Friday, February 21, 2014



Once you know the grass isn't greener
on the other side of the street,
why would you want to go there?

Everything you are doing
to attain enlightenment
is stopping it happening.
You know that & I know that.
That's why you're doing it.
When you stop doing & dump
everything for one second,
it would hit you
like a ton of bricks.
It's the doing &
the trying that
gets in the way.

There are
no mistakes.
There are

I destroy ignorance.
I show people the way out
of the illusion of the world.
I AM the destroyer of Ignorance
wherever I find it.

Those who have a
philosophy to defend
are in big trouble.

Only 'persons' can have
'personal' relationships.
The 'impersonal'
destroys them.

Something you can't see
causes bubbles to burst.

A liar
is an enemy
of the Truth

The worse beating I ever got,
as a child, was for lying.
I never developed the habit.

Self-taught is always the best.
No one can teach you anything.

When one deals in facts
life is very simple.

my own
Guru &
my own

The gates of hell are open wide
& all the residents who live inside
are heading to Earth with all their might,
traveling there in beams of light.

How do you live
without the curiosity
of the mind?

old thing,

If you don't see
when it's shown to you,
you're blind.
If you can't hear
when it's told to you,
you are deaf.
All in all,
you're doomed.

 photo IMG_0009-2.jpg
When you look
at my forehead
it says
When I look
at my forehead
it says

When you want to
get rid of a problem,
create a bigger one.

When people
finally wake up,
very few will be
able to handle it.
Only a few
will survive.

What's the use of Time
if you're always
running out of it?

Once your wants
exceed Time,
it's all over.

Wants & desires
are endless,
Time is not.
Time is limited.

What's the use
of a messenger
when no one wants,
or is ready,
for the message?

There are no
in life.