Tuesday, January 29, 2013




I AM The Guru. Of that,there is no doubt. Yet, at the same time I am worthless. Were I to be seen as valuable, wouldn't people be falling over themselves to ask me questions?

When revolt is
no longer
a revolting idea,
you will be free.

I'm interested in
what's here & now.
Unless it's here right now,
it's no good to me.

There is no such thing as
security in an insecure world.
The closest you'll get is Gold.

Meditation was a way
of understanding
what & why
my life was like it was.

either keeps you free
or makes you a prisoner.

Using words
you don't understand
is dangerous.

Nothing matters
once one has
the Mantra.

is what you
are not aware of.

I do not want
a life of convenience
thank you very much.
Convenience costs
money & freedom.

Once you get involved in it,
you're not in control.
Witness consciousness
is the key to control.

Resist ye
not evil.

When there's no more doubt
you know that you're right.