Sunday, January 23, 2011



Once one
responds correctly
to the situation,
it alleviates itself.

In the thought-free state
there is no such thing
as a mind.

True support
will never allow
you to get
stuck in the world.

Put a weak man
in a power position &
there will be nothing
but trouble for everyone.

has to be
in oneself

There cannot be
much happiness
without interest.

Every child carries their mothers' burdens
out of love & they express it in different ways.

The perfect relationship;
the one with yourself.

If it's someones
intention to do it,
they do it.

People don't know how to live
for the sake of living.
They have to live for something.

You can only act
on what you
are aware of.

Once you make a commitment
you don't need to do your best.

Good habits will
look after your

You can't do Sadhana
without brutal honesty.

Hence Sadhana,
so one doesn't
have to live
a life of fear.

Anyone can go to heaven
but can they stay there?

The first step one takes
is to open their eyes.
The next step is
meaningful action.