Sunday, November 15, 2009


The government is a reflection of the people, unless you want to play the 'blame-game'. True freedom and responsibility are inseparable. Do not expect to maintain the state of freedom with totally inappropriate responses. Governments can only act as you allow them to. Homeland security is an internal state of being, not a piece of paper with man-made laws written upon it. When you are not prepared to die for your constitutional rights, the do not complain when they are taken from you. I can guarantee you, there is not one politician alive who would be prepared to die in order to uphold your rights!

My integrity is priceless but it cost me my worldly success.

I can not recall the amount of times I have told people in power positions to 'go fuck themselves' rather than bend to their will, in the false hope of gaining a few extra shekels! I would rather depart this plane of existence a total unknown than sacrifice one gram of integrity.

I once made a business deal with a man I met in Las Vegas. A couple of days later, I asked him how the PR work was advancing. His answer was, "Well, it's not easy you know. When you go out there you have to kiss a lot of ass." "Not so." said I. "I don't understand", said he. "I do not and have never had to kiss-ass. You have done and still do. That is why I am giving you 20% from the sales."

I have been on my death bed on numerous occasions and I can tell you, first-hand experience, my whole life flashed before me in a nanosecond. Every single detail of it. I am not unique. The same thing will happen for you. You will then be fully aware of what life is really about, but by that time it will be too late; You will have missed the whole point.

Each time there is a fatal accident , I am the first on the scene. I claim my own & leave the rest for the authorities to clean up.

I once watched a man choke to death on his own blood, due to the fact that the steering wheel crushed his chest in a head-on collision with another vehicle. I could not save his life so I whispered the Mantra in his right ear. It was the greatest parting gift that I could give him. What a pity he received it on his death-bed due to the fact he had forgotten it on his birth-bed.

In the beginning was the word. There is nothing in this Universe of greater value than the Mantra. It is the be-all and end-all of everything.