Wednesday, November 21, 2012



Want to change the world?
Change your language
to the language of Love & Peace.

Sometimes it costs you your life to keep your integrity intact. Most people don't have any integrity therefore they have nothing to worry about as they are dead already; they just haven't laid down yet.

It's the only way to live.
There is no other way to live
other than live & let live.

Witness consciousness
is the ultimate multi-tasker.

Reality is unspeakable.
That doesn't mean you
can't spend your life trying.

What do you want
to be successful at?
May I make a suggestion?
How about
your humanity.

Can you believe it?
The cheek of it.
The mind imagining
it's going to
perfect its Creator.

Patience gets you
through the day &
a good attitude
is the icing
on the cake.

It's insanity
not to question
and blindly accept.


You get more from me
than your AAA card.

Be careful
what you create,
you may not
be able to destroy it.
That being the case,
it will destroy you.

the catalyst
that transmutes
lead into Gold.

the touchstone.
Touch me once &
turn to Gold.

I make
the rich man poor &
the poor man rich.

The first echo
is the real one,
all the rest
are false.

When you don't treat people
in a humane way,
you deny them their feelings.
Only a 'non-feeler' can do that.

The possibility
of things changing
for the better
for you tomorrow
is always there
but it is of
no use to you today.
The reality is
you haven't moved
off of square one.

Before you can improve it
you have to disprove it.