Wednesday, February 29, 2012



Supreme Intelligence
works in mysterious ways.

Can a
hurt you?

If you don't like it
don't read it.
If you don't understand it~
keep reading.

the ultimate
Reality show.

Mass movement of people
will come to a stop
once the Pandemic arrives.

That's the problem
with all Governments.
They don't think
things through.

The only way the Middle East
will survive is if they put
their differences aside
and become allies.

It's all the same
to the man
that's seen it all.
It's all the same
to the man
that's beyond it all.

Where is the information coming from?
I get mine directly from the Source.
When do you get yours from?
My question is "How come that information wasn't here before?"



My job on this planet is to take souls from the underworld to the overworld. Some are ripe and ready for the transmutational process. Some are ripe and transmute easily. Some are unripe and come kicking and screaming. Eventually everybody will transmute back into Pure Intelligence. One way or the other,it is foolproof.



In order to get it
you have to give it.

The only way to stop a
tyrannical government
is through morals.
A society that is
morally bankrupt
is already beaten.


do you
go from


To understand
the value of my support,
you have to accept it.

Famine teaches
the arrogant
all they need
to know
about support.

20 years ago, when I came here, I warned people about famine. The greatest famine the world has ever known is manifesting in America, here and now, as we speak. If you don't believe me, ask the bees.

When wanting
becomes more
than caring ,
you're in trouble.





When you know
what you are not
you don't need

When a Society is built
on a foundation of violence
no good can come of it.
That is why all Empires have fallen.

Violence can only be
suppressed for so long.

The building bricks of a Society are the children. They sit directly on the foundation. Everything is built on top of them. The children are always the first that violence destroys. The rest is history.

manifests it.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012



Everything you see is
Supreme Intelligence
in a limited form.

The Unlimited
you are.
Act on it.
It will become
rather than

As in the child-like state.

All talk
about Silence
disturbs it.

He told me he was
going on a silence retreat.
I told him, better not
take your mind with you then.

My words will not
fill your mind,
they will empty it.

The absence
of disturbances
will lead you
to it.

To 'want' is a symptom
of a disturbed mind.

Genuine needs
are always met.


When you look inside;
if you can't focus your mind,
what are you going to see?

Being in debt
is not a
laughing matter.

Do you want
or your concept of



If the only flowers
on the Planet were roses
it would be quite boring.

The violence is
in the culture.
In order to get well
it has to come out.
There are only two ways
the violence can come out;
hard, physical labor & war.


You can't have stability
without discipline.
Without discipline
you are not living;
you are merely existing.


One creates
all their own problems
through what they entertain.
Be careful who you
invite to the party.

Equality consciousness
starts at home.

I'll leave the construction business to you.
I'm in the destruction business.

Taking rest of a night-time
with gratitude in ones heart
ensures a joyous existence.

Monday, February 27, 2012



See God
in each other
& live accordingly.

Once there is
no point to life
then one can
really live it.

It's called

I give recognition to myself.
If I don't, I may want you
to give me recognition
& that would never do.

Throwing myself
at the
mercy of Society
is not my idea
of a good time.

If you want it
you can never have it.
The want stands between
the desire & the
object of desire.

Love is there all the time.
It is not subject to your
imaginings & neurosis.

is the Prime Mover.

What's it to be,
Love or fear?

Corrupt societies are
built on a foundation
of lies.
Pure societies are
built on a foundation
of love.

The new always replaces the old.
Thank goodness, otherwise,
we'd still be in the
same dirty, old clothes.

Anyone who is in,
& can maintain
witness consciousness
is a watcher.

What does a
rotten & corrupt society
know about Justice?

You don't have to imagine
what life would be like without it.
Just look around you.

Sunday, February 26, 2012



A loving heart
will always want
to share something.

the penny drops
will be
the same.

If I can
do it
any fool
do it.

On your deathbed
it's too late.

belief systems
are dreams.

You will be awake
when you know that
waking & sleeping
is a dream;
as with
coming & going.

What makes
a dream
to be real
excessive interest.

The power
behind these words
is potent enough
to destroy you
& what you believe
yourself to be.

People do not
come looking
to me for hope;
they come
looking for me
when all hope
is gone.


Death of this
is the birth
of that.

Cavemen mentality
is playing itself out
with modern weaponry.

What will
the military
do to survive?

All that
happens is
Fallout of Transmutation.

Even a crow
can recognize
acts of kindness.
Can you?

'hope' & 'nice'
are dead words.
They are weak ways
of communicating.
The power is in TRUST.



The nature of greed is
that it destroys itself
& all that are addicted to it.

Why look for permanence
when you're only here

Why look for security
in an insecure world?

Why talk about silence
when your very talking
about it disturbs it?

Greed is limited.
It can be destroyed.
It is not much of a power.

This is my
to you.

The mind will do anything
to protect itself.

Saturday, February 25, 2012



Nothing can happen,
in America, without
the peoples consent.

Passive/Active ~
Passive implies
you are totally ignorant
& cannot comprehend
this knowledge.
Active implies
you comprehend
but don't care.

There's something wrong
in the picture of
'getting your cake & eating it.

Suffering is mental
Pain is physical.

You either carry knowledge
for each other or you're programmed.

arises through
lack of giving.

People use each other as walls.
They bounce the ball off of it
to see if they're acceptable.

To be who you are,
stop pretending to be
what you're not.

This is the game;
the game goes like this;
I AM -I'm not, I AM - I'm not.



has an opinion.
No one
has the facts.

aren't worth
a fart in a

Something will happen
outside the realm of
mans' imagination &
it will shatter it
like an old time windscreen.

Isn't it interesting
that not one Empire
has survived?

The fire of transformation
least stagnation occurs.

What is your mission?
To leave everyone alone.

The Last Wave is upon is.
The only way to survive it
is to ride it
in the Mode of Goodness.
Those who cannot do that
will be wiped out.


Only a free man
has any choice
with what he does
with his life.

A man in debt
is not free.
He is a prisoner
to that debt.

on anything
is misery.

One nurtures inner happiness
by focusing on it.


If you truly want to know
whether 'water-boarding'
is torture or not;
ask a drowning man.



You can't have the
Grace of God
without God.
In other words,
you can't have
your cake & eat it.

Getting free of the world is easy.
Simply withdraw your belief in it
but don't expect it to give you
anything but the basics.

When one gives their all
they get their all back.

To be rooted in
the thought-free state
you have to
dissolve thought.
It cannot be
done with violence.

Don't wait for anyone
to give you recognition.
"Give it tha' sen."

I created my own wealth.
I AM a self-made man.


The basics
remain the

comes out
of expectation.


Man is soon to find out
how much control he really has.

A disciple
of the

The easiest way to pay off
incorrect actions is with money.
Yet, how do you do that
in a bankrupt economy?
You are the economy;
how do you feel?

Good company.
say that.

A man,
with no patience,
can't wait to die.

Once I
said it,
I had to
live it.

Once you realize
there is nowhere to go
& nothing to do,
you'll have lots of
time on your hands.

The only thing
that stops a society
from imploding
is morals.

you & doom.

Friday, February 24, 2012



The only question one needs to ask, in this life, is:
"What am I not aware of that I need to be aware of, to improve the quality of my life ~ NOW?

The Gurus' Grace
is always present.
To see it and
recognize it
in daily life
is a work of art.

God gives the gift of life.
You have no right whatsoever
to criticize or complain about it.
If you're not satisfied with the gift
then give it back!

I seek no ones approval,
therefore, I AM.

Insecurity is an obstacle
which blocks the flow
of love.

People who live in the 'known' get bored
very easily.
My world is the
No one gets bored here.

One can not imagine
what they haven't experienced.

People are frightened
of their own potential.

Feeding greed is
a full-time job.

from the
The Source.

Anything that is born
lives with the fear of dying -
except life itself.

No bees
No pollen
No crops

What is happening
on Earth
is a reflection of
what is happening
in the Heavens.


Thursday, February 23, 2012



When the music stops
there's no more

Everyone who
lives in a society
has a duty not
to add to the problems.
Fail at that duty
& even bigger problems come.

Interest & resistance
can not live
under the same roof.

You cannot live a weak life & end up strong, likewise, you can't live a life of strength & integrity & end up weak. In my company, you will know how you've lived your life.

The reward for living
a life of integrity
is a life of integrity

I am not against telling you
what to do with your carrot & stick.

Once you know the same disease
is everywhere, what's the point
in going anywhere?

Your indifference
to the suffering of others
is already bringing
suffering to your door.

Once the supermarket shelves are empty
you will have no problem, whatsoever,
relating to hunger.

women & children
is selfish.
It ensures
our survival.

If we're not all the same
then why does the hunger come back?

Only a hypocrite will say,
'I'm full' when another is empty.

Allowing weak people
into power positions
is a

The actions of an
undisciplined man
can only produce misery.
The actions of a
disciplined man
produce joy.

Looking for answers
is a fools game.

is born crying.
Very few
die laughing.

True power
has to be taken.
It cannot be given.
Do you have have
what it takes?

The mirror
doesn’t care
who looks into it.

If there is a hole
for it to get in,
then there is a hole
for it to get out.


is a unique form
of insanity

Radical change
radical action.

True understanding
is not
a ‘me’.

I can
give it?
Can you
take it?

One can
only be free
from what
one understands.

The switch
that turns the TV off
is the same switch
that turns interest on.

A peaceful mind
is the basis
of a
joy-filled life,

If you
take the lesser,
you cannot
have the greater.

Mind is
the scaffolding
that holds

Supreme Reality
is the

Death is
not of the being,
it is the
death of time.

repeated over
and over again
disguises itself
as truth.

Courage doesn’t float
on the ocean like seaweed,
one has to go to the bottom
to discover it.

A fully developed mind
is a silent one.
A fully developed heart
is sweet.
It only knows how to give.

Societies survival
depends on one
Supreme law.
When there are
two laws
that is a sure sign
of societies demise.

People who hope
have no power.

shapes life.
Deep commitment
manifests a
potent life.

never woke
anyone up.

One who is in debt
has no quality of life.

If you can
imagine it,
that’s not it.

All expectation
ever led to was

Anyone can say it,
not everyone can
feel it.

In order to truly live,
you have to stand
behind your actions.

I stand
behind the truth.
That is all you
will ever get from me.

People who don’t waste time
are the masters of time.

Guilt comes
out of the past.
It never comes
out of the future.

Stubbornness is a weakness.
One uses it to hide behind
to deal with anger.

Protecting yourself from love
is an act of violence.

Living life
in the world
is preparation
for leaving.

If you believe
in reincarnation
don’t you have to
leave to come back?

All coming & going
is total fantasy.

Don’t wait
for time,
there isn’t
enough left.

Grace is
showered upon one
in direct proportion
to their
listening ability.

While you are
reading these words,
know that I AM
watching you.

I am giving you clues.
Use your mind to
investigate the ultimate mystery –
your very own beautiful self.

If you can’t see it
Wash your eyes out.
Ignorance is like a
speck of dirt in the eye.

Were everyone
fed at the same time
and not a living soul missed
there would be
no more hunger
on this planet.

there was one
there was zero.

Don’t forget
to read between the lines.
The words are merely pointers.

No one knows what
they will stand for
till they find out what
they refuse to stand for.
What’s left? That’s it.

Better to have
five minutes of quality than
fifty years of quantity.

Life inhabits.
Consciousness owns
shapes and forms.
You own zero.
The meek shall
inherit the earth.

The closer
a man lives to zero
the shorter distance
he has to go home.

to zero.

Absolute & complete trust
is the power of manifestation.

I was perfect the
first day on this planet.
I will be perfect when I leave,
free of contamination.

is a natural state.
is learned.

To appreciate it
you have to be
aware of it.

There are
worlds of differences
between the idea of freedom
and true freedom.
True freedom
does not need telling
all the time
that it’s free.

In tune
the times.

The nature of greed
is that it never knows
when it’s had enough.

Anything that is limited
is doomed before it starts.

One cannot drop
what they don’t know.
What one is not aware of
will not let them go.

Once the church
becomes more opulent
than the people
it is called corruption.

Man is a slave to the gods.
Man does not need gods.
It is the gods that have
convinced man that he does.

Shallow breathers
are not deep beings.

It does not matter
how long it takes.
Truth cannot lose.

All likes and dislikes
have a price tag.
Likes and dislikes
are rich mans neuroses.
Poor people cannot afford them.

Reality is
in the subject
not in the object.

When you give an
inanimate object
a name,
it becomes
an entity.

Q: What is the basis of listening?
A: Interest.

Take care
of the little things;
the big things will
take care of themselves.

Getting what one wants
does not lead to happiness.

is an
aspect of time.

No one can
fake interest.
You either are
or you’re not.

half-hearted results.

Life is like a fishing net.
Focus on the hole, not on the net.
That is what fish do.
Even fish have that ability.


The mirror doesn’t care
who looks into it.


Radical change
radical action.

The Guru starts
where imagination ends.

All good actions
create good karma.





There is
a method
to this

One develops
by diving
into the

There is nothing
that makes one
respect food more
than the lack of it.

The abuse of power
affects all men.

A man once asked me
if I could give him a
direct experience of God.
"Yes", I said.
I asked him if he could swim.
He said "No."
"Great", I said.
Then I threw him in the Ocean.

I appeared empty-handed &
I will disappear empty-handed.
In-between appearance & disappearance,
nothing sticks.

It helps tremendously
by taking a 'hands-off'
approach to life.

The situation
decides the correct
course of action.
The situation
is the compass.
Respond appropriately and
I'll see you when you get home.

I have never really had
a life to call my own.
Looking at you, I realize
how fortunate I am.

Stability, to me, is having the ability
to sit there and allow the power of God
to manifest, un-interfered with.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


A few days later Defoe gave six of the older boys 5 pounds each and a train ticket to a Bush town.
"The Cocky will meet ya at the station, so good luck lads. This is Gods' own country and with a bit of hard work and a few brains ya should do all right for ya selves."
We said our goodbyes to each other and that was the last I saw of them. As the days went by Bill Defoe kept getting phone calls from Mr. Mansell, the Aussie Director of the BBM. Each time he got a phone call, a few more boys were shipped out until only 2 of us remained, me and Morris.
One day I said to Bill, "What about me and Morris Bill? Haven't ya got a place for us to go to yet?"
"Ya sure ya won't change ya mind about going in the Army, Yorky?"
"Quite sure Bill. I'm itching to get out to the Bush. I've been looking forwards to that for 2 years now."
"Alright mate." He said. "Ya old enough to leave home so I guess ya old enough to make decisions for ya self. You and ugly Morris will be leaving tomorrow morning so better roll ya swag bright and early."
He walked away resigned to the fact that Army life was not for me.
It was difficult for me to sleep that evening 'cause all I could think of was red dust and kangaroos. When morning finally came I was packed up within half an hour so I made mi way across to the kitchen for some breakfast.
After breakfast we said goodbye to the cook and went back to the Nissan hut. Before long Bill Defoe came through the doorway and said, "Here's ya ticket Maurice. There's 5 quid for ya start in life. Here's your ticket Yorky and here's a fiver mate. Make sure you look after it 'cause you'll have to work bloody hard in the Bush for a fiver."
"Thanks Bill." I said. "You're a real good bloke. You've really helped me a lot since I've been here."
"Root ya boot Yorky." He said with a slight waver in his voice. "Ya train leaves at 2 O'clock from Sydney Central so don't go fuckin' around Sydney and miss 'em or you'll be sleeping on the station all night."
An hour or so later one of the Jackeroos loaded our cases into his car and drove us both down to Cabramatta Station and before long Maurice and I were humping our cases onto the Central Stations' platform.
It was now about 11 and we had to wait until 2 in the afternoon for Maurices' train. Mine didn't arrive until 4:15 so we sat around the station smoking fags and eating hot chips covered in tomato sauce.
There was no one left in my life now to say. 'Don't do this' or 'Don't do that!' All I had to listen to now was the inner voice of silence that lives in the center of my heart.
The train Morris was due to take arrived on time and I helped him put his 2 large bags on board.
"Look after yourself Morris." I said as he climbed up the steps. "Keep practicing with your knife mate and best of luck to ya."
"Same to you Yorky." he said and then went inside to find his seat.
I watched the train slowly pull out of Central Station and unbeknownst to me, a couple of years later I found out from one of the boys I accidentally met while traveling around the fairgrounds that poor old Morris was gored to death by a large stud bull. The bull was in heat and really cranky. Morris was walking through the paddock when the bull decided to charge him. Morris ran for the fence but he was not fast enough. The bull stuck one of its horns straight through Maurice's back and broke it. Then it gored him into the ground. At the time the boy told me this story I knew that none of us can escape our destiny.
I was now left sitting on Central Station by myself. I felt rather sad as I sat there, thinking about all the people I had left behind, mi mother, dad and sisters, the 15 lads I'd lived with for the past 9 weeks, Bill Defoe. They were in the dead past now and all I was left with was myself.
'Oh well', I thought, as I wiped away a couple of tears that slowly trickled down the front of mi cheek, 'I'm left with what I stared out with, myself.'


"Is this the train to Burgooney?" I said to a platform ticket man.
"It sure is mate. Ya got a long ride ahead of ya. You'd best hop on her 'cause she's pulling out soon."
"Thanks mate." I said and threw mi 2 large suitcases up the 3 steps and into the carriage. After I found my reserved seat and put mi cases where I could keep an eye on 'em, then made misen comfortable. Pretty soon the old train gave a big jerk and a few clunks and it slowly pulled out of Sydneys' Central Station.
'Well, here we go.' I thought. 'There's no turning back now.' I realized that the other boys must all have been thinking the same as me when their train pulled out of Central.
There was only a couple of people in my carriage, a woman and a man, so I put mi feet up and looked out of the window at the suburbs which were now flying past. The train to Lake Cargelligo was an Express. The word Express had nothing to do with the speed of the train, which was quite slow in comparison to the English Steam Trains. On the floor, under where my feet were supposed to be was a sort-of half-round tin can. It was about 18" long, 10" wide and about 5" deep. It was the strangest contraption that I'd ever seen on a train before and when I made some investigations I discovered that each seat had the same tin can underneath it.
The first stop was Paramatta. It was a small suburb of Sydney and lay at the bottom of the Blue Mountains. I had read in the brochures that the BBM sent me in England that Parramatta was once a penal town. There was a well-known jail there, which used to house the convicts in the early settlers days. In the 1700s' there was no road or rail across the Blue Mountains so when the convicts escaped they always took 2 or 3 weaker mates with them so that they'd have some food when they ran out. The stronger convicts killed off the weaker ones and ate them just to survive. That will give you an idea of how rough that mountain range was in those days.
It was getting dark now as the old train made its way slowly up and over the Blue Mountains. Once we got through Luera and Blackheath, the train picked up some speed and headed out due west to the Bush.
"Tickets please." Said the conductor. I handed him my ticket and he said, "Burgooney, eh mate?"
"Ya just come out from the old country have ya mate?"
"Yes, I've been here for about nearly 2 weeks now."
"Jesus Christ mate, you're in for a right eye-opener."
"What do you mean?"
"You'll find out sport." He said as he punched the ticket.
"What's this can for?" I said.
"Oh, ya never seen one of those before mate? At about 8 O'clock tonight one of the stewards will fill it up with hot water. Keep ya feet warm mate. It gets pretty cold out West this time of year. There's a blanket overhead. You'll need that or you'll freeze ya arse off. You can get ya self some sandwiches and hot tea when the canteen opens. You'll need that too. Give us a holler if ya need anything else. There's hardly a soul on the train so I've got lots of spare time this trip."
"Thanks." I said and put mi ticket in mi back pocket so I wouldn't lose it.
After, I bought some sandwiches, hot tea, a bottle of pop and a couple of bags of chips. I ate them all and then set about rolling myself a big fat Havelock cigarette. It was pitch dark out the window now so I read an old newspaper that someone had left behind.
All through the dark night we traveled, almost non-stop. The tin of hot water was great to put mi feet on because by now it had gotten really cold. I dozed and nodded the night away and when the sun came up at 6 in the morning I could no longer recognize any of the scenery. Looking out the window all I could see for miles around was wide-open spaces. Some of the red land was quite barren in places and in others there was only Mali for miles and miles. (Mali country is best described as dense bush.)
"Lamb chops, bacon and eggs do ya for breakfast?" said the steward.
"That sounds great."
"It's being served up in the dining car in about 10 minutes so you'd might as well go through now."
I had not rested too well that previous evening because it was so cold and the thought of bacon, eggs and lamb chops with a hot cuppa tea was all I needed to get mi
stiff little body mobile again.
Soon as breakfast was over I went for a walk around the train. There was only 3 people left on the whole train now so I was beginning to wonder where the hell Burgooney was. After the train left Parks, one old couple got off and at Forbes the remaining old lady left the train. I was the only paying passenger left besides the conductor and the steward. That was it!
We passed a small bush town called Condoblin and the train chugged on for another hour or so.
"Your stops coming up shortly mate." said the conductor as he walked through the carriage.
I got mi 2 big suitcases ready by the door so it wouldn't take me so long to get off. The train started to slow down but as yet I could see no station in sight. Five minutes later the brakes started to squeal as the old train ground to a halt.
"Here ya go mate." Said the conductor. "This is Burgooney. Give us one of those cases; I'll give ya a hand off with it. Someone coming to meet ya are they?"
"Yes, a bloke called Burt Booth is supposed to pick me up."
"Christ, I hope he's not too late mate. She must be a hundred degrees in the shade today."
I jumped down off the train and the conductor handed me mi 2 large suitcases.
"Best of luck lad. You better hang out in the shade or you'll fry in this heat. It's a good job that you've got that Bush hat to keep the sun off or ya wouldn't last but 5 minutes today."
The guard/conductor blew a loud, shrill whistle and the old train and its 4 carriages took off slowly down the railway track.

Burgooney station consisted of one small-corrugated tin shed, which was securely locked, and a half-moon sign that read:
I was now in a state of shock. Almost immediately hundreds of small bush flies decided to give me a warm welcome. It must have been at least 100 degrees as I tried in vain to keep the bush flies off mi face. I opened one of mi cases and found a tin of Air-o-guard but it made no difference at all. When I looked in one direction there was nothing as far as my eyes could see and in the other direction all I could see was Mali bush trees. It was the most frightened and despondent time I have ever felt in mi whole life up till that point.
Miles away in the distance I could see a small cloud of red dust. Everywhere I looked was shimmering heat waves and in some places the heat mirages looked like big waves of water. As I sat there in the heat on one of mi suitcases, the sweat was streaming down mi face and the bush flies were tormenting me to death.
'Now you've really done it Richard!' a small inner voice said. 'The farmer has probably forgotten you and you'll starve to death out here and no one will ever find you. Why did you leave your mothers' warm, cozy house? At least you had food and water there and Jim Bailey was a good bloke compared to this hell-hole!'
'Piss off!' I said to the voice, out loud. The curse shattered the hot, dusty silence for a split second then got lost in the wide-open space. The only form of life I could see was 3 black crows that sat in a gum tree and cawed out loud every now and again.
I decided to move around 'cause the hundreds of bush flies were just about driving me insane now. I could feel the heat of the ground burning its way through mi shoes as I walked around the tin shed.
When I looked through the dusty window of the shed I made the mistake of putting mi hand on the tin wall, which was burning hot. Instantly, I pulled it away and cursed.
"Shit! Fuck! Bastard!" I said as I shook mi hand and then looked at the large red patch that had just formed. I was now close to tears so I walked around the back of the station shed to investigate further.
All of a sudden I noticed a great big lizard who was sat in the sunshine staring straight at me. He was a couple of feet long and had hard, thick scaly skin. Around his neck was a big frill of scales. I did not know if he would attack me or not so I bent down and grabbed a broken limb and hurled it in his general direction.
The tree limb almost hit him so he took off at full speed straight under the tin shed. As he ran he kicked up a small cloud of red dust behind him. All over the ground were these small brown burrs with tiny barbs sticking out of them. Growing up the back-side of the shed wall was a patch of brittle looking thistles about 4 feet high. The ground was as hard as concrete and it looked as though it had never rained for years in these parts. A bit further along I saw a huge mound of dirt, which had holes the size of a sixpence all over it. Picking up a hot, flat rock, I threw it at the mound. Within seconds the biggest ants I had ever seen came marching out to investigate the violent intrusion. I stood well back as I watched them scurrying over and around the mound. They had 2 little pincers at each side of their mouth and they looked very much to me like miniature black crabs. Later on I came to know they were called Bull ants and could give a nasty bite to an unsuspecting victim.
Off in the distance, the small cloud of red dust was now beginning to get bigger and bigger and after 10 minutes or so I could see a small white dot in front of the cloud of red dust. A few minutes later I recognized the white dot as a pickup truck.
Ten minutes later the pickup ground to a halt in front of me in a cloud of red dust that got up my nose and made me cough a bit. In the back of the truck were 2 black dogs with pricked ears and yellow eyes. They stared straight at me and as soon as I moved they started to bark.
"Sit down ya bastards!" roared a broad Australian voice from inside the cab. The drivers' side opened and a rough-looking Bushman climbed out from behind the dusty steering wheel.
"G'day." He said, "My name's Burt Booth. You must be Richard, are ya?"
'Yes, that's right."
"Throw your ports in the back of the Ute mate and we'll git moving."
"What about the dogs?"
"They won't hurt ya mate. They're chained up to the front."
The dogs lunged and growled at me as I lifted both mi suitcases and stacked them in the back.
"Sit down, ya fucking bastards!" yelled Burt Booth at the 2 mean-looking black dogs.
"Come on mate, git a move on!" said old Burt Booth as I arranged mi two cases so the dogs wouldn't chew 'em. "Hop in the other side." He said, so I walked around the Ute and opened the passenger door. "Christ, she's a warm one today." He said as he put the Ute into first gear.



When one deals in facts
life is very simple.

How do you live
without the curiosity
of the mind?

old thing,

If you don't see
when it's shown to you,
you're blind.
If you can't hear
when it's told to you,
you are deaf.
All in all,
you're doomed.

When you look
at my forehead
it says
When I look
at my forehead
it says

When you want to
get rid of a problem,
create a bigger one.

When people
finally wake up,
very few will be
able to handle it.
Only a few
will survive.

What's the use of Time
if you're always
running out of it?

Once your wants
exceed Time,
it's all over.

Wants & desires
are endless,
Time is not.
Time is limited.

What's the use
of a messenger
when no one wants,
or is ready,
for the message?

There are no
in life.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012



Reincarnation is not
of the body & the person.
Once that's dead
it's gone forever ~ Amen!
Desires & thoughts
are what reincarnate.

Going beyond your
self-created limitations
is called incarnation.
Re-incarnation is nothing more
than recreating the same old problems.


Look to your own mind
and see how many times
the same thought
has arisen,
in your life.

Once one knows that
coming & going are
Godly, what need is there
of concern?

The weak
are purposely 'helped'
into power positions.
The 'unseen'
manipulate them
at will.

Politics were not designed for the benefit of the people. You elect a politician and send him to Congress with the expectation that he is going to represent your welfare. When you find out that he's not representing your welfare then there's only one other move on the board. Go there and represent yourself.

When you want something you do not deserve and you get it without working for it, you open the door to all sorts of disembodied entities.

How can you
have your cake
and eat it?
Once you eat it,
it's gone.

Unstable minds create
crazy ideas.
Stable minds create
intelligent ideas.
Killing is not an
intelligent idea.

If you are not doing
what you love in life
how can your expect
happiness to come to you?

My love manifests as

Destruction of ignorance
is the Birth of Enlightenment.

Each age has its' own laws of Nature, totally unique to it. Have you ever noticed the level of violence manifesting in Society (and that's with mans' laws in place.) What is it going to be like when Nature overrides mans' laws, so they don't exist anymore.

Study the laws of a country and
they will reveal the peoples weaknesses.
The more laws, the weaker the Society.

There are no
such thing
as choices
for a
prisoner of the mind.
Whatever you
are not aware of
is deciding
and choosing for you
all the time.

Everyone lays
on their deathbed
each night.
No one can
guarantee that they
are going to
wake up
in the morning.

Quick fixes
never work
for anyone.

If there's nothing for
fear to feed on,
then how can it
live with you?

All problems
are self-created.

Awareness is light.
Shine the light
on the shadows
of your life.

Nothing is
as is
to be.

No one is
who they imagine
themselves to be.
Stop imagining,
and see yourself
as you truly are.

The man who says
"I know who I am now"
is just as deluded
as the man who says,
"I don't know who I am."

Moths don't fly
around burnt-out candles.
Women aren't interested
in burnt-out men

Light creates fire
and fire gives light.

Take the limited
and dissolve it
in the unlimited
and live.

Ignorance is
not bliss.

Politically Correct:
Whoever controls
the language
the people.

All forms of
end in misery.

Whoever controls
the food & water supply
controls the people.
Where does the idea
of freedom
come into it?

Convince a prisoner
that he is actually free
and you won't have
any problems with him.

I have nothing
to protect and
nothing to hide.

If you are interested
in finding out
whether a politician
is lying to you or not,
watch his tongue.
If it moves,
know that he is lying.

Once you stop worrying
about yourself
know that you are
making progress.

The man of wisdom
knows he is
no better
a dog.

If you want to know the man, study his dog. It will tell you everything you need to know. The dog will manifest what the man hides. It has not mastered the art of deceit.

Before you can receive knowledge you have to
Don't expect to receive what you can't give.
If you want attention, learn how to give it.
If you want my attention, you have to pay in a currency that I demand. I use the currency called ATTENTION.
Pay me 5% of your attention and you get 5% knowledge.
Pay me 100% of your attention and get the lot.
Now, there's a challenge worth picking up.
At 4 years of age I was given this knowledge directly from within. No books or intermediaries were necessary. What was necessary were the right conditions.
The right conditions manifested as putting myself in the Atlantic Ocean not knowing how to swim. After going down for the second time, I can assure you, my full attention was on God, or so I believed, until I went down for the third time and found the last remaining units of attention. In that moment,
I became 100% present and correct.

Once you are in that
space of Unconditioned Love,
do not allow anything
to recondition it.

I love myself
in spite of,
not because of.

All of those who say,'Absolutely..I agree!' have no idea what I am talking about.
Only the man who has looked into the eyes of the God of Death will know what I am talking about. Never will he say, 'I agree with you'.

Death is psychological.
It is necessary for Birth.
Birth and Death
depend on each other.
The root cause of fear
is Birth and Death.

In my life, I have been told many times, "If you do this (or that) something bad will happen." My answer was then, as is now, "Good, I can hardly wait."
'IF' is the tool of emotional blackmail and fantasy.

Don't become an old shoe,
just because they're comfortable.
Discipline your mind
and break in the new.

For knowledge to manifest,
a catalyst is required.
A catalyst is that
which causes
direct transmutation
without itself
becoming contaminated.

Knowledge is
an addiction.
Wisdom is
a necessity.

This Planet was highly capable of supporting, minimum, 12 Billion people, were we not to demand more than the basics. The more greed manifests, the less people the Planet is capable of supporting.

Once you hear people talking
about the effects of Global Warming,
know that it's already too late!

The Future has a nasty habit
of rushing into the Now.

There is no security
in an insecure world.
The world hangs by a thread.
Deny it reality and be free of it.
(but do not then expect it to give you anything,
other than the basics,
which is all you are entitled to.)

It is not possible to kill a man who has no fear of Death. He will willingly donate his life to his Society and what he believes in, namely his God.

Terrorists are evil necessities. They introduce man to his fear. They strike the bell of fear in the hearts of men. No fear, no terrorists; no terrorists, no fear. They are reflections of mans fear. Most times, men who are committed to the death for what they believe in are seen as terrorists.

To survive a terrorist attack,
a man must be wholeheartedly
willing to donate his life to his God.

A true devotee of God is a terrorist to ignorance.
Just seeing him strikes terror in the dried-up heart.

One can only torture
the lover of Gods' body,
not the Being.
The Being lies beyond
torture and comfort.

When people criticize every word you utter,
it's a sure sign that you're correct!

Right & wrong
Good & bad
Should &
Holy & evil
are childish toys
that the mind has
not given up yet.

There is no such thing as '
your mind' and 'my mind.'
There is consciousness.
A frightened horse wears blinkers.
Blinkers restrict vision.
Remove your blinkers,
challenge your fear,
and see God everywhere,
in all things, at all times.

The God-conscious mind
never loses contact with God.

There is no such thing as 'unconscious'.
Unconscious simply means 'not-remembering'.

Beyond name, shape & form there
is no such thing as fear & loss.

I do not care who believes or disbelieves me.
Belief systems are for time and circumstance.
Better to prove me wrong.
In order to do that, you will have to
dive into the Ocean of Love.
That action can only improve proof.

The mind is a springboard.
Dive off, into the Ocean of Love
which lies at the center of
every ones heart.

Do not conduct business in the House of God or the tables may be turned on you.
In India, people ask me for money. I ask them, "Do you go to the bank and ask for Blessings?" They answer, "No." "Then why come to me and ask for money?"
The bank is the God of money. Don't ask God for money. Earn the Guru's Grace and become the richest man on the Planet.

To know God, go beyond your concepts of Him.
Do not mistake your concept for the Real Thing!
The Real Thing will chop off your head
with the sword of Love & Compassion.

I manifest as a
Thief in the night.
Make sure you lock
up your ignorance or
I will steal it.
Don't forget,
the key to the
prison of ignorance
is the same key
that opens the
door to freedom.

Knock and the door will be opened up unto you.
Attention is knocking.

Dreams are only echos
of your waking state.

A Societies indifference to
the suffering of others
will bring suffering
to that societies door.