Tuesday, June 3, 2014


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People only want to control
what they're afraid of.

"How dare you do that?"
He who dares wins.

I manifest
whatever potential
there is in
the situation
by my presence.

Once you are content with
being a nothing & a nobody
then & only then can you become
a something & a somebody.
But, I can promise you this;
you won't like it.

I know
what I know
& that's not much
you know.

To get free from the Matrix,
withdraw your belief in it.
That may be difficult
depending on your
in it.

Once you
drop the lot
you get the lot.

Destroy the ecology &
you destroy the economy.

Once one becomes incorruptible
they are a Body of Justice.

Remove the faults
from oneself
& one no longer
sees faults.

When the too big to fail
becomes too big to survive,
the show is over.

I'm having too good a time
to chase name & fame.

If you don't know
there is anything else
how do you talk about it?

If the image isn't in there
how can you imagine it?

It's the unimaginable
that shatters the images.