Sunday, July 31, 2011


The profit doesn't
trickle down
but the debt does.
Am I missing something?

When there is a problem
& you can't solve it;
you become part of it.

doesn't include
imperfection to the
eyes of ignorance.

If it doesn't come out of love
how can there be any goodness in it.

Music is an integral
part of the culture.
Sweet music &
sweet people
are inseparable.

There is no difference
between water and God.
You can't live without
either of them.

God is consciousness.
The Sun is proof of that.

Nothing can happen until
the connection is made.

Society is like a car.
It won't go for long
when the timing is out.

You only know you have
an addiction when what
you're addicted to
is taken away.

Free Speech comes
from living a life
of discipline, otherwise
it's simply drivel.

Violate your constitution
and lose your freedom.
Once the constitution is violated,
martial law is the next step.
With martial law
comes military thinking.
Military thinking
is based
on discipline.

It is the responsibility of the people to ensure that the politicians do not become corrupt. If you don't take care of your responsibility, don't expect the Government to perform theirs.

A mans' life exists
in one moment,
held together by
time & place.

You will not survive with a
'what next'.
Survival depends on
'what now?'
'Now what'?

When one gets' rid of 'next' -
there is no 'next moment'
which means you're living
in the moment.

How big a problem does America have with drugs? That will tell you how many armed gangs there are in this Society who have killed & will kill again.

Whatever comes up
is a possibility.

are prisoners
of greed & corruption.

When you are
not displaying
human qualities
then you are
not human.

Everyone alive
on this Planet today
is your Soul mate.
Why waste your time looking
for one when you can
have the lot.


When you want something
you do not deserve
you get it without working for it;
you open the door to all sorts
of disembodied entities.

How can you
have your cake
and eat it?
Once you eat it,
it's gone.

Unstable minds create
crazy ideas.
Stable minds create
intelligent ideas.
Killing is not an
intelligent idea.

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Whatever keeps
your mind quiet
is meditation.

I've always known that
one man can bring the
whole thing crashing down.

If I see it
I've got to
deal with it.
When you see it
you have to
deal with me.

When the economy crashes and the electricity goes out, how are you going to 'pass the buck'? There won't be a buck to pass. Therefore, you will be in my position.

I make everyone
like myself.
I have nothing else.

My madness
will cure
your madness!

The two
most loaded words;
God & money.

There's a big difference between intelligence & smart. Smart people do very well at school. They pick up what they're taught very fast. Intelligence gets the answers from within. Intelligence cannot be taught.

Friday, July 29, 2011


Is it any wonder
why the insanity
comes out of
a nightime
after living
through a day?

Lack of disturbance
is called Peace.

I don't do compromises.
I'm all or nothing
which amounts to the same thing.
& by the way; I'm none of it.

Death is the great equalizer.
The rich man & the poor man
die at their appointed time.

Every breath is a test.
There is no guarantee
the next one will come in.

I used to have a lot of disciples
then I discovered how much I
really loved myself.
I kicked them them all out.

Once you're pushed
beyond the point,
there's no
point to life.


One morning mi dad wasn't around so I went looking for him. I found him in the small room next to a big old brewers barrel and I said,
"what ya' up to dad?"
"What's in the barrel?"
"ey Dad, what ya gonna do with rats?"
"Watch and you'll find out."

Just then I 'erd this squeekin' noise and loud bangin' around in the barrel. He must have been a mind-reader 'cause right when I was gonna' reach out and take the lid off of the barrel, I 'erd mi Dad say,"And don't take the lid off that barrel. Just wait and watch."

I did. I waited for ages and ages and now't appeared. I was thinking of taking lid off 'a barrel but I dare'nt. So, I left and found summat else to amuse misen with.

That night, I couldn't get them rats out of mi 'ed. Next morning, when I got up, first thing I went into barn. Mi dad was looking in barrel and when he saw mi coming he put lid back on.

"What's up in barrel, Dad?"
"Now't and keep ya nose out 'a barrel!"
"Ya must be doing summat, Dad?"
"Am doin' now't, wait and see."

The barrel was very quiet. No noise. I was gonna' sit on barrel lid but I was a bit scared so instead I grabbed the milking stool and sat there with mi elbows on mi knees and mi 'ed in mi 'ands watchin'. All of a sudden they started squeekin'. It made me jump so much I nearly fell off 'a stool. I walked around barrel to see if I could peek through any of the cracks in the barrel but they were all too narrow,

This went on for what seemed weeks to me. Everyday, I'd go and sit in front of barrel and everyday they'd squeek. One day, I was sitting in front of barrel and mi dad come into barn.

"ey Dad, there's no sqeeking comin' out a' barrel today."
"Good, that's what I've bin waitin' for."
He goes up to barrel and lifts lid up a little bit and peeks inside."
I sez to him, "Why aren't rats squeekin' any more?"
"They're all gone except one."
"Where they all gone? They couldn't 'ave gotten out a' barrel." (Just in case he thought I looked inside and they all got out 'cept one.)
"Ya' want to look inside barrel?"
"Yeh!" even though I was a bit more scared by now.
"Come over 'ear and be careful."

He lifts lid on barrel and shines 'is torch inside. I looked in barrel and it made mi jump! Mi heart was banging away. In bottom of barrel I saw this great big, fat brown rat. He was as big as mi cat 'meatmeat." He had these big black eyes that were staring at me. My heart was banging even louder now!.

"Where are all the other rats gone? How'd they get out a' barrel?"
"They didn't get out boy. That one in there ate 'em all."
"Why'd he eat 'em all?"
"Cause he was hungry. He ate the weakest ones till they were all gone."
"But why'd he do that?"
"Cause now he's tasted rat meat. He likes it and he won't go and eat me week-old chicks."

Mi dad picked up barrel then with the lid on, so I followed him into barn where all hens were. He took barrel over to corner of barn and said, "Stand back!" I watched him tip barrel over and then this big, brown rat run out a' barrel and across floor and straight for the light shining under the big barn door.

"Dad! He's runnin' away! What now?"
"He'll be back. He's a cannibal rat now. He'll come back and attack all the smaller rats in barn soon as he gets hungry."

After that I looked for him every day but I never saw him for a long time.
One day, I sez to mi dad,"eh dad maybe the cannibal rat run away for good?"
"No, he's still living around barn somewhere."
"How d'ya know he is dad?"
"Cause there's hardly any rats livin' in barn now and I haven't found any half-eaten chicks for weeks."

Wednesday, July 27, 2011




I did
in my life
to attain
I realized
there was
to realize.

It's a crying shame
that misery & disasters
unite people.


He may have a
University degree
but don't assume
he is intelligent.

In times of war
our children become
cannon fodder rather
than our saving grace.

What you see as valuable determines your life. If you see the trinkets of the world as valuable then don't waste your time listening to me. I am not here to convince you otherwise.

I can still laugh.
After 62 years of living,
I have a great sense of humor.

stops greed
from taking over
ones life.

If you are not happy
with the world
as you see it
then you have to
put a stop to it.
The longer you leave it,
the harder it becomes.

The easiest way
to put a stop
to anything
is to withdraw
your belief in it.
Your belief
makes it
as real.

I care deeply
about everyone
& everything,
I am allowed
to make jokes
about it.

Once you have
run out
of things
to talk about,
then, & only then,
will you
take a look at it.


Refuse reality
to the world
and you are free of it,
but don't expect it
to give you anything.

The Grace of the Guru
is always
out to you.

The heart cannot beat
without feelings.

Animals display more
affection & love
towards each other
than people do.
You think
that you
are human,
that you
are better
than an animal?

How can there ever be
Peace of Earth
when life itself
is violent?
Don't give me an answer.

Success to an elephant is wallowing in muddy waters. Success to a hippopotamus is wallowing in mud. Success to a pig is wallowing in filth. Success to me is wallowing in the Void.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Everything you need
to know about me
is written
on my forehead.

That was then.
This is now.

You are
the doer.

You don't think about dying when you're 18.
It's only when you're up in your 80s'
that you think about dying.

The reason you
get sick
is because your world
is sick.

Without the basics
what can you learn?
You won't have a
foundation to build on.

The fuel that keeps your world alive is called PRANA;your breath.

Once you hit
rock bottom,
you can't
do it again
because there's
nothing to do.

That's what I do,
I take everybody
back to the basics.

All beginnings
have to start
How about now?
Seeing as

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Thanks & gratitude
are best expressed
in meaningful &
loving actions.

you are pushed
the point
no point
to life.

Generally speaking,
the people that want to
help the most
are the people who need
help the most.

Helping others is not for others, it's for you.
The only way a man can say that is if he has
dealt with the addiction to the high of helping.

You will
want me
one day.

If you don't have a life
you have no need of directions.

The director
directs life.

creates slavery.

You get no prizes for the Truth.
Living in ignorance
is where you get the prizes.

Life cannot exist without breathing.
People have such great lives that
they never even think about it.
I have no life, therefore,
I think about it all the time ~ 24/7

Whatever you have you will lose.
Whatever you lose you will get.
The first shall be last
& the last shall be first.
Saints become sinners
& sinners become saints.
You tell me, with a straight face,
Nah! This can't happen to me.

Thursday, July 21, 2011



There really isn't
anything left
but to accept.
Accept things
as they are
& watch them change.

The governments actions
are fully supported
by the peoples
lack of morality.

Whatever happens will
be beyond imagination,
therefore, it will shatter it.
The internal pictures
will cease to be.

All the contaminations
are accepted as normal
by the contaminated.

Whatever can
make a difference
is obviously the doer.

That was then.
This is now.

no effort,
& nothing has
made any difference

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


While standing in a supermarket parking lot, a man walked across the street. he walked up to me and said, "Excuse me, may I shake your hand?" He then said, "Thank you, thank you for being here." He then turned and walked away. The chances of that happening are 6 -1/2 billion to 1.

The next day, about 50 yards from that very same spot, I was walking across a pedestrian crosswalk. Walking towards me was a middle-aged woman. When she saw me she said, "Oh God, what kind of a demon are you?" as she made the sign of the cross.

While standing in a bank waiting my turn, I noticed the bank teller was staring at me. As I approached the counter, a look of fear spread across his face. His first words to me were, "You just disappeared!" "I did?" said I. "It's a bad habit. I'm doing my best to break it."


It is a natural impulse
of the human heart
to give.

All hearts beat the same way.
They mimic the Universal Heart.

The heart does its best work
when you are out of the way.

You can fool
the mind
but you can
never fool
the heart.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011



The worldly man knows what he wants & gets it.
I don't know what I want, therefore,
there's nothing to get, otherwise,
it would be nagging me to manifest.

All want
derives from
a senses of lack.

Trying to
fill the hole
with an abundance
of desires
is endless.

Any idiot can
live in the world
with desires;
try living
in your world
with no desires.

The desire to live
is the messenger
of death,
Longing to be happy
is the outline
of sorrow.

Next time a desire
starts nagging at you
ask yourself,
"Would I be prepared
to die for it?"

Only the man
with a silent mind
can help.

Would you jump in the water
to save a drowning man
if you could not swim?

I made my best effort
to help people & failed
It was only then
that I received the knowledge;
'Leave them alone &
they will come home'.

If your best effort
isn't good enough,
what then?

Why take the lesser
when the greater is at hand?

Sunday, July 17, 2011


If you haven't found
the Truth within yourself
then how will you know
when someone is lying to you?

If your garden
is full of weeds,
how will you grow food
to feed yourself
when there isn't any?

The world, itself, is a distraction
to the man who seeks the Truth.

Take time
out of your life
to meditate or
take life
out of time
& you won't have to.

Have you ever
heard anyone cry
when someone took
the bad apples
out of the barrel,
apart from another
bad apple that is?

You can't receive a gift with your hands full.
One hand empty can receive a small gift.
Two hands empty can receive a large gift.
An empty mind receives the lot.

There's an end to every movie.
It's the frame before that counts.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


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When you believe
you are the doer
then always
do your best.
It manifests

One has to keep
themselves jolly &
tell themselves a good joke
once in a while.

The future is imaginary.
One can only guess.
Even the best psychics
can still only predict
the imaginary future.

No one has a real future ahead of them.
There is no such thing as a real future.

The only way to live in the world is with no investment in it. If you have an investment in the world you have to take care of it. If you believe it to be real then you are heavily invested.

Violence is incidental
in the face of love.

burns fast
gets hot.

No more bandaid jobs! Have you ever noticed that a bandage is easy to put on and causes discomfort when ripped off?

Have you ever noticed
the amount of times
America has declared war?
The war on poverty - lost it!
The war on illiteracy - lost it!
The war on drugs - lost it!
What do you think the chances are
for the war on terror?

You can stick
with your modern ways
and I'll stick
with the primal.

The true
of life.

Friday, July 15, 2011




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If you're stuck in quicksand yourself,
how are you going to
help someone else get out?
Keeping your own feet on solid ground
is all the help anyone needs.

I refuse to accept the world
as it appears today!
Absolutely unacceptable!

A poor man
never made
any money
out of war.

There is always work
for one who is
willing to do it.

Destruction of ignorance
manifests God.

In all the TV & Movies that you've ever seen, have you ever seen a regiment of vegetarians going to war? Eating meat overheats the mind which turns into aggression. A small spoonful of Tigers' meat would kill a man if he ate it.
That's a fact.

The only way to conquer
the world is through love.
I see the world as a child of love.
Without love there is no world.

Everyones actions
affect everyone.

Every warrior
has his shield.

One can only

I had to
find strength
within myself
to survive.

How can any society be at peace when its people have not made their mind there best friend, their mate? Whoever is looking for a 'soul-mate', make your mind your best mate and the search is over!

Right & wrong
is mans' consciousness.
Correct & incorrect
is Gods consciousness.
Perform correct actions &
live a regret-free life.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Be careful
what you create,
you may not
be able to destroy it.
That being the case,
it will destroy you.

the catalyst
that transmutes
lead into Gold.

I make
the rich man poor &
the poor man rich.

The first echo
is the real one,
all the rest
are false.

When you don't treat people
in a humane way,
you deny them their feelings.
Only a 'non-feeler' can do that.

One may believe that they
cannot survive without control.
Then they come to a point
that they realize they
cannot survive with control.

Witness consciousness
does not control.
It observes.

Dispassionate observation means
'no vested interest'.

While anyone controls with limited power they never reach the main power. Limited power has boundaries. What are you going to control with limited power? What would you imagine happens when a limited power tries to control the Unlimited power? Man makes a feeble attempt to control the Uncontrollable.

The full power of God is within everyman.
How can there be a difference
between the Power of God & God?
Assuming that personal power
is like blinkers on a horse.
There is no such thing as personal power.
There is limited power.

Man limits the amount of God-Power he can handle.
That makes him feel like shit.
Then he throws himself at God's feet and starts begging,
"Please God, can I have a _____?

You ask the right question & you get the right answer.
Don't expect a right answer to a wrong question.
Why am I limiting my power?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


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The only thing that
makes me different is;
I know I am
the same
as you are.

What I was interested in
wasn't in books, therefore,
I didn't have any & I still don't.

Once two know,
it's not a
secret anymore.

Know your
own secret.

If you allow it,
don't complain
about it.

When man goes to sleep,
there is no world.
The world is dependent
upon man to stay awake.

You can't live
in a day dream
and a night dream
at the same time.

Why not go
beyond the doer
and accomplish the lot?

No matter
how big or how small
the addiction is,
it's still an addiction.

Do less,

In a global society with global wealth and global problems, as in the amount of people that are being killed on this Planet or are starving in Africa, If you don't do something about it - guaranteed you are next!

The reason people can't
turn the TV off
is because it will
turn their life off.

Those who can
live without television
are doing.

Why would you have
something in your life
that you're not addicted to?

Next time you
look in the mirror,
know that the image
you are seeing
is created by
your likes & dislikes.

I am not here
to teach

After a lifetime of Sadhana
I have come to the point -

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


The only thing compromise can give you is the worst of both worlds, Integrity, on the other hand, will give you the best of one world.

To big to fail
always leads to,
to big to survive.

There is no such thing as
commitment without realization.

Dreams can never
become real.
All they can do is
distort Reality.

The dream that everyone lives
is changing & collapsing
and there is nothing
anyone can do about it.

A dentist lives on tooth decay. No dentist would give me the time of day as I have no teeth. A doctor lives on disease. Psychiatrists live on mental diseases.


To live in the world as a helper is a form of sickness. All helpers have to create a world of weak people who need helping. Then they live in that world with them and they feed off of each other.

Monday, July 11, 2011


When my head was tattooed
it destroyed all hope.

Don't let your
sense of decency
get watered-down
by propaganda
& programming.

Go to a Classical Music Concert where one of the instruments is out of tune and then tell me what it sounded like. Mankind is one big Orchestra, grossly out of tune with the environment and each other. The music that arises from it is painful to my ears. How about yours? Once you are in tune, stay in tune. Don't let a hundred or a thousand others who are out of tune tell you that you need to tune up.

When it happens it will happen overnight. Those who survive will awaken to a NEW CLEAR WORLD. Every day, on this Planet, my children are being starved and blown to pieces. Now I am really angry! My wrath will descend on mans' head and the gates of hell will open like never before in recorded time. It will make the pain that I went through (having my head tattooed) appear like the stuff of kindergarten.

Warnings always come before disasters.
These writings are not warnings.
There is no need for a warning
for an unavoidable disaster.

History will always
repeat itself
until the root problem
is correctly addressed
Address it to yourself.

Imagining 'others' and 'differences'
does not common-sense make.
We have more in common than not.

Right actions come out of
facts & awareness.
Wrong actions come out of
delusion & ignorance.

know the Truth
& act on it.

If you claim to be
the performer of actions
then you must take
responsibility for them.

Re-acting out of
the same
boring circumstances.

Love acts.
Fear re-acts.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


It has to be perfect.
There aren't enough hours
in the day to fix it; otherwise,
it would of been fixed,right?

Just goes to show you;
when you're
in something
there is no Time.

There is no place for war in a simple, uncomplicated life. Peace is the answer to all imaginary problems. The man riddled with problems has as much chance of attaining peace as the survival of a snowball in hell.

Simplicity does not
need explanations,
that's complexities' job.

A man with
half-an-ounce of sense
doesn't start wars.
That's a 'mugs' game.

Saturday, July 9, 2011


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Where you present at your birth?
Do you remember dying?
Do you really understand?
Or do you spend your lifetime trying?
People tell you who you are
And what you should be doing.
But you never stop and look yourself,
You just spend your lifetime fooling.

Give it up,
Give it up,
The World is an illusion.
Give it up,
Give it up,
The World is an illusion.

If you stop just for a moment
And you care to look inside
You'll find out what I'm saying
Is so easy to realize.
Then you won't have to be and do
Just what they want you to.
You can be yourself at any cost
And do well what you do.

Give it up,
Give it up,
The World is an illusion.
Give it up,
Give it up,
The World is an illusion.

You pretend that you don't know
Just what you want to do.
'Cause it saves you from the pain
If you cannot follow through.
And freedom is a heavy word
You've learned to go around.
It keeps you stuck in your small world
And pulls you further down.

Give it up,
Give it up,
The World is an illusion.
Give it up,
Give it up,
The World is an illusion.

Friday, July 8, 2011


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There are 2 R's that create war-
Resources and religion.

All creation
needs protecting,
otherwise something will
come along and destroy it.

You either support now or
you get taken down
with the rest of them,

One cannot
investigate the Self
with a noisy mind.

Don't wait
for time.
There isn't
enough left.

Everyone experiences pure peace
after the last heartbeat.
You will know it by its absence.

Everybody is born crying.
Very few die laughing.

In order
to be born
you have
to die.

Acting on negative energies
produces weak characters.

I am the Guru.
I only know
how to reflect.

If the world is such a wonderful place then why aren't babies born with a smile on their faces? Think about a place you'd like to go and it will put a smile on your face.

True power
has to be taken.
It can not be given.

Do you have
what it takes?

The mirror
doesn't care
who looks into it.


Radical change
radical action.

I start

One can only be free
from what one understands.

The switch that turns the TV off
is the same switch that turns the interest on.

If you take the lesser
you cannot have the greater.

Death is not of the Being,
it is the death of Time.

Nothing changes
except our
understanding of it.

One who is in debt
has no quality of life.

is for
the powerless.

If we can
imagine it,
that's not it.

All expectation ever created
was disappointment.
The experience of disappointment
should tell you,
in no uncertain terms,
that you expected something,
even if you were not aware of it.

Anyone can say it,
not everyone can feel it.

In order to truly live,
you have to stand
behind your actions.

People who waste Time
cannot create Time.
People who don't waste Time
are the Masters of Time.

Guilt comes out of the past.
It never comes out of the future.

Stubbornness is a weakness.
One uses it to hide behind
so they don't have to
deal with anger.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


The more you ignore the highs the less the lows will affect you, till eventually, through the breath, the mind regains its balance & is able to maintain it through thick & thin.

Beyond thick & thin lies
unshakeable invincibility.

The pre-requisite for having a 2-way conversation is First; you have to know His name. God is a title. Who is it that bears the title? The answer is written on my forehead. It is written in blood, sweat & ink.

Would you sacrifice
your life for Peace?
If not, don't bother.
You will only
get in the way.

Don't imagine that Peace is passive.
It takes over your whole life.

And you complain
when the oil companies
take a few more dollars
from you for a
gallon of juice.

Have you ever seen a man,
standing on a street corner,
with a placard that reads,
'The end is nigh?'
He may not seem so crazy after all.

Whatever you do, don't become a prophet.
Once the shit has hit the fan
they are no longer required.

Once the shit hits the fan
we won't need the internet anymore.

The drama can't keep going
without your interest.
It lives on your attention.

I will not debate.
Debates are for
the ignorant.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I AM a big black empty hole.
It all comes out of me,
none of it is for me
& none of it does me any good.

to moment.

At this moment, there are no problems, obstacles or debts in your life. There is only one way to live, in the moment. It's obvious isn't it?

If Society wasn't insane
we wouldn't need a
police force or a military.

Someone has to
look at it;
what do I do?

One learns the hard way;
whoever expects
gets disappointed.

Those who expect to wake up in the morning
are going to be sorely disappointed one day.

If you take the oil out of a car engine
what happens to it?
When you take the oil out of this Planet
what happens to it?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


The Man of Peace is the most dangerous.
The Man of Peace can stop wars.
Wars cannot disturb the Man of Peace
So Sayeth I
The Man of Peace.

It's a disaster to be born.
Living is the challenge.

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Live the simplest way possible.
You will never be the loser.
Losers are losers because
they have lost their simplicity.

If you really
want to help them,
leave them alone.

The only man who can help
is the one who has destroyed
all his concepts about helping.

The only one who can love
is the one who has destroyed
all his concepts of love.

'Lead me
not into

Leaving them alone
goes beyond do and don't.

God helps those
who help themselves
is absolutely true.

When is

no gender.

Man is not
the performer of action,
therefore, who is?

is not

Separate man
from his breath
and you'll find out
who's pulling the strings.

One lives a lifetime of suffering
without love.
One lives a moment of suffering
with love.

When God stops imagining,
man will no longer exist.
If God did not do that
man would not be able to imagine.

You were created
out of
Gods' qualities.

Man would not
be able to dream
if his Creator
didn't dream.

When I discovered
there was no hope for me,
I had to learn to live without it.

When the
unknown manifests,
the known quakes
in its' boots.

What is the use of
investing in ignorance?

In order to unite people one has to find something that everyone will support. It can't be peace, otherwise we wouldn't have wars. How about survival?

"It's not that simple!" he said.
I said, "Yes it is. It's your mind
that won't allow it to be."

When you reach
your destination
the journey is over.

Monday, July 4, 2011



Sunday, July 3, 2011


Peace Personified

If you want
a relationship
with someone
use their name.

It's all practice.
No matter what happens in life,
maintain stability or else you'll sink.

There is only a need
for man-made laws when
one doesn't follow Natures laws.

When politics
divide people,
they are conquered.

You are
your own last hope.
If you live in hope
then you will die in hope.

F^ck fantasy & dreams.
I'll take my chances
with reality.

There is no identity
without a head.

One who has
no need for attention
has no friends.
He has acquaintances
wherever he goes.
People need
peoples' attention
because it gives them
a sense of reality.

If you take your attention off of God, then you don't really exist. God & existence are inseparable. Everyone knows God. You may not like Him, no one is forcing you to. All those who say they don't believe in God, you can only believe in what you know.
If you've never heard of God, how can you say. 'I don't believe in Him.' To hear of him is to know Him. To see Him is to be Him. See God in yourself & re-cog-nize who you are. You can't say you don't like mince pies if you've never had one. You can't say you don't believe in Astrology unless you've studied it. Next time someone tells you, 'I don't believe in ghosts',ask them when they last saw one!

If you see something
beyond your imagination,
generally speaking,
you will hear these words,
'I don't believe it!'

How can you deny
what is beyond
your imagination?

Life-supporting desires
manifest very quickly.

Love has
the most power.
There's a
little bit of it
in everyone.
Don't try to
save the world,
save your
own little bit.

Love is
a state of Being,
not something you
barter at the market.

Peace will come
after Nuclear warfare.
There won't be
many left to disturb it.


The new never comes
until the old is gone.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


IMG_0008-1 photo IMG_0008-1-1.jpg

A disturbed mind,
a weak mind
is a nuisance.
Whatever disturbs it,
get rid of it.

Disturbances cause suffering
which leads to pain.
Suffering is mental.
Pain is physical.

Hang on
and die.
Let go
and love.

Once you realize that it's time
to let go, you will realize
you've been hanging on.
One cannot hang on and claim love.
That is drama and sentimentality.

Letting go
is a manifestation
of true love.
Hanging on
is a manifestation
of fear.

If you want control
in your life,
learn to control
the mind.
Whenever the mind
is under control,
The Universe
is under control.

The physical world
only exists in
the waking state.
Dreams only exist
in the dream state.
If you're living
a dream then you're
obviously asleep!

There is no fear in me.
How can there be
with a life
like I've led?

It's a good man
who knows when
enough is enough;
& lucky the society
that he lives in.

In order to
pick something up
you have to
put something down.
Put falsehood down
& pick up the Truth.

Only a disciplined man
has freedom.

Whatever any man does
affects the whole planet.

Society can only
know each other
through itself.

It is not possible to the 'Genuine Article' & have Society accept that. Conversely, if you are a scam everyone wants to know you.

To fully live,
to fully experience
one has to experience
both laughter & rage.

Friday, July 1, 2011



No two babies
cry alike.

People create
their own misery &
then blame the Government.

I live between
the old that's gone
& the new that
hasn't arisen yet.

Make the experiment.
Put my words to the test,
then there will be no
imaginable reason left
for debate and argument.

In my world, it's called
It sits on the
Foundation of EQUAL VISION.

See God
in yourself.
See God
in all.

there has to be interest.
Interest manifests focus.
Focus on That.

Once you feel something beyond your imagination, that you haven't felt before, you will ask the question, 'What is That?'There is only one answer to that question ~ OMKAR.

Live for today,
even if you're
guaranteed a
thousand tomorrows.

A Global catastrophe
and mass awakening
are the same thing.

It doesn't change a thing,
knowing or not-knowing.

When Nature makes an exception
to one of it's laws,
man calls it a miracle.

What makes

It is a
great responsibility,
carrying Wisdom.

Educate yourself!
No one else
will do it for you.

Minimize the effect
by not adding to it.

Without groundedness,
nothing is achievable.
Groundedness is
the dead center
from which
one operates from.

One has to have
interest in oneself.

There is
no break
from now.

The mechanics of illusion~
'It seems so real!'




One uses
to create.

There can never
be enough
laughter in life.