Wednesday, January 9, 2013



Everyone lives
in the now.
It's a fact.
No one can escape
the now.

No money
no economy
no illusions.

If you're in debt
you have no character,

What you've never had
you won't miss.

Past & future pictures
are in the now.

If you're bored,
you're not deep enough.
You're too shallow.

When two or more
are gathered,
I AM there.

It's easy to
prove my existence,
check the breath;
the in-breath
& the out-breath.
Invert the IN
and you're OUT of it,
anytime you're ready.

The body says,
"I live on Planet Earth."
What do you say?
The body says,
"I am made of earth, water, fire & air."
What are you made of?
The body says,
"Just because I say
I'm tired and go to sleep,
it doesn't mean you have to."
The body says,
"I'm feeling paranoid.
You're focusing on me too much."

Lower conscious beings will
always try to 'pull down'. '
It is the nature of gravity.

The nature
of life

Once life
enters the body
it lives on it.
It's called
a food supply.

The breath comes in
& takes what it wants,
then leaves.
You may not like it
but what can you
do about it?

The bigger
the population
the bigger
the corporation.


Very rarely
does getting
what you want
make you happy.

The man,
who wants
to rule the world,
is the weakest
of the lot.

You'll know the sh*t has hit the fan
when the white man starts complaining
that the Mexicans have taken all the gardening jobs.