Saturday, October 31, 2009


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I AM the Light.
I AM the Truth.
I AM the Way.
I AM one of you;
no better, no worse.

If you
in hope,
you will
in hope.

What are you going to do
when you find out
there is no hope?

Once the illusion
of hope is over,
the violence
will come out.

To have a
massive military
you have to have
a massive economy.
Once the economy
goes down the tube
What will happen
to the military??

The devil
wears a
suit & tie!

It's what one does
for the rest
of their life.
But first ~ commitment.
All else falls
into place

In order to commit,
one has to notice.

You can stop it,
anytime you want,
by not participating.
If you participate in it
you become part of the problem.

Our designer society
is about to be re-designed.

To communicate
an experience,
you need a mind.
Once you have
nothing left to lose,
the mind stops.

the voice
of the people.
in each &
every one of you.

It is
the false notion
of ownership
that spins the mind
like a childs' top.