Thursday, June 5, 2014



Question everything..

There is a level
of respect & decorum
that has to be kept.

These were my questions as a child;
"What have I done?"
"Why is this happening to me?"
"Why is it that every time my heart
opens extra-wide, punishment
is inflicted upon me?"

They fear
losing something
when, in fact,
they get

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One has to keep
themselves jolly &
tell themselves a
good joke once in a while.

The future is imaginary.
One can only guess.
Even the best psychics
can still only predict
the imaginary future.

No one has a real future ahead of them.
There is no such thing as a real future.

The only way to live in the world is with no investment in it. If you have an investment in the world you have to take care of it. If you believe it to be real then you are heavily invested.

Violence is incidental
in the face of love.

What do you do when you
love someone so much,
& then they beat you up?
Turn the other cheek?

burns fast
gets hot.

No more band-aid jobs!
Have you ever noticed
that a bandage is easy
to put on & causes
discomfort when ripped off.

Have you ever noticed the
amount of times America
has declared war?
The war on poverty - lost it!
The war on illiteracy - lost it!
The war on drugs - lost it!
What do you think the chances are
for the war on terror?

You can stick
with your modern ways
& I'll stick
with the primal.

The true
use of life.