Monday, October 12, 2009


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It it's
not now
then it's
just a dream.

It's in my hands to give
& it's in my hands to take.

Watch the clock
wind down &
watch what

imaginary fear.

No food
No body.

The simpler
the better.

Existence is dependent
on knowing & not knowing.
Beyond existence
there is
no such thing as
'I know'
'I don't know.'

I have
what money
can't buy.

I live in a
self-supporting world.
Once you are fully aware
of your actions,
they are all life-supporting.

I didn't mean
to do so many things
in my life.
I just couldn't
resist the challenge.

The Earth
cannot keep producing
at the rate Man is using.

In the worldly sense,
I am not very available.
On the Quantum level,
I am closer to you
than your breath.

Whatever is born
can never fully support you.
I am the unborn
& I fully support you.
Without my support
you would collapse.

What use
is a house
without a

The power on non-movement
is what causes movement.

In a climate of fear,
a man carrying
the Power of Love
is highly visible.

A programmed mind
cannot investigate
its' own nature.

You don't
have to die
to start
a new life.