Wednesday, May 20, 2009


As a child, I told myself that my mother was God.
I found a wounded racing pigeon which had flown into a high-power wire. I took it home and showed my mother;"Look what I found Mum. It's bleeding! You've got to save its life." After 4 hours of trying numerous remedies, she announced that the pigeon can't be saved, "It's dying."

That incident started a process.

This was my question at 4 years old; It's obvious that I saw God in my mother, therefore why couldn't she save the pigeon? A short time later, I discovered the answer. I found myself in a situation where I had to pull an arrow out of a chickens' eye. After pulling out the arrow, it was obvious to me that the chicken was in great pain and suffering. No difference than the pigeon. I tried to end its suffering by dropping a large black stone on its head. I lifted the stone high above the chickens' head, closed my eyes and dropped it. When I opened my eyes, the stone was still in the air, descending slowly towards the chickens' head. The stone stopped falling and hovered 5 or 6 inches over the chickens' head.

I had my answer.