Wednesday, January 30, 2008


You can't enjoy anything
unless you appreciate it.

The Mantra is the Guru.
The Guru is the Mantra.

If you want to know if a politician is lying, watch his tongue. If it moves, know that he is lying.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Once the dogs of war are unleashed, how are you going to get them back on the leash?

If you want to live a ritualistic life, then see God in (everyone) everything.

The highest form of worship
is performing right
(life-supporting) actions.

Monday, January 28, 2008


I give and I take.
All of life consists
of give and take.
I give nothing.
Take whatever
you can digest.

I Can you give it?
Can you take it?

What is it that hears?
What is it that sees?
What is it that tastes?
Man claims he does. You can live lilfe without the sense of hearing, sight, taste, smell, You may not like it but you'd be alright. No one can live without feelings.
God is experiencing all of this play through bodies.

Death is not of the being,
it is the death of time.

repeated over
and over again
disguises itself as truth.

Courage doesn’t float on the ocean like seaweed,
one has to go to the bottom to discover it.

A fully developed mind is a silent one.
A fully developed heart is sweet.
It only knows how to give.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


I came here empty-handed.
I will take you all with me.
I am so benevolent.

All you need is interest.

Skills are only as good as ones' working ability.

First, you have to become aware of it.
That implies watching ones actions.
'By their actions shall ye know them.'

Thursday, January 24, 2008


What does it matter
if you believe the truth
or disbelieve it?
It makes no difference.

Laughing & praying are equal.
They are both great ways to
communicate with God,

Hypochondriacs are always sick.
Ignoramuses are always stupid.

To a shearer, a fight, a feed and a f*ck is his idea of heaven.(you know what? They're genuinely happy.) The shearer knows that hard physical labor is Gods' Grace. Most shearers are drunks. I've yet to see one that got sick. Alcohol is their health-care system. No bugs can live in the body 'cause there's so much alcohol.

If you want to get rid of a bad habit, create a good one.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Look into my eyes and you will see an empty space.
Be careful you don't fall in.

I am living, breathing proof
that light appears to the mind
as darkness.

It's not my world! My world has no violence in it. My world is based on a foundation of unconditioned love. My world is empty of content, yet full of potential. what's your world like? What is the foundation of your world based on, love or fear? Believing that you were born and are going to die is mass hypnosis.

I know what I know.
I see what I see
and that satisfies me.

Once people start talking about the problem, know that it's too late!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


An honest days' work.
Honest money.
Use it wisely.

Success is not being in debt.

Before enlightenment::chop wood.
After enlightenment::chop wood.
His life didn't change because he attained Self-realization.He still got up in the morning and went out to chop wood.

"Let me tell you something, that bloke is so lazy that he thinks Manual Labor is a Spanish tennis star."

Friday, January 18, 2008


We hurt our own feelings by imagining ourselves to be something that we are not.

Imagination is a great tool
when it is used properly.

If you imagine yourself a sinner, you will act like one. If you imagine yourself to be God then you will act like Him. It can't be heresy because we are only imagining. After all, we're not going to do it, are we? It's much more fun to be a sinner.

Begging for forgiveness
then obeying our sinful ways.

Without feelings man is dead.
Only a man who can feel
everyones pain is truly alive.

Where there is life there are feelings.
Where there are feelings, there is love.

I love to feel.
I feel to love.

You can not buy qualities.
You have to earn them.

I only know my own truth.
I live my own truth.
If it ever lets me down,
I will know it is not the truth.

One cannot have duality
without duality.

The curse of enlightenment is,
one feels humanities pain.
If you can stand to live with humanities pain,
you are entitled to enlightenment.
I sacrifice my own pain to feel the pain of humanity.
I live with humanities pain every day of my life.

Interest is life force.
The more interest you have in life
the more life will make itself available to you.

I am an ocean of peace.
Whatever disturbs that peace
has to go.

It is as bad to acquire as it is to give up.
By all means give up the unnecessary and acquire the necessary.

The only reason one creates
God and heaven is because
they are living in hell.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


The world cannot be there
without you and you cannot
be there without the world.

In deep sleep there is no such thing
as the world. To prove me wrong,
you'll have to wake up.
I dare you!

The shock of enlightenment
is that nothing changes!

The only way to learn tolerance is to tolerate.

No one compels you to tolerate fools.

In order to see tomorrow,
in order to live for one more day,
What are you prepared to give up-

You can’t create what you already are ,but
you can destroy who you think you are.
Do it now and be free!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Where there's no potential
there's no life.

Monday, January 14, 2008


If you're not happy in the world then the fastest way out is to stop thinking about it an and believing in it. You will end up in my world then and I guarantee you, you will be happy.

If you want your power to manifest in the world, you have to create the correct situation as a vehicle.

In order to survive in the world for as long as necessary, make the best of it.

For those who truly would like to experience God, put yourself in a dark room and call out your name several times.

Integrate imagination, and when there's no stone unturned..that's it. Beyond imagination.

For those who live in the field,
nothing is beyond the realm of
(Likewise, in the Garden of Eden.)

Imagination has limits.
Once you reach those limits,
you're free of it and
see things as they truly are.

A minimum of drama indicates refined purification.

If you can't save yourself,
how can you become a world Saviour?

As a child, I went in the Ocean and got out of my depth. I couldn't swim, therefore, the drowning process began. As I went down for the third time, I knew beyond any doubt that I didn't have the power to save myself. As I am here to tell you the story, obviously, the world Saviour saved me. My world, at that time, ran out of air.

Flatliners have no problems.
They experience joy,
a quality-less state.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


What you believe
or don't believe
makes no difference
to the truth.

The truth never changes.

Live life to the fullest
with what's presented.

All facts are unchangeable.
That's a fact!

The fact is, our indifference to the suffering of others will bring suffering to our door.

If you don't know what you what you want in life then I guess you don't want anything. If you don't want anything, that implies no lack. (Don't let the 'lackeys' convince you otherwise.)

Saturday, January 12, 2008


If you don't remember being born, then why imagine that you are going to die and that you would know anything about it?

Two feet are never
in the air at the
same time.

The body is a habit. If you live with it long enough you will start to imagine that you are it.

Friday, January 11, 2008


If everyone lived in the light
they would see their actions.

At the beginning of the day, I know nothing. At the end of the day I know nothing. If you want knowledge, catch me in the middle.

I don't delude myself with my talking.

In my world
no one wants
for anything.


Ignorance is the root cause of fear.

When one is aware of something, it tends to make life easier.



(You ain't seen nothin' yet!)

When the oceans are polluted
the emotions are weak.

If you are going to get upset with what the Government does then obviously you've left it too late.

For 200 years, the power of the American Government has never been challenged.

I've never heard anyone
complain about the future.

When people are working to pay off their debts, they lose sight of the ball. Take your eye off the ball and you lose the game.

When you give a weak man power he uses it and abuses it and ultimately brings about his downfall.

There is no difference
between me and the world.

To find out what is going on within me I go inside. When I want to find out about the world, I go inside.

If you can't live with yourself
how can you live with anyone else?

Thursday, January 10, 2008


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My job on this planet is to take souls from the underworld to the overworld.
Some are ripe and ready for the transmutational process.
Some are ripe and transmute easily.
Some are unripe and come kicking and screaming.
Eventually everybody will transmute back into Pure Intelligence.
One way or the other,
It is foolproof.

Sharing the burden
lightens the load.

Generosity is a facet
on the diamond of kindness.

What if? is the mantra
of fear and ignorance.

Of what you know you are free of.
You are the prisoner of what you don’t know.
Outside of the mind there is nothing to know.
It is the mind that says
‘I know – I don’t know.’

There is no end to discovery
There is only an end to ignorance.

Ignorance is lack of attention.

Peace exists in everyone.
Remove what disturbs it
and you will find it.

The only thing that separates ‘you’ from ‘I’ is thought.

The right conditions have to be created for unconditional love to manifest. In the process of manifestation, unconditioned love destroys the conditions. Therefore, unconditioned love is not creative, it is highly destructive. It is what makes creation possible. There can never be too much destruction.

is no thought.


Uncover the complex root system.
The root cause has to be cut.
The root cause of all problems is fear.

There is no need to check
because there is no room for doubt.

What makes it possible is always there.

What makes seeing possible?

Once one is agreeable
to oneself they are free.
Until then,
internal war

Time exists by agreement.
In a disagreeable situation
there is no time for anything.

When the mind is perfectly still
there are no pictures.
Total awareness.

Constant identification
with something
solidifies it.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008




A kind heart and lack of discrimination does not a good formula make.

If you want to know where you are going, first you have to find out where you came from. When you find out where you came from, comings and goings cease.

You can't hide from me by masquerading as a person.

I don't need anyones' recognition. In my time of need, everyone refused. It left me no alternative but to give it to myself.

When life gets too complex things start going wrong. A simple reach that state one gets rid of the excess.

Just because you're getting everything you want doesn't mean you're happy and having fun. Undisciplined people have no idea what fun is.

Human has to be attained through hard work. One chips away the excesses with the help of life.

Have you ever tried to tattoo your own leg?

If you want to see the survival of the species then you will have to think on behalf of humanity.

If you were born, I can guarantee that you are not human.

If you want to find out where positivity comes from, dive into negativity. Then go back and re-look at the picture.

Dreams are merely propaganda. Once they have you believing in them then they will try to convince you that they are real. It's like an echo. There is only one, the rest are fantasies.

It's guaranteed, if you don't let go of the world you will die.

The people in the overworld know nothing of the underworld. The people of the underworld know nothing of the overworld. The Guru has one foot in each.

If you don't knock, no one will know that you are standing outside - in the cold.

If you want instant gratification you may have to go into debt.

Once you are in debt to someone there is an imbalance. You have no freedom, no choice till the books are balanced.

It's not a good structure. It was built on violence therefore it is doomed.

Every world has to have a designer.

You either deserve nothing or everything.
I deserve.
I don't deserve.

Personal experiences..what use are they? Universal experience is where it is at!

What is the use of the law if is not pure?

Any society that doesn't take care of its children is doomed.

If everyone lived in the light they would see their actions.

Monday, January 7, 2008


Guru Oms' formula for life::Keep it simple.

Whatever is going to happen
is beyonds mans' imagination.
So don't bother.

Commitment -
It's the only way
to get through life,
(in one piece.)

In order to get my interest,
it has to be interesting.

Lack of awareness
is the causes of ones'
losing their power.

If you have power in your life on the outside and you don't have it on the inside, you're in trouble.

Sunday, January 6, 2008


When you lose contact
with your neighbors
when you are online,
you will be on your own
when it goes down.

Just because you have
your hands on the wheel,
don't imagine
that you are in control.

People love
the idea of choice.
It gives them a feeling
of security and power.

My words (and love) will get you through the hard times that are fast approaching. I came out of hard times. It took me years to teach myself how to enjoy life.

Whatever fear you carry, question it and it will disappear. When I went to the root of fear, it turned into love. Fear separates you from love. Fear of what? Fear has no answers. Love has all the answers. Don't forget to ask the correct questions.

Misuse the energy and you will get burned.

If you don't have
enough time in your life
for service, then there's
no way you are living!

Whatever actions
you commit to,
make sure
that they will
uplift all of us.

Nobody wants to be left behind.
Not one soul can be lost
or we are all doomed.

This knowledge is medicine.
If you don't have the brainpower
to take the medicine,
how are you going to get well?

The Earth
has a huge amount
of power in it.
Be careful
not to insult it.

If you do not have
an affinity with your work,
then don't expect it to work.

That's how life is
in the Bush..
it's them or us. Mates!

Saturday, January 5, 2008


When one stays open
anything is possible.

When one is totally present
they don’t leave themselves behind.

The man who can manifest peace
is in full control of
everything & everyone.

The voice of silence
makes itself know
through feelings.

If the body is real
why is it one doesn’t see it in dreams?

The truth keeps one humble.

Honesty is the foundation
of a perfect relationship.


A society that turns animals into a food supply is doomed.
When animals are no longer on the menu what will you eat?
Dare I say - each other!

Better to be waiting
then to be left behind.

The more debt a man has
the more he suffers.

The world is limited.
Therefore everything
in it is limited.

Space is created
for a world
to manifest in
and time
holds it

Timeless beings
are spaceless and

The imaginable very rarely happens.
It is usually the unimaginable that happens.
What man does not recognize he calls ‘that’.
When ‘that’ manifests in life there will be no more question
‘What is that?’

Look after today
and tomorrow will
take care of itself.

It takes energy to imagine.
It takes energy to dream.
It takes energy to live.

I can’t give unless I can take.
I can’t take unless I can give.

There is a light in everyone, otherwise, no on would be able to see each other.

Who cares what color the postman is
as long as you get your letter.

There has to be so much destruction to put things back into balance.

Manifest action comes through levels.
The deeper the level the more meaningful the action.

I have more love than you have hate, therefore, I win.!


To reach dimensionless reality one has to step out of the mind.

Those who dare win.

I am
you are.

Not knowing motivates one to live life to the fullest.

You cannot buy time.
You can only create it
by not wasting it,

The biggest addiction is interfering. If you really want to help people leave them alone.


The world will always be as it is
As long as people are the same.
When people stop and look again
There'll be no pleasure and no pain.

The world is like a great big screen
On which you all project your dream.
The only thing I know that's real
Is the power behind the wheel.

Freedom is now
Where else can it be?
Freedom is now
All you have to do is see.

We live our fantasies and dreams
We cram our images in jeans
We haunt the shopping mall and street
Projecting on the ones we meet.

We hurt the ones we love the most
As we race to the winning post.
We never stop to think and care
Just as long as we get there.

We live our lives in fear and hope
In dark despair we often grope.
Ghosts and demons haunt our mind.
We feel we have an axe to grind.

We tell each other how it is
We think that life is one big quiz
The knowledge that we belch and spew
Is rooted in the me and you.

We chase success in empty worlds
We act like foolish boys and girls.
We laugh, we cry, we curse and scream
As we drown in our private dream.

And on it goes until the end
Until we find we cannot bend.
The life that we lived hopefully
Has ended up in memories.

Freedom is now
Where else can it be?
Freedom is now
All you have to do is see.

Friday, January 4, 2008

HOW DO YOU.....?

How do you change the changeless?
It isn't possible.
That is the challenge for everyone.
Go ahead, try and change it.
I wish you well!
I will benefit from it.

If it's not fact
I'm f&*^ed!
(either way I win)

Everyone loves attention. Me too! I AM the supreme attention whore. But let me tell you this..too much of it is not good as you will forget how to give it to yourself.

He's not coherent because his mind is overheated. Cool the mind and rearrange its molecular structure.

The first 10 years he finds out "it's possible".
The second 10 years he finds out "it's impossible."
The third 10 years he lives beyond both.

Even the commander on the battlefield takes orders! I take orders from no one. End of story.

If you want to know what the planets are doing, don't look to the heavens, look to its affect on Earth. Whatever happens 'down here' is a reflection of what's happening 'up there'.

No one actually lives 'on' a planet. The planets exist within consciousness and affect consciousness. You have access to consciousness.

Even in deep sleep something has to stay awake in order to tell you, you are asleep. The first thing it tells you is that you are asleep. The second thing it tells you is what woke you up. The third thing it tells you is I love you.

Peoples' love comes and goes
but their fear remains constant.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008