Saturday, June 30, 2012



that is alive
is connected.

you do
to others,
good or bad,
will affect
the quality
of your life.

An idea explodes on the surface like a volcano. Most peoples 'volcanos' are dormant but one day they will erupt.

The smoke
has to clear
before one can
see it.

From dormant to active
there is violence.

Once activated
you're on your
way home.

Manifest to unmanifest,
that's the circle of life.
The unmanifested
gives you the experience of it
and the benefit of it.
The manifested can only
give you the benefits,

Sleep is the
thief in the night.
While you are asleep
he steals your world.

No instruction book & no guarantees;
why would you do it? In your right mind, you wouldn't.
A man in his right mind wouldn't do it,
but once he's done it he spends his whole life
following instructions & looking for guarantees.
By the way, don't walk on the newly-seeded grass.

I don't follow
Societies signs,
I follow my own.
My signs look after me
& keep me out of trouble.

It is now
big business
to keep people
in a state of fear.

Friday, June 29, 2012



When the electricity goes out
there will be no more electric cities.

The world
is Gods

The rot & corruption
come out
of a Society
that's had it
too easy.

In society,
that's one of
the obsessions;
shape & form.

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When the Unknown
becomes aware
of the Known
it makes it
as itself.
When the Impersonal
becomes aware
of the Personal,
the Personal
becomes Impersonal.

What are people working for? Are they not slaves to their desires? Can you imagine how much free time you would have for yourself if 50% of your desires just fell away?

Justifying neuroses,
no matter what shape & form
they manifest in,
is not acceptable.

Focusing on what you don't have
rather than what you do have is neurotic.
Focusing on what you don't have
causes the Neurons to misfire.
Try driving a car that's misfiring,
you'll know what I mean.

Manifest your desires, by all means.
Just don't forget,
you're living in a dream.
Dreams can never become Reality.
Reality will always shatter dreams,
like a stone against a window.

Spend your time wisely.
Work hard for what
money cannot buy.
One day it will serve you well.

Any fool can purchase a diamond.
A wise man looks for the Blue Pearl.
Once seen, never forgotten.
It will transmute
who you believe yourself to be,
beyond recognition.
It worked for me &
if I can do it, so can you!

Now there's something you cannot buy.
You either have it or you don't.

The Kingdom of God
lies within everyman.
Why chase trinkets?

To the man with
no roof over his head,
a tent
would be considered a mansion.

He who has the
most toys
is the most
fearful of all.

It will make no difference to the street man when the money market crashes. It will make no difference to the animals when the electricity goes out. It will make no difference to the birds when airplanes no longer fly.

No Equality,
No Democracy.

The amount of lies
a politician spews forth
is in direct proportion
to his corruption.

Put one rotten apple in the middle of a barrel of good ones and watch what happens. A few corrupt people will contaminate others. Can you imagine what a lot of corrupt people are capable of?

Hard work & a man
go hand in hand.
Remove the work.
Sacrifice the man.

First attain Manhood.
It's a pre-requirement

Idle hands are the devils' workshop.
A lazy mind is the devils' home residence.

Someone once asked me
why people die on the
streets of India.
My answer was very simple,
"They die where they live."

It takes quite a bit to wake up
one man who is fast asleep.
My question to you is
"What's it going to take
to wake up billions?"

A courageous man welcomes
the unknown with open arms.
A fearful man clings
to the known for his very life,
as he knows it.

Birth and Death revolve like a hamster on a wheel.
When the wheel stops, will you get off & walk away
or will you do your best to start it up again?

A true Aborigine knows when his time is due to expire.
At the appointed time he will walk off into the desert,
on his own, to face the God of Death.

Being born is a disaster.
A good death is a blessing.
Living a wanton life
does not an easy death make.

Beyond the idea of birth and death
is Life itself.

Welcome the
and live anew.

How can a programmed man
claim free speech?

I'm happy.
I don't rely on skin
for my beauty.
The beauty shop
is inside,
not outside.

If you don't want to come back &
do this all over again,
don't leave a mess behind.

I am a Living Legend in the Outback of Australia.
My Legend status didn't start till I left.
I was wondering what is going to happen
when I leave this Planet?

I can do this on my own,
guaranteed, without failure.
The word 'failure'
has no place
in my vocabulary.

Everyone likes to be a winner.
Stick with me & you can't go wrong!

I want for you
what I want for myself.
I wish true wealth & happiness on all of you.
I wish you well.
I wish you piece of mind.
I wish you an abundance of joy.

Unless interfered with by man,
the Laws of Nature are
Just and Honorable.

Every ones' livelihood comes from the Earth.
She is a great Provider.
'Give us this day our daily bread.'

It is the nature of this Planet to change it's shape and form. It is continually doing that. Sometimes it's hardly noticeable, at other times it is very radical.

Life, as we know it,
is dependent on
Earth, Water, Fire & Air.
We cannot afford to lose
any one of them.

At first, It's man using the drug.
Then, It's the drug using the man.

Eating meat
overheats the mind.

How many children believe
that milk comes from the Supermarket?

No one can get away from this question:
"How many people have died in the name of Religion?"



In mi downtime it was my habit to walk around the Showground and see as many free shows as possible. One afternoon, as I was sauntering along at a steady pace checking out the poster boards, a big, Melbourne City Copper stopped me.

"Gooday." He said, as I approached him.
"G'day." I said, in a friendly sort of way.

I was not expecting any more than a greeting when he said to me, "Your name Richard Swindells, mate?" I almost fell over with shock when he asked me that question.
"What if it is?" I said, not knowing how the hell he knew my name 'cause all anyone knew me by on the Showgrounds was 'Yorky'.
"Show us ya arms." He said.
"What for? I've done nothing illegal."
"I wanna make a positive ID 'cause we've got a wanted poster for you back at our local station."
"You must be mistaken!" I said, with a bit of fear now creeping into mi voice.
"Just be a good lad and show me ya arms."
"All right. But that's all!"
When he saw the tattoos on mi arms, he said "Where d'ya git those from?"
"Rex Stokers in Bradford, England. Why?"
"Just making sure I've got the right man."
"The right man for 'what'? I've done nothing wrong."
Now I was getting really scared as he questioned me. So. I run through the memories Rolodex but nothing illegal came to mind.
"We've got a missing child report out on you. It's been circulated all over Australia."
"You must be joking! Who would file a missing report on me?"
He put his hand in his uniform top pocket and pulled out a small black notebook. Then he started to thumb through the pages.
I stood in front of him, waiting in anticipation.
"Ah! Here we are. A Mrs. I. Bailey from England has filed a lost child report on you."
"Oh shit, that's mi mother."
"How long since you wrote home son?"
"Oh, probably about six weeks."
"Well, according to my information it says here that you've not been seen or heard from for three months."
"That's not true. She's a panic merchant. If I don't write every week she thinks I've been killed or something."
"All right, where d'ya live in Australia?"
"At Lake Cargelligo, New South Wales."
"How long ya staying at the show?"
"Probably till the end of it."
"Tell ya what I'm gonna do. By rights I should take ya back to the station and fill out a report but seeing as ya look healthy enough to me, I'll do it later miself. Now, you listen to me young fella'. We don't have time to looking for every Tom, Dick or Harry that gets reported missing. We've got better things to do with our time like chasing down hardcore criminals. Now! I want ya to promise me you'll write home to ya old mother 'cause it's obvious to me she's worried about ya. Is that a deal?"
"All right." I said. I'd have said 'all right' to anything at that point.
"Make sure ya do and don't get into any trouble. You're pretty young to be looking after yourself. I've got a young bloke same age as you but I'm damn sure I wouldn't be letting him work on no showground. Now take good care of yourself and if I was you, I'd head straight back to Lake Cargelligo after the shows are over. All right?"
"All right." I said and walked off into the large crowd.
'What an embarrassment', I thought as I got lost in the sea of bodies that were milling around the showground. 'Just wait till I write another letter to Iris, I'll soon put a stop to her shenanigans!'

Thursday, June 28, 2012



Your talking to God
is alright.
God talks to you &
you're called crazy.


"What can I do about it?"
The answer is simple;
stop contributing.

The least dependent
you are on anything,
the less painful
it's going to be.

Have you ever noticed;
there's always someone
who want to control you?

To control oneself
one has to be


The color is
in the light
not in the flower.

For those of you who will not share
For those of you who do not care
For those of you who will not bend
Well, it's fast coming to an end.

When you find,
inside yourself,
what never changes; that,
that doesn't change.
That's what you
will be left with
when time stops.

When Time stops
those 'things'
won't exist

Without the vowels
there is no such a thing
as writing, talking & thinking.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


A few days later Defoe gave six of the older boys 5 pounds each and a train ticket to a Bush town.
"The Cocky will meet ya at the station, so good luck lads. This is Gods' own country and with a bit of hard work and a few brains ya should do all right for ya selves."
We said our goodbyes to each other and that was the last I saw of them. As the days went by Bill Defoe kept getting phone calls from Mr. Mansell, the Aussie Director of the BBM. Each time he got a phone call, a few more boys were shipped out until only 2 of us remained, me and Morris.
One day I said to Bill, "What about me and Morris Bill? Haven't ya got a place for us to go to yet?"
"Ya sure ya won't change ya mind about going in the Army, Yorky?"
"Quite sure Bill. I'm itching to get out to the Bush. I've been looking forwards to that for 2 years now."
"Alright mate." He said. "Ya old enough to leave home so I guess ya old enough to make decisions for ya self. You and ugly Morris will be leaving tomorrow morning so better roll ya swag bright and early."
He walked away resigned to the fact that Army life was not for me.
It was difficult for me to sleep that evening 'cause all I could think of was red dust and kangaroos. When morning finally came I was packed up within half an hour so I made mi way across to the kitchen for some breakfast.
After breakfast we said goodbye to the cook and went back to the Nissan hut. Before long Bill Defoe came through the doorway and said, "Here's ya ticket Maurice. There's 5 quid for ya start in life. Here's your ticket Yorky and here's a fiver mate. Make sure you look after it 'cause you'll have to work bloody hard in the Bush for a fiver."
"Thanks Bill." I said. "You're a real good bloke. You've really helped me a lot since I've been here."
"Root ya boot Yorky." He said with a slight waver in his voice. "Ya train leaves at 2 O'clock from Sydney Central so don't go fucking around Sydney and miss 'em or you'll be sleeping on the station all night."
An hour or so later one of the Jackeroos loaded our cases into his car and drove us both down to Cabramatta Station and before long Maurice and I were humping our cases onto the Central Stations' platform.
It was now about 11 and we had to wait until 2 in the afternoon for Maurices' train. Mine didn't arrive until 4:15 so we sat around the station smoking fags and eating hot chips covered in tomato sauce.
There was no one left in my life now to say. 'Don't do this' or 'Don't do that!' All I had to listen to now was the inner voice of silence that lives in the center of my heart.
The train Morris was due to take arrived on time and I helped him put his 2 large bags on board.
"Look after yourself Morris." I said as he climbed up the steps. "Keep practicing with your knife mate and best of luck to ya."
"Same to you Yorky." he said and then went inside to find his seat.
I watched the train slowly pull out of Central Station and unbeknownst to me, a couple of years later I found out from one of the boys I accidentally met while traveling around the fairgrounds that poor old Morris was gored to death by a large stud bull. The bull was in heat and really cranky. Morris was walking through the paddock when the bull decided to charge him. Morris ran for the fence but he was not fast enough. The bull stuck one of its horns straight through Maurice's back and broke it. Then it gored him into the ground. At the time the boy told me this story I knew that none of us can escape our destiny.
I was now left sitting on Central Station by myself. I felt rather sad as I sat there, thinking about all the people I had left behind, mi mother, dad and sisters, the 15 lads I'd lived with for the past 9 weeks, Bill Defoe. They were in the dead past now and all I was left with was myself.
'Oh well', I thought, as I wiped away a couple of tears that slowly trickled down the front of mi cheek, 'I'm left with what I stared out with, myself.'


"Is this the train to Burgooney?" I said to a platform ticket man.
"It sure is mate. Ya got a long ride ahead of ya. You'd best hop on her 'cause she's pulling out soon."
"Thanks mate." I said and threw mi 2 large suitcases up the 3 steps and into the carriage. After I found my reserved seat and put mi cases where I could keep an eye on 'em, then made misen comfortable. Pretty soon the old train gave a big jerk and a few clunks and it slowly pulled out of Sydneys' Central Station.
'Well, here we go.' I thought. 'There's no turning back now.' I realized that the other boys must all have been thinking the same as me when their train pulled out of Central.
There was only a couple of people in my carriage, a woman and a man, so I put mi feet up and looked out of the window at the suburbs which were now flying past. The train to Lake Cargelligo was an Express. The word Express had nothing to do with the speed of the train, which was quite slow in comparison to the English Steam Trains. On the floor, under where my feet were supposed to be was a sort-of half-round tin can. It was about 18" long, 10" wide and about 5" deep. It was the strangest contraption that I'd ever seen on a train before and when I made some investigations I discovered that each seat had the same tin can underneath it.
The first stop was Paramatta. It was a small suburb of Sydney and lay at the bottom of the Blue Mountains. I had read in the brochures that the BBM sent me in England that Parramatta was once a penal town. There was a well-known jail there, which used to house the convicts in the early settlers days. In the 1700s' there was no road or rail across the Blue Mountains so when the convicts escaped they always took 2 or 3 weaker mates with them so that they'd have some food when they ran out. The stronger convicts killed off the weaker ones and ate them just to survive. That will give you an idea of how rough that mountain range was in those days.
It was getting dark now as the old train made its way slowly up and over the Blue Mountains. Once we got through Luera and Blackheath, the train picked up some speed and headed out due west to the Bush.
"Tickets please." Said the conductor. I handed him my ticket and he said, "Burgooney, eh mate?"
"Ya just come out from the old country have ya mate?"
"Yes, I've been here for about nearly 2 weeks now."
"Jesus Christ mate, you're in for a right eye-opener."
"What do you mean?"
"You'll find out sport." He said as he punched the ticket.
"What's this can for?" I said.
"Oh, ya never seen one of those before mate? At about 8 O'clock tonight one of the stewards will fill it up with hot water. Keep ya feet warm mate. It gets pretty cold out West this time of year. There's a blanket overhead. You'll need that or you'll freeze ya arse off. You can get ya self some sandwiches and hot tea when the canteen opens. You'll need that too. Give us a holler if ya need anything else. There's hardly a soul on the train so I've got lots of spare time this trip."
"Thanks." I said and put mi ticket in mi back pocket so I wouldn't lose it.
After, I bought some sandwiches, hot tea, a bottle of pop and a couple of bags of chips. I ate them all and then set about rolling myself a big fat Havelock cigarette. It was pitch dark out the window now so I read an old newspaper that someone had left behind.
All through the dark night we traveled, almost non-stop. The tin of hot water was great to put mi feet on because by now it had gotten really cold. I dozed and nodded the night away and when the sun came up at 6 in the morning I could no longer recognize any of the scenery. Looking out the window all I could see for miles around was wide-open spaces. Some of the red land was quite barren in places and in others there was only Mali for miles and miles. (Mali country is best described as dense bush.)
"Lamb chops, bacon and eggs do ya for breakfast?" said the steward.
"That sounds great."
"It's being served up in the dining car in about 10 minutes so you'd might as well go through now."
I had not rested too well that previous evening because it was so cold and the thought of bacon, eggs and lamb chops with a hot cuppa tea was all I needed to get mi
stiff little body mobile again.
Soon as breakfast was over I went for a walk around the train. There was only 3 people left on the whole train now so I was beginning to wonder where the hell Burgooney was. After the train left Parks, one old couple got off and at Forbes the remaining old lady left the train. I was the only paying passenger left besides the conductor and the steward. That was it!
We passed a small bush town called Condoblin and the train chugged on for another hour or so.
"Your stops coming up shortly mate." said the conductor as he walked through the carriage.
I got mi 2 big suitcases ready by the door so it wouldn't take me so long to get off. The train started to slow down but as yet I could see no station in sight. Five minutes later the brakes started to squeal as the old train ground to a halt.
"Here ya go mate." Said the conductor. "This is Burgooney. Give us one of those cases; I'll give ya a hand off with it. Someone coming to meet ya are they?"
"Yes, a bloke called Burt Booth is supposed to pick me up."
"Christ, I hope he's not too late mate. She must be a hundred degrees in the shade today."
I jumped down off the train and the conductor handed me mi 2 large suitcases.
"Best of luck lad. You better hang out in the shade or you'll fry in this heat. It's a good job that you've got that Bush hat to keep the sun off or ya wouldn't last but 5 minutes today."
The guard/conductor blew a loud, shrill whistle and the old train and its 4 carriages took off slowly down the railway track.

Burgooney station consisted of one small-corrugated tin shed, which was securely locked, and a half-moon sign that read:
I was now in a state of shock. Almost immediately hundreds of small bush flies decided to give me a warm welcome. It must have been at least 100 degrees as I tried in vain to keep the bush flies off mi face. I opened one of mi cases and found a tin of Airoguard but it made no difference at all. When I looked in one direction there was nothing as far as my eyes could see and in the other direction all I could see was Mali bush trees. It was the most frightened and despondent time I have ever felt in mi whole life up till that point.
Miles away in the distance I could see a small cloud of red dust. Everywhere I looked was shimmering heat waves and in some places the heat mirages looked like big waves of water. As I sat there in the heat on one of mi suitcases, the sweat was streaming down mi face and the bush flies were tormenting me to death.
'Now you've really done it Richard!' a small inner voice said. 'The farmer has probably forgotten you and you'll starve to death out here and no one will ever find you. Why did you leave your mothers' warm, cozy house? At least you had food and water there and Jim Bailey was a good bloke compared to this hell-hole!'
'Piss off!' I said to the voice, out loud. The curse shattered the hot, dusty silence for a split second then got lost in the wide-open space. The only form of life I could see was 3 black crows that sat in a gum tree and cawed out loud every now and again.
I decided to move around 'cause the hundreds of bush flies were just about driving me insane now. I could feel the heat of the ground burning its way through mi shoes as I walked around the tin shed.
When I looked through the dusty window of the shed I made the mistake of putting mi hand on the tin wall, which was burning hot. Instantly, I pulled it away and cursed.
"Shit! Fuck! Bastard!" I said as I shook mi hand and then looked at the large red patch that had just formed. I was now close to tears so I walked around the back of the station shed to investigate further.
All of a sudden I noticed a great big lizard who was sat in the sunshine staring straight at me. He was a couple of feet long and had hard, thick scaly skin. Around his neck was a big frill of scales. I did not know if he would attack me or not so I bent down and grabbed a broken limb and hurled it in his general direction.
The tree limb almost hit him so he took off at full speed straight under the tin shed. As he ran he kicked up a small cloud of red dust behind him. All over the ground were these small brown burrs with tiny barbs sticking out of them. Growing up the back-side of the shed wall was a patch of brittle looking thistles about 4 feet high. The ground was as hard as concrete and it looked as though it had never rained for years in these parts. A bit further along I saw a huge mound of dirt, which had holes the size of a sixpence all over it. Picking up a hot, flat rock, I threw it at the mound. Within seconds the biggest ants I had ever seen came marching out to investigate the violent intrusion. I stood well back as I watched them scurrying over and around the mound. They had 2 little pincers at each side of their mouth and they looked very much to me like miniature black crabs. Later on I came to know they were called Bull ants and could give a nasty bite to an unsuspecting victim.
Off in the distance, the small cloud of red dust was now beginning to get bigger and bigger and after 10 minutes or so I could see a small white dot in front of the cloud of red dust. A few minutes later I recognized the white dot as a pickup truck.
Ten minutes later the pickup ground to a halt in front of me in a cloud of red dust that got up my nose and made me cough a bit. In the back of the truck were 2 black dogs with pricked ears and yellow eyes. They stared straight at me and as soon as I moved they started to bark.
"Sit down ya bastards!" roared a broad Australian voice from inside the cab. The drivers' side opened and a rough-looking Bushman climbed out from behind the dusty steering wheel.
"G'day." He said, "My name's Burt Booth. You must be Richard, are ya?"
'Yes, that's right."
"Throw your ports in the back of the Ute mate and we'll git moving."
"What about the dogs?"
"They won't hurt ya mate. They're chained up to the front."
The dogs lunged and growled at me as I lifted both mi suitcases and stacked them in the back.
"Sit down, ya fucking bastards!" yelled Burt Booth at the 2 mean-looking black dogs.
"Come on mate, git a move on!" said old Burt Booth as I arranged mi two cases so the dogs wouldn't chew 'em. "Hop in the other side." He said, so I walked around the Ute and opened the passenger door. "Christ, she's a warm one today." He said as he put the Ute into first gear.



Food is talking.
Food talks.
Not much food
not much talking.

If you don't know
what's going to happen
how can you be prepared?

It takes a
of discipline
to prepare
for the unknown.

What do I have to hide?
My life is an open book.
The title of my book
is written on my forehead.

I'm not going to be
dragged down by anyone.
I am going to
drag the world up.

A man was complaining to God about his life. God said to him, "Don't come crying to me, I told you what would happen."

No one alive, on this Planet,
has ever experienced
Pluto in Capricorn.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012



Mi dad had a job on Baitings Dam as a Foreman. He was a Heavy Timber Construction Engineer by trade, so most of mi early life I spent on moors. One of the perks of mi dads’ job was housing. Wherever a new damn was being built, the people in the Valley would be booted out and we would get to live on the land in a big, old farmhouse until the Valley was flooded and the farms were under water.

This particular farmhouse was very old and picturesque. It was built in a L- shape, meaning the house was on one side and the farm buildings were on ‘tuther side. There was no electricity or running water. Candles were used for lighting and wood or coal for heating. I spent many a good day on that farm. Into everything, that was me. Richard Swindells, George Richard Henry Walter Swindells lad. People called him George for short.

Part of building a dam entailed blasting away huge big boulders out of the valley side. So many times, during the day, the Siren Whistle would blow and a few minutes later were a big dead-sounding BOOM! and the side of the Valley would seem to ‘hiccup’ and loosen massive big boulders, dirt and rocks which were then carted up the hillside in small dump trucks and then loaded into big heavy-duty trucks whose wheels seemed to be at least five times bigger than me.
After the Valley was made wide enough to hold millions of gallons of water which was then used for town water supplies, a concrete wall was built which stretched right across the Valley from one side to ‘tuther. It took forever to build, or so it seemed to me. The Dam wall was really wide so it was strong enough to hold all the water back. Twenty or thirty foot heavy wooden beams were used to form the walls. That was mi dads’ job. He knew how and where to build the formwork so the concrete could be poured into place.

I remember him coming home and telling mi mum, “I nearly got done in today. A bloody big beam came loose, wench, and fell down. It just grazed mi shoulder. Another couple a inches and I’d bin a goner, wench. (He always called her ‘wench’, but her name was Iris.) It had to be mi bad shoulder, it couldn’t have been mi good ‘un!”

Mi dad was in WW1. He joined up at 15. Lied about his age he did, ‘cause all his pals were all older than him and had all gone off to war to kill the Krauts and Square-heads and Huns, whatever they were. His bad shoulder had these two funny-lookin' holes in ‘em that seemed to have healed up with funny-lookin’ skin and jagged edges. I always thought the holes were still under that funny-lookin' skin.

He had the rest of day off. They sent him home ‘cause his nerves were jumpy, he said. So I said to him, “What do ya mean ya nerves are jumpy, dad?” and he sez, “I got shell-shock from war.”

I had no idea what he meant until a couple ‘a years later when one Xmas morning he was sitting in his old armchair in front of fire having his pint-pot of tea. So just for a laugh and some fun I crawled across the stone floor on mi belly, round back of his chair and let him have it! Two or three close range shots from mi cap gun right in his lug (ear). “Bloody Nora!!!” I soon found out what Shell Shock was. When he eventually landed in his armchair again I didn’t need mi psychic powers to tell me what to do. I was off like one of those Square-ed things. I stayed outside in the snow in mi pajamas and socks till his jumpy nerves cooled down, thinking to misen of all the fun I was gonna have with this new cap gun.

Old stone farmhouses in the North of Yorkshire are very magical places to live in, although they can be quite cold and most of ‘em are very damp. Mi mum used to get old wheat bags and cut them open down the sides. Then she used to get old worn out clothes and cut them up into two or three inch strips. Once she had a bag of strips she had got her carpet-making tool out and set about making carpets for the stone floor in the living room. I don’t know the name of the tool she used, but it had a long wooden handle on it with a shaft attached on it and on the side of the shaft was a single pliers type handle that was spring-loaded. What she’d do then was take a strip of cut up old clothing, trap it in the end of this tool and thread it through the holes in the wheat bag and pull it halfway through.
Mi mum was real good at it. She’d sit for ages and ages filling all the holes in the bag until she couldn’t get any more material in, that way the strips were so tight they wouldn’t pull out. One day I asked her, “Hey mum, how do ya do that?” She sez, “Grab one of those bags and I’ll show ya.” It only took a short time to learn it but then I was stuck with the job of makin’ rugs from then on.

One morning, after breakfast, mi mum said to me, “Richard, I’ve got a surprise for you!”
“Don’t say ‘what’, mi mum sez. “Your mum is going to have another baby.”
“What!” I sez.
“Don’t say ‘what’! ‘I beg your pardon’ she sez.
“It’s all right.” I sez
“Don’t be cheeky, Richard. I’m going have another baby. Now, what do you think of that?”
Well, I didn’t think I had much choice in the matter so I sez, “As long as I get a brother, someone to play with, then it’s all right by me.”
Mi mum said, “I can’t guarantee that, but it will be something.”
“I hope it’s a monkey. I always wanted a monkey, mum!”
She sez, “Oh, get your warm clothes on and go out an play. Take your sister with you!”
What if she had another girl and I got lumbered with that. That would be terrible. Then again she might have a boy and there’d by someone to play with. So, off I go, mi sister in tow, imagining all sorts.

Time went by as it usually did, a day at a time. On a farm, the usual daily things happened. Mi dad, going to work. Mi mum looking after place, milking goats, cleaning eggs, feeding pigs etc.

One day, I said to mi mum, “Hey mum, you’re getting a fat belly.”
“Don’t be lippy!” she sez. “I’m due to have a baby soon.”
At long last the day arrived and mi mum didn’t come downstairs that morning. Mi dad got sent off to fetch midwife. She was one of neighbors' wife from around area. Every time she came to our farm she would say, “And how’s my little lad going?”. Then she’d pat me on the head and say, “You’re not putting much weight on. Are you eating your Yorkshire puddings all up?” She was a kindly woman but very trying at times.
Mi mum made the best Yorkshire puddings in Yorkshire, and I always ate ‘em, but it didn’t do much for my weight as I was always so active.

I was not allowed upstairs at this point so I have no idea what was going on.
“When’s the new baby coming?”, I would say to mi dad.
“Not long now.”, he’d always say.
Finally! It arrived that day. The first I heard of it was when it started crying. It sounded as though it was in a lot of pain.
The midwife neighbour came downstairs and said, “Richard, you have now got another sister. A healthy eight and a half pound baby girl!”
“No comment.” Just what I needed. Another girl to look after. Why couldn’t it have been a boy, or better still, why not a pet monkey! I could have had a lot fun with that.

At last I was allowed to go up and see the new arrival. She was all bundled up in white blankets in a cot next to mi mums’ bed. By this time, she was sleeping. (although I was sure I could wake her if I gave her a slight pinch!)
Mi mum sez, “Have you been behaving yourself, Richard?”
So, I gave her one of mi best Angelic smiles. She smiled back at me from her bed, but I knew I hadn’t fooled her. She was a hard one to fool was our mum!
“How do you like your new sister?”, she sez.
I sez, “She’s very small and why is her face so red? Will it stay like that?”
“No.”, sez mi mum. “Only for a day or so.”
“Can I touch her, mum?”
Mum sez, “Better wait for a while I think. She’s asleep now.”
“Why didn’t you have a boy, mum? I’d have had someone to play with. Hey mum, can I have a monkey to play with?”
“Oh go on, get out of here. You’re a big enough monkey yourself, never mind another one.”
“What are you going to call her mum?”
“Her name is Sandra Mary Swindells.”
‘What a daft name’, I thought but I didn’t say now’t.

I must admit over the first few months she was living with us she was not half bad. See, she slept most of time. Mi mum would change her nappies on a small table and she’d always say, “Go fetch me a nappy out of the cupboard, Richard.” I never understood why she didn’t get it before she started, then I wouldn’t have to get it.
Every time mi mum undid that nappy I’d stand around table making funny sick-feeling sounds in mi throat. I was very good at that, least I thought so. Mum obviously didn’t. She’d say, “Stop making that noise or you’ll catch it my lad!”
I did the ‘puking’ noise once too often, so mi mum grabbed ‘old of this wet nappy and threw it at me. It wrapped itself around my face and stuck there till I pulled it off. I made the ‘puking’ noise even louder this time and she laughed her head off. That was the first time I washed my face without being told to.

Monday, June 25, 2012



Karma is created
by being attached
to the fruits
of ones actions.

People who manifest
unconditioned love
are dangerous
to ignorance.

There's no thinking
in fight or flight;
it just happens.

Beggars are not stuck with
the false idea of choice.

I beg you,
for your own sake,
stop killing each other
while you still can.

I am not interested
in your praise;
I don't have to
accept your blame.
When the shit
hits the fan
don't blame me.



A master violin player played a first-class concert. After the concert, whilst in his dressing room, an important newspaper critic visited him.
"I would like to congratulate you on your concert." Said the critic. "That violin that you played is the best sounding violin that I have heard for many a long year."
The master violinist walked over to where the violin case was sitting. He popped the locks, opened the lid, put his ear to the violin and listened.
He turned around and said to the critic, "Funny, I cannot hear a thing!"

Sunday, June 24, 2012



All dramas
will create
for you.

If you are
not going to
ask me who I am,
then I will.

The more one is
living it
the less they are
talking about it.

World saviors don't talk.
They're too busy doing.

The divorce rate would
go down tremendously
were people to get
married to themselves
rather than to each other.
I promise to
love, honor &
obey myself.

Only the destructible
lives in fear of survival.

If you were
born ugly
there's not
much difference
when you're old.
If you born pretty
there will be a lot
of adjustments to be made.

It's all
in the


Life's experience
is talking.

Life is
one big

If you
want more
from life
than the basics,
then you are in trouble.

You don't exist
when I close my eyes.
You exist when
I open my eyes.

The kind of power that
I'm talking about takes
incredible courage to manifest.
There is not a man alive
who it does not reside in.

The Question is;
Do you have
what it takes?

To attain
the greater
you have to
give up
the lesser.

What are you
interested in?
Are you interested in
endless creation
or destruction?

What are you not willing to give up?

One has to
maintain their integrity
wherever they live.

I don't change,
time changes.

While people are still
talking about it
nothing will change.


This too
shall pass.

Empires come & go.
And what about the
New World Order,
what happened to
the old?

Everything I suffered,
everything I gave up,
everything I attained,
I offered for free,
no one wanted it.
Therefore, I will give
you what you want -
Ask and you shall receive it.

The only way to get the fox
out of the trap was to kill it.
There are many traps in life,
hence death is necessary.

If you want this
you have to give up that.
I gave up this life
for that.

Happiness or sadness
has no sway over me.

You can put your childish toys away
and move on, or the times will take
them away from you, regardless.

It's very simple,
it's either


Inner security~
Where else will you find it?

I look in awe.
I am unable to
describe what I see.
It stuns me.
My mind maintains
silence in its presence.
It is intelligent enough to know that.

When the laws of the land
are in tune & in keeping,
with the laws of Nature,
societies grow & flourish
in a peaceful way.

Saturday, June 23, 2012



It is high maintenance
to exist as a shape & form.

Shape & form
is the
food of time.

The only way to escape
the ravages of time
is to revert back
to your formless state.

If you don't give
you don't get.


I wait until I am asked.
When you ask, I will
not keep you waiting.

Doctors live on disease.
Dentists live on tooth decay.
I live on ignorance.

If you think the world
is such a great place,
what am I doing here?

If you're still looking to help people,
you obviously haven't helped yourself.



Friday, June 22, 2012



The puppet can only do what the string puller tells him. It is not the puppets fault that he becomes boring, it is the puppeteers limitation.

When money becomes God,
Faith will be tested.

A man in the Outback once asked me,
"Do you believe in God?"
"Yes", I said.
"How much money do you have?"
"About $500." says I
"Just in case.", I said.
At that moment a decision was made.

When the search in concluded
and the results are the same ~
There is only one.

When it happens,
I guarantee you,
it will not
be on the internet.

Thursday, June 21, 2012



To learn
you have to put yourself
in a vulnerable position.

Pain & suffering will never let you down. It is the great mover. The motivator for the ignorant; but how many are moved out of love.

The only thing a good person & a bad person have in common is death. Death is guaranteed. How you die is not.

has nothing to do
with surviving as
a name, shape & a form.

America, is the same
as all other societies
in a pain/pleasure society.
It chases pleasure &
runs away from pain.

Liking pleasure & not liking pain.
There is an addiction to pleasure.

I stand
for what you
need to take
care of
but you have
your own agenda.
Don't expect me
to sit down.

Live & let live,
Do no harm.

Lack of morality means
you have not risen above
animal status.
don't try to
convince me
you're human.

is unimaginable.
It may manifest at an
inconvenient time.

You can't have a wold without Creation, Sustenance & Destruction. The destroyer destroys & the Creator Creates out out of the Destroyers destruction. The Sustainer gives sustenance to the game.

A lifetime
only lasts
so long;
it's limited.

People only want to know about the things they can control. Let's be honest; what can you control?

All of life
is preparation
for that
one moment &
no one can stop
that moment
from happening.

Dragging the
burden of anger
all through life.

You prepare
by knowing
you can't
change it.

I come
like a
in the

I know what's
important in life.
I know what
I won't do.

to die.

Hard work
is not easy.

You can
live in heaven
any time
you want.

If you want
you have
to give up

There is no drama
in Enlightenment.

It costs one
a lot

If you haven't
helped yourself
then you're
using people
as guinea pigs
when you try
to help them.

The higher you go,
the lower you will sink.

In order to dream
you have to
go to sleep &
you like dreaming.

The world of sleep
is not much different
to the waking state.

The dreams
go along
with the

Wednesday, June 20, 2012



All I ever wanted
was for people
to be happy.

I can speak
the truth
as I have
nothing to lose.
You are convinced
you have choices.
You chose
the world
you have a
lot to lose.

the imagination,
is not
based on

Try to imagine
the unimaginable
& your mind will revert
to silence.


I live Reality
because my life
is unimaginable
to me.


Interest & resistance
can not live
under the same roof.

You cannot live a weak life
& end up strong,
likewise, you can't live a
life of strength & integrity
& end up weak.
In my company,
you will know
how you've
lived your life.

The reward for living
a life of integrity is
a life of integrity.

I am not against telling you
what to do with your 'carrot & stick.'

Once you know
the same disease is everywhere,
what's the point
in going anywhere?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


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God is not fussy,
He resides in everyone,
even atheists.

Don't get excited
over delusions.

My armor is
that I speak the truth.

To recognize the truth,
you've got to have at least
a little bit of it in you.

No one can claim
to be a Christian
and go to war & kill!

The duty of every Christian
is to see God in each other.

It promises everything
and gives nothing.
It gives life
and takes it.

There can't
be a God
a man.

No joy
No results.

Always speak the Truth.
It dis-empowers ignorance.

It is the
duty of everyone
to manifest
God Consciousness.

A man has only two hands.
When both of his hands are full
and he is offered a gift,
in order to take the gift
he has to put something down.

When thinking stops,
Love begins.

If you want
to stay young,
stay in touch
with your love.

You can't use love
against another.
You can only
use their fear
to control them.

Just as a rotten apple
in a barrel will
contaminate all the others,
so will one out-dated, rotten idea
do the same.

Don't let anyone
steal your heart or
they will control your mind.

Looking for happiness
in others is like
expecting a
barren women
to give birth.

There is an abundance of happiness in each and every one of us. Prove me wrong. Stop creating misery. Creating misery and then complaining you're not happy is a fools' game.

is the
great revealer.

The only way to
transmute a society
is for everyone
to experience
the same thing
at the same time.
It has to effect everyone.

You only need
one for a party.

Love does
not control.
Fear does.

Good habits keep
the bad habits out.

One can have
power in the world
when they have
power over their mind.


Joy is joy.
It doesn't
belong to anyone.
It's just there.

A prisoner
of ignorance.

People who have ideas about God
are separate from God.
Their ideas separate them.

If you're together
you'll make it.
If you're not,
you won't.

Creative intelligence
comes from the
center of the heart.

Knowledge exists in the Heavens.
It is ones' duty to pull it down
for the betterment and upliftment of man.

When you want
a quiet mind
wait & listen.

When the heart & mind
want the same thing.

You have to
be there
to laugh.



Q: Imagine that there is a goose in the bottle. Without smashing the bottle how do you get the goose out, intact?
A: There! it's out.

The goose and the bottle are in the mind. Your mind put the goose in the bottle, therefore, it has the ability to take it out. Likewise with everything else in life. You believe you were born. The world appears according to your belief. Employ the same technique and be free of it. Right action will follow.

Monday, June 18, 2012



When you
find something
within yourself
that never changes,
you've found Reality.

The world
comes into being
with its own history.

By my presence I give reality
to the good man & also to the bad man.

When I drop out
of the equation
all existence ceases.

Don't expect it to stop
while you're still
adding to it.

is a carrot.
of ignorance
is the fact.

I destroy ignorance
just by being alive.

How can you
help another
when you
cannot even
help yourself?

A barren woman & a castrated man
are useless for breeding.
That is the result of debt.

Feeling sorry
for someone
doesn't help them.
It just drags them
further down &
you along with them.

Working with power
means keeping
out of the way
lest ye get burnt.

People walk around with a head-full of knowledge to make themselves appear intelligent but they don't apply it in their life.

You can't
the Truth;
that's why
it's true.

There is only one Truth.
Everyone perceives it
through their limitations.

I once told a man that I AM Shiva, the Destroyer of Ignorance. "Oh", he said, as his eyes widened. "Do you doubt me?", I asked. "No".,said he. "It's probably my lack of vision that I cannot perceive you as such."

How can you give to another
what you can't give to yourself?

There is only one Reality
& everyone has their own
distorted view of it.

The mind can
wander all it likes,
it will never be content
until it finds home,
until you introduce
it to the Source.

If you can't
imagine change,
don't worry.
The unimaginable
will help you out.

Once you know
you are not who
you think you are,
that's it;
life gets