Thursday, May 14, 2009


How do you change the changeless?
It isn't possible.
That is the challenge for everyone.
Go ahead, try and change it.
I wish you well!
I will benefit from it.

Everyone loves attention. Me too! I AM the supreme attention whore. But let me tell you this; too much of it is not good as you will forget how to give it to yourself.

He's not coherent because his mind is overheated. Cool the mind and rearrange its molecular structure.

The first 10 years he finds out 'It's possible'.
The second 10 years he finds out 'It's impossible'.
The third 10 years he lives beyond both.

Even the commander
on the battlefield
takes orders!
I take orders from no one.
End of story.

If you want to know what the planets are doing, don't look to the heavens, look to its affect on Earth. Whatever happens 'down here' is a reflection of what's happening 'up there'.

No one actually lives 'on' a planet. The planets exist within consciousness and affect consciousness. You have access to consciousness.

Even in deep sleep something has to stay awake in order to tell you, you are asleep. The first thing it tells you is that you are asleep. The second thing it tells you is what woke you up. The third thing it tells you is I love you.

Peoples' love comes and goes
but their fear remains constant.