Sunday, October 11, 2009


Don't live
beyond your means
unless you want to be
contaminated with the greed disease.

Creativity & greed
cannot live
under the
same roof.

To maintain patience,
first, you have to attain
stability of mind.

Positive people get sick because they don't have enough negativity in their life. Every one's got to have some! Have you ever seen a battery with 2 positive terminals on it?

One thought
the next.

Worldly life is a bundle
of pluses & minuses,
positives & negatives.

Light appears
to the mind
as darkness.

To have
the greater,
you have to
give up
the lesser.

Organized religion,
by it's very nature,
erodes opportunities.

I do not debate.
I do not argue.

Hopes, dreams & desires
are not personal.
They are collective.

A long day,
but not a bad day.