Saturday, December 22, 2012



What's the point of taking everything away from a grateful man? Which leads me to say; what's the point of giving everything to an ungrateful man?

As you sow, so shall ye reap. I didn't get that out of a religious book. I used to sow thousands of acres of wheat in the Outback of Australia, when I was but a boy. The teaching is in the soil, in the job, in the situation.

You can benefit
from my hard work.
It's up to you.
I cannot give to one
& not the other.
It's yours
for the taking.

People who do not appreciate life
always end up having to fight for it.

You may have to
lose it to learn it.

22 years ago I gave up my worldly life for the sake of humanity. In the early days, I would look at Society and wonder to myself, had the right decision been made? Today, there is a resounding, YES!

Who knows what depth
hunger will descend to.

Make your mind
your best friend.
It will support you.

Removing a vulnerability is easier
than building protective mechanisms.

Free speech has no patent.
Free speech, free thoughts
& free creative ideas.

Don't worry dear friends,
the sun never goes down on Gold.

My God is greater than your God.
The Sun is my God & and we can
both see it & benefit from it.
Now, show me yours.

Death of ignorance
is the birth of enlightenment.
Birth of enlightenment
is the death of ignorance.

You can't
have your
cake &
eat it.

Have you ever wondered
why they haven't invented
a pill for greed?

If you ask for more
while you've got enough
you're a greedy bastard!

The world is in the mind.
When the mind changes
so does the world.
Do you have the courage
to allow your mind to change?