Sunday, September 11, 2011


Man destroys himself.
He doesn't need
imaginary enemies.

Once you get
out of the way,
compassion can act.

Lies have no meaning
without the Truth.


In my child-like way, I sometimes wish I was spiritual. I could have made a lot of money on the circuits. Unfortunately, I am not programmed, therefore, unmarketable.

Pretty soon,
if you sell
too much
of yourself
you will
end up

You can't have enlightenment
without giving up ignorance.

Death of
is the
birth of

My life may not be easy
but at least it's real.

The genuine Guru is
difficult to find.
He has no disciples.

What are the odds
of my being enlightened ~
6 billion to 1?
I accepted those odds ~
I AM that One.

The beauty of the Truth is
that everyone knows
you're living it
whether you
want them to or not.

someone once said to Uma, "Who does he think he is?"
"No body in particular. That's who he is."

One may like change
One may not like change;
either way,
it's not

Name, shape & form
are in a constant
state of change.
I AM not.
I remain
the same.

It is not possible
for a man with no integrity
to validate a man with integrity.

A half-man
can't help
a whole man.

There is no such thing as mind without content. Mind without content is called Pure Consciousness. You cannot be conscious of awareness,. It is impossible. You can be aware of consciousness.