trip.)

Pluto is going to loosen the dirt
in the fabric of Society.

How can you get benefit
from the mind if you have
no working knowledge of it?

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Soft beds put people to sleep.
A soft life does the same thing.
A hard life creates
great strength of character.

I am the wealthiest man
on this Planet.
What I am pointing you to
is what money cannot buy.

If your mind is Public Enemy #1,
how can you expect to have a happy life?
A peaceful mind is a happy mind.
A happy mind gives rise to a happy life.

Control is an illusion.

The whole society is parasitical.
Parasitical societies do not survive.

In these days of terror you need to ask yourself this question; what have I done in my life that qualifies me to survive? Scramblings and justifications do not the cake cut.

The next thing was I had to go beyond it.

When you are told something very important to do with your life, as you know it; and it goes in one ear and out the other, then for sure there is nothing between your ears.

The laws of Nature that
govern this Planet,
man can break them
but Nature cannot change them.

Put your laws before your nature
and when they are good and just laws,
you will be good-natured.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Incorrect actions
do not bear fruit.

Once I see the correct action,
I live my life by it.

Whatever I need in life now, comes to me unasked for and quite spontaneously. It would happen for you too were you not to ask for things that you do not need.

You can only recognize
what you've already seen.

I once imagined I had
a genuine need for peoples
attention. I did not get it,
so I gave it to myself.

It is your fear that makes you weaker than I. A small amount of courage and you would be as powerful as I am. A little more and you could do more than even I have done.

As a child, I was aware of peoples fear when they came in contact with me. Out of compassion, I used to squash myself, so that they would be more comfortable with themselves. I made myself less than others. Their comfort, my discomfort. I matured and stopped doing that. Simply put, I dealt with societies fear. since I stopped doing that I have more room, space & time to focus on a good question; who is going to do it for you now?

The fact that you are alive
guarantees you a certain
amount of love.

Nothing can live
without love.

There is no such thing
as enlightenment without
They are one and the same -

Cut the wire on an integrated circuit
and tell me what happens.

There is a fine line between an idiot and a genius. Walking that fine line is integrity. What does it matter which side you fall off on?


The weak-minded are dead already.
(It's only a matter of time
before the body runs out of steam,)

You can have anything
you want in life,
provided you don't
go into debt.
Debt robs you of your power.

What has destroyed America
is lack of self-discipline.

In India, I am known as Sani Maharaj. Whoever sees me 'pranams' and goes about his business. Only the ones who don't see me stop and want to talk.

I wield the stick of discipline. I am like a car body repairman. I beat people into shape.

Not manifesting your full potential
is a crime against humanity.

Everyone living has a duty.
Fail at your duty and we all fail.
Yes, I'm speaking to you;
you, the one reading these words.

These words do not come through
the vehicle of books.
These words manifest spontaneously.

The knowledge can only manifest
according to how my life has been.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


The only way
of knowing is
through trust.

If you don't know the distinction
between the Self and the Mind,
then how can you trust that.

To find out the truth
you need to find the
true inner voice.

There is no such thing as my creativity.
There is no such thing as 'my'.

Monday, August 4, 2008


Between the tick & the tock
is the timeless.

When nothing appears to be happening,
that's when the most is happening.

Who do you think has the strongest will to survive, you or the Planet? I'm voting for the Planet. In order to survive, the Planet can get rid of you.

Don't imagine by plundering and
poisoning the Planet you will survive.

It's so simple,
it's genius!
A complicated mind
hasn't got a snowballs
chance in hell.

When the air is balanced,
the mind is silent.


Beyond the mind
there is no God
or the man he created
in his own image.

The first shall be last
and the last shall be first
and man will become a food supply.

If you believe
you were born,
you can't plan ahead.

If it's not in your memory bank
it never happened.

Only the ones who are prepared
to give up their life on behalf
of humanity will survive.

Don't expect the bank to give you any money if you don't have any in it.

Dreams are stress relief
and manifesting them is
not a good antidote.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


In order to find out
if it's really a blessing
in disguise,
you have to
remove the disguise.

Greed feeds
on the false
notion of

Saturday, August 2, 2008


You only need
the light when
there's something
to see.

There's nothing new happening. It's 'business as usual' therefore what need is there for electricity? Only when the electricity goes out will 'business as usual' stop.

One has to be light
to have a lot of laughter.

Greed is a vile disease.
The only known cure is

Pain and suffering
were the main thrusts
of my life.

America cannot function
without war.

There is one thing I know;

I have given everyone
who met me a golden opportunity.