Sunday, November 11, 2012



People who have never
been out of the world
think it's real.

The Guru knows
He can't be free
until everyone is free.

Don't bother looking
for the Guru
as he is looking
for you
much harder
than you'll look.

If you're not interested
in being dissolved in the void,

What I AM is not what you want.
That is clear to me, otherwise
I'd be flooded with emails.

Two people, in 20 years, have asked me
what the symbols on my forehead say.
What does that tell you?

Only the Guru
can carry the
Teachings of the Siddhas
on His forehead.

You are in a fight for your lives
& you are not going to make it
due to your belief that you will be
'saved by the bell!'.
This is America isn't it?

What do you have that money can't buy? When the financial system collapses you will either be the richest/poorest man on the Planet. Take stock of your non-material assets now.